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Dick Cheney Says CIA Interrogation Tactics Were Not Torture: ‘I’d Do It Again In A Minute’ [Video]

Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld

Former Vice President Dick Cheney denies the enhanced interrogation tactics used by CIA interrogators after 9/11 were torture. In an interview Sunday, Cheney maintained the controversial interrogation techniques stopped short of the true definition of torture. In his defense of the techniques used against CIA detainees after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Cheney said, “I’d do… Read more »

AMBER Alert: Texas Woman Murdered, Child Abducted

An AMBER alert has been issued for four-year-old Ricardo Alekzander Lara.

An AMBER alert is in effect for 4-year-old Denton, Texas, child Ricardo Alekzander Lara. Officials believe that the child is in immediate grave danger, and is in the custody of 23-year-old Ricardo Lara Martinez, who is a suspect in the murder of the missing boy’s mother. The details of this case are still in development,… Read more »

Michigan Governor Abolishes Council Designed To Support Local Food Systems And Agricultural Diversity

Food and farming policy in Michigan is under fire, a recent executive orger by Gov. Snyder abolished a policy council.

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder, through executive order, abolished a council established to support local food systems and agricultural diversity. The Michigan Food Policy Council was created in 2005 under Governor Jennifer Granholm. Granholm hoped the Council would help Michiganders cultivate a healthy, safe food supply, especially for low-income and urban households. The goal of the… Read more »

Will Lydia The Great White Shark Reveal Her Species’ Mating Grounds?

Scientists hope Lydia may reveal her species' mating grounds

Lydia, a record-breaking great white shark tagged early last year by Ocearch researchers, has turned away from her course towards Newfoundland, and scientists are wondering whether her actions may reveal the location of her species’ mating grounds in the Atlantic. As the Telegram notes, Lydia’s satellite tag showed her moving toward Newfoundland last week, though… Read more »

Climate Change Talks Agree On First Steps That Could Save Our Planet

The Dire Effects of Climate Change

The BBC is reporting that the United Nations talks on Climate Change have reached an agreement on how countries should tackle changes to the world’s climate. The talks have proven to be very difficult, with poorer nations insisting that richer countries must take the lead if climate change is to be tackled effectively. The BBC… Read more »

Is It Possible To Be A Gay Christian? This Pastor Doesn’t Think So

Possible To Be A Gay Christian?

One gay Christian in New Zealand learned the hard way that many within his faith aren’t ready to accept the homosexual lifestyle. However, it was one response in particular that “stung.” Jim Marjoram, author of a book called It’s Life Jim, that was meant to give hope to other gay Christians who haven’t found acceptance… Read more »

Tornado Hits L.A. Due To Pineapple Express

A tornado hit L.A. on Friday due to Pineapple Express.

Around 9:30 am on Friday morning, a small EF-0 tornado touched down in Los Angeles, California. According to the LA Times, the tornado touched down in the 5800 block of Estrella Avenue. From there it jumped around an area of approximately 10 blocks; all the while, spreading chaos. One roof was ripped off, five other… Read more »

E-Cigarettes Tragedy: ‘Vaping’ Claims Life Of Toddler

E-Cigarettes Claim One Toddler

E-cigarettes are widely accepted as a positive alternative to traditional cigarette smoke, but recent pushback has started to call this reputation into question, and a story reported this week isn’t going to help. According to WABC-TV, a toddler has died after getting into the nicotine liquid used for what e-cigarette users refer to as “vaping.”… Read more »

No, Pope Francis Did Not Say Dogs Can Go To Heaven: Sorry, Pet Lovers

Pope Francis Did Not Say Dogs Go To Heaven

Pope Francis has declared that all dogs can go to heaven in multiple erroneous media reports that have come out over the last couple of weeks. On Saturday, the Vatican finally squashed this Snopes fodder once and for all by explaining how numerous news outlets got it wrong. “There is a fundamental rule in journalism…. Read more »

Enormous Anti-Police Violence Protest In Washington D.C. And New York


There have been several anti-police violence protests in Washington D.C. and New York after the Ferguson and Eric Garner incidents. This is not the first time anti-police violence sentiments have been expressed. According to a report from the Inquisitr, Fox Sports Reporter Erika Reidt has been suspended for Eric Garner comment: “I can breathe because… Read more »

Climate Change Deal In Lima Fails To Find Consensus

COP20 Climate Change Talks

World leaders and delegates converged on Lima, Peru two weeks ago and the world watched, once again, as the spectacle of the United Nation’s climate change talks devolved into grandstanding and protests with little substance being the norm. The goal of this COP20 meeting was to create a framework for world nations to build a… Read more »