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Apple iPad Killer, Microsoft Surface 3, Wins Early Raves

Microsoft Surface 3

The Microsoft Surface 3 won’t arrive in stores until early May. However, Microsoft has shipped some review units and the new device has received excellent early reviews. Mashable believes the Surface 3 is an attractive lightweight computer. “If all you’re looking for is an affordable touchscreen laptop for a student or office-worker who will do… Read more »

Apple Rumors: Details For The iPad Mini 4 Leaked

Apple Unveils New iPad Models

Was the information for the next Apple iPad Mini leaked? According to the Christian Post, Apple’s thinnest tablet will receive an upgrade in the next version, the iPad Mini 4. The device is slated for an October release, yet nothing has been confirmed. Apple users should be looking for a definitive announcement in the coming… Read more »

Apple Fans Outraged As MacBook Shows Up At Best Buy Before Apple Store


Apple’s new MacBook was supposed to be available last Friday, April 10. Unfortunately, only display models showed up at Apple Store retail locations. If you tried to order from Apple’s site, most configurations of the MacBook wouldn’t ship for at least a couple of weeks. Those who wanted to physically buy the MacBook were upset…. Read more »

EU Charges Google: Ending The Tech Giant’s Tyrannical Online Reign

EU Charges Google: Ending The Tech Giant’s Tyrannical Online Reign

The European Union (EU) has formally filed charges Wednesday against Google on the grounds of “[abusing] their powerful market position.” Charges against online and tech giant Google breaching antitrust rules were formally pressed by EU’s competition chief Margrethe Vestager on behalf of the European Union during the media conference at EU headquarters in Brussels on… Read more »

Apple iPhone 6 Is Saving Lives: ResearchKit Apps Enable Apple Users Worldwide To Contribute To Medical Studies

Apple iPhone 6 ResearchKit apps

Apple is finally releasing its newest medical platform ResearchKit to a broader range of researchers and developers after it received overwhelming support from medical practitioners and iPhone users. Since ResearchKit was first introduced last month, thousands of iPhone users have demonstrated support for the apps created from the framework. Bloomberg reported that less than 24… Read more »

Media No Longer Criticizing Apple Watch After Pre-Orders Sell Out

Apple Watch

Pre-orders started for the Apple Watch this past Friday. As Macworld reports, the interest in Apple’s new watch was far more than anybody expected. “All models of Apple Watch quickly sold out when pre-orders began overnight last Friday, but now we have a better idea of which Watches were most popular. According to e-retail research… Read more »

PayPal May Soon Be Coming To Amazon After PayPal And eBay Split


For those who have always wanted PayPal to be a payment option on Amazon, you’re a little closer to having your wish fulfilled. PayPal and eBay are going through a corporate split later this year, and though there are still multiple agreements in place that prevent them from directly competing with one another, the split… Read more »

‘Google Play For Education’ Comes To Canada

'Google Play for Education' Comes To Canada

Google Play for Education, an education-focused app store designed to cater specifically to schools and teachers, has come to Canada, alongside an announcement from Google that Canadian schools will now be able to order Android tablets directly from Google, as per an article on MobileSyrup. Google’s product manager for Google Play for Education, Rick Borovoy,… Read more »

Apple MacBook Replaces MacBook Air And Gets Positive Reviews


When the new MacBook was first announced, there were some initial hangups people had with the device. Some thought it was a mistake not to carry an SD card slot. Others weren’t happy with the only port: the USB-Type C port. However, now that Apple has sent the units out for official reviews and has… Read more »

iPhone 7 Rumored To Be Released In October: No More iPhone 6s?

Apple Store

The iPhone 6s may have its name changed in order to become the iPhone 7. We’ll let The Week spill the news on Apple’s upcoming iPhone. “Apple is drawing up plans to skip a generation, launching the iPhone 7 a year ahead of its expected arrival, according to an industry analyst. Under the company’s usual… Read more »

Kobo Glo HD Attempts To Put Out Amazon Kindle’s Fire

Kobo Glo HD

It wasn’t that long ago when reading a book involved physical page turning. With the advent of eReaders such as the soon-to-be-released Kobo Glo HD, book fans have either embraced the technology that has cured them of wrist strain and the age-old dilemma of how to fit multiple books in their purse, or they have… Read more »

YouTube Will Launch Subscription Service For Ad-Free Videos

YouTube subscription

YouTube will launch a brand new subscription service that allows interested viewers and fans to watch videos without being interrupted by advertisements and commercials. According to Fortune, the popular video streaming website made the announcement about the new subscription service on Wednesday. The report claims that the planned paid service was revealed within an email… Read more »

Apple Watch Gets Mixed Reviews: Not As Innovative As iPhone

Apple Watch

Judging by the reviews of the Apple Watch, Apple may have a difficult time marketing their new product. The reviews are generally mixed, but not awful. The general consensus is that the watch is well-made, but not as innovative as something like the iPhone. The New York Times claims there is a steep learning curve… Read more »