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Oscar Pistorius Called ‘Disgusting Liar’ By Reeva Steenkamp’s Family

Oscar Pistorious called a liar

Oscar Pistrorius is defending himself against murder charges stemming from the death of Pistorius’ former girlfriend and model Reeva Steenkamp. In order to defend himself, Oscar has taken the stand, a procedure that is almost unheard of when it comes to a criminal trial in the United States. Pistorius made himself a target for plenty… Read more »

Subaru Of Wichita ‘Anti-Union’ Dance Video Goes Viral

Wichita Subaru labor dispute

Subaru of Wichita staffers decided to inject a bit of comedy to combat a pro-union labor dispute banner placed in front of a dealership. A sign with big red letters placed in front of cars for sale on the lot read, “SHAME ON SUBARU OF WICHITA” with the phrase labor dispute also printed on the… Read more »

Holy Bible Could Possibly Become Louisiana’s Official State Book


On Thursday, Apr. 10, Louisiana legislators opted to move ahead with the proposed bill that would make the Holy Bible the official Louisiana state book. Despite concerns that insist the bill could prompt litigation, the House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs ruled in favor of the bill with a 8-5 vote, reports The… Read more »

Conspiracy Theory Blossoms That Maroon Flowers Is An A&M Prank

UT Bluebonnets Featured

Maroon-colored bluebonnets sprouting at the University of Texas is now the primary point of a conspiracy theory. Are the maroon flowers the work of University of Texas rival, Texas A&M? According to ABC Local, flower beds that grow bluebonnets at the University of Texas, are now home to a variant known as the Alamo fire,… Read more »

Florida Bear Attack Mauls Terri Frana In Her Own Garage [Video]

Florida Bear Attack: What To Do If Confronted Or Attacked

A Florida bear attacked resulted in a woman from Lake Mary named Terri Frana being mauled and dragged out of her own home. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the first reports of the Florida bear attack claimed up to five bears were involved in the vicious mauling. But the Florida Fish and Wildlife… Read more »

Missing Jet Black Box May Never Be Found, Batteries May Be Dead


The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 resumed on Sunday, more than a month after the plane disappeared from the radar. It is now feared that the batteries of the black box may have finally died. making the search for the jet almost impossible. The sad news for the various rescue teams assisting in the… Read more »

Five Bears Attack Florida Woman In Her Home [VIDEO]

Five Black Bears maul a woman in her Florida home

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was investigating an attack on a Florida woman in a Seminole County neighborhood Saturday night after she was dragged by bears who wandered into her garage and were found sifting through her garbage cans in search of food. The 45-year-old Lake Mary woman whose name was withheld, said… Read more »

Cliven Bundy’s Cattle Returned, Armed Stand-Off Ends


Federal agents and contractors returned Cliven Bundy’s cattle Saturday, de-escalating the days-long armed stand-off. US officials from the Bureau of Land Management returned 400 head of cattle to the 67-year-old rancher in the interest of safety. “Based on information about conditions on the ground and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision… Read more »

Chilean Wildfire Burns Coast, Hundreds Of Firefighters Helpless [BREAKING]

Investigation into start of wildfire will begin after flames die.

A wildfire, which originated in a woodland area near Valparaiso, began spreading through Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, Chile, Saturday night and has continued into Sunday. According to ONEMI (Chile’s National Emergency Office), the wildfire has engulfed roughly 660 acres of land, leaving at least 3000 people homeless and killing 4. Michelle Bachelet, president of… Read more »