Baseball Timeline

Dodgers Female Trainer: ‘There’s Mutual Respect With Players’

Dodgers female trainer, the first in professional sports.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball team has a female sports trainer, a first in pro sports. She says, “there is mutual respect with the players”. It wasn’t Sue Falsone’s intention to be a pioneer in her field, when she accepted the position with the Dodgers, it just happened, but she has learned to embrace her… Read more »

MLB Video Review Process Being Expanded In 2014

MLB Instant Replay Expanded for 2014

Major League Baseball (MLB) is getting an expanded video review process for the 2014 season. With the new program, team managers will have more opportunity than ever to challenge bad play calling from MLB umpires. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig, during a press conference on Thursday, announced the new plan with representatives from the leagues 30… Read more »

Alex Rodriguez MLB Lawsuit Likely If A-Rod’s 211 Game Ban Isn’t Lifted

Brian Cashman said Sunday that he isn't comfortable talking to A-Rod these days.

An Alex Rodriguez MLB lawsuit is reported to be likely if A-Rod’s 211 game ban isn’t lifted. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games under suspicion of taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) like steroids. A-Rod was suspended for violating the MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program as well… Read more »

Adam Jones Banana Thrower Apologizes, Says It Wasn’t Racial

Adam Jones banana

So about that Adam Jones banana-throwing incident? Disgruntled San Francisco Giants fan Alexander Poulides, 42, came forward on Monday to the San Jose Mercury News to admit that he threw the banana. As most baseball fans know, on Sunday the Baltimore Orioles’ Adam Jones hit a three-run home run off the San Francisco Giants in… Read more »

Mike Trout Wants Lifetime Ban For PED Users

Mike Trout and PED Use Hatred

Finally an MLB player saying what fans have wanted to hear: Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels revealed on Monday that he wants a lifetime ban for scummy performance enhancing drugs users. Speaking with New York radio station WFAN, Trout says, if he were in Bud Selig’s position, he would fire Alex Rodriguez indefinitely…. Read more »

David Ortiz Holds Baby During National Anthem [Awww]

david ortiz holds baby

Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz was captured in a totally estrogen baiting pic last night, holding a baby he’d been handed as the national anthem started up before the game. In the pic, David Ortiz smiles and holds his Red Sox cap over his heart, with the red-clad baby in the other arm. It’s… Read more »

John Rocker Reddit AMA: His 6 Most Offensive Comments

John Rocker Reddit AMA, Most Offensive Comments

The John Rocker Reddit AMA was predictably raucous on Tuesday as the former Atlanta Braves pitcher touched on gays and racism in typical Rocker fashion, while mostly giving as good as he got in the insult department. We’ve culled through the most offensive comments, and here’s what the maestro of political incorrectness and Kenny Powers… Read more »

Alex Rodriguez Suspension Looms, But Rumors Can’t Decide A-Rod’s Fate

Alex Rodriguez Suspension Rumors

Alex Rodriguez’s suspension looms, but rumors can’t figure out what’s actually happening to the Yankees third baseman. Last week, reports suggested the impending ban would happen before the weekend, but nothing has been confirmed as of Sunday. In all likelihood, A-Rod will be suspended, at the very least, for the rest of the 2013 season…. Read more »

Former Cubs Pitcher Frank Castillo Dies At 44

former cubs frank castillo

Former Cubs pitcher Frank Castillo has died at the age of 44, several news sources are reporting. Frank Castillo was drafted back in 1987, beginning his Cubs career in 1991. Across 13 years in major league baseball, Castillo played for the Cubs for seven seasons, as well as five additional teams. After his retirement, he… Read more »

Mets’ Eric Young: Sportsmanship At Its Best [Video]

During the Mets-Braves game on Wednesday night, New York outfielder showed the fans what sportsmanship is all about. Atlanta Braves starter Tim Hudson was in the middle of a shutout against the New York Mets when Eric Young Jr. hustled to first base, which Hudson was covering with his foot. That’s when tragedy struck. Young… Read more »