Odd + Funny Timeline

Snake Eats Snake: Man Cuts Open Giant Snake, Finds Another

giant snake

What does the average snake eat? Most people know that snakes eat smaller prey — namely, rodents (i.e. mice, rats, etc.). People that own pet snakes are fully aware of this — especially if they have to frequently buy rats and mice as menu options for their carnivorous reptiles. I wanna get a snake but… Read more »

Clarkson Fired, Malik Quits: Internet Reaction Is Hilarious [Video]

clarkson Malik

Zayn Malik quit One Direction and the BBC sacked Jeremy Clarkson from hit TV show Top Gear. Wednesday, March 25 proved to be quite a day in the world of celebrity culture. BBC News reported that it would not renew Clarkson’s contract in time to catch its lunchtime news bulletin. Shortly afterwards, the internet went… Read more »

Walmart Shoplifter Tries To Escape Through Ceiling, Footage Goes Viral


In most cases, the average shoplifter will try to leave the scene discreetly through the door. The shoplifter in this video footage, though, decided to take a different approach. According to the narration recorded by the person filming the incident, the alleged thief was already hunted down and subdued by Walmart security. However, he did… Read more »

Fifty-Four-Year-Old Man Does 4,321 Pull-Ups In 24 Hours, Sets Record


A 54-year-old man from Corpus Christi, Texas, was able to set a new world record by completing one of the most difficult upper-body exercises: pull-ups. However, Mark Jordan did not just complete a handful of successful push-ups. What makes his world record so impressive is the number of pull-ups that he was able to do… Read more »

Drunk Guy Tries To Ride Skateboard, Funny Footage Goes Viral

drunk guy skateboard

This drunk guy seriously wanted to ride his skateboard. Long story short, his attempt to do so just did not work out. Even though the video description on World Star Hip-Hop claims that he tried to ride his skateboard home, the drunk guy apparently does not make it very far at all. After just a… Read more »

Woman Breaks Leg On Leg Press Machine, Footage Goes Viral

woman breaks leg

A woman apparently breaks her leg while using a leg press machine in this now-viral video. As seen in the video, the woman seems to be testing out the leg press machine, perhaps as part of some type of demonstration. After one successful repetition, it appears as if she snaps her knee and breaks her… Read more »

Diarrhea In Elevator Prank Ends With A Bang, Footage Goes Viral

diarrhea elevator

Have you ever had diarrhea in an elevator before? If so, then you likely would say that the experience was not very comfortable — especially if you were not on the elevator by yourself. However, this prankster decided to simulate the experience from a different perspective — being stuck on an elevator with someone else… Read more »