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Study: Pollution In One Place Felt The World Around

Ganjiaxiang Pollution To USA

It’s not only the products made across Asia that make their way to America; the pollution created from making all those products finds its way across the Pacific Ocean too. In a study published Monday, April 14, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists from several North American and Asian universities report… Read more »

NASA Is Asking Public To Choose Design For New Futuristic Spacesuit

NASA spacsuit

NASA is set to unveil their design for the new Z-2 spacesuit for deep-space exploration. Astronauts will soon encounter unprecedented environments in space and NASA wants to insure their safety and effectiveness. The final stage of the design project for the new Z-2 spacesuit is selecting design from three prototypes. NASA is asking the public… Read more »

Blood Moon: A Collection Of Hilarious, Awful Photos

Blood Moon Photos: The Best Of the Worst

The blood moon has come and gone, but it’s memory will live in our minds (and on Twitter) forever. Whereas there were apparently several professional and amateur photographers who got some excellent shots of the blood moon, there are just as many more who fell a little short of perfection. Here are some of the… Read more »

New Species Of Crawfish Discovered

New Species Of Crayfish Discovered

A new species of crawfish has been discovered in New Zealand, but don’t get your gumbo pots out yet. They are tiny! There is not enough meat in their little tails to make a crawfish boil with these critters worthwhile. But they are big news in the scientific world. The new species of crawfish, or… Read more »

Scientists Reconstruct Massive Ancient Impact On Earth


Scientists around the globe have banded together to solve the mystery of a place known as Barberton greenstone belt in South Africa where a 300 mile wide portion appeared to be a giant crater. Today they announced their findings which blew the minds of people across the globe. If you thought the dinosaurs had it… Read more »

NASA Aims To Give The Moon A Moon Of Its Own

nasa moon for the moon

No, NASA didn’t hire Q from the set of Star Trek in their latest and most interesting plans, but the results won’t be so different as news starts circulating on their ideas for our closest companion, the moon. In a hearing played out before the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Science and Space, known as “From… Read more »

2014 El Niño: New Data Suggests Major Impact

El Niño Expected In 2014

New data suggests the 2014 El Niño will have a major global impact. Anthony Barnston, with the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, said this year’s El Niño has a 70 percent chance of making a significant impact on the world’s climate and weather. In general, an El Niño is the temporary warming of… Read more »

NASA Releases Breathtaking Footage Of Recent Solar Flare

NASA footage of solar flare.

NASA released some rather amazing footage today of a solar flare, described as “graceful”, erupting from the surface of the sun. The mid-level solar flare was captured on video on April 2nd by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a mission launched on February 11, 2010, the purpose of which is to observe the Sun for… Read more »

India Launches Own Navigational Satellite IRNSS, Aims To Replace GPS, GLONASS

IRNSS Satellite

India’s ambitious space program has been under praise for being extremely frugal and at the same time, equally successful. Continuing its string of successes, India’s NASA equivalent, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) yesterday launched the second of its seven IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) satellites into space. The IRNSS-1B as the satellite is known… Read more »

Noah’s Ark: Science Proves Genesis Of The Bible True?

Noah's Ark: Science Proves Genesis Of The Bible True?

Noah’s Ark is a major Bible story in the book of Genesis that has now been turned into a major movie which even critics agree is good. But a fairly recent study from Leicester University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy in England has declared it’s not only a good story… they even say science proves… Read more »

Climate Change Believers And Deniers Equally Silly Says Environmental Guru

James Lovelock calls the environmental movement a religion

Influential scientist, inventor, and environmentalist James Lovelock is having some second thoughts about the whole climate change thing. In the context of a doom-and-gloom United Nations climate science report, Lovelock, 94, described the environmental movement as becoming “a religion, and religions don’t worry too much about facts.” He added that “It’s just as silly to… Read more »

First Detailed Brain Map Of A Mammal Completed By Scientists In Seattle

Mammal Brain Map

The first comprehensive brain map of a mammalian brain was completed by scientists at Seattle’s Allen Institute for Brain Science. The announcement of the accomplishment was published on April 2, 2014 in the science journal Nature Neuroscience. Martijn van den Heuvel at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands told New Scientist, “This is… Read more »

Black Death Was Airborne, Rats Off The Hook

Black Death Skeleton

The Black Death skeletons found in London have inspired a new theory, that the Black Death was airborne. The Black Death was thought to have been carried by rats and their fleas, a theory taught in schools for generations. However, the mass graves discovered under London last year are leading scientists to conclude that the… Read more »

California Earthquake Only A 4.4, But 2014 Predictions Claim Disaster Ahead

California Earthquake Only A 4.4 , But 2014 Predictions Claim Disaster Ahead

A California earthquake welcomed the residents of Los Angeles to St. Patrick’s Day this morning. Fortunately, the U.S. Geological Survey says the 4.7 quake, as it was originally reported, turned out to be only a 4.4 magnitude quake. But California earthquake predictions in 2014 have scientists claiming there could be a future disaster. In a… Read more »

Pint Sized Tyrannosaurus Rex Cousin Found In Northern Alaska


Scientists have unearthed the remains of what is believed to be a new species of a miniature Theropod dinosaur. The 70 million year old fossilized remains of the Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, or the “polar bear lizard” as scientists are calling it, was found on a bluff above the Colville River in northern Alaska. Nanuq stands for… Read more »

Rare Diamond Reveals Clues About Earth’s Interior

Rare Diamond Mantle

A rare diamond has offered clues about the earth’s interior. Discovered in a Brazilian riverbed, the unusual diamond likely traveled to the Earth’s surface during a volcanic eruption. Research suggests the rock originated in the mantle transition zone, which is 250-400 miles below the surface. Extensive testing revealed the diamond is actually enclosed in a… Read more »

Fireball Over Yellowknife Illuminates The Night Sky

yellowknife nightsky

Last Thursday (March 6, 2014), a fireball exploded over Yellowknife. Its light would illuminate the sky, turning night into day. Yuichi Takasaka snapped the amazing photo while in Canada’s Northwest Territories. He was actually leading an Aurora Photography Tour, which he does in March. He suddenly noticed a single shooting star beginning from the Western… Read more »

Orion Death Stars Spotted By Astronomers

Orion Death Stars

American and Canadian astronomers have recently found an incredible discovery in the Orion Nebula. Orion death stars have been spotted and are destroying potential planets. Originally, the astronomers were analyzing how O-type stars and protostars interact in the Orion Nebula using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in a joint-partnership between North America, Europe, East… Read more »

Greenpeace Founder: Climate Change Is Bogus

patrick moore

Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore claims that man-made climate change is just a bunch of hot air, as it were In his Capitol Hill testimony this past week responding to the United Nations Panel on Climate Change, Moore — who earned a PhD in ecology — insisted that “There is no scientific proof that human… Read more »