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Nina Dobrev’s Comic-Con Kiss With Derek Theler: Revenge Against Ian Somerhalder?

Nina Dobrev Smooches Derek Theler

Have no doubt: The Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder’s on-again/off-again relationship is over. No immortality there. On Saturday night, at the same Comic-Con party in San Diego, Somerhalder, 35, was spotted kissing and cavorting “sweetly and passionately” with his new squeeze, Nikki Reed, while Dobrev, 25, was photographed smooching with Baby Daddy… Read more »

David Duchovny Wishes He Were Russian?

David Duchovny X-Files update

David Duchovny is making headlines again, but this time it isn’t for headlining a TV drama. The former star of The X-Files and Californication, now has a starring role in a beer commercial airing in Russia. In the ad, Duchovny muses about how his life would be different if he had been born and raised… Read more »

Zoe Saldana To Take A Break From Acting After Pregnancy?


Zoe Saldana is three months pregnant with twins and everyone’s excited! Recently, The Inquisitr reported that the Avatar star and her hubby Marco Perego are expecting two babies next winter. The couple confirmed to multiple sources that they are very excited, with one source quoted as saying that Zoe is very “thrilled” by the awesome… Read more »

Jennette McCurdy On Sexy Selfies: ‘I Am Proud Of My Choices’

Jennette McCurdy Sexy Selfies: I'm Proud Of My Choices

Jennette McCurdy wants everyone to know that she is not a role model and she is proud of her choices. In a rather lengthy rant on Reddit earlier this week, the Nickelodeon star took to the internet to address her recent image problem. As reported by The Inquistir, the iCarly star took to Reddit to… Read more »

Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson Compared To John The Baptist

Phil Robertson was recently compared to John the Baptist.

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson — the Duck Commander himself — is known for his long beard, wearing camo, eating whatever critters he can hunt or fish out of the Louisiana swamp, and stirring up controversy when he speaks. The biblical figure of John the Baptist was known for wearing camel’s hair, eating locusts and wild… Read more »

Helen Mirren Wants To Live To Be 150, And This Is One Reason Why

Helen Mirren Is 69, But She Wants To Live Longer

Today, July 26, is Helen Mirren’s 69th birthday. And the Oscar-winning actress said that she would like to live to be 150. During an interview with the Scottish Daily Record, Mirren said “one of the reasons” she wants to live for a long time is because of the advancements in technology. “Technology, as it changes,… Read more »

Jennette McCurdy: ‘I’m Not A Role Model, I Don’t Try To Be’

Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy, known for her roles on a variety of Nickelodeon shows, has been having a difficult year following the release of her rather sexual photos to the internet and the cancellation of the Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat. While many are criticizing McCurdy on her recent actions, she wants the world to know that… Read more »