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Madonna, Beyoncé, and Cindy Crawford Unretouched Photos Are Likely Photoshopped


Madonna, Beyoncé, and Cindy Crawford have been consistently mocked for supposed unretouched photos that make them look horrible. However, many are alleging that unretouched photos of Madonna and the other gals are Photoshopped to make them look worse. Just as glamor magazines Photoshop celebrities to make them look better, gossip sites and tabloids appear to… Read more »

Dimebag Darrell’s Grave Vandalized, Reece Eber Issues Apology

Nuclear Hellfrost

“Dimebag” Darrell Abbott’s grave was reportedly vandalized by former Nuclear Hellfrost singer Reece Eber. Although Eber issued a public apology, fans of the late Pantera guitarist are not impressed. In a Facebook post, the remaining members of Pantera said they will be contacting authorities. A photo of the vandalized grave was originally shared by Reece… Read more »