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Study: Certain Frequencies Induce Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming Can Be Controlled

Humanity has known about lucid dreams for as long as we’ve been dreaming. But not until this weekend have scientists even come close to describing how to make them happen. Unless, of course, all this is just a dream. According to a study published this weekend in Nature Neuroscience, scientists were able to achieve lucid… Read more »

Telescope Large Enough to Spot Alien Life


A very large telescope is going to be built in Chile that may be strong enough to detect alien life on distant worlds. Construction of the largest telescope ever made is set to begin on Cerro Armazones, a remote mountain in Chile. The new telescope is going to be ten times larger than any other… Read more »

New Invention Promises To Put PETA Out Of Business


It looks like the PETA girls are going to have to put their clothes back on again as a new invention promises to put an end to their organization. While thoughts of shady, meat-eating, fur coat wearing animal haters with gasoline tanks in their hands spark in your imagination, don’t worry. It’s not anything like… Read more »

Bill Nye Accused Of Climate Change ‘Scare Tactics,’ ‘Bullying’

Bill Nye

CNN’s Crossfire turned its attention to climate change Tuesday night, hosting a contentious and sometimes heated debate that saw “Science Guy” Bill Nye facing off against the Heritage Foundation’s Nicolas Loris. Although he was there to debate Loris over the White House’s new climate change report, Nye found himself at odds with conservative panelist S.E…. Read more »

Another Earth?


Have scientists finally discovered another Earth? Not quite, but things are ...

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower From Halley’s Comet Debris Visible Tuesday

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower From Halley’s Comet

Halley’s Comet left behind debris that will give way to a meteor shower visible from Earth early Tuesday morning. According to via Yahoo! News, stargazers have the best chance of seeing the light show just before dawn. Halley’s Comet will actually provide a sight to see not once but twice this year despite not… Read more »

Young Blood Reverses Aging, Maybe That Explains Real Life Vampires?

Young Blood Reverses Aging, Maybe That Explains Real Life Vampires?

If young blood reverses aging, would that explain the existence of real life vampires? Sounds like a meme question for the philosoraptor, but interestingly enough both diverse subjects do exist in real life. In a related report by The Inquisitr, while many would love to forget Twilight ever existed, they did raise the interesting question:… Read more »

The Galaxy M87 Has Launched A Globular Cluster Of Stars Into Deep Space

HVGC-1 is one of a kind

The galaxy known as M87 has thrown a globular cluster made of thousands of stars hurling through space at two million miles per hour (3.2 million km/h). Scientists have named the globular cluster HVGC-1, which stands for hypervelocity globular cluster. The recently discovered star cluster is now on a super speed journey to the middle… Read more »

NASA Scientist: Global Warming Is Nonsense

NASA scientist rejects climate change

Another scientist has pushed back against the doom-and-gloom climate change predictions from the United Nations and other governmental agencies. Dr. Leslie Woodcock, emeritus professor at the University of Manchester (UK) School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, is a former NASA scientist along with other impressive accomplishments on his distinguished professional resume. In an interview,… Read more »

Scientists Open 850-Year Old Coffin Holding Murdered King In 1160

850-year old coffin featured

A “very special occasion,” as a cathedral chaplain calls it, happened when Swedish researchers opened an 850-year-old coffin containing the remains of the country’s King Erik IX, who was murdered in 1160 and later made a saint. According to Fox News, scientists plan to study the bones of the ruler, King Erik IX, who is… Read more »

Robot Bees May Be The Future Thanks To The Harvard Robobee Project

Robot bees are being developed at Harvard University. Roboticists have long used insects, fish and small animals as ideal models for building small robots leading to innovations in areas including entomology, computing and electrical engineering. A colony of solar powered flying robot bees may be in our near future. According to the Wyss Institute, “The… Read more »

NASA Is Using The Kepler Space Telescope To Search For Habitable Planets

Kepler 186f may be habitable like Earth.

NASA has been using the Kepler Space Telescope to search for habitable planets since 2009. Recently NASA has found the first habitable Earth-sized planet known as Kepler-186f. The planet is named after the Kepler Space Telescope which had been scanning the universe for exoplanets that may have the right conditions to support life as we… Read more »

Methane Stored In Fire Ice Could Be Extracted By Man Or Nature

Fire Ice and Methane

Hydrocarbons like oil, coal and gas are easy to access and plentiful… but they also emit CO2 which is our main culprit in global warming. The search for alternative fuel has been a primary focus for energy experts everywhere – but could another hydrocarbon be the unsuspected answer? It’s street name is fire ice. Methane… Read more »

Asteroid Impacts A Far Greater Danger Than Predicted

Asteroid impact

Asteroid impacts on Earth are far more common and far more dangerous than previously believed a former NASA scientist claims and he’s surprised that an Armageddon-style impact hasn’t hit anywhere populated in the last few years. The B612 Foundation, which is dedicated to thwarting the next deep impact, announced on their website that on Tuesday… Read more »

Loch Ness Monster Just (Not) Found By Apple Maps

Loch Ness Monster?

The Loch Ness Monster, perhaps the most elusive of legendary mythological creatures, may or may not have been spotted on an Apple Maps satellite feed. The people who spotted it, however, seem certain enough to say, “What else could it be?” According to the scaling feature on the mapping service, the creature measures about 100-feet-long… Read more »

Study Learns Why Flies Are So Hard To Swat

Fruit Fly In Flight

Flies are so tiny, with such eentsy-weentsy brains. So how can they, in just a few days of life experience, summon such masterful skills of elusiveness to avoid one human swatting onslaught after another? The answer: years of evolutionary practice. According to a study just published in Science magazine, flies employ tactical flying skills like… Read more »

Study: Pollution In One Place Felt The World Around

Ganjiaxiang Pollution To USA

It’s not only the products made across Asia that make their way to America; the pollution created from making all those products finds its way across the Pacific Ocean too. In a study published Monday, April 14, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists from several North American and Asian universities report… Read more »

NASA Is Asking Public To Choose Design For New Futuristic Spacesuit

NASA spacsuit

NASA is set to unveil their design for the new Z-2 spacesuit for deep-space exploration. Astronauts will soon encounter unprecedented environments in space and NASA wants to insure their safety and effectiveness. The final stage of the design project for the new Z-2 spacesuit is selecting design from three prototypes. NASA is asking the public… Read more »

Blood Moon: A Collection Of Hilarious, Awful Photos

Blood Moon Photos: The Best Of the Worst

The blood moon has come and gone, but it’s memory will live in our minds (and on Twitter) forever. Whereas there were apparently several professional and amateur photographers who got some excellent shots of the blood moon, there are just as many more who fell a little short of perfection. Here are some of the… Read more »

New Species Of Crawfish Discovered

New Species Of Crayfish Discovered

A new species of crawfish has been discovered in New Zealand, but don’t get your gumbo pots out yet. They are tiny! There is not enough meat in their little tails to make a crawfish boil with these critters worthwhile. But they are big news in the scientific world. The new species of crawfish, or… Read more »

Scientists Reconstruct Massive Ancient Impact On Earth


Scientists around the globe have banded together to solve the mystery of a place known as Barberton greenstone belt in South Africa where a 300 mile wide portion appeared to be a giant crater. Today they announced their findings which blew the minds of people across the globe. If you thought the dinosaurs had it… Read more »