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Flying On An Airplane Is More Harmful To Your Body Than You Think

Airplane Flying

Did you know that flying on an airplane can actually be harmful to your body? Many people are not aware of that. Reading the question alone might have made you think to yourself, “Really?” However, as you can clearly see in this viral video that was originally posted online by BuzzFeed, there are at least… Read more »

Plumber Caught Dancing On The Job, Video Footage Goes Viral

Hands of Plumber with a wrench.

When a plumber is usually caught doing something on the job other than what he was hired to do, chances are that he (or she) is either: sleeping, eating, talking on the phone or finding some other way to occupy their time. However, you more than likely will not discover that the plumber has decided… Read more »

Little Girl Lets Her Pet Baby Cow Play In The House [Video]

pet baby cow

Have you ever thought about having a pet baby cow? For many people, owning a cow at all might seem like a far-fetched pipe dream or unrealistic fantasy. Even farmers that own cows do not necessarily view them as pets. However, the little girl in this viral video titled “Oops I Let The Cow In…”… Read more »

If Black Friday Was A Horror Movie, This Could Be The Trailer [Video]

Black Friday

Black Friday is just a few days away. Millions of shoppers have been searching high and low for leaked advertisements, as well as published promotions from their favorite stores and online websites. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, quite a few advertisements have already been reportedly leaked from such retailers as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target… Read more »

Hilarious Christmas Photos And Cards: What Were They Thinking?

Funny Christmas photos and cards

‘Tis the season to gather everyone around for a picture to put on the annual family photo Christmas card, and this collection of bad – or just plain creepy – Christmas photos will have you laughing your way into the holiday season. Every year they get the family together for the holiday tradition of holding… Read more »

Halloween Ban Roundup — Bans Are Not Just For Public Schools


Halloween, All Hallows Eve, it is known by many things with varying pasts, but Halloween is generally celebrated in modern times as a time for horror films and candy. Pumpkin everything is in the air, cider is prevalent, and every kid is itching to dress up in costumes to trick or treat. Unfortunately not everyone… Read more »

Store Owner Uses Unusual Weapon To Defend His Store — Chili Powder

Store Owner Uses Unusual Weapon To Defend His Store, Chili Powder

There is always someone who questions a person’s means to defend themselves. Whether you are a home owner or a store owner, there always seems to be someone to tell you how to should defend yourself. Guns, knives, and other weapons fall under scrutiny, so perhaps what this shop owner in Massachusetts used is not… Read more »

Halloween Light Show Round Up — The Best Musical Presentations


It wasn’t too long ago that blinking lights set up around the exterior of a house and set to the tune of music was a purely Christmas thing — but no more. Halloween is quickly catching up as the primary holiday to go overboard on decorative ornamentation. This first one is from Napierville, Illinois. Set… Read more »