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Google Nexus Q Hacked To Play Android Games

Hacked Google Nexus Q for Video Games

That didn’t take long. Less than one day after Google I/O attendees received free Nexus Q units images began surfacing on the Google+ account of Apportable employee Christina Kelly that showed the Google Nexus Q hooked up to computer monitors running the game Sword and Soldiers. According to Kelly the hack which only took a… Read more »

Microsoft Surface Tablets Were Developed In Underground Bunker

Microsoft Surface Was Created In A Bunker

Microsoft is attempting to pull off some Apple type secrecy with their Microsoft Surface tablets and it looks as if they accomplished that goal by literally building the Windows 8 tablets in an underground bunker. Microsoft executive Stevie Bathiche was talking to TechRadar on Thursday when he revealed that the bunker was used to keep… Read more »

D-Link SharePort All-In-One Travel Router Now On Sale

D-Link All-In-One Travel Router

D-Link on Tuesday began selling its all new SharePort All-In-One travel router, a self-contained WiFi router that plugs directly into a wall socket without the need for further wiring. The device allows for USB charging and shared disk access along with temporary WI-Fi network creation and a built-in AC plug for easy traveling and use…. Read more »

Apple Stores Use Psychology So You’ll Touch Their Macbooks

Apple Store Psychology

The next time you wander into an Apple store to buy an iPhone case and you find yourself playing with a MacBook or MacBook Pro it’s probably because you have been duped by Apple’s team of psychologists. The company carefully optimizes every single little aspect of its store to make them “touch friendly.” For example… Read more »

US Reclaims “Fastest Supercomputer” Title After Three Years

IBM Sequoia Supercomputer - Fastest in the world

IBM’s Sequoia supercomputer has claimed the title of “world’s fastest supercomputer” a title that has not been held by a US tech firm since 2009. Sequoia was able to beat out Japan’s K Computer after it closed an amazing 16.32 petaflop calculations per second. To put that speed into perspective the computer processes 16 quadrillion… Read more »

Microsoft Set To Unveil Its Answer To The iPad

Microsoft to unveil rival to iPad

For years Apple’s iPad has dominated the tablet market, but Microsoft is set to challenge that supremacy with a product of its own set to be released next week, TheWrap reported. The software and technology giant has been tight-lipped about its release, but has scheduled an event June 18 in Los Angeles, TheWrap reported. The… Read more »

Retina MacBook Pro Named “Least Repairable Laptop”

Macbook Pro Retina Laptop Hard To Fix

The new 2012 Macbook Pro with Retina display capabilities is being touted as Apple’s next big push further in the consumer market but repair outlet iFixit is complaining after a thorough teardown that the new Macbook Pro models are the “least repairable laptop” ever created. According to the company’s breakdown of the device it requires… Read more »

Pentagon Spending $1.3 Million To Develop Unmanned Sewing Machine

Automated Sewing Machines

Now that the Pentagon has managed to fly unmanned aerial drones into war zones they are shifting their focus to another battle, sewing machines. A recently revealed pentagon document discovered a $1.3 million investment in the future of unmanned sewing machines. The Pentagon’s venture capital arm awarded the money to technology firm Softwear Automation who… Read more »

Vinci Tab II Brings Android-Powered Fun And Education To Children

Vinci Tab II

The team at Vinci on Thursday revealed the 7-inch Vinci Tab II, the company’s second “learning tablet” for children. The tablet is powered by a 1.2GHz Cortex A8 processor and is being offered with or without WiFi based on parental preferences. The Vinci Tab II is build on the back of the Google Android platform… Read more »

MacBook Pro 2012 Release Hinted By Price Drops

Apple Macbook Pro 2012 Price Reduction

The MacBook Pro 2012 series may soon be upon us. Apple is not exactly secretive about the upcoming release of new products, while they made hide specs, the design of those products and other details there is always one obviously giveaway that a new product line is coming soon, Apple product price drogs. Best Buy… Read more »

Remee Sleep Mask Allows You To Control Your Dreams [Video]

Remee Sleep Mask

Lucid dreaming is not a common occurrence for most slumbering people, yet two 30-year-old investors have created a sleep mask they claim can make your dreams a reality or at least controllable. Known as the Remee Sleep Mask the gadget uses specially timed LED lights to notify you of your dreams. According to the inventors… Read more »

Android 4.0 On A Stick. AliExpress Starts Selling Model MK802 PC

Android USB Stick

Computing has come a long way since the days when computers could take up entire rooms just to complete basic mathematical equations, now there are products like the MK802 PC, a USB sized Google Android 4.0 based PC that can plug into any display with an HDMI port. Billed as an alternative to the Raspberry… Read more »

Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire Both To Receive Front-Lit Options

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire with Front Light

Amazon is about to give e-reader and tablet users a reason to keep reading in the dark. The company is currently prepping a front-lit version of its Kindle e-reader and a new, bigger version of the Amazon Kindle Fire. A source close to the company’s production tells Reuters that plenty of prototypes for the new… Read more »

Macbook Pro 2012 Models Could Be Made With Liquidmetal

Mabook Pro 2012 LiquidMetal Lineup

The internet has been abuzz lately with talk of a new Apple Macbook Pro lineup for 2012 which may include with it a new liquidmetal that replaces the companies currently aluminum body design. News of the switch to liquidmetal was first reported by SlashGear however experts are still debating whether the proposed liquidmetal will be… Read more »

New iPad Gets Cellular Tag, Drops 4G Naming Convention

new iPad Gets Cellular Tag and Drops 4G Naming Convention

Apple has decided to drop the “4G” name from its market materials, replacing the wording with “cellular” after customers began complaining that 4G data services were not offered in many areas. The announcement for the US market comes only a short time after the company made the same concession in Australia when regulators in that… Read more »

Target Will Pull Amazon Kindle Devices From Store Shelves

Amazon Kindle Getting Pulled From Target Store Shelves

Target has announce plans to pull the Amazon Kindle line of devices from its store shelves, a move that showcases the increasing tension between brick and mortar stores and the online retailer. The move to pull Amazon products was confirmed on Thursday by Target representative Molly Snyer who said the company would immediately begin “phasing… Read more »

Apple Flashback.S Variant Surfaces, Activates On Macs Without Password

iMac Viruses Surfacing Regularly

If you thought the Apple Flashback malware was behind us think again, research firm Intego has discovered a new variant called the Flashback.S which targets the same Java vulnerability that Apple recently patched without the need to enter a password for the variant to install. The new installation places the exploit in a user’s home… Read more »

Apple Will Ditch 17-Inch MacBook Pro By End Of 2012 [Analyst Prediction]

17 Inch MacBook Pro Line Going Away

Apple will get rid of the 17-inch Macbook Pro in 2012 according to reports by several prominent technology analysts. According to the report by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple will ditch the MacBook Pro to go after a more “Air-style” ultraportable refresh for the entire Apple notebook lineup. According to Kuo the move will be… Read more »

New Mac Trojan Virus ‘Sabpad” Emerges Following ‘Flashback’ Fix

Mac Virus Trojan

Apple has always touted its operating system as more secure than Microsoft Windows, a claim security analysts have scoffed at, claiming over the years that Apple’s product simply wasn’t targeted as much because it wasn’t used as much. Now with the emergence of more Apple sales the company is being hit by its second virus… Read more »

Apple iPad Mini To Launch In Q3, Cost Less Than $300

Apple iPad Mini Rumors For Q3 2012

Reports are circulating that Apple will launch a iPad Mini device in Q3 2011, a tablet that will be smaller than the company’s current iPads and offer a more approachable price tag for many Americans who have shied away from the company’s $499 devices. According to Chinese-language news site NetEase the “iPad mini” will be… Read more »

Apple’s Mac Pro Line Hit With Ordering, Shipping Delays

Mac Pro Line Delays

If you were planning to order a high-end Apple Mac Pro desktop you could be hit with delays that are nearly a month in length. AppleInsider reported on Monday that some users who ordered 12-core systems in March are still waiting for their desktop systems to arrive. While orders for some buyers at first claimed… Read more »