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Lawsuit: Teachers Filling Cult With Students in Connecticut?

Cult of Avon High School

Three teachers in Avon, Connecticut, and a guidance counselor are named as defendants in a lawsuit brought by the parents of three daughters who claim to have been inducted by their mentors at Avon High School (above) into a cult. Teachers Tanya Mastoloni, Christopher Esposito and Rebecca Kessler, and guidance counselor Laura Sullivan are individually… Read more »

Butterfly And Bee Caught Drinking Crocodile Tears

A butterfly and a bee were recently discovered drinking crocodile tears. One can encounter many strange sights on a boat tour down Costa Rica’s Puerto Viejo River. This is definitely one of them. Last December boat passengers spotted and documented a butterfly and a bee drinking tears straight from a crocodile’s eyes. Apparently the encounter… Read more »

Sigmund Freud: 7 Interesting Facts to Share On His Birthday

freuds meaningful glance

Sigmund Freud is believed by many to be one of the greatest — and most controversial— thinkers of all time. Regardless of if you agree with his theories or if you feel like Freud was a bit off his rocker, there is no denying that Sigmund Freud’s theories have played a huge part on all… Read more »