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Chloe Grace Moretz Likes Roles Where She’s Not Just ‘The Little Girl’


Whether it’s Hit Girl in the Kick-Ass films or Carrie White in Carrie, 17-year-old actress Chloe Grace Moretz noted during an interview with Press Association, via Yahoo! News, that she “never liked auditioning for the role that just involved being the little girl.” “Even when I was younger, that was a subconscious [decision],” Moretz said…. Read more »

Calum Hood Naked Snapchat Video: Was It Just A Publicity Stunt?

Calum Hood 5 Seconds of Summer

Calum Hood recently gave the world a very quick look at his erect penis during a misguided Snapchat session. Unfortunately for the 5 Seconds of Summer bassist, it didn’t take long for the teenager’s manhood to make the rounds on social media. Although Hood claims the whole thing was nothing more than a stupid teenage… Read more »

Kirk Cameron’s Anti-Evolutionist Career Keeps On Rolling

Kirk Cameron is getting another movie released

Kirk Cameron is one of those rare child stars who has been able to make a career for himself long after he exited childhood. The fact that Kirk has managed to do that by espousing a Christian belief system is impressive for Cameron in its own right. “My wife and I are always looking for… Read more »

Clint Eastwood And One Direction: An Unlikely Alliance

Clint Eastwood And One Direction On Fitness

Clint Eastwood, the 84-year-old screen legend, is apparently also a fitness advisor to One Direction’s Harry Styles. The actor/director was said to have introduced 20-year-old styles to a proper fitness regimen in Krav Maga, an Israeli style of defense that combines boxing, wrestling, Savate, Wing Chun, Judo, Muay Thai, and Jujutsu. Eastwood added that such… Read more »

‘The Good Wife’ Adds David Hyde Pierce In Recurring Role

'Frasier' Star David Hyde Pierce Takes First Major Television Role Since 2004 In CBS Drama 'The Good Wife'

David Hyde Pierce, the four-time Emmy award-winning Frasier star, is returning to television in a recurring role on CBS’ The Good Wife. The stint on the critically acclaimed drama will mark Pierce’s first major TV role since Frasier ended its run in 2004. Pierce will join the show in the role of a legal commentator… Read more »

Ellen Barkin Embraces Aging, Says No To Photoshop

Ellen Barkin aging

In this day and age where there’s so much emphasis in our culture on being young and wrinkle free, actress Ellen Barkin is truly a breath of fresh air. At 60-years-old The New Normal’s Barkin sat down for a photo shoot for Violet Grey’s online magazine. Her one condition is that all the air brushing… Read more »