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‘Eaten Alive’ Is Just A Hoax by A ‘Snake Torturing Opportunist’

Eaten Alive Dangerous Hoax

PETA called it when they referred to the naturalist who was eaten alive as a “fool” and by checking Twitter, I’d say many would agree. For weeks, this show has been proclaiming that author and rainforest advocate, although I use the term “advocate” loosely, would be eaten alive by a giant anaconda, hence the special’s… Read more »

‘Whitney’ Trailer: Five Reasons It Will Be Better Than Aaliyah Biopic

Whitney trailer

The first full-length trailer for the highly-anticipated Lifetime biopic, Whitney, was released earlier this week. The film primarily focuses on the life and love of singer/actress Whitney Houston. A major highlight of this particular movie’s story line will be the turbulent love between Whitney Houston and her husband Bobby Brown. As you can see from… Read more »

That ‘If 20 Million Illegal Immigrants Left’ Post Is Phony: Stop Sharing It

If Illegal Immigrants Left Post Is A Hoax

What if 20 million illegal immigrants left the country? That’s the question a seemingly well-researched social media piece poses before highlighting the virtues of mass deportation. Presumably written by Tina Griego, a veteran columnist formerly with the Denver Post, it’s a mic-dropping roll call of statistics designed to show what a bane illegal immigrants are… Read more »

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Finale: Nothing Left To Do But… Die?

Sons Of Anarchy Nothing Left

Sons of Anarchy has shown us over the course of its jaw-dropping run that the road to Hell is indeed paved with good intentions. This impression is felt more strongly with Jax and the actions of this character than perhaps even with Walter White and the impressive Breaking Bad. But before anyone freaks out, I’m… Read more »

‘The Voice’ Stunning Results: Team Adam Dominates And Team Pharrell Is Out!

The Voice Eliminations

The Voice experienced its biggest shakeup since the Live Playoffs a few weeks ago. These eliminations were tough, as three promising Voice contestants went home this week. Before the disappointing eliminations, it’s important to note which Voice contestants were declared safe outright. These persons clearly have the best shot outright of winning The Voice, but… Read more »

‘Unfinished Business:’ Is Vince Vaughn Remaking His Own Movies?

Vince Vaughn

Unfinished Business. The first trailer for the new Vince Vaughn trailer was released online earlier this week. The film features Vince Vaughn going head-to-head against Sienna Miller as the primary antagonist of the film. While you watch the trailer, one question that might briefly cross your mind is “Haven’t I seen this movie before?” No…. Read more »

School Cancels ‘Nutcracker’ Ballet Trip Over ‘Offensive’ Christmas Tree On Stage: Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?

School cancels "Nutcracker" trip over "offensive" Christmas tree

A Belmont, Massachusetts, elementary school canceled a second-grade field trip to see The Nutcracker last week because some parents thought children would be offended by the “religious content” of the ballet. Butler Elementary School’s PTA cancelled the annual trip, a school tradition for many years, after a few parents expressed concerns that the “questionable content”… Read more »

Darren Wilson Deserves Apology In Aftermath Of Verdict [Op-Ed]

Darren Wilson Apology: Does He Deserve One?

In August, Darren Wilson, a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer killed teenage robbery suspect Michael Brown in a shooting after being struck twice in the face and charged by the youth. Brown and Wilson were the same height (6’4″), but Brown outweighed the officer by 80 pounds and understandably posed a threat that prompted Wilson to… Read more »