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Oops! Watch Out, Ariana Grande: Your Diva Is Showing!

Ariana-Grande-diva accusations

Before we can discuss if Ariana Grande is an actual diva, we need to determine the true definition of a diva. According to Webster’s Dictionary a diva is a “prima donna,” — a vain and temperamental person. According to Buzz Feed, there have been multiple claims that Ariana Grande has indeed rightfully acquired a bad… Read more »

Sam Pepper Scandal: What Can YouTube Do To Control Its Harassment-Prank Problem?

Sam Pepper Sexual Harassment Scandal

Sam Pepper’s controversial “bum-pinching” videos may have been taken down by YouTube, but the ongoing scandal shines an uncomfortable light on the social media site and its treatment of sexual harassment allegations. Even before accusations were made against Pepper, attention was called to YouTube’s potentially poor handling of harassment complaints. A report created by the… Read more »

War On Terror: Why ISIS Can’t Be Stopped


ISIS, the terrorist group that is currently scaring the world with its rampant acts of terrorism, public beheadings, and murder of non-Muslims, seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. With each beheading, masked executioners callout President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, demanding that all military action be halted. Daily news… Read more »

Scotland Will Probably Fail, But Should Secede, Here Is Why [Opinion]

Scotland Will Probably Fail, But Should Secede, Here Is Why [Opinion]

Scotland is voting on whether to secede or continue to be a slave in the “United Kingdom”. Scotland’s vote for independence is at hand. It is the “Vote ‘Yes’” campaign versus the “Better Together” campaign. A Mel Gibson’s William Wallace Vs. King Edward ‘Longshanks’ battle royale comes to mind. To every Scot, I apologize for… Read more »

Scottish Independence: Why Is David Cameron Opposed?

Scotland votes today on whether to sever ties with the United Kingdom.

Scottish Independence. I have to be honest here. When this writer hears the term Scottish Independence, it conjures up images of Mel Gibson painting half of his Aussie face blue and riding off to fight the bad guys in his quasi-historical film about Scottish independence Braveheart. Truth be told, this writer spends far too much… Read more »

Rice Rant From A Non-Sports Guy With Two Daughters

Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, Todd Kincannon -- who's the bigger scum bag?

USA Today says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is “embattled,” and with the allegation that a DVD showing Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiance in a casino elevator was sent to the NFL offices months ago, has heat on him “like never before.” The commish says he never saw the video until Monday, and he knows… Read more »

The NFL and Crime: Ray Lewis Got A Statue. What Will Ray Rice Get?

Ray Rice

The Baltimore Ravens honored now-retired linebacker Ray Lewis last week with a nine-foot-tall statue in front of M&T Bank Stadium, yards away from a statue of Baltimore Colts legend, Johnny Unitas. Lewis, who played on two championship teams for the Ravens and made the pro bowl 13 times in his long career, was on hand… Read more »

ISIS Members Are Crybabies When Their Numbers And Terror Fail! [Video]


Throughout the news for the last two to three months, ISIS has been reported to be this monster with increasing numbers and unlimited terror flowing within their ranks. With such tactics as beheading children or burying both women and children alive, it is understandable why many people would be concerned about the terror group just… Read more »