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Google Didn’t Buy ICOA Wireless, PRWeb Press Release Pulled From Circulation

Google Didn't Buy ICOA

Google has not acquired ICOA Wireless as an early Monday morning press release originally claimed. Trading volumes at both companies increased on Monday upon news that Google had forked over $400 million to purchase the large-scale nationwide braodband Wi-Fi network. Following a press release by PR Web, which has since been pulled, both companies openly… Read more »

Hostess Fires 15,000 Employees To Start Liquidation Process

Hostess Fires Majority Of Workers

Hostess has fired 15,000 employees on Thursday to start the liquidation process after the Twinkies maker won interim court approval to shut down and sell its assets. The popular baking company was given permission to close during a hearing in White Plains, New York, on Wednesday, reports Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The request was approved by US… Read more »

Hostess, Twinkies In Trouble Again As Negotiations Break Down

Hostess, Twinkies In Trouble Again As Negotiations Break Down

Hostess and Twinkies appeared to be out the door when the company announced it was going out of business, but it appeared saved when potential buyers stepped forward. Now the company is on the brink again as bankruptcy mediation broke down between Hostess and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union. As… Read more »

Cyber Monday Sales Predicted To Reach Record $2 Billion

Cyber Monday Sales Predicted To Reach Record $2 Billion

Cyber Monday sales are coming to us this year only in a week. Since is an online-only retailer, it has been running Black November sales all month long. But Walmart and several other retailers are announcing their Cyber Monday sales soon. According to the Daily Gossip, analysts are estimating that this year’s Cyber Monday… Read more »

Twinkies May Survive Hostess Bankruptcy


Twinkies may survive the carnage at Hostess Brands just yet. Reports out of New York are that there are plenty of companies who will probably be interested in buying the company, or at least the recipes and brand names, from Hostess to continue the Twinkies line for years to come. So be careful about spending… Read more »

Visa Releases Solid Gold Credit Card

Solid Gold Visa Card

Don’t let the ultra high price of gold fool you; some rich people are still interested in the precious metal, so Visa is going to give them what they want … a solid gold visa card. That is right: the card is made out of solid $2,000 an ounce gold. The card is going to… Read more »

Walmart Strike On Black Friday Leads To Legal Complaint

Walmart Files Complaint Over Worker Strikes

Walmart workers are planning to walk out of stores around the country on Black Friday. Those workers are protesting the company’s choice to start Black Friday shopping sales at 8 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Now Walmart has filed a federal complaint against the planned strike. According to Walmart, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union… Read more »

Walmart Walkout: 1,000 Protests Planned Nationwide On ‘Black Thursday’

walmart walkout

Walmart walkout protests are reportedly growing as the day many employees are calling “Black Thursday” approaches. The Making Change at Walmart website claims that 1,000 protests during the Thanksgiving evening and Black Friday 2012 sales will occur around the country. Warehouse and store employees reportedly walked off the job on Wednesday in Southern California. The… Read more »

GameStop Plans To Close 200 Stores By Next Year


GameStop is planning to close roughly 200 stores by next year, according to Business Insider. The company is the largest video game retailer in the world. Reports indicate that the company has been hit hard by the rise in mobile gaming. Since many people can play games such as Angry Birds on their phones for… Read more »

Papa John’s Obamacare Cost: Five Cents Per Pizza

Five Cents Per Pizza

Papa John’s will have to fork over five cents per pizza to afford health care for its full time employees, according to UPI. Although Papa John’s International Chief Executive Officer John Schnatter has stated that providing health care for his employees would cost the company 10 to 14 cents per pizza, a recent Forbes study… Read more »