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Fake J.C. Penney Prices Spark Shopper Scandal

Fake J.C. Penney Prices

An allegation of fake J.C. Penney prices has been traversing the web after a charged column in a conservative New York newspaper published detailed accusations pegging the retailer as chronically dishonest in their pricing methods. The allegation of fake J.C. Penney prices follows a year of controversies for the chain, which came under fire and… Read more »

New Vegas Ads Allegedly Target Gays And Poke Fun At Straight People

las vegas same-sex ads

New Las Vegas ads supposedly target gay people while poking fun at straight people. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s marketing division launched a new campaign. The promotion reportedly shows good-looking same-sex couples and “frumpy” heterosexual pairs. The Vegas ad campaign was created by R&R Partnersand, The Blaze notes. The caption at the top… Read more »

Apple Cuts Orders For iPhone 5 Components

Apple iPhone 5

Due to a decrease in demand, Apple has reportedly cut orders for screens and other parts associated with the iPhone 5. The report suggests that the company is having a hard time finding a foothold in Asian markets thanks to the number of rivals that are currently vying for attention. According to Reuters, shares fell… Read more »

Herbalife Is A Pyramid Scheme: Hedge Fund Manager


Bill Ackman, the head guy at the Pershing Square Capital Management hedge fund, is convinced that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme. Herbalife, a multilevel marketing company that sells nutritional supplements, reportedly has $4 billion in annual sales and about three million independent distributors in 87 countries. The Denver Post has more on Bill Ackman’s crusade… Read more »

Spam And Peanut Butter? Hormel Foods Buys Skippy For $700 Million

skippy peanut butter

Hormel hasn’t introduced any new products yet, but the company could soon be pushing spam and peanut butter sandwiches. Hormel Foods Corp., the company that makes Spam, recently purchased the Skippy peanut butter brand from Unilever Plc for $700 million. NBC News notes that the move is smart for both companies. Hormel has been struggling… Read more »

Starbucks To Offer $1 Reusable Cups


Starbucks sells millions of cups of coffee every day, which means that millions of paper cups also get thrown in the trash every day. The Seattle-based company is hoping to lessen its environmental footprint by offering a $1 reusable cup. Starbucks’ $1 reusable cups will go on sale starting tomorrow. Customers will be able to… Read more »

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Division Receives $89.5 Million Investment From Pearson

Barnes And Noble Nook and Pearsons Investment

NOOK Media, LLC, a division of Barnes & Noble, Inc. has announced an $89.5 million investment on behalf of Pearson, the world’s leading learning company. The cash infusion comes with a post-money valuation of approximately $1.789 billion in exchange for preferred membership interests representing five percent equity stake. After the deal closes, Barnes & Noble… Read more »