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Bastrop, Texas: 10 Days From A Government Takeover?

Bastrop, Texas

Bastrop, Texas, is getting ready for one of the largest military training exercises in history on July 15, and many residents believe there is nothing “training” about it. They’ve been expecting the Obama administration to launch a military operation on their community and the surrounding area for quite some time. Many feel he wants to… Read more »

Amazing Video: The ‘Michael Jackson’ Of Cotton Candy [Watch]

Amazing Video - The 'Michael Jackson' Of Cotton Candy

David Shtorm is a man who makes cotton candy like you’ve possibly never seen. It’s not so much the candy making that keeps your attention. It’s his creativity. David Shtorm could simply be the “Michael Jackson” of the cotton candy game. While keeping the attention of kids and adults, he also keeps an amazing groove… Read more »

Will America Invade Texas? Jade Helm Exercises A Front To Enforce Gay Marriage

Will America Invade Texas? Jade Helm A Front To Enforce Gay Marriage

The American military plans to stage training exercises across several southwestern states during July, but those could be a front for an invasion by federal troops to enforce gay marriage and confiscate firearms. The U.S. military will conduct anti-terrorism war games across Texas, California, Arizona, Mexico, Utah, and Colorado from July to September to train… Read more »

How To Hold A Baby: Hilarious Video Shows Different Ways To Do It

hold a baby

Most people (especially parents) already know how to hold a baby. However, not very many people might be aware of the fact that there are many different ways to hold a baby. Jordan Watson recently went viral on YouTube with a hilarious video that walks viewers through the various positions used to hold babies. Within… Read more »

Rabbit Fights Snake: Rabbit Beats, Jump Kicks Snake For Attacking Babies

rabbit fights snake

A rabbit fights a snake in this now-viral video — beating, kicking, and even chasing after the slithering predator. The video starts off with footage of the snake after it apparently attacked several baby rabbits, or kittens. The snake appears to be wrapped around the small litter, perhaps waiting to finish them off and start… Read more »

Man Apparently Poops In Public To Play Slot Machine Uninterrupted

slot machine

Would you stop playing a slot machine for a bathroom break? The man featured in this now-viral video apparently would have answered “no” to that question. At the beginning of the clip, he is seen playing the slot machine — fully engaged and focused. However, he starts to shift and move his body around in… Read more »

Woman Has Huge Cyst Drained With A Razor Blade, Footage Goes Viral


The woman in this now-viral video had a huge cyst on her arm. Instead of seeking medical advice or heading to the closest hospital, she apparently entrusted the responsibility of draining it with a foul-mouthed man and his razor blade. [WARNING: This footage contains explicit NSFW language and graphic content that may not be appropriate… Read more »

Coffee Shop Sign Makes You Rethink Yawning, Pic Goes Viral

coffee shop

A particular coffee shop sign went viral on Reddit on Monday, primarily because of the thought-provoking message spelled out on the marquee. In addition to promoting the need to have a cup of coffee, the impressive quote also provides a pro-coffee definition for yawning. “A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.” Keep in mind… Read more »