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Do We Really Need Adam Richman Off The Air For Trolling?

adam richman fired 2014

So Adam Richman, like many former fatties, has lost weight — and as is not uncommon, the former Man Vs. Food star is in the phase of where people get so excited and scared that they adamantly insist up and down that being fat is basically the worst thing a person can be and it… Read more »

Unmade Bed Hailed As Modern Art Masterpiece, Auctioned For $4 Million


If definitive proof was ever needed that an awful lot of modern art is intrinsically meaningless and woefully pathetic, it’s Tracy Emin’s unmade bed. Hailed as a modern masterpiece by hordes of coffee drinking and sandal wearing philistines who only appreciate art that comes packaged with a pretentious sell and hefty price-tag, Emin’s “My Bed”… Read more »

CNBC Anchor Outs Tim Cook, Apple CEO, In Shocking Context

Outing People Is Never Cool; Tim Cook Has Never Spoken About Sexuality

It’s bad enough that CNBC host Simon Hobbs outed Apple CEO Tim Cook as gay, without permission to discuss the man’s sexuality, but the context makes it even more shocking. Cook’s outing actually came directly after a discussion of how damaging it was for another top CEO to be outed against his will by a… Read more »

Mean Girl Bindi Irwin Advocates Shaming Other Girls

bindi irwin cover up

Bindi Irwin is growing up, and she’s using her platform as the daughter of a deceased crocodile poker to make a name for herself in the wildlife-centric realm of entertainment… and to cast aspersions on girls of the same age who wear revealing clothing. In her short life, Bindi Irwin (who will turn 16 in… Read more »

The Supreme Court’s Cellphone Privacy Ruling Today Is A Fantastic Start

supreme court cellphone privacy ruling

In case you missed it, the Supreme Court today ruled on cellphone privacy and police searches, deciding that a search of digital communications requires police to obtain a warrant — starting the cleanup of an area of basic American law that has been terrifyingly eroding since technology began advancing in leaps and bounds. While the… Read more »

Hillary Clinton 2016: Could The Republicans Beat Her If She Runs?

Hillary Clinton is beatable in 2016.

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party nominee if she chooses to run. Write it down. Republicans would be wise to start devising their strategy to deal with a Hillary Clinton nominee in 2016. She doesn’t have a once-in-a-lifetime-chance opponent like she did in 2008 in Barack Obama. Nobody on the Democratic Party horizon is even… Read more »

Gun Control: Why Passing More Laws Will Not Stop Mass Shootings

second amendment

Passing more gun control laws will not prevent the tragic mass shootings and school shootings which have sadly become commonplace in America. The state of California and the city of Chicago have had some of the most stringent gun laws on the books for years, yet both continue to be home to mounting crime rates…. Read more »

Vandalism With A Cause: Anti-Homeless Spikes Neutralized


The homeless were the victims of a recent corporate apathy that didn’t want these souls resting their heads on their concrete sidewalks. Hence the corporate moguls inhumanely installed spikes to deter the homeless. But little did they know that the power of humanity is far greater than that of indifference. Quite recently, someone came up… Read more »

Is Simpson Oil Really All They Claim It To Be?

simpson Oil in syringes

We’ve all heard about this crazy new marijuana oil named after some guy named Rick Simpson that is supposed to beat the heck out of cancer, but how can we be sure that this isn’t just some snake oil hype like we’ve seen people jump on since fad drugs were invented? After all, we’ve gone… Read more »

Should Oil Companies Be Sued For Carbon Dioxide Mass Poisoning?

tailpipe emmissions

Oil companies have been getting a huge amount of flack in recent years, being pointed at as the reason for climate change and hotter weather. While the science is sound and accurate, the debate rages on as to whether or not it should be their responsibility to make the changes needed. However, there is one… Read more »

Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen On Gun Control, America

gun control stats studies

Gun control is again a hot topic in American public spaces (namely social media) after the most recent deadly shooting — and quite soberingly yesterday, many were struggling to keep up with which random kill-fest was indeed the most recent. Over on Facebook, I shared a link about gun violence in America, a commenter commented,… Read more »

Wendy Davis Milks The Republican Outrage Cow

Wendy Davis

It seems like Wendy Davis, the Texas gubernatorial candidate whose political star was launched by a flamboyant filibuster last year, just can not get enough mileage out of Republican outrage. That must be it. Why else would Senator Davis speak up at an event by and for a group that Republican lawmakers have been accused… Read more »