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Turns Out There’s A Scientific Reason Why Indian Food Is So Delicious

why is Indian food so delicious?

What makes Indian food, with its melange of spices, curries, and complex flavor pairings so delicious? According to scientists, it’s the lack of overlapping tastes in a dish’s ingredients. Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Jaipu, India, analyzed thousands of popular Indian recipes on TarlaDalal, which is one of the most extensive online… Read more »

Jesus’ Childhood Home May Have Been Found, Archaeologist Says

Jesus' Childhood Home

A British archaeologist claims he has identified the first century childhood home of Jesus. According to the archaeologist, an ancient text points to a first century stone and mortar structure hewn out of limestone in a hillside in Nazareth, northern Israel, as the house where Jesus lived as a child. Reading University archaeologist Dr. Ken… Read more »

Did Homer Simpson Discover The Higgs Boson Before Scientists?


The beloved yellow buffoon, Homer Simpson, was the first to discover the Higgs boson nearly a decade and a half before scientists got there, a report from The Independent says. In the episode entitled “The Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace,” which aired in 1998, Homer is shown standing in front of a chalkboard after deciding to… Read more »

See What Happens When You Mix Coca-Cola And Milk [Video]

Coke And Milk

A video posted to YouTube in January last year shows what happens when you mix Coca-Cola and milk. Mixing the two drinks and leaving the mixture for a few hours creates a solid matter at the bottom of the bottle that you would only wish to serve to ISIS and Boko Haram folks. The producer… Read more »

Neil DeGrasse Tyson On ‘That Dress': Optical Illusion Is The Wrong Term

What does Neil deGrasse Tyson think of That Dress?

“That dress,” as it’s being called, sparked a internet-wide debate Thursday evening, and now astrophysicist and science education enthusiast Neil deGrasse Tyson is weighing in. Tyson isn’t jumping into the debate about what color “that dress” is, though — just on whether we should be calling it an optical illusion. The dress, which appeared to… Read more »

More Mystery Craters Appear In Siberia: Why Researchers Are Worried

Mystery Craters Has Scientists Worried

Siberia, one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, is now home to worrying mystery involving craters. During the summer of 2014, a massive crater was discovered, having seemingly appeared out of nowhere. At first, researchers were merely baffled and fascinated. However, soon four other craters were discovered along the Yamal peninsula. At present, there… Read more »

Great Barrier Reef Coral Threatened By Plastic Waste


Great Barrier Reef coral is being threatened by an abundance of plastic waste. A recent study, conducted by researchers at James Cook University, suggests corals will eat particles of plastic. Unfortunately, the marine invertebrates are incapable of digesting synthetic material. Plastic waste often goes undetected, as the ocean breaks it down into tiny particles called… Read more »

Could Another Planet Lie Hidden Behind The Sun?

Scientists postulate that either a hidden planet or companion star would be visible due to their gravitational signature.

Recent revelations that our corner of the galaxy was visited by an alien star in the distant past have once more raised questions about our own solar system, rekindling suggestions that another Earth-sized planet could lie hidden on the opposite side of the Sun, or that an unknown companion star could be orbiting beyond our… Read more »