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Pirate Bay Ban Expands To Austria


The Pirate Bay is losing safe havens around the world, and it appears Austria will be the next location to prohibit access to the online pirating site. Torrent Freak reports that an injunction ordering an Austrian Internet service provider to block The Pirate Bay has been issued by a judge there. The order comes as… Read more »

Install Windows 10 On Mac—It’s Possible And Fairly Easy

Install Windows 10 On Mac

The release of Windows 10 last week was very well received by a lot of people, especially for those who were unhappy when Windows 8 released in 2012. Windows 10 has become so successful in a matter of days, with at least 14 million subscribers already upgrading and lining up for the free Windows 10… Read more »

Windows 10 Executes Edge Browser By Default, Angers Mozilla Firefox

Windows 10 Executes Edge Browser By Default

Before Windows 10, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome were two of the most popular and widely used internet browsers in laptops, PCs, and mobiles across the globe. But then, Windows 10 happened, and the new Microsoft Edge browser that comes bundled with the latest Windows 10 update started crawling its way to millions of gadgets… Read more »

Possible Porn Ban Has India Seeking Answers — And Torrents

India appears to be under a porn ban.

The government of India has made no official announcement regarding a porn ban, but the people are speaking out after many woke Sunday morning to learn that they couldn’t access some of their favorite sites. While persistent users report finding exceptions, it appears that most major porn sites have been blocked across the country —… Read more »

Windows 10 E-Mail Link Leads To Malicious Ransomware

Hackers are using Windows 10's released to install ransomware on the computers of the unwary.

People who reserved Windows 10 started to get the free upgrade on July 29. Unfortunately, some Windows users have gotten a much more malicious upgrade. Taking advantage of the length of time it will take to deal out Windows 10 to every single person that reserved a copy, someone created a ransomware. Ransomware encrypts the… Read more »

Windows 10 Is Giving Out Your Passwords To Other People, But Why?

Windows 10

You may have heard the scary sounding news by now, but Microsoft Windows 10 is giving out your passwords to other people. You’d think it was a bug in the free and newly released operating system, but it’s actually being done on purpose. What on earth did you ever do to Bill Gates, anyway? Actually,… Read more »

Is The New iPod Touch An iPhone Without A Phone?

iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch came out this month, and critics are raving about its capabilities. Gizmag believes it is a top-notch product. “The new iPod touch is a more attractive product than you might expect. It doesn’t get any lighter or thinner than its predecessor (from way back in 2012), but it does hang onto… Read more »

German Researchers ‘Confirm’ NASA’s EM Drive Test Results

Ion Thruster

Martin Tajmar, researcher at the Dresden University of Technology in Germany, has presented new test results consistent with “encouraging results” presented by NASA’s Eagleworks research team in July 2014 at the 50th Joint Propulsions Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. According to the Tajmar, using a version of NASA’s EM Drive, he was able to produce in… Read more »

Windows 10 Upgrade Problems: Is It Time To Get A MacBook Air Or MacBook Pro?

Windows 10

This morning, Microsoft made the official upgrade to Windows 10 available. However, everything is not going smoothly for some people. Product Reviews has the details. “Microsoft is most likely aware that the Windows 10 update is getting stuck for some users during different points of the upgrade process, although it’s unclear if this is due… Read more »

Four-inch iPhone 6 called iPhone 6C Not Happening

4-inch iPhone 6 called iPhone 6C Not Happening

Yes, there was indeed talk of an iPhone 6C, a 4-inch iPhone 6, coming out to the market in 2016, but reports are coming in that Apple is turning its back on the iPhone 6C project. Tech analysts at Jefferies revealed earlier this month that there were talk of the iPhone 6C happening. Much like… Read more »

Facebook Use May Increase Eating Disorders In College Women


Facebook use has been found to increase eating disorders in college-aged women. A new study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health has discovered that when frequent Facebook users compare their bodies to their friends’ bodies, they were more prone to engage in risky dieting behaviors. The study surveyed 128 college-aged women and measured their… Read more »

Microsoft Firmware Updates For Surface Pro 3 And Surface 3 Get Complaints

Pro 3

Over the past couple of days, Microsoft has issued updates for the Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 devices. As Thurrott explains, things didn’t go smoothly. “There was a bit of unintended drama with these updates, which shipped originally on Thursday in non-working form, with users complaining that they couldn’t install them. Then, Microsoft updated… Read more »

2016 Toyota Tacoma Comes With A GoPro Camera Mount

2016 Toyota Tacoma Comes With A GoPro Camera Mount

Japanese carmaker Toyota has good news for the enthusiastic drivers who want to document their adventures. The all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma now lets you capture all the epic off-road action and fun with a built in GoPro camera mount in every model of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. When released, Motor Authority reports that all the… Read more »