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Scarlett Johansson: Hillary Clinton Would Be A ‘Wonderful President’

Under The Skin Trailer

Scarlett Johansson certainly has a few ideas about who would make a great President of the United States. According to the actress, Hillary Clinton has what it takes to lead the nation. The Avengers star recently sat down with the folks at Harper’s Bazaar UK to discuss life, career, and politics. In Johansson’s humble opinion,… Read more »

Katie Couric Engaged To John Molner

Katie Couric is engaged

Katie Couric is engaged to her boyfriend of two years, John Molner. A rep for the host, whose talk show Katie returns for a second season September 9, confirmed the engagement. The 50-year-old banker proposed at sunset on the beach in East Hampton, New York, over Labor Day weekend. Couric was married to Jay Monahan… Read more »

Meet Charlie Hunnam, The New Christian Grey

Meet Charlie Hunnam your new Christian Grey

For many Charlie Hunnam is not a name they are familiar with, so when author E.L. James announced on Twitter on Monday that he has been cast to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey people were probably wondering who he is. If you don’t know Charlie, you will soon. The film adaptation of… Read more »

David Beckham: His New Tattoo And ‘Delicious’ Pie With Mash

David Beckham tattoo

David Beckham, the much loved British soccer celebrity, has a couple of new interests since he retired. The 38-year-old just got his 33rd, yes – 33rd, tattoo! The latest body art addition to adorn the soccer legend is a chest tattoo, which is a little hard to make out but apparently is a portrait of… Read more »

Clint And Dina Eastwood Separate After 17 Years Of Marriage

Clint Eastwood and wife separate

Clint and Dina Eastwood have separated after having been married for 17 years. Dina is Clint’s second wife. On Friday, People magazine reported on the couple’s split, noting that they have been living apart for a while. An anonymous source told the magazine: “This is really sad.. They were great partners for many years.” Mention… Read more »

Joan Rivers Threatens To Sue Michael Lohan Over Plastic Surgery Remarks

Michael Lohan

Joan Rivers has threatened to sue Michael Lohan for saying that she is currently obsessed with plastic surgery. Judging from her recent comments, the comedienne isn’t messing around. Lindsay Lohan’s dad is reportedly a little angry about the comments the Fashion Police host has made in recent months. Michael Lohan firmly believes that Rivers has… Read more »

Pippa Middleton Getting Married In The Spring, Kate Could Be Bridesmaid

Pippa Middleton Getting Married In The Spring, Kate Could Be Bridesmaid

Pippa Middleton is planning to marry her stockbroker boyfriend in a few months, and her royal sister Kate may be in the wedding party. Friends said the socialite sister of Kate Middleton got engaged to boyfriend Nico Jackson and plans to get married in the spring. The 29-year-old Pippa and 35-year-old Jackson have only been… Read more »

Tim Robbins Back In Prison But Not Doing Time

Tim Robbins

Tim Robbins, the well know star of the epic prison based movie The Shawshank Redemption, is back inside. Only this time as a teacher and not as a prisoner. CBS News reports that Serena Altschul caught up with Robbins for a brief interview about his work in prison. Norca, California is where a medium security… Read more »

Snooki Accuses Perfume Company Of Stealing Her Scent

Snooki Accuses Perfume Company Of Stealing Her Scent

Snooki smells a fraud. The Jersey Shore star turned perfume designer is suing a New Jersey-based company claiming that it has ripped off her official “Snooki” and “Snooki Couture” fragrances. So in response, this week Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi filed a $6 million lawsuit in a Manhattan federal against Excell Brands, alleging they copied her brand…. Read more »

Jon Voight Paid ‘Minimum’ For ‘Midnight Cowboy’

Jon Voight paid minimum for Midnight Cowboy

Jon Voight said he was paid the minimum for his iconic role in the 1969 film Midnight Cowboy. The 74-year-old veteran actor said he wanted the role so badly that he told his agent, “Tell them I’ll do this part for nothing,” according to the Washington Post. Voight said, “They took me at my word,… Read more »

Patton Oswalt Defends Dave Chappelle After He Walks Off Stage

Patton Oswalt supports Dave Chappelle

Patton Oswalt to the rescue once again. The 44-year-old comedian recently came to the defense of Dave Chappelle, who walked off the stage during his set at the Comcast Theater in Hartford, Connecticut due to heckling. Various media outlets reported that the 40-year-old Chappelle’s Show star had a “meltdown” during the gig, which was part… Read more »

Johnny Depp Agrees To ‘Open Relationship’ With Amber Heard

Wally Pfister Transcendence

Johnny Depp has been in a relationship with actress, Amber Heard, for roughly 14 months. The star of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane self-proclaims that she is bisexual and the couple have reportedly made a pact which allows Amber to see and have relationships with other woman. Of course, there is a condition imposed… Read more »

Snooki Suing Excell Brands For Six Million Dollars

Snooki Tells Jersey Shore Town 'Get Over Yourselves'

“Snooki,” AKA Nicole Polizzi, the much loved Jersey Law star has slapped a lawsuit on New Jersey-based Excell Brands. Snooki contends that the cosmetics company used her name and the fragrance from her “Snooki” and “Snooki Couture” perfumes on their brand “Snazzy.” Polizzi filed a suit with the Manhattan Federal Court on Friday alleging that… Read more »