Science Timeline

Pulsar Observed Wobbling Out Of Space-Time — Vanishing Out Of Our Now


A pulsar is a celestial object that is thought to be a rapidly rotating neutron star. The incredibly dense leftovers of a supernova, a pulsar emits regular pulses of radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation at rates of up to one thousand pulses per second. Sometimes, pulsars are locked in a ridiculously tight orbit with… Read more »

SpaceX Still Optimistic After Failed Landing

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket

SpaceX’s most recent test flight ended in failure, but co-founder Elon Musk is still encouraged by the project progress. According to Yahoo! News, SpaceX launched their commercial Falcon 9 rocket early Saturday morning, delivering a Dragon cargo ship towards the International Space Station before returning to earth. The plan was to have the rocket land… Read more »

Ming Dynasty Tomb Unearths Opulent Clothing Revealing China’s Imperial Past

Ming Dynasty

Everyday, archaeologists around the world are uncovering more of our world’s past. Such discoveries are not just interesting to read about, but reveal more of how our ancestors lived. It’s something that can only be done through studying relics and surviving scripts. The Inquisitr has kept up with the latest on archaeological discoveries, in which… Read more »

NASA Releases Amazing Travel Posters For Kepler Exoplanets [Pictures]


NASA has become its own travel agency, releasing three tourist ads for exoplanets found with the Kepler telescope. Humanity still lacks the technology to travel to these distant worlds, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. These three retro-style, exoplanet travel posters might help us understand what it might be like on these distant alien… Read more »

Metal From City Of Atlantis Found Off Sicilian Coast


Sparkling ingots made of orichalcum and thought to be from the lost city of Atlantis have been found and retrieved off the ocean floor near the coast of Sicily. The metal was recovered from a ship that sunk more than 2,600 years ago. The metal, orichalucum, was believed by the Ancient Greeks to have been… Read more »

Did The Curiosity Rover Just Find Fossilized Life On Mars?


No, it’s not a leg-bone or a coffin. Rather, geobiologist Nora Noffke claims that rock forms shown in Mars curiosity photos have a remarkable similarity to structures created by life on Earth. Through her in-depth analysis, she has even convinced a few NASA skeptics that she might be on to something. According to Discovery News,… Read more »

NASA’s JPL RoboSimian To Compete For DARPA Rescue Role


NASA has developed a robot it calls RoboSimian to enter a DARPA competition for robots that may one day be used to conduct rescue missions in emergencies or disasters. RoboSimian has been designed and constructed by NASA to operate in instances where rescue missions need to be conducted in environments too dangerous for humans, such… Read more »

NASA’s Kepler Telescope Discovers Three New ‘Earth-Like’ Planets

NASA Kepler mission exoplanet

Ever since the dawn of modern astronomy, there is this one question that has troubled the minds of every scientifically inclined person. Is there another earth-like world out there? A planet where life as we know could possibly exist? The sheer vastness of space meant that the answer to this question could never possibly be… Read more »

The Origin of Life On Earth – Was Space?

Origin of life on Earth from space

Was the point of origin of life on Earth somewhere in the cold reaches of space? While the theory was largely laughed at in the past, acceptance of the idea that the origin of life on Earth was from space, and outside of our planet or even galaxy has grown recently. This comes with the… Read more »

Next Challenge For SpaceX? Actually Land On Earth


The main problems when it comes to rockets is that you usually scrap a large percentage of them after liftoff. Pieces, or sections called “stages,” fall away as the rocket moves through the atmosphere, making their use extremely expensive. Elon Musk, the chief executive of the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, better known as SpaceX, likens… Read more »

People With Low IQ More Likely To Have Schizophrenia [Study]


Scientists have found a link between intelligence and the occurrence of schizophrenia according to latest scientific reports. In a recent study conducted by researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University, it was discovered that people with low IQ were more likely to develop schizophrenia. The study was lead by psychiatrist and schizophrenia expert Kenneth S. Kendler,… Read more »

NASA — New Spacecraft Will Be Inflatable


Mars. It comes up in every conversation concerning NASA at some point. When are we going to Mars? It turns out that NASA is continually trying to figure out how to do just that, and it now seems that a very simple design solution might be man’s ticket to the red planet. The question of… Read more »

Dwarf Star Heading For Solar System — Will It Be Our Nemesis?

Dwarf Star Nemesis Solar System

According to a study set for publication shortly, there is a 90 percent chance that a dwarf star similar to the theorized Nemesis star will pass through the outer boundaries of our solar system between a quarter and half million years from now. This Nemesis-like dwarf star has the potential for disturbing the perhaps trillions… Read more »

Scientists Get Birds Drunk To See If They Slur Their Speech

Slurred Speech

A new study published in the science journal, PLOS ONE, says that birds slur their speech when they’re drunk. Researchers in Oregon got several lab zebra finches hammered and analyzed their bird songs to learn more about alcohol-induced speech impairment. The scientists quickly found that drunk birds slur their speech in the same way that… Read more »

Scientists Establish Evolutionary Link Between Human Hands And Fish Fins


Scientists from the University of Chicago have finally answered an evolutionary puzzle that has been boggling biologists for years: the connection between human hands and fish fins. Biologists have long speculated on the evolutionary relationship between the modern human hand and the fins of water-dwelling animals, but most studies in the past have failed to… Read more »