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Beyonce Is ‘Absolutely, Positively Not Pregnant’

Beyonce's Reps Confirm She is Not Pregnant to CBS This Morning Show's Gayle King

Beyonce’s reps have finally addressed the longstanding Beyonce pregnancy rumor, by confirming to CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King, that the Beyonce is “absolutely, positively not pregnant at this time.” Gayle King recently revealed on CBS This Morning that Beyonce is not pregnant, after speaking with Beyonce’s reps on Tuesday: “I got a call yesterday… Read more »

Karl Lagerfeld Wants To Marry His Cat

Karl Lagerfeld Wants To Marry His Cat

Fashionista Karl Lagerfeld is so in love with his cat he wants to marry her. His gorgeous Siamese, Choupette, has gained popularity quickly and is already treated like a trophy wife more than a beloved pet. As already reported by The Inquisitr last year, Lagerfeld’s cat is a “kept woman,” with a couple of personal… Read more »

Pawn Stars Death Rumor: Chumlee Is Not Dead

Pawn Stars star died rumor, Chumlee is not dead

A Pawn Stars death rumor is making the rounds. Thankfully Chumlee Russell is not dead. An article on another website outlined the details of his death and discovery. It is unclear whether the article was intended to be a joke. However, the unfortunate rumor has fooled more than a few fans. The details, as presented… Read more »