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Lionel Messi Would Give Away All His Titles For World Cup

Messi thinks about what might have been.

In the end, not even the great Lionel Messi could stop Germany’s machine from winning the 2014 World Cup and even though the Argentinian striker won the Golden Ball — awarded to the best player of the tournament — it was little consolation. Ahead of the final match — where one of the best to… Read more »

Dwyane Wade: LeBron James Will Always Be Part Of My Family

Dwyane Wade Calls Lebron James Part of His Family

Dwyane Wade has finally spoken on LeBron James’ stunning decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. And for a man who could have felt spurned when King James opted to play for his hometown Cavs rather than stay in Miami, Wade has seemingly taken the high road. According to an article in USA Today, Wade… Read more »

Mike Tomlin Excited About Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ground Game

Mike Tomlin excited about Steelers'

Mike Tomlin has a bevy of running backs and he says the division of labor is going to have to sort itself out as the season goes along. When last we saw Mike Tomlin, he was explaining how he didn’t blame anyone but himself when it came to his Pittsburgh Steelers missing the playoffs. His… Read more »

Dan Gilbert’s Famous Letter Now Just A Weird Footnote In NBA History

Dan Gilbert's embarassing letter

Dan Gilbert’s open letter, written around this time of year four years ago, looks even weirder today. While there were plenty of people who thought Gilbert’s Comic Sans written letter was childish and strange when Lebron James was leaving Cleveland, Dan Gilbert gets his player back despite the mud slinging. Late last week, James announced… Read more »

UFC To Sign Gina Carano For Dream Match With Ronda Rousey

Gina Carano to sign with UFC

Gina Carano hasn’t fought competitively in over five years, and has spent most of that time away working on her acting career. But if Dana White has his way, Carano will soon once again slide on the gloves and enter the octagon to fight for the UFC. Reports say that White is telling associates within… Read more »

Burned Dwyane Wade Could Be Headed To The Bulls

Dwyane Wade heading to Chicago?

Dwyane Wade is probably not going to be spending much time in the forseeable future with Lebron James. With the news that James has resigned with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wade is now a player without a team. What’s worse is that Dwyane was lured to the Miami Heat after promises that Wade, James, and Bosh… Read more »

WWE News: Japanese Superstar KENTA Officially Signs With WWE


WWE throughout the years was able to compile a laundry list of excellent Japanese superstars. Below is a list of WWE’s “best exports” from Japan: The Great Muta Nakano Mr. Fuji Antonio Inoki Koji Katao Ultimo Dragon Add another man to the list of Japanese superstars, as the WWE announced the emphatic signing of Japanese… Read more »

Cavaliers Trade Official, Is Lebron James Next Big Announcement?

Lebron James Cavaliers Trade Kyrie Irving

The Cleveland Cavaliers made at least one announcement yesterday…just not the one every Cleveland fan was hoping for. Despite reports from several media outlets, Lebron James did not officially announce that he is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers at 11:00pm last night. Twenty-four hours earlier, multiple reports indicated that Lebron was set to make it… Read more »