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Sofia Vergara Parties Hard After Emmy Bit Is Criticized

Sofia Vergara Emmys

Sofia Vergara isn’t letting complaints about her Emmy bit get her down or at least she wasn’t after the award ceremony. According to Today, Sofia Vergara wasn’t thinking about the criticism she received after she showed off her assets during a segment that painted the star as a piece of meat worth staring at. Instead,… Read more »

Lizzy Caplan Dating James Marsden? Actress Addresses Romance Rumors


Is Lizzy Caplan dating her Bachelorette co-star James Marsden? This couple is a little unexpected, but then again, they aren’t hot on the paparazzi trail, so they’ve been under the radar for some time. That said, it looks like this is just one of those pesky rumors — at least, that’s what Lizzy Caplan is… Read more »

Remembering Richard Attenborough, A Look At His Remarkable Career


Lord Richard Attenborough, One of the all-time movie greats, passed away Sunday at 90-years of age. Even though modern audiences know him mostly for his role in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, he has been in some of the best known movies of all time. A prolific actor, film director and producer, Attenborough was involved in… Read more »