Space Timeline

First Donut In Space Launched From Norway [Video]

Donut in Space

Two Swedish brothers wanted to go where no one has gone before. With a weather balloon and a leftover pastry, they decided to launch the first donut in space. Admittedly, Alexander and Benjamin Jönsson probably have way too much time on their hands. Last week they launched their weather balloon, along with its sweet and… Read more »

Watch NASA Astronauts’ Spectacular GoPro Footage During ISS Spacewalk [Video]

GoPro Spacewalk

During spacewalks conducted earlier this year, two NASA astronauts one-upped global GoPro thrill-seekers by offering a stunning point-of-view experience of being at the International Space Station. Astronauts Terry Virts and Barry Wilmore were strapped with GoPro cameras during two separate space walks in February — and the hour-long footage provides a breathtaking first-hand view of… Read more »

NASA: Stay 70 Days In Bed And Get Paid $18,000


NASA says it will pay $18,000 to anyone willing to take part in a three-month study that requires participants to stay in bed for 70 days under conditions that simulate the weightlessness of space flight. After 70 days, the participants will be required to engage in a series of “reconditioning” exercises to test how effectively… Read more »

Solar Flares: Tuesday Solar Storm Highlights Power Grid Vulnerabilities

solar storm

Solar flares hit Earth on Tuesday, but few noticed. The solar storm or sunspot activity have made the Northern Lights effect possible, as previously noted by the Inquisitr. While many around the nation are debating the Blood Moon prophecy and the best vantage points to watch the expected eclipse on Friday, others are more keenly… Read more »

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says Mars One Mission Won’t Get Backing

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Mars One

Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t have high hopes for Mars One. As the well-known scientist and host of Star Talk told Business Insider, it’s unlikely the mission to Mars will get the funding it needs to succeed. Mars One, which plans to create a Martian outpost with a crew to land in 2024, recently announced the… Read more »