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George Clooney Picks Up Stranger’s Tab In Germany

george clooney picks up stranger's tab

Actor George Clooney picked up a stranger’s tab in a restaurant in Berlin, Germany, it has been reported. George Clooney is definitely somewhat of a very modern gentleman, and the stately actor is probably the type of guy you’d expect to engage in random acts of awesomeness. Clooney was dining at the Berlin hotspot with… Read more »

Seann William Scott, Lindsay Frimodt End Their Engagement

Scott Ends Engagement

Actor Seann William Scott has reportedly split from his fiancee after getting engaged last year. The American Pie alum was all set to walk down the aisle with former Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Frimodt. However, Us Weekly reports that the pair have decided to call it quits. Although it appeared that their future was bright… Read more »

Burt Reynolds Moving Out Of ICU After Being Hospitalized With The Flu

Burt Reynolds Flu

Veteran actor Burt Reynolds will reportedly be moved out of the Intensive Care Unit after being hospitalized with the flu yesterday evening. The Cannonball Run star was admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with severe dehydration and a high fever. According to ABC News, the actor’s condition has improved enough that doctors are expected… Read more »

Justin Bieber Investigated For Apparent Nerf Gun Assault

Justin Bieber nerf gun assault

Pop singer and teen sensation Justin Bieber is being investigated by Canadian authorities after he apparently assaulted a woman with a Nerf gun. TMZ reports that while the Biebs was in Ottawa, a female security guard at the venue he was performing at filed a police report claiming that the singer (or someone in his… Read more »

Steve Jobs’ Fruitarian Diet Put Ashton Kutcher In The Hospital

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

Did you know Ashton Kutcher was a method actor? Did you know that Steve Jobs only ate fruit? Well, when you combine those two facts you get a lot of stomach pain and a trip to the hospital. Kutcher revealed recently that he was hospitalized after following Jobs’ fruitarian diet. The actor said that he… Read more »