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Flies: Dozens Of New Species Discovered In Los Angeles


There’s an old saying which states that after the apocalypse, after all the people and the animals and the plants are gone from the planet, that cockroaches will remain because they are so adaptable. It’s now looking as if flies might be in the same category. Something called Biodiversity Science: City and Nature (or BioSCAN… Read more »

Secret Nazi Hideout Discovered Hidden Away In Argentine Jungle

The hideout likely wasn't used, researchers state, after the Nazis discovered they could move openly in Argentina.

Archaeologists are examining a series of ruined buildings found in an Argentinian nature reserve, as they suspect the structures represent a hideout for Nazi officers seeking to escape the fall of the Third Reich. Researchers decided to investigate the ruins because of a local legend that they were used as a hideout by Martin Bormann,… Read more »

Miguel De Cervantes’ Remains Discovered In Spain

Miguel de Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes’ remains were reportedly discovered in a Spanish crypt. The infamous Don Quixote author was originally buried in Madrid’s Barefoot Trinitarians convent. However, the casket was moved to an unknown location during a 17th century renovation. More then 360 years later, archaeologists believe they found Miguel de Cervantes’ remains. It is unclear whether… Read more »

Honduras Lost Cities Will Be Protected From Deforestation And Looters

Lost Cities

Two newly discovered lost cities will be protected from deforestation and looters. Early last week, Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández announced that armed forces were deployed to the Mosquitia region to preserve the ancient ruins. Although it is not confirmed, the cities are rumored to include the legendary “White City” and the “City of the… Read more »

250-Year-Old Pretzel Unearthed In Bavaria Among Old Croissants And Rolls

250-year-old German pretzel found

One baker’s disappointment is now an archaeological discovery. The world’s oldest pretzel, clocking in at a youthful 250-years-old, has been found in Germany, and it may also be one of Europe’s oldest baked goods. The pretzel wasn’t the only find; archaeologists unearthed a bunch of antique pastries, including croissants, rolls, and other pretzel pieces, NBC… Read more »

Ancient Coins Found In Israel, Minted By Alexander The Great Himself

Ancient Coins Found

Late last week, a group of spelunking enthusiasts with the Israeli Caving Club were preparing for an upcoming expedition by exploring one of the most well-hidden stalactite caves in Northern Israel, when they came across a hidden cache of ancient gold coins stuck in a small crevasse in the cave wall. The coins, which officials… Read more »

Jesus’ Childhood Home May Have Been Found, Archaeologist Says

Jesus' Childhood Home

A British archaeologist claims he has identified the first century childhood home of Jesus. According to the archaeologist, an ancient text points to a first century stone and mortar structure hewn out of limestone in a hillside in Nazareth, northern Israel, as the house where Jesus lived as a child. Reading University archaeologist Dr. Ken… Read more »

More Mystery Craters Appear In Siberia: Why Researchers Are Worried

Mystery Craters Has Scientists Worried

Siberia, one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, is now home to worrying mystery involving craters. During the summer of 2014, a massive crater was discovered, having seemingly appeared out of nowhere. At first, researchers were merely baffled and fascinated. However, soon four other craters were discovered along the Yamal peninsula. At present, there… Read more »

8,000-Year-Old Israeli Fertility Stone Works Linked To Ancestor Cult

Fertility Stones

Throughout the years, archaeologists have discovered numerous artifacts and destinations thought to be lost to time, that have opened people’s minds to many wonders of our past. However, the one place that stands out in both Biblical and Jewish History is Israel. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on both destinations and artifacts that appeal to… Read more »