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Jesus’ Childhood Home May Have Been Found, Archaeologist Says

Jesus' Childhood Home

A British archaeologist claims he has identified the first century childhood home of Jesus. According to the archaeologist, an ancient text points to a first century stone and mortar structure hewn out of limestone in a hillside in Nazareth, northern Israel, as the house where Jesus lived as a child. Reading University archaeologist Dr. Ken… Read more »

More Mystery Craters Appear In Siberia: Why Researchers Are Worried

Mystery Craters Has Scientists Worried

Siberia, one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, is now home to worrying mystery involving craters. During the summer of 2014, a massive crater was discovered, having seemingly appeared out of nowhere. At first, researchers were merely baffled and fascinated. However, soon four other craters were discovered along the Yamal peninsula. At present, there… Read more »

8,000-Year-Old Israeli Fertility Stone Works Linked To Ancestor Cult

Fertility Stones

Throughout the years, archaeologists have discovered numerous artifacts and destinations thought to be lost to time, that have opened people’s minds to many wonders of our past. However, the one place that stands out in both Biblical and Jewish History is Israel. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on both destinations and artifacts that appeal to… Read more »

Fossilized Human Jawbone May Belong To Previously Unknown Species

Prehistoric Human

A fossilized human jawbone, which was found by a Taiwanese fisherman, may belong to a previously unknown species. Researchers estimate the bone is between 200,000 and 10,000 years old, and could represent a new species of hominid. The prehistoric bone was originally discovered by an unnamed fisherman, who was dredge fishing in the Penghu Channel…. Read more »

Ancient Settlement In Black Sea May Be Hiding Lost Temple To Apollo

Apollo (Temple of Diana)

Last year was a phenomenal for archaeology. Not only did archaeologists uncover new discoveries, advancements in their research methods uncovered truths behind the discoveries previously excavated and studied. The Inquisitr made sure to report on both sides of this archaeological spectrum. New discoveries includes the earliest copy of a Gospel in a Pharaoh mask and… Read more »

‘Multi-Purpose’ Neanderthal Tool Discovered In France


A 55,000-year-old Neanderthal tool has been unearthed in France by a team of scientists from the University of Montreal, shedding light into the early activities of our extinct cousins in Europe. Sci-news reports that an expedition led by scientist Luc Doyon has made the discovery possible. The bone tool, described as “multi-purpose,” was found at… Read more »