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Sean Penn And Minka Kelly Hook Up? ‘We Were Dripping In Sweat,’ Kelly Instagrams [Video]

Sean Penn Minka Kelly

Has Sean Penn moved on from his split with Charlize Theron? Sources say it’s a possibility after Sean was spotted in an intimate celebration with actress Minka Kelly. #SeanPenn reportedly takes Minka Kelly on an extravagant birthday dinner date! http://t.co/lWs5MmUp5I pic.twitter.com/ITODovBOEj — EntertainmentTonight (@etnow) July 1, 2015 Photos surfaced Tuesday of Penn, in an intimately… Read more »

NFL’s Michael Sam Split From Fiancé Hours After Supreme Court Ruling [Video]

michael sam split

America’s first openly gay football player, Michael Sam, has reportedly split from his fiancee, Vito Cammisano, after being engaged for just six months. The pair, who had been together since 2011, split and ended their engagement just hours after celebrating the landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage nationwide. According… Read more »

Geraldo Rivera On Kendrick Lamar Performance: This Is The Wrong Message

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera apparently refused to hold back his strong opinions on hip-hop music and its effect on African-Americans in a recent interview. According to @GeraldoRivera, “Hip-hop is damaging African-American youth more than racism.” http://t.co/4YAAnSU9Ld pic.twitter.com/ATG5Q0EbcE — VibeMagazine (@VibeMagazine) June 30, 2015 When discussing the controversial Kendrick Lamar performance from the BET Awards, the 71-year-old former… Read more »