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Lunar Mission One: A Chance To Reserve Your Place In Space [Video]

Lunar Mission One Exploration

Lunar Mission One is scheduled to go deep below the surface of the moon in 2024. This scientific lunar exploration will include a time capsule, or digital memory box of the history of humankind on Earth, including a species database that chronicles earth’s biodiversity from rainforests to coral reefs, and memories of an entire generation…. Read more »

Yellowstone Volcano: USGS Reports Earthquakes Around The Supervolcano

Yellowstone Volcano Conspiracy Theories Claim USGS Is Hiding Earthquake, Fissures Data Over Supervolcano Fears

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has provided November’s monthly update on the Yellowstone volcano and 119 earthquakes were registered in the area of Yellowstone National Park, which is around half of the 207 earthquakes reported in August and only slightly higher than the nine earthquakes monitored in October. But although Yellowstone’s caldera continues to… Read more »

Mysterious Circular Island On Mars Leaves NASA Scientists Confused [Photo]

Mars Photo

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Spacecraft observed a strange island located in the planet’s Athabasca region. The Huffington Post notes that the image looks to many like some sort of deformed waffle, and is one of the many mysterious landforms found by the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft. This particular image is being described by scientists as an… Read more »

Complete Skeleton Of Tiny Dinosaur Discovered In South Korea

Tiny Dinosaur

Every year, archaeologists find new and exciting discoveries on species that lived eras in the past. The most monumental finds are always associated with dinosaurs. In that respect, the Inquisitr reported on such amazing finds like the footprints pointing to a mystery mammal that lived during the time of dinosaurs. With each new discovery, we… Read more »

Orion Launch A Success: Will Manned Missions To Outer Space Follow? [Video]

Orion Launch A Success

Following the disappointment of a last-minute delay, the Orion spacecraft was successfully launched early Friday morning. At dawn, Orion began a brief but extremely important mission. The launch meant that the unmanned craft would orbit the Earth twice, getting as far away from the planet as 3,600 miles. This would mean that Orion would have… Read more »

Japanese Probe Sets Out To Discover The Origins Of Life

The Japanese Probe, Hayabusa 2, lifts off to retrieve samples from an asteroid thought to hold key compounds necessary for the creation of life on Earth.

A Japanese probe, the Hayabusa 2, launched from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center Tuesday evening on a mission to find the origins of life on Earth. The launch of the probe had been twice postponed due to inclement weather, but the Japanese probe has now successfully launched and is on course to intercept an asteroid. Before… Read more »

Scientists Establish Evolutionary Link Between Turtles And Birds


Missing link arguments, albeit weightless, are the most common statements used by creationists to oppose evolution, despite evidence providing non-linear links between different kinds of species. This week, a group of scientists from the California Academy of Sciences have added another to the pile, after successfully establishing an evolutionary link between turtles and their closest… Read more »

Scientists Discover An Invisible Shield Surrounding Earth, Baffled At How It Formed

Invisible Shield Protects Earth

Scientists have discovered something truly remarkable above the Earth’s atmosphere. An invisible shield is located approximately 7,200 miles above Earth that scientists are likening to “force fields on Star Trek.” According to Front Line Desk, the shield was discovered in the Van Allen radiation belts, two doughnut-shaped rings above Earth that are filled with high-energy… Read more »

NASA – Astronauts Now Using 3D Printing Technology In Outer Space

3D Printer

NASA is now enabling its astronauts to utilize 3D printers while in outer space. In The Capital reported this morning that astronauts on the International Space Station printed the first object out on their 3D printer; an engraved faceplate for the printer itself. The project proved not only that successful 3D printing in space is… Read more »

Researchers May Have Found Albert Einstein’s Black Hole Object

Markarian 177 - good

Space researchers may have found Albert Einstein’s black hole object that would support his general theory of relativity. Astronomers have discovered a small galaxy approximately 90 million light years from Earth in the Big Dipper, according to The West Side Story. The Markarian 177 is believed to be the object that Albert Einstein purported to… Read more »

Male Lover Of Alexander The Great May Have Been Discovered By Archaeologists


One of the greatest military minds to ever exist within the annals of history is Alexander the Great. Under his rule, Alexander the Great conquered Asia Minor, the Levant, Syria, Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia. Even today, people are interested in knowing more about the great ruler as archaeologists excavate to find more information and… Read more »

SSaDV – World War II-Era VIrus Is Back – Millions Of Starfish Dead


SSaDV or Sea Star Associated Densovirus hasn’t been widespread since the early 1940’s, but scientists recently confirmed that a mutated form of SSaDV is back, and it’s deadlier than ever. The realization that SSaDV was back came when scientists looked into the reasons why scores of starfish were disappearing from North America’s Pacific Coast. The… Read more »