Science Timeline

Flies: Dozens Of New Species Discovered In Los Angeles


There’s an old saying which states that after the apocalypse, after all the people and the animals and the plants are gone from the planet, that cockroaches will remain because they are so adaptable. It’s now looking as if flies might be in the same category. Something called Biodiversity Science: City and Nature (or BioSCAN… Read more »

Gold In Our Poo Could Potentially Save The Planet

Gold in our poo

A normal, every day trip to the toilet could potentially save the planet, as experts find there are precious metals such as gold in our poo. If someone can find an efficient method of extracting the metals, the feces of human beings could actually be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. People have joked ironically… Read more »

Fossil Discovery Reveals New Species Of Carnivorous Triassic Amphibian

An artist's rendering of the new ancient amphibian species.

A new fossil has been found that proves the existence of a previously undiscovered species of ancient carnivorous amphibian. The massive fish-eating salamander prowled the land and water in the late Triassic Period more than 200 million years ago. According to Science News, the fossils were discovered in a lake bed in Portugal by Steve… Read more »

Secret Nazi Hideout Discovered Hidden Away In Argentine Jungle

The hideout likely wasn't used, researchers state, after the Nazis discovered they could move openly in Argentina.

Archaeologists are examining a series of ruined buildings found in an Argentinian nature reserve, as they suspect the structures represent a hideout for Nazi officers seeking to escape the fall of the Third Reich. Researchers decided to investigate the ruins because of a local legend that they were used as a hideout by Martin Bormann,… Read more »

Artifact Of Alien Technology? Quasicrystal With ‘Forbidden Symmetry’ Found In 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Meteorite


Scientists at Princeton University have discovered, in meteorite recovered from a remote region of Russia, a crystal with “forbidden symmetry,” that is, an unusual arrangement of atoms previously thought to be impossible in naturally occurring crystals. Although scientists are working under the assumption that the quasicrystals are naturally occurring, some alien and UFO enthusiasts have… Read more »

No More Hangovers? New Hangover-Free Wine In Development

No More Hangovers?

Hang onto your corkscrews, ladies and gentlemen, because researchers at the University of Illinois have revealed the distinct possibility that in the near future, wine drinkers will be on the receiving end of a wine that promises no more hangovers. Thanks to a process the scientists have dubbed a “genome knife,” which allows for the… Read more »

9/11 Truth: Danish Court Allows Expert Witnesses To Give Evidence On 9/11 — Judges Shocked To See Video Of WTC 7 Collapse


Hopes and expectations of disclosure heightened recently in the 9/11 Truth community following news that a Danish High Court would allow expert witnesses to give evidence and testimony that challenges the official narrative of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Although the mainstream media ignored the recent developments, the presentation last week of a video of… Read more »

Solar Flares: Tuesday Solar Storm Highlights Power Grid Vulnerabilities

solar storm

Solar flares hit Earth on Tuesday, but few noticed. The solar storm or sunspot activity have made the Northern Lights effect possible, as previously noted by the Inquisitr. While many around the nation are debating the Blood Moon prophecy and the best vantage points to watch the expected eclipse on Friday, others are more keenly… Read more »