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Griefing Is Why You Can’t Change Your PSN Name Yet

Change Your PSN Name Griefing

Being unable to change your PSN name has been one of the sticking points for PlayStation users. Once you create your account name, you are stuck with it for all eternity. You could create a new account, but those purchases, trophies, and thousands of hours poured into Skyrim or the three level 30 Guardians you… Read more »

Mike Maulbeck Rejoins Code Avarice After Threatening To Kill Gabe Newell

Mike Maulbeck Rejoins Code Avarice

Mike Maulbeck, the 20-year-old co-founder of developer Code Avarice, rejoins the studio he co-founded after beginning the process of leaving the company for good. The resignation came after the culmination of a volley of vitriolic tweets from Mr. Maulbeck against Steam, which had miscategorized Code Avarice’s game Paranautical Activity on the Steam storefront. Mr. Maulbeck… Read more »

PlayStation Now Subscription Plan Confirmed Along With PS2 And PS1 Games

PlayStation Now Subscription Plan

A PlayStation Now subscription plan is being worked on, according to comments made by SCE’s Director of Marketing Peter Jamshidi. In the comments following a post on the Official PlayStation Blog about the arrival of Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, and other titles to the PlayStation Now digital rental service, Jamshidi confirmed the plan to… Read more »

New Video Game Releases For The Week Of November 9, 2014

New Video Game Releases Master Chief Assassins Creed.jpg

Hold onto your wallets, as the sheer amount of AAA games in this week’s new video game releases will probably set you back well over $300 depending if you order collector’s editions or not. Assassin’s Creed Unity, Assassin’s Creed Rogue, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, and HALO: The Master Chief Collection are just four of… Read more »

BlizzCon ‘Warcraft’ Film Panel Reveals Cast And First Posters

Warcraft Film at BlizzCon

BlizzCon, the fan convention for the World of Warcraft video game by Blizzard Entertainment Inc., kicked off Friday. News about the Warcraft film has been slow coming. The cast and characters were finally announced at a BlizzCon panel on Friday, building hype for the film that had been announced as early as 2006. According to… Read more »

‘Destiny’ Bungie Executive Swatted In The Middle Of The Night


The list of gamers, journalists, and developers who have been the recipients of “swatting” added another name as an executive with Bungie, the developer behind Destiny and Halo, was swatted during the 4 a.m. hour of Thursday morning. According to a report from local KOMO News, neighbor Janette Gould was awoken by the sounds of… Read more »

‘Minecraft’ Officially Owned By Microsoft, Notch Has Left The Building

Minecraft Microsoft

Microsoft’s $2.5 billion deal to acquire Minecraft was finally completed Thursday. Xbox head Phil Spencer made the announcement on Twitter while Markus “Notch” Persson, the game’s creator, found it awkward to say goodbye. Rumors of Microsoft’s purchase of Mojang first cropped up in September, followed by an official announcement mid-month. That was only the first… Read more »