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Voter Fraud 4: BEWARE The Ides Of November, Free Stuff

Voter Fraud 4- BEWARE, The Ides Of November, Free Goodies

Here we are again. Voter fraud parte Quattro. Some critics might say that we are officially over the hill. Once you surpass the trilogy tipping point, you are done. I disagree. Let me bring you up to speed. In Voter Fraud part 1, we explored the physical voter fraud that exists in American elections. The… Read more »

Russell Brand, A Victim of Media Bias?

russell brand

Russell Brand has recently posted a video on his YouTube channel, speculating that politicians, big business and mainstream media all conspire and distract in order to support each other. In the video, Brand, an avid campaigner for bringing to light certain ‘hidden truths’ for the masses, stated that his book, Revolution, is being unfairly targeted… Read more »

President Obama Thinks Government Can Raise Your Kids Better Than You

President Obama Wants Government To Raise Your Kids

President Obama recently gave a speech in Rhode Island that has come under heavy criticism from both his usual GOP adversaries and stay-at-home moms. In the speech, the President takes aim at women in the workplace and the precarious position that leaving work to help raise the kids creates for them. “Sometimes, usually Mom, leaves… Read more »

‘The Voice': As Knockouts Wind Down, Which Artists Stand Out?

Standouts On The Voice

By all accounts, the seventh season of hit NBC series The Voice is among the best. That could be why the show sees its ratings improve weekly. (That and a special, prolonged guest appearance by Taylor Swift). Even though this latest season of The Voice is filled with promising singers and unique artists, there are… Read more »

Pope Francis Says Evolution, Big Bang Theory Are True — So What?

Pope Francis says the theory of evolution and the Big Bang theory are true. Why does it even matter?

This week, Pope Francis declared statements that shocked believers and non-believers alike, awakening a seemingly undying debate over the origins of life and of the universe. Speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the official scientific research center of the Vatican, Pope Francis denounced the idea of creationism and stood for Charles Darwin’s theory of… Read more »

TIME Magazine Compares Witches To Terrorists


The connection between Halloween and witches is a long standing undeniable one. After all it is often called the Witch’s New Year. However, this time of year is also one in which all of the old, often unfounded, negative portrayals of witches rears its ugly little head even in major news publications like TIME Magazine,… Read more »

Is Weight Loss Worth The Trouble? Some Say Just Be FAT (And Happy)!

Weight Loss Doesn't Work

The weight loss industry makes billions of dollars every year, while many of the men and women who turn to these companies for help often fail to meet their goals. How is this possible? Some blame America’s weight loss obsession on a fixation with youth, beauty and thinness (especially in women). Others blame our ridiculous… Read more »

Ebola Quarantines: Is President Obama Hoping For An Outbreak?

Ebola Quarantines And The Loss Of Presidential Credibility

Ebola quarantines are in effect in four states thus far, according to Mediaite, with New Jersey, New York, Florida, and Illinois, leading the charge. The quarantines have been mandatory for healthcare workers — doctors, nurses, or anyone who has had contact with an Ebola patient — and they’ve already made at least one worker agitated…. Read more »

Are The Denver Broncos This Year’s Best NFL Team?

Denver Broncos

Many people felt last year’s Denver Broncos were the best team in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks used last year’s Superbowl to dispel that rumor. According to Yahoo Sports, the Broncos were 13-3, had not lost any regular season game by more than 7 points, outscored teams by 207 points, and won the AFC. They… Read more »

GamerGate: The Plague On Gaming

GamerGate is a plague on the gaming community.

GamerGate is a hashtag that you’ve likely seen before. Wherever you found the term, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is to understand what GamerGate is, and why it is so destructive to the gaming community. To be honest, I don’t know how GamerGate started; various sources tell various stories. At this point, there’s so much… Read more »

WWE’s Failure With Brock Lesnar As Champion

WWE Failing with Brock Lesnar

When Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back at SummerSlam in August, WWE fans wondered just how long Lesnar’s title reign would last, and if it turned out to be a lengthy reign, just how many times he’d appear on TV and wrestle on pay-per-views. As of right now… Read more »

Gabrielle Union Spotted Cozying Up With Pal At Def Jam Party [RUMOR]

Gabrielle Union

According to a recent report released by Media Takeout, Gabrielle Union got comfortable with a friend of hers, Def Jam record producer Ike at the Def Jam 30th Anniversary show on October 16. Several pictures from Ike’s official Instagram page of himself and Gabrielle Union were posted on the Media Takeout and Daily Mail websites… Read more »

WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

WWE Hell in a Cell preview

This coming Sunday, WWE’s annual pay-per-view event Hell in a Cell will take place from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. This past Monday on RAW, Triple H claimed that the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view will mark the end of two ongoing WWE rivalries, one of which features Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins… Read more »

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations: Does He Get A Pass Because He’s Black?

Bill Cosby Rape Demonstrates A Racial Double Standard

Bill Cosby rape allegations are nothing new, but they’ve recently popped back into the spotlight thanks to a rant from fellow African-American comedian Hannibal Buress, who unloaded on the former star of The Cosby Show during a standup routine. “Thirteen,” Buress said, referring to a piece reported on Gawker. that described the number of accusations… Read more »

Jesus Christ Didn’t Exist, Unless You Have Common Sense

Jesus Christ Existence Denial Embarrassing?

Jesus Christ didn’t exist. Earlier this month, that was the claim of Michael Paulkovich, a man who did an analysis of 126 writers active during the periods from the First through the Third Centuries of the Common Era (C.E.). “When I consider those 126 writers, all of whom should have heard of Jesus but did… Read more »

NFL Picks Week 7 (2014): The Winners And Losers

Winners And Losers Of NFL Week 7

Did your NFL picks come out on top? This week’s list of winners and losers features some teams on a roll and a couple of surprises. Check out these NFL winners and losers for week seven and see if your predictions came true! WINNERS: INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Take a bow, Colts. This NFL team can boast… Read more »