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Tupac Movie: Four Reasons It Will Be Better Than Aaliyah Biopic

Tupac movie

It’s official! A Tupac movie is being filmed this summer. According to People, a biopic about the life of rapper Tupac Shakur (also known as “2Pac”) is currently in development. The now-untitled Tupac movie will start filming in June. Yup, a Tupac Shakur biopic is FINALLY in the works http://t.co/dfdf4jLh0v pic.twitter.com/twHmtlT5tq — People magazine (@peoplemag)… Read more »

‘Sorority Sisters’ VH1 Show Cancelled After Boycott Backlash

Sorority Sisters Cancelled

Well, Sorority Sisters had to be cancelled sooner or later because of all the backlash it has caused, even prior to it launching. The Sorority Sisters VH1 show caused controversy from the beginning, as reported by the Inquisitr, with real-life sorority sisters from Deltas to AKAs to Zetas claiming that those fussing and fighting “sorors”… Read more »

What Does The Bible Really Say About Gay People?

The Bible On Gay People

I believe the Bible is the true Word of God. Within Bible pages we can find instructions and guidance on how to live our lives. The Bible was given to us as a manual of sorts. How would we know right from wrong if not for the Bible? However, the Bible can seem confusing and… Read more »

Indianapolis Colts To Face New England Patriots: Rivalry Back On?

Can Indianapolis Overcome Patriots

If the Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos was about passing the torch (Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck), then next week’s game against the New England Patriots will mark an entirely different trial by fire. The Indianapolis Colts are hoping to prove at long last that the franchise is no longer “The House That Manning Built.”… Read more »

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Green Bay Packers: Who Has The Advantage?

Green Bay vs. Dallas Predictions

The last time the Dallas Cowboys visited Green Bay to take on the Packers, it was dubbed the “Ice Bowl of 1967″. Temperatures dipped to minus 15 degrees, and by the final play of the game, the field was covered in ice. The Green Bay Packers are hoping that history will repeat itself when the… Read more »

Andraé Crouch Funeral: Will Home-Going Service Stream Online?

Andre Crouch

When one hears that gospel great Andraé Crouch has died as the result of a heart attack at the age of 72, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, one immediately goes to YouTube to begin soaking up the Andraé Crouch songs that were the background music of their youth. Of course, the most famous… Read more »

Can The Bible Be Outlawed By Schools?

Can the Bible be banned?

When did the Bible become something to criticize and attack? Last time I checked, freedom of religion, which includes the Bible, was still one of our rights. It seems these days that any type of religious reading is okay, as long as it isn’t the Bible. Ironic, considering that our country was built on the… Read more »

Does Prenatal Genetic Testing Lead To Unnecessary Abortions?

Prenatal Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a double edged sword. On the one hand, this type of testing can shed light on diseases such as cancer, bringing knowledge to help in the battle to find a cure. One study by the Institute of Cancer Research found genetic testing to be greatly helpful with early detection and treatment of… Read more »

Mia Khalifa Gets Death Threats After Rising To The Top Of PornHub

Mia Khalifa Twitter

I feel sorry for Mia Khalifa for a number of reasons. First off, Khalifa is receiving death threats after rising to the top of PornHub, as reported by the Independent in their article titled “Pornhub star Mia Khalifa receives death threats after being ranked site’s top adult actress.” At least the beautiful Mia is taking… Read more »

Eric Frein: The Public Execution Of Character And The Thin Blue Line

Eric Frein: The Public Execution Of Character And The Thin Blue Line

Eric Frein will stand trial for the alleged murder of one Pennsylvania state trooper, and the wounding of another, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, and could face the death penalty. He allegedly confessed to wanting to start a revolution with this act. The charges that have been levied against Frein are quite extensive. Murder in… Read more »

Best Diet Plans For 2015: How To Lose Weight Fast And Effectively

Best Diet Plans

According to Google, whenever a new year like 2015 rolls around, searches for terms like “best diet plans” or “how to lose weight fast” tend to increase, with folks searching for the latest, greatest, and best diet plans to sincerely kick their weight loss efforts into gear. Whether it’s the HCG diet, a juice cleansing… Read more »

Death Ruled Homicide: Poor Training Killed Tanisha Anderson, Not Racism

Death Ruled A Homicide Did Racism Or Incompetence

With her death officially ruled a homicide, the controversial Tanisha Anderson case has served as more fuel on an already burning fire. The death of the Cleveland, Ohio, woman is just one more controversy that calls into question why America’s police seems to kill unarmed individuals with disturbing regularity. Protests continue to rage across the… Read more »

Oil Pulling The Face: Why People Are Using The Oil Cleansing Method To Clean Their Faces In Popular ‘OCM’ Routine

Oil Pulling

According to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, the term “oil cleansing method” gets approximately 12,000 searches per month, with related search terms like “OCM” and “oil face wash” and “oil cleansing” adding on thousands more monthly searches to that number. The amazing trend of “oil pulling” — swishing coconut oil around in the mouth and… Read more »

Don’t Get The Winter Blues: Catch Doses Of Reality Breaks In January 2015

january 2015

January 2015 arrives with a bang and then quick silence after the New Year’s Eve partying, the family traditions, gift-giving, paper-tearing, and bad holiday sweaters. For many, it sweeps in with doomed determination for positive change and a sudden return to harsh reality. With all the holiday decorations put away and seemingly not much to… Read more »