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Archaic Sculptures, Fossils On Mars: NASA’s Rover Makes Startling Find

Ancient sculptures on Mars

Mars rover, Curiosity, has been hard at work exploring the red planet. The latest find is quite startling. According to a post by UFO Sightings Hotspot, Curiosity found evidence of what they describe as archaic fossils and sculptures in a stretch of terrain. The ancient alien figures and carvings fuel beliefs that life once existed… Read more »

Moving In [Video]

moving in

For a crazed killer, he applied that lipstick damn near perfectly!

If The Disney Princesses Were Real [Video]

Disney Princesses

Most of us have a friend who’s a little Disney ‘princess-y’ (even if they refuse to admit it). But what if these friends were really Disney Princesses? Well, BuzzFeed illustrates why Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Belle, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Ariel, and Rapunzel would not make the best — or most reliable — friends. There’s also… Read more »

Big Brother Tells Hysterical Little Sister How It Is

Big Brother Tells Hysterical Sister To Get It Together

Sometimes, you just need to hear the truth. This big brother had some matter-of-fact advice for his baby sister when she began crying hysterically at the dinner table. Instead of trying to comfort her or throw a little big-brother-sympathy her way, this frank kid told his sister exactly how it is (even though it was… Read more »

Wisconsin Ice Cream Company Uses Brutally Honest Ad On Van

Wisconsin ice cream company ad

A Wisconsin ice cream company went viral on Tuesday when a picture of its work van was posted on Reddit. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the picture is the lengthy advertisement that is placed on the side of the work van. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream could have followed in the footsteps of many other… Read more »

Broke Arrestee Offers Sneakers As Bail — Judge Accepts

Sneakers as bail? A judge allowed it.

Saying he had no cash, and didn’t want to spend days in jail, a Massachusetts arrestee offered the judge his new sneakers as bail — and the judge accepted the offer. While creative judgments have been condemned in many cases, in this case, the judge seems to have decided to give a man another chance…. Read more »