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Mysterious World Trade Center Ship Predates U.S. Independence

Mystery World Trade Center Ship Solved

The mysterious World Trade Center ship discovered by excavators in New York’s Lower Manhattan predates U.S. independence, according to a study published in the July issue of the journal Tree-Ring Research. The ship, a type of sailboat called a sloop, was discovered in 2010 by excavators working at the World Trade Center site in 2010…. Read more »

Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Sits’ On Eggs For Over Four Years Before They Hatch!


An amazing deep-sea octopus has been discovered that closely watches over its eggs for almost four and a half years before they hatch, according to a new report published today from KQED Science. Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute discovered the octopus – technically referred to as Graneledone boreopacifica – by accident while… Read more »

University Fires Christian Scientist For Discovery Supporting Creationism

California State University

The argument between creationism versus evolution has been an age-old war ever since Charles Darwin introduced his theory. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerous times on how both sides have debated each other including a video that questions students who believe in Darwinism to scientifically prove Darwin’s theory through the scientific method and the… Read more »

Algae That Can Control Its Quantum Computer Discovered

Some types of alge are able to control their quantum computers, according to researchers.

Scientists have discovered that some algae are capable of using quantum effects to optimize photosynthesis, a finding which they believe could lead to solar cells with near perfect efficiency. According to io9, the observations show that much like a quantum computer, some algae are able to scan the full range of their options to choose… Read more »

Was T. Rex’s Vision Really Based On Movement?

t rex fighting

It’s a question that has plagued moviegoers since Jurassic Park was released in 1993: Could a T. Rex really only see you if you moved? Thanks to researchers at the University of Oregon, that question may finally be answered. Professor Kent Stevens has been working on a project called DinoMorph, modeling therapod dinosaurs like the… Read more »

Scientists Sift Through Neanderthal Excreta To Dig Out Valuable Insights


Neanderthals are one of our oldest precursors. Their ways of eating and living may have long been obliterated and people may be living in urban jungles today, but insights into their existence thousands of years ago still fascinate scientists. Recently researchers carefully extracted the oldest known Neanderthal excreta in Spain and offered data that will… Read more »

Evidence Of Men Wearing Trousers Discovered In A 3,000 Year Old Tomb

Oldest Trousers Discovered

Trousers are considered the mark of modern civilized man. However, evidence of men wearing custom fitted trousers has been discovered in an ancient tomb. Scientists have unearthed evidence of trousers in a Chinese tomb that could very well be the oldest ever found. Researchers were working in the ancient Yanghai graveyard in China’s Tarim Basin,… Read more »

Study: We Got Big Brains But Lost Our Brawn

Homo Erectus Wanted Brains

The human brain has gotten so big that some of them are spending hard-earned research cash trying to find out how much brawn was lost in humanity’s quest for bigger brains. A study published Tuesday in the Public Library of Science’s journal Biology describes a research project in which 10,000 genetic molecules from humans, apes… Read more »

At-Risk Youth Stumble Upon 7,000 Year Old Mummy After A landslide In Chile

A Chinchorro mummy

As far as rehabilitation and community service programs go, this one might just prove to be the most significant yet. A group of students enrolled in an archeology workshop, stumbled upon a preserved mummy that could date back thousands of years. The group consisting of children that were classified as ‘at-risk’, enrolled in an archeology… Read more »

Mummified Mammoth 42,000 Years Old Goes On Display In London

Mummified mammoth

A mummified mammoth is set to become the new star attraction at London’s Natural History Museum and will be unveiled in just two days time. Lyuba, as she is called, is approximately the size of a large dog and was just one month old when she died 42,000 years ago. Lyuba, which means “love” in… Read more »