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National High Five Day: 15 Types Of Fun High-Fives To Use

National High Five Day

Are you excited about National High Five Day? The third Thursday of April is now known by many as “National High Five Day” thanks to the National High Five Project and the NH5D team. Started by Greg Harrell-Edge and his friends at the University of Virginia in 2002, “National High Five Day” has become an… Read more »

Book Of Yeezus: New Bible Book Replaces God With Kanye West?

Book of Yeezus

The Book of Yeezus might seem like a controversial title of a new Kanye West album, but it’s not. It’s actually the title of a newly reworked version of the Bible book of Genesis. What is the big difference between the traditional version of Genesis and The Book of Yeezus? Every mention of God in… Read more »

Molly Schuyler: Woman Eats Five Pounds Of Bacon In Five Minutes

Molly Schuyler

Competitive eater Molly Schuyler has done it again! Schuyler was able to make history with yet another popular dish in a record time that will more than likely cause your jaw to drop. This time around, Schuyler did not have her eyes on another large steak or even a plate filled with hundreds of chicken… Read more »

The Best April Fool’s Day Stories This Year

What Were The Best Stories This April Fool's Day

Every April Fool’s Day is surrounded by fake stories that get people guessing and panicking. Many in Britain will remember the story of the two sides of the Channel Tunnel being built at different levels so it could not be joined in the middle. Others will remember the self-repairing glass for smartphones and other wild… Read more »

Man Prepares His Own Fries At McDonald’s, Angers Employees


When ordering burgers and fries from McDonald’s, have you ever thought about preparing the food yourself? What would happen, for example, if you decided to walk behind the counter, head directly past the registers, and prepare your own box of fries? The guy in this now-viral video did just that. He walked behind the counter… Read more »

Snake Eats Snake: Man Cuts Open Giant Snake, Finds Another

giant snake

What does the average snake eat? Most people know that snakes eat smaller prey — namely, rodents (i.e. mice, rats, etc.). People that own pet snakes are fully aware of this — especially if they have to frequently buy rats and mice as menu options for their carnivorous reptiles. I wanna get a snake but… Read more »

Clarkson Fired, Malik Quits: Internet Reaction Is Hilarious [Video]

clarkson Malik

Zayn Malik quit One Direction and the BBC sacked Jeremy Clarkson from hit TV show Top Gear. Wednesday, March 25 proved to be quite a day in the world of celebrity culture. BBC News reported that it would not renew Clarkson’s contract in time to catch its lunchtime news bulletin. Shortly afterwards, the internet went… Read more »

Walmart Shoplifter Tries To Escape Through Ceiling, Footage Goes Viral


In most cases, the average shoplifter will try to leave the scene discreetly through the door. The shoplifter in this video footage, though, decided to take a different approach. According to the narration recorded by the person filming the incident, the alleged thief was already hunted down and subdued by Walmart security. However, he did… Read more »