Odd + Funny Timeline

Halloween Ban Roundup — Bans Are Not Just For Public Schools


Halloween, All Hallows Eve, it is known by many things with varying pasts, but Halloween is generally celebrated in modern times as a time for horror films and candy. Pumpkin everything is in the air, cider is prevalent, and every kid is itching to dress up in costumes to trick or treat. Unfortunately not everyone… Read more »

Store Owner Uses Unusual Weapon To Defend His Store — Chili Powder

Store Owner Uses Unusual Weapon To Defend His Store, Chili Powder

There is always someone who questions a person’s means to defend themselves. Whether you are a home owner or a store owner, there always seems to be someone to tell you how to should defend yourself. Guns, knives, and other weapons fall under scrutiny, so perhaps what this shop owner in Massachusetts used is not… Read more »

Halloween Light Show Round Up — The Best Musical Presentations


It wasn’t too long ago that blinking lights set up around the exterior of a house and set to the tune of music was a purely Christmas thing — but no more. Halloween is quickly catching up as the primary holiday to go overboard on decorative ornamentation. This first one is from Napierville, Illinois. Set… Read more »

Sara X Has Boobs Play Mozart

boobs play Mozart

Sara X Mills is a tattooed model from Las Vegas, Nevada, who’s known primarily for her online spreads and appearances in tattoo magazines. Until now. Overnight, her “interpretation” of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, where her boobs play Mozart, has flooded the Internet. The short video, which uses a public domain recording of the song, has appeared… Read more »

A Horse Walks Into A Police Station, The Police Say…?

A Horse Walks Into A Police Station, The Police Say

So, a horse walks into a British police station, the officer says…? Despite the fact that this sounds like the beginning of a joke, neigh it is not. Though it is not uncommon for police to use horses for assistance, it is quite another thing for a horse to request police assistance. However unbelievable, The… Read more »

California Couple Murders Their Neighbor Over Cats

California Couple Murders Their Neighbor Over Cats

Cats, Katzen, Gato, Mao, or the latin Felis catus, they have many names, but everybody loves cats. In fact, cats are so well loved that the very internet you are on is said to be made up of cats. Sometimes, love can make you do crazy things. ABC 30 reports that a confrontation in California… Read more »