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Sorry Robber Returns Cash With Apology

Sorry Robber Returns Cash

A sorry robber has returned the cash he stole from a Eureka, California, gas station and issued an apology. Cyle Warren Abbott, Jr., 23, told officers he needed cash so he could leave town for a fresh start. However, on his way out, he realized what a big mistake he was making and decided to… Read more »

Halloween Decorations: The Good, The Scary, and The Controversial

Ebola Halloween Decorations

Halloween has always been a time of raising eyebrows, but this year, decorations are getting almost as much press coverage as costumes. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Richard Piersol made headlines this month with his controversial Halloween decorations, which featured the decapitated head of President Obama. Pierson did not mince words about his intention… Read more »

PETA Goes After Virginia High School For Football Team’s Lion Mascot

PETA thinks Bubba the lion should not be going to football games

The Louisa County High School Lions in Virginia have a unique mascot, and PETA doesn’t like it. A live, caged lion has been a fixture at the school’s home football games since 2005 according to the Charlottesville_Daily Progress. The tradition started when the senior class asked Doug Straley, the athletic director at the time, if… Read more »

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Loosens Ebola Quarantine Rules Following White House Pressure


On the same day that The New York Times reported President Barack Obama was pressuring the governors of New Jersey and New York to rescind their state’s mandatory quarantines of healthcare workers returning from West Africa after treating Ebola patients, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is significantly loosening those restrictions, according to the Times. In… Read more »

Animal Cruelty: Gaunt, Neglected Pit Bull Puppy Found In Ohio

Animal Cruelty-Gaunt, Neglected Pit Bull Puppy Found Ohio

Pit bulls and animal cruelty, unfortunately, seem to go hand in hand, as much or more than all breeds of canines. In a month meant to bring awareness to what many see as misinformation about a specific breed of dog, it is unfortunate to see another case of animal cruelty. WKYC 3 News reports that… Read more »

Mother Or Monster?: Chinese Stepmom Brutally Beats Toddler For Allegedly Wetting Her Pants (Video)


**Warning: This video contains graphic violence and obscene language.** Its quite common for toddlers to wet themselves. However, there have been many cases where some parents and child care personnel haven’t always been understanding and patient given the circumstances. Unfortunately, another small child has suffered severe backlash for a relatively normal mishap. A disturbing video… Read more »

Arizona Firefighters Rescue Horse Trapped In A Swimming Pool! [Video]

swimming pool horse

Firefighters from the Mesa Fire and Medical Department in Mesa, Arizona, responded to an unusual rescue call on Saturday when they were called in to rescue a horse that had fallen inside a backyard swimming pool. According to AZ Central, the incident came to light after a homeowner residing near Val Vista and University called… Read more »

Mystery Over 5th Century B.C. Siberian ‘Ice Princess’ Solved

ice princess

Discovered in 1993, the Siberian Ice Princess — sometimes also referred to as the Altay Princess, for the region in which she was found — has captured the imaginations of many scientists, for many reasons. She was a well-preserved mummy, to begin with; in fact, she was so well-preserved that her ornate, delicate tattoos were… Read more »

Nightmarish Armed Clowns Terrorize And Stalk People In A Small French Town


A group of armed clowns with knives are running around French towns, terrorizing and attacking people. This is not the first time armed clowns have terrorized towns. According to an earlier report from the Inquisitr, creepy armed clowns were terrorizing two southern California towns. “The small town of Douai and its suburbs in northern France… Read more »

Woman Claims Simon Cowell Sends Her Into Panic Attacks [Video]

Woman Allergic To Simon Cowell

Michelle Hall, 42, of Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, claims that she is allergic to X Factor judge Simon Cowell. Plenty of people are afraid of the judge’s blatant comments, but Hall says that she is at a point where the very sight of Cowell sends her into a panic attack. According to Mirror UK, Hall’s “allergy” to… Read more »