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World’s Deadliest Spider Found Inside Grocery Bag Delivered To London Family

Spider inside grocery bag

A deadly spider, notorious for its potent venom and aggressive nature, was found inside a harmless looking grocery bag delivered to a British family. The members of the yet to be identified family were left “deeply traumatized” by the incident, reports The Standard. The delivery of groceries happened from online grocery store Waitrose. According to… Read more »

‘Hurricane Ana': Aquatic Monster Threatens Hawaii


Earlier today, Hurricane Ana bared down on the Hawaiian Islands. As Ana lost force, it still churned dangerously close early on Sunday morning, threatening to batter each of the islands with massive wind and rain. Hurricane Ana has been spinning on a parallel path southwest of the island chain for several days, and officials have… Read more »

Is Life Possible On Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ Moon?

What's lurking beneath the surface of Saturn's Death Star moon?

Could Saturn’s “Death Star” moon show some signs of life? A new theory has been proposed about the Death Star moon in the scientific journal Science about one of Saturn’s moons. Based a new model of the Death Star moon, it could be showing signs of a possible life-sustaining ocean under an icy crust. The… Read more »

Keene State Riot Shown In Detail As Images Begin To Post On Twitter [Photos]

Riot at KEene State Pumpkin Festival

From tear gas to aftermath, Twitter users are uploading a number of startling photos from “the situation” that unfolded in Keene, New Hampshire yesterday during the annual Pumpkin Festival. The Huffington Post reports that college officials provided few specifics on the melee, but said Keene State students and out-of-town visitors were involved. The school said… Read more »

Korea: Bullets Fired Between North And South


Earlier today, North Korean soldiers approached the military border with South Korea. South Korean soldiers fired warning shots, but the North Koreans would not react, according to Reuters. The North Korean soldiers fired back upon the south, and the exchange of bullets went on for about ten minutes according to a South Korean Defense Official…. Read more »

Ben Carson On Being Surgeon General For Obama: No Thanks [Video]


Ben Carson, a conservative firebrand and former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon, said even with his extensive medical background, if President Barack Obama came to him and wanted to make him United States Surgeon General Ben Carson, he would decline the offer. Carson, who has admitted to considering a run for president in 2016, made his surgeon… Read more »

Obama Voters Express Regret In New USA Today Poll

Obama Voters Regret Their Vote

Obama voters are having a case of buyer’s remorse, according to a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll in six states with key Senate races this November. The number of likely voters “who can remember voting” for President Obama has turned out to be lower than the actual number that did, USA Today reports. And of… Read more »

Professional Beggar Uses Cash Box, Wireless Credit Card Machine

Professional Beggar Uses Credit Cards For Donations

Even the professional beggar has found a way to make it in the digital age. In a recent piece for the Magazine section of the New York Times, writer Mark Oppenheimer shed light on one Elimelech Ehrlich, a professional beggar from Jerusalem who makes a pilgrimage once per year to Lakewood, New Jersey. Ehrlich stays… Read more »