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Ancient Settlement In Black Sea May Be Hiding Lost Temple To Apollo

Apollo (Temple of Diana)

Last year was a phenomenal for archaeology. Not only did archaeologists uncover new discoveries, advancements in their research methods uncovered truths behind the discoveries previously excavated and studied. The Inquisitr made sure to report on both sides of this archaeological spectrum. New discoveries includes the earliest copy of a Gospel in a Pharaoh mask and… Read more »

‘Multi-Purpose’ Neanderthal Tool Discovered In France


A 55,000-year-old Neanderthal tool has been unearthed in France by a team of scientists from the University of Montreal, shedding light into the early activities of our extinct cousins in Europe. Sci-news reports that an expedition led by scientist Luc Doyon has made the discovery possible. The bone tool, described as “multi-purpose,” was found at… Read more »

Mastodon Bones Discovered In Michigan Man’s Backyard [Video]

Mastodon Bones In Michigan

Thanks to advancements in technology over the past five years, discovering the past has seen monumental strides. The Inquisitr reported on such news, in which professionals in the field of exploration discovered something truly breathtaking. On the side of archaeology, satellite images were used to pinpoint possible locations of the tomb of Genghis Khan. On… Read more »

Ming Dynasty Tomb Unearths Opulent Clothing Revealing China’s Imperial Past

Ming Dynasty

Everyday, archaeologists around the world are uncovering more of our world’s past. Such discoveries are not just interesting to read about, but reveal more of how our ancestors lived. It’s something that can only be done through studying relics and surviving scripts. The Inquisitr has kept up with the latest on archaeological discoveries, in which… Read more »

Metal From City Of Atlantis Found Off Sicilian Coast


Sparkling ingots made of orichalcum and thought to be from the lost city of Atlantis have been found and retrieved off the ocean floor near the coast of Sicily. The metal was recovered from a ship that sunk more than 2,600 years ago. The metal, orichalucum, was believed by the Ancient Greeks to have been… Read more »

Did The Curiosity Rover Just Find Fossilized Life On Mars?


No, it’s not a leg-bone or a coffin. Rather, geobiologist Nora Noffke claims that rock forms shown in Mars curiosity photos have a remarkable similarity to structures created by life on Earth. Through her in-depth analysis, she has even convinced a few NASA skeptics that she might be on to something. According to Discovery News,… Read more »

NASA’s Kepler Telescope Discovers Three New ‘Earth-Like’ Planets

NASA Kepler mission exoplanet

Ever since the dawn of modern astronomy, there is this one question that has troubled the minds of every scientifically inclined person. Is there another earth-like world out there? A planet where life as we know could possibly exist? The sheer vastness of space meant that the answer to this question could never possibly be… Read more »

NASA Sees Christmas Lights From Space

NASA, Christmas lights seen from space

Who knew Christmas lights could be seen from space? It turns out that those little holiday decorations are not only adding a little twinkle to your home and yard, but outer space as well. Research, which was co-led by Miguel Román, a research physical scientist at NASA Goddard and member of the Suomi NPP Land… Read more »

Discovery May Shed New Light On Stonehenge, If It’s Not Destroyed First


Archaeologists have found an ancient encampment near Stonehenge, which is being called the most important Stonehenge discovery in 60 years. Despite being a possible glimpse at the beginnings of Britain, the government might end up destroying it to make way for a new tunnel before its true importance can be assessed. The ancient encampment, known… Read more »

Complete Skeleton Of Tiny Dinosaur Discovered In South Korea

Tiny Dinosaur

Every year, archaeologists find new and exciting discoveries on species that lived eras in the past. The most monumental finds are always associated with dinosaurs. In that respect, the Inquisitr reported on such amazing finds like the footprints pointing to a mystery mammal that lived during the time of dinosaurs. With each new discovery, we… Read more »

Male Lover Of Alexander The Great May Have Been Discovered By Archaeologists


One of the greatest military minds to ever exist within the annals of history is Alexander the Great. Under his rule, Alexander the Great conquered Asia Minor, the Levant, Syria, Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia. Even today, people are interested in knowing more about the great ruler as archaeologists excavate to find more information and… Read more »