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Lululemon Recalls Yoga Pants Due To Embarrassing Sheer Fabric

Lululemon yoga pants recall 2013

Lululemon yoga pants are being recalled, and the upscale workout gear maker admits that a large portion of their current offering of bottoms has a problematic fabric opacity issue that could cause embarrassment for some wearers. Over the weekend, Lululemon yoga pants were pulled from shelves amid the discovery, and the company says that nearly… Read more »

$7 Billion Swindle Victims Could Get Some Money Back

$7 Billion Swindle Victims

A $7 billion swindle’s victims could get some of their money back now that they have decided to cooperate with each other. The swindle was a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by former Texas tycoon R. Allen Stanford. Some of the investors lost their entire life savings. It is likely that the scheme’s victims will only get… Read more »

1 Million Free McMuffins To Be Handed Out In China

egg mcmuffin

Want a free McMuffin?All you have to do is get to China before Monday. McDonald’s will be giving out 1 million free McMuffins to Chinese customers next week. Why? Well, because McDonald’s is a super-friendly corporation that just wants to give back to its customers. Or, it may be because the company doesn’t want to… Read more »

Snowball Fight: Maker Wins $102,000 Judgment

snowball fight results in $102000 judgment

In the long-running snowball fight between rival makers of snowball equipment, SnoWizard scored a huge win on Thursday when its competitor, Southern Snow, was ordered to pay $102,000 in federal court because it infringed a SnoWizard patent. Mark Waller, who covered the trial for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, noted that Thursday’s judgment came as a… Read more »

Gold Prices Falling: Are Investors Dumping Gold?

gold prices have fallen two days in a row

Are gold prices falling? A report by Jan Harvey for Reuters suggested that the high price of gold may finally be on its way down. Investors appear to be fleeing from New York’s SPDR Gold Trust, which Harvey described as “the world’s largest gold-backed exchange-traded fund.” According to the Associated Press for the Christian Science… Read more »

Toys Get Sex Change: LEGO Scores Big By Catering To Girls

Toys Get Sex Change: Lego Scores Big By Catering To Girls

Toys got a sex change, and, as a result, LEGO gets a lot richer. The toy company put out a new series of building blocks designed for girls, and the success of the product helped the company’s sales increase 25 percent. The privately owned company said on Thursday that its annual revenue reached $4.2 billion,… Read more »