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New iPad Gets Cellular Tag, Drops 4G Naming Convention

new iPad Gets Cellular Tag and Drops 4G Naming Convention

Apple has decided to drop the “4G” name from its market materials, replacing the wording with “cellular” after customers began complaining that 4G data services were not offered in many areas. The announcement for the US market comes only a short time after the company made the same concession in Australia when regulators in that… Read more »

Target Will Pull Amazon Kindle Devices From Store Shelves

Amazon Kindle Getting Pulled From Target Store Shelves

Target has announce plans to pull the Amazon Kindle line of devices from its store shelves, a move that showcases the increasing tension between brick and mortar stores and the online retailer. The move to pull Amazon products was confirmed on Thursday by Target representative Molly Snyer who said the company would immediately begin “phasing… Read more »

Apple Flashback.S Variant Surfaces, Activates On Macs Without Password

iMac Viruses Surfacing Regularly

If you thought the Apple Flashback malware was behind us think again, research firm Intego has discovered a new variant called the Flashback.S which targets the same Java vulnerability that Apple recently patched without the need to enter a password for the variant to install. The new installation places the exploit in a user’s home… Read more »

Apple Will Ditch 17-Inch MacBook Pro By End Of 2012 [Analyst Prediction]

17 Inch MacBook Pro Line Going Away

Apple will get rid of the 17-inch Macbook Pro in 2012 according to reports by several prominent technology analysts. According to the report by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple will ditch the MacBook Pro to go after a more “Air-style” ultraportable refresh for the entire Apple notebook lineup. According to Kuo the move will be… Read more »

New Mac Trojan Virus ‘Sabpad” Emerges Following ‘Flashback’ Fix

Mac Virus Trojan

Apple has always touted its operating system as more secure than Microsoft Windows, a claim security analysts have scoffed at, claiming over the years that Apple’s product simply wasn’t targeted as much because it wasn’t used as much. Now with the emergence of more Apple sales the company is being hit by its second virus… Read more »

Apple iPad Mini To Launch In Q3, Cost Less Than $300

Apple iPad Mini Rumors For Q3 2012

Reports are circulating that Apple will launch a iPad Mini device in Q3 2011, a tablet that will be smaller than the company’s current iPads and offer a more approachable price tag for many Americans who have shied away from the company’s $499 devices. According to Chinese-language news site NetEase the “iPad mini” will be… Read more »

Apple’s Mac Pro Line Hit With Ordering, Shipping Delays

Mac Pro Line Delays

If you were planning to order a high-end Apple Mac Pro desktop you could be hit with delays that are nearly a month in length. AppleInsider reported on Monday that some users who ordered 12-core systems in March are still waiting for their desktop systems to arrive. While orders for some buyers at first claimed… Read more »

Google Project Glass: Augmented Reality Headgear [Video]

Google Project Glass

Google’s Project Glass, which is in its conceptual phase, intends on augmenting your perception of reality by superimposing images in front of your eyes using specially designed virtual-reality headgear. While Project Glass is still an infantile stage, the creators over at Google are interested in acquiring public feedback which they will take into account while… Read more »

Third-Generation Roku 2 HD Box Now Awaiting FCC Approval

Roku 2 HD Media Box

Digital media box provider Roku has sent the third-generation Roku 2 HD box to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for final approval. The new box uses the same design as previous versions of the company’s product line but highlights the return of full-size composite outputs instead of the former 3.5mm jack alongside an HDMI port…. Read more »