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Stephen Hawking: Humanity Doomed Unless We Colonize Other Planets

Hawking Offers Case For Space Travel On NASA Anniversary

Renowned scientist Professor Stephen Hawking has claimed that the survival of the human race depends on colonizing other planets. He also stated that aggression is the trait that could lead to the demise of humanity. Professor Hawking, who was recently immortalized in the movie The Theory of Everything, was speaking at the Science Museum in… Read more »

Alessandro Volta, Frog Dissection, And The Birth of Frankenstein

Alessandro Volta birthday honored with Google doodle

Take one twitching frog, add an intrepid Italian physicist named Alessandro Volta and an imaginative English novelist named Mary Shelley, and you get a literary classic: Frankenstein. Volta – whose 270th birthday is celebrated today with a Google doodle – is widely known as the inventor of the battery. But perhaps he’s lesser known for… Read more »

8,000-Year-Old Israeli Fertility Stone Works Linked To Ancestor Cult

Fertility Stones

Throughout the years, archaeologists have discovered numerous artifacts and destinations thought to be lost to time, that have opened people’s minds to many wonders of our past. However, the one place that stands out in both Biblical and Jewish History is Israel. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on both destinations and artifacts that appeal to… Read more »

One-Way Ticket To Mars? 200,000 Applicants To Be Narrowed To 24

Mars One

A Dutch non-profit called Mars One is on a mission to send four people to the red planet in 2024, but it’s a one-way ticket. The four who are selected will leave behind family and friends forever, never to return to Earth. But that hasn’t stopped over 200,000 people from applying for the chance. The… Read more »

Ocean Plastic Increases By 4.8 Million Metric Tons Each Year


A recent study suggests the amount of plastic in the ocean increases by more than four million metric tons each year. Researchers with the University of California, who conducted the study, further concluded that a vast majority if the waste originates in Asia. In addition to being unsightly, ocean plastic poses a serious threat to… Read more »

NASA Is Planning To Send A Submarine To Titan, Saturn’s Largest Moon

The submarine would be largely autonomous, due to Titan's distance from Earth

NASA has unveiled conceptual plans to send an autonomous submarine to Titan, Saturn’s moon, in a bid to explore the vast icy reaches of the Kraken Mare. At the recent 2015 NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Symposium in Cocoa Beach, Florida, researchers revealed the Titan Submarine Phase I Conceptual Design, an outline for a… Read more »

Full 9/11 Disclosure Imminent — Russia To Release Satellite Evidence Of 9/11 ‘Inside Job,’ Truthers Say


Recent events are raising expectations among members of the “9/11 Truth movement” that an earthshaking 9/11 disclosure is imminent. The Russian-language, an offshoot of Pravda, the former official mouthpiece of the Communist Party Of the Russian Federation, recently echoed the buildup of hopes and expectations in the “9/11 truther” community. In a Feb. 7… Read more »

Twitter Loves Ken Ham’s #DarwinWasWrongDay

Ken Ham declares #DarwinWasWrongDay, twitter eats it up.

Thanks to Ken Ham, #DarwinWasWrongDay is trending on Twitter. Then, perhaps it might be more accurate to say that the hashtag is trending thanks to Ham’s detractors — though there are a few serious posts scattered about, the majority are mocking the Creation Museum’s denial of evolution. The hashtag arose after Ham opposed a motion… Read more »

Apollo 11 Treasures Found In Neil Armstrong’s Closet


Apollo 11 was the famous NASA mission that put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon in 1969. Now, 46 years later, some treasures used in the historic landing have been found in a closet in Armstrong’s Ohio home. The artifacts used by Armstrong and Aldrin when they guided the Lunar Module Eagle sat… Read more »