Football Timeline

Anti-Redskins Commercial Highlights Controversy Among Fans, Natives

Redskins name is still hurtful, say natives- and we still like it, say fans.

An anti-Redskins commercial that aired during the NBA finals has stirred fans on both sides of the controversy to response. The two-minute commercial has over a million views on YouTube, and a lot of angry comments. Posted by the National Congress of American Indians, it highlights the falsehood of ‘redskins’ as a term of honor… Read more »

DeSean Jackson Blames Former Agent Drew Rosenhaus For Eagles Holdout

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals

DeSean Jackson is blaming former agent Drew Rosenhaus for his 2011 holdout with the Philadelphia Eagles, saying the agent lied about his close ties to the team’s management and then led him on an ill-advised contract negotiation tactic. In a legal filing obtained by Yahoo Sports, Jackson claimed that Rosenhaus led him down a destructive… Read more »

Jim Kelly Gets Emotional Visit From Former Rival Dan Marino

Jim Kelly Gets Emotional Visit From Former Rival Dan Marino

Jim Kelly spent his entire career as the rival to the Miami Dolphins, but this weekend the quarterback fighting cancer put aside old rivalries for a visit from fellow signal caller Dan Marino. Kelly was at Erie County Medical Center, where he received his last round of radiation treatment for a recurrence of jaw cancer,… Read more »

Qatar Wants You To Dress Modestly For The 2022 World Cup

Dress code for 2022 Qatar World Cup

If you know your football, you’re likely aware of the fact that the capital city of Qatar, Doha, has been selected as the venue for the 2022 World Cup. While the event is a good eight years way from now, the country as already started preparations for the grand event. No, they have not started… Read more »

Mark Sanchez ‘Butt Fumble’ Jersey Sells For $820

sanchez and the infamous butt fumble

Mark Sanchez was part of one of the most infamous plays in NFL history; the Thanksgiving night “Butt Fumble” that cemented the New York Jets decline from AFC contender to basement dweller. Now, the jersey that the Jets quarterback wore in the ill-fated play is part of history. A diehard Jets fan picked up the… Read more »

Bill Belichick’s Offseason Moves Won’t Include Ryan Mallet Trade

Bill Belichick Not Interested In Ryan Mallet Trade

Bill Belichick had arguably the best offseason in the NFL over the winter, acquiring star cornerback Darrell Revis among other highly touted acquisitions. The move that may prove to be the smartest in long run however, is the one the New England Patriots head coach has zero interest in making. Bill Belichick was heard on… Read more »

Kyle Orton: Cowboys Quarterback May Be Forcing The Team To Cut Him

Kyle Orton: Cowboys Quarterback May Be Forcing The Team To Cut Him

Kyle Orton came to the Dallas Cowboys in 2012 as the highly touted second-stringer, a $10 million insurance policy for Tony Romo in a league where backup quarterbacks are at a premium. But he now may be leaving the team on much shakier terms, with reports that the 31-year-old signal caller could be trying to… Read more »