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Avril Lavigne’s 30th Birthday Wish

Avril Lavigne has a birthday wish, and she's asking you to make it come true.

Avril Lavigne may be able to turn all the extra attention she’s getting thanks to “The Fappening” and her leaked photos into something good. While internet voyeurs continue to tweet, search for, and share Avril’s photos, she’s focusing on the positive and reaching out to help others. On Twitter and Instagram, Lavigne is sharing photos… Read more »

Chris Rock Wants Daughters To Stop Watching ‘The Kardashians’

Chris Rock Kardashians

It may not seem like it, but Chris Rock apparently has the same problems we all do. According to the comedian, his kids watch too much Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This is, of course, a very serious matter that can cause such distress for parents. According to Rock, he’s not escaping this fate either…. Read more »

Jennifer Garner Has ‘Sexy Polaroids’ Of Husband Ben Affleck?

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Sounds like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck know how to keep the romance alive. Unlike some stars that share racy nudes via smart phone photos, Garner goes for a bit of an old school approach with her husband of nine years. During an interview with Vanity Fair, Garner said they keep the romance alive by… Read more »

Gillian Anderson Steps Out of Sci-Fi And Into a Streetcar

Gillian_Anderson_Scully and dubois

Gillian Anderson is most well-known for her role as Agent Dana Scully in the Fox science fiction series The X-Files, co-starring David Duchovny. The long-running and fan-favorite show cemented her stardom in the U.S. but also meant she found difficulty landing roles in Hollywood outside of the genre. The beautiful and versatile actor, however, has… Read more »

Michael Moore On Obama’s Legacy, ‘History Will Only Remember You Were Black’

Michael Moore on Obama legacy.

Michael Moore had a surprising prediction in regards to President Obama’s legacy. While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, the liberal documentary filmmaker said history will only remember Obama as being “black.” The unexpected statement came during an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), where Moore was celebrating the 25th anniversary of his film… Read more »

Kanye Hospitalized For Possible Seizure, Performs Anyway

Kanye hospitalized

A severe migraine headache had Kanye hospitalized just hours before his Melbourne, Australia concert was to begin yesterday. The rapper was said to have been playing basketball with his friends when he suffered a painful migraine and was rushed to the hospital at around 2:30 pm local time. There, Kanye West, 37, was given an… Read more »