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Ben Stein, Potential Sugar Baby Have Page Six Fight

ben stein sexting scandal

Former speechwriter for President Richard Nixon and iconically-voiced celebrity Ben Stein recently wrote a bizarre and rambling column about President Obama and Stein’s interest in younger, poorer women — and one of the two women about whom he wrote has decided to release the content of their communications to Page Six. As far as sexting… Read more »

ESPN: Bon Jovi-Led Group To Keep Bills In Buffalo


A report yesterday on The Inquisitr first revealed that rocker John Bon Jovi was part of a Toronto-based group of investors seeking to purchase the Buffalo Bills franchise of the National Football League. At the time, there was talk that the Bon Jovi Bills group was interested in keeping the team in western New York…. Read more »

Weird Al Apologizes For Offensive ‘Spastic’ Comment

Weird Al Yankovic, Teens, reactions

It’s not uncommon for a person in the public eye to offend, whether through carelessness, intent, or simple happenstance. Today, though, as Weird Al apologizes for just such an offense, it is refreshing to see an honest, sincere, apology, rather than the “nonpology” of “I’m sorry you didn’t get the joke” that is too often… Read more »

Hillary Clinton 2016: What Is Her ‘Very Specific Agenda?’

Hillary Clinton...does anyone seriously think she won't run in 2016?

Hillary Clinton 2016. We’re all thinking it, even if the former First Lady, U.S. Senator from New York and Secretary of State is being coy about whether she’ll run or not. Now she’s adding a silly attempt to sound coy about what her agenda will be, hinting only that it will be specific. An AP… Read more »

Britney Spears’ Off-Key Track Doesn’t Matter

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is under fire. The pop star reportedly had an un-autotuned version of her song “Alien” leak online, which revealed Spears singing in a weak, off-pitch voice, untouched by computer tuning. Whether it’s a real track or not, ultimately the reveal of Britney’s lack of singing ability won’t hurt her career one bit. Especially… Read more »

Mike Dickinson: Congressional Candidate Seeking Teen Nudes, Or Giant Fake?

Mike Dickinson Fake Democrat

Mike Dickinson has been portrayed in the media (and let’s face it, has portrayed himself as well) as a liberal democratic Virginian candidate for Congress who is so enraged at a 19-year-old girl’s (legal) hunting of endangered species that he is offering a cash bounty to anyone who can provide reputation-damaging photos or videos of… Read more »

ISIS On Twitter? Islamic Caliphate Tweets, Why You Should Be Concerned

ISIS Twitter image showing one of the Caliphate's victims.

The images in this article — all from ISIS and Caliphate Twitter ‘Tweets’ — should shock you. What’s more, they should concern you personally, no matter where you live or what religion you practice (or don’t practice). ISIS, now also known as the Islamic State or the Caliphate, is a brutal terrorist organization. Before long,… Read more »

Is Mel Gibson Now Blaming Everything On The Vikings?

Mel Gibson Viking

It’s been eight years since Mel Gibson’s notorious anti-Semitic rant but it would appear old Mel might just be blaming his monstrous behavior on his Viking roots. Sounds bizarre doesn’t it? Yet moody Mel, who is still cruelly referred to in some circles as Gibson the goon, has a past pedigree when it comes to… Read more »

You Won’t Believe What NYC Paper Headline Calls Barack Obama

A New York City newspaper used a racial slur to describe Barack Obama.

A local community newspaper in New York is receiving intense criticism for an article about Barack Obama entitled “The N*gger In The White House.” Of course, the WestView News didn’t have an asterisk in their title; they actually spelled out the racial slur. The WestView News is a small paper and self-proclaimed “voice of West… Read more »

United Church Of Christ Sponsors ‘Gay Games 9’ In Ohio This Summer

Gay Games 9

For the longest time, homosexuality was considered an abomination in the Christian faith. Citing multiple versus from the book of Leviticus (18:22 and 20:13), Christians and Jews have enforced how the act of men having sexual relations with another man is an abomination and a sin punishable by death. Now, certain denominations have accepted gay… Read more »

Burger King Pride Campaign Claims ‘We’re All The Same Inside’

Burger King

Burger King has joined in the trend of chain restaurants offering their non-food-related opinions, adding to their menu a burger called “The Proud Whopper.” USA Today reports that the burger, clad in a rainbow wrapper, was sold for just under one week at one Burger King restaurant in San Francisco for their 44th annual Pride… Read more »

Websites Celebrating July 4th With Ron Swanson


On this day 238 years ago, a group of English colonists did something bold — they declared Independence from Great Britain and set fourth on a grand experiment called Democracy. During the last 238 years, America has had its ups and it has had its downs, but through it all, we were charting a course… Read more »

Could Shakespeare Be Responsible For Our Obsession With Perfect Skin?

Shakespeare And bad Skin

You can blame William Shakespeare for a good many things, such as mind deadening English literature lectures, bad actors and overtly enthusiastic drama teachers, but can you really blame old Shakey for the world’s obsession with perfect skin? Well according to new research recently revealed at the annual conference of the British Association of Dermatologists,… Read more »

Do We Really Need Adam Richman Off The Air For Trolling?

adam richman fired 2014

So Adam Richman, like many former fatties, has lost weight — and as is not uncommon, the former Man Vs. Food star is in the phase of where people get so excited and scared that they adamantly insist up and down that being fat is basically the worst thing a person can be and it… Read more »

Unmade Bed Hailed As Modern Art Masterpiece, Auctioned For $4 Million


If definitive proof was ever needed that an awful lot of modern art is intrinsically meaningless and woefully pathetic, it’s Tracy Emin’s unmade bed. Hailed as a modern masterpiece by hordes of coffee drinking and sandal wearing philistines who only appreciate art that comes packaged with a pretentious sell and hefty price-tag, Emin’s “My Bed”… Read more »