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‘Avengers’ Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner Apologize For Slut Shaming Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow [Video]

Avengers apologize for slut shaming Black Widow

Avenger’s stars Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner apologized today for slut shaming Scarlett Johansson’s character Black Widow during a promotional interview. During an interview with Digital Spy, Evans and Renner were asked about their character’s possible romantic relationships with Black Widow, and they responded by calling Johansson’s character a slut and a “whore.” When the… Read more »

George Clooney Uses Old Movie Roles For E-Mail, Voice Messages


Actor George Clooney reportedly uses the character names of past movie roles in e-mail signatures and voicemail messages. According to Us Weekly, an inside source opened up about how the Gravity actor does it. “[George Clooney] often uses the names of his roles as pseudonyms. He signs emails to friends with a simple ‘Danny Ocean’… Read more »

Ed Sheeran Shocks Fans After Video Is Pulled Of Homophobic Rap

Ed Sheeran Homophobic Slurs

While he has written some of the most heartfelt songs, Ed Sheeran has also caused a stir after he was caught in a less than flattering light. A video of Sheeran using homophobic slurs has been pulled from the internet after upsetting many people. Ed Sheeran Caught Rapping Homophobic Slurs in Pulled YouTube Video http://t.co/2SGIsjfV7U… Read more »

Chris Brown Pays ‘Nuisance Payment’ After Roughing Up Man During Game

Chris Brown Pays Up After Basketball Fight

Chris Brown’s temper once again has gotten him in trouble, although it seems that Brown has settled this one outside of the court. Chris Brown Finally Settles Basketball Beat-Down Case! – http://t.co/3uEgmxBOwE #IFWT — Funk Flex!!!!! (@funkflex) April 23, 2015 After playing a pick-up basketball game at a 24-Hour Fitness center in Los Angeles, Brown… Read more »