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Is The New iPod Touch An iPhone Without A Phone?

iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch came out this month, and critics are raving about its capabilities. Gizmag believes it is a top-notch product. “The new iPod touch is a more attractive product than you might expect. It doesn’t get any lighter or thinner than its predecessor (from way back in 2012), but it does hang onto… Read more »

The iPhone, iPod, And MacBook Are More Popular Than The Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch appears to be Apple’s biggest failure in several years. According to CNN Money, there is more interest in the iPod than there is in the Apple Watch. “A search on Google (GOOG) Trends comparing five of Apple’s products — iPod, Macbook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch — reveals that people are searching… Read more »

Google Sheets, Docs, And Slides Receive New Editing Features

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - JANUARY 21:  A sign is posted outside of the Google headquarters January 21, 2010 in Mountain View, California. Google will report fouth quarter earnings today.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides apps are receiving a number of useful updates that will make editing documents of all kinds much easier for the owners of mobile devices. Most notably, the developers make it easier to edit document titles from the overflow menu, which makes the process of renaming and organizing documents in Google… Read more »

Apple Watch Has Millennials Feeling Shame: What About The iPhone?

Apple Watch To Ship 20 Million Plus Units, Analysts Say

The Apple Watch has not been a huge hit with millennials. According to a report from NBC News, the Apple Watch has some millennials feeling guilty. “According to a new study by MBLM, a brand intimacy agency, millennials are dissatisfied with the watch. Many reported the original thrill of using it began to dissipate after… Read more »

Apple Watch Sales Hit 2.79 Million As Apple Allegedly Prepares Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch To Ship 20 Million Plus Units, Analysts Say

Many people thought the Apple Watch was flopping, especially since sales figures haven’t been released. However, according to CNET, sales aren’t as bad as some thought. “Apple has sold 2.79 million Apple Watch units since the device went on sale in April, research firm Slice Intelligence told Reuters on Thursday. The company added that of… Read more »

Apple Will Follow Samsung In Adding Multitasking To iPad

iPad Pro

Samsung can easily say they did something before Apple — allowing multitasking on their tablets (and even phones). At WWDC today, Apple announced that multitasking will be available on the iPad with iOS 9. Macrumors has the news. “Today at WWDC, Apple confirmed that multitasking would be coming to the iPad with iOS 9. The… Read more »

A Smart Shoe Is Capable Of Generating Power From Walking

Smart Shoe Devices Generate Power

Smart shoe devices are now capable of generating power when a person walks or runs. They can also track movement and speed, as well. A team of German researchers have developed a smart shoe gadget that harvests energy from walking and running movements. This energy is then used to power sensors and other electronics, according… Read more »