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Katy Perry Known As ‘Devil Child’ To Her Devoutly Religious Father

Katy Perry Known As 'Devil Child' To Her Father

Katy Perry is known as “devil child” to her devoutly religious father, who recently asked churchgoers in California to pray for his pop star daughter. Perry came from a strict religious upbringing under parents Keith and Mary Hudson, both of whom are pastors. As a child, she attended Christian schools and camps and didn’t have… Read more »

Amanda Bynes Topless Toilet Tweets

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has now removed her bra in the slow-motion strip tease that is her current Twitter feed. The Nickelodeon alum is clearly looking for publicity, so here it is. She makes use of her long hair to cover the strategic spots. Yeah, I know, I thought she shaved half her head too. Must have… Read more »

Rob Kardashian Sued For Assault, Robbery

Rob Kardashian Sued

Rob Kardashian has been sued for assault and robbery after he allegedly stole a photographer’s camera and then removed its memory card. The member of the paparazzi was photographing Kardashian while he worked out without his shirt on at a West Hollywood gym. Andra Vaik was taking photographs of Rob when he walked up to… Read more »