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Michael Jackson’s Captain EO Returning In Disney Infinity 3.0?

michael jackson captain eo disney infinity moonwalker

The late Michael Jackson may be returning to video games in the forthcoming Disney Infinity 3.0 due out later this year. It has been over 25 years since Moonwalker, the last video game Michael Jackson appeared in based off his 1980’s film of the same name. JV: It is a personal passion project. I have… Read more »

‘Breaking Bad’ — The Video Game?

Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad

Could Walter White and Jesse Pinkman be returning to your living room screens soon via the PS4? That’s the question Christopher Groux asked in his tech column on Design & Trend as he reports that Sony, maker of the Playstation line of video game consoles and also rights holder to the Breaking Bad television series,… Read more »

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Mods Appear Alongside First PC Patch

Arkham Knight Mod PC Patch

A Batman: Arkham Knight mod has been released from users “Wastelander121″ and “MrJAG.” The mod allows gamers who play on the PC the ability to play as Red Hood, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Robin, Azrael, Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Joker, and GCPD Officer Owens in the free roam sections of the game. The description of… Read more »

JRPGs Rule New Video Game Releases For The Week Of June 28, 2015

new video game releases

JRPGs rule the new video game releases for the week of Jun 28, 2015. In the shadow of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight released the week previously, there are no other AAA releases on the schedule this week, which gives everyone time to finish up the Batman: Arkham saga. Instead, the niche of JRPGs is getting… Read more »

PSN Down Due To External Factors Affecting DLC And Games

PSN, PlayStation Network, Sony,

Sony’s Gaming and Social arms of the PSN are experiencing difficulties today according to the official support page at The reasons given by Sony for the service outage is “factors external to PSN.” According to the status page, Sony is letting its users know that the problem isn’t an internal one. Rather the reasons… Read more »

Same-Sex Marriage Possible in Nintendo 3DS ‘Fire Emblem’ Game

Same-Sex Marriage Possible in Nintendo 3DS ‘Fire Emblem’ Game

It’s a win for Nintendo and the LGBT community as Nintendo announced this week its new Fire Emblem: Fates game will allow same-sex relationships and marriage in-game. Nintendo just released Fire Emblem: Fates in Japan, Thursday, and it came with an even better news—characters in the game will be able to marry a person of… Read more »

‘Batman Arkham Knight’ PC Problems Causes Game To Be Pulled

'Batman Arkham Knight' PC Problems Causes Game To Be Pulled

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has pulled the PC version of the game Batman Arkham Knight off the shelves. The reason for this action is due to game performance and quality issues. Warner Bros. published a statement about Batman Arkham Knight on their online community website for the video game. “We greatly value our customers and… Read more »

‘Fallout 4’ Bottle Cap Currency Honored By Bethesda For Pre Order

Fallout 4 bottle caps pre order

GatorMacheteJr., an Imgur user, sent Bethesda 2,240 bottle caps with the goal of pre-orderdering the forthcoming Fallout 4. The Fallout 4 bottle cap currency was enough to win over the folks at Bethesda as they have chosen to accept the boxes of bottle caps from him. EGM reported that Seth, known on Imgur as GatorMacheteJr,… Read more »

‘Fallout 4’ Mods Still Need Sony’s Approval Before Coming To PS4

Fallout 4 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Scattered in the details of this month’s surprise Fallout 4 announcement, Bethesda confirmed that Xbox One owners will be able to download player-made mods alongside PC players. While the developer has expressed their intent to also make Fallout 4 mods available on the PlayStation 4, the feature has not yet been officially confirmed for Sony’s… Read more »

‘Batman Arkham Knight’ Seems To Continue Trend Of Bad PC Ports

Batman Arkham Knight PC Port

WB and Rocksteady released Batman: Arkham Knight today to the world, and while players on console may not be having any issues, PC players are in for a world of trouble. Trouble first brewed when various sites spotted Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC requirements change Monday. The requirements, spotted on the Batman Arkham Knight Steam page… Read more »