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Barbra Streisand Uses Revolting Homophobic Slur In Re-Emerged Video


Barbra Streisand has been a gay icon for years. When footage of a gag she played with Harrison Ford on a 1980s movie set started spreading in 2011, people didn’t say much. In the video, Barbra Streisand is dressed as a dominatrix and is whipping Harrison Ford into submission. It’s all funny until Harrison Ford… Read more »

Johnny Depp Isn’t An ‘Artist’, He’s Just ‘Weird’


We know Johnny Depp because of the iconic and diverse characters he has played. From Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Captain Jack Sparrow to the one and only Edward Scissorhands, Depp is a true artist. But if you ask him, or his kids for that matter, they’ll tell you that Depp… Read more »

One Of Mark Wahlberg’s Victims Says He Shouldn’t Be Pardoned

Mark Wahlberg

Actor and former rapper Mark Wahlberg is seeking a pardon for his juvenile delinquent past, but one of his victims, a now 38-year-old African American woman named Kristyn Arwood of Decatur, Georgia, claims he shouldn’t get a pardon, according to Washington Post. In 1988, Wahlberg assaulted two Asian boys while trying to steal a case… Read more »

Stop What you Are Doing: Baby Proves Harry Styles Has A ‘Mini Me’

Harry Styles Harvey Johnson

Take a deep breath, One Direction fans — hunky star Harry Styles has a “mini me.” The Mail is reporting that four-month-old baby Harvey Johnson was born with dark luscious locks, much to the surprise of his parents. One Direction fans can keep calm, though; baby Harvey has been nicknamed Harry thanks to a thick… Read more »