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Mysterious White UFO Orbs Filmed Swarming Over Osaka, Japan [Video]


Footage shot recently in Japan shows 10 white UFO orbs floating and bobbing as they swarmed across the sky over the port city of Osaka. The two-minute clip that shows the bizarre sighting has gone viral online, with comments about an “alien swarm” over the famous Japanese city. The UFOs can be seen moving across… Read more »

UFOs And Airplanes: ‘Near Misses’ And Mid-Air Collisions [Video]

Air China

A new online video shows several cases of collisions and near mid-air collisions between UFOs and airplanes. The video, posted to YouTube by Tercer Milenio, highlights the dangers that airplane pilots face due to frequent encounters with UFOs during flight. One case involved an Aeromexio airplane and a UFO in Mexico. The UFO hit the… Read more »

Sheep Brothel Family Get Prison Time For Perverted Activities

Welsh sheep

A sheep brothel was recently busted in Swansea, Wales, and a family of convicted perverts have been exposed. B1039 Radio reports that Adam Cafferty, John Cafferty and their father David Cafferty were convicted of their crimes less than three hours after jurors caught wind of what they had done. Human brothels are raided all the… Read more »

Planet X Or Nibiru, Pluto, And The New Horizons Mission: The Masonic Ritual Connection, According To Conspiracy Theorists

New Horizons

The conspiracy theory blogosphere is currently busy elaborating some of the weirdest conspiracy theories ever, following initial claims by some prominent bloggers and YouTube conspiracy theorists that NASA’s New Horizons mission is entirely fake and that the images of the dwarf planet recently released by the agency are sophisticated forgeries. There are different versions of… Read more »