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Drake Disses Macklemore’s Music And Grammy Win


Is a music rivalry brewing between Drake and Macklemore? If there is, then we know where it heated up — at the ESPY Awards. Drake hosted the awards, and during the ceremony, he took Macklemore to task for his Grammy wins. Back when the pop/rap artist won his Grammy awards, everyone was angered that he… Read more »

Iggy Azalea: Nick Young Helped Rapper Deal With Nicki Minaj Aftermath

Iggy Azalea BET Awards

Iggy Azalea may seem unaffected by Nicki Minaj’s cryptic comments during the BET Awards, but apparently the public hasn’t received the whole story. For those who haven’t heard, a lot of people thought the “Lookin A**” rapper was throwing a stack of major shade in Azalea’s general direction during the aforementioned awards ceremony. The situation… Read more »