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‘I Love Lucy’ Reportedly Earns CBS Around $20 Million Per Year

I Love Lucy CBS $20 Million

Although the show ceased making new episodes several decades ago, Lucille Ball’s television comedy classic I Love Lucy still earns CBS close to $20 million in revenue every year, according to MSN Money. The show — which ran from October 15, 1951 to May 6, 1957 — continues to generate massive amounts of cash money… Read more »

Netflix Reportedly Loses Streaming Rights To Dozens Of A&E Shows

Netflix Loses A&E Content

Netflix has reportedly lost the streaming rights to dozens of television programs from A&E Networks, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As of Friday night, shows like Storage Wars and American Pickers were nowhere to be found. Reports indicate that the company’s rights to these shows expired on Friday, causing them to effectively vanish from the… Read more »

Bernie Madoff Victims To Receive $2.48 Billion In Payments

Bernie Madoff Funds Distributed

1,230 former customers of ponzi scheme operator Bernie Madoff will receive checks in the mail next week for a total cash return of $2.48 billion. The total recovery amount paid to date now equals $3.63 billion. Payments in this newest round of recovery range from $1,784 to $526.9 million. The total sum being returned was… Read more »

Disney To Open Boutique Stores In JC Penney Next Fall

Disney Boutique JC Penney

In a collaboration that’s sure to generate some cash flow for all involved, Disney announced that it will open boutique stores in several JC Penney locations next fall, according to The Dallas Morning News. The move, which will inject all sorts of Disney-branded merchandise into the company’s floor space, will reportedly affect over 500 stores…. Read more »

Dice Holdings Acquires Slashdot, SourceForge, and Freecode

Geeknet Acquired By Dice Holdings

Website holdings company Dice Holdings has purchased a handful of websites owned by Geeknet. The website purchases include popular destinations Slashdot, SourceForge, and Freecode. Combined, the three websites account for 44 million unique visitors per month. In comparison, currently receives 2 million unique visitors per month. In an interview, TechCrunch Senior Vice President and… Read more »

Holiday Hiring 2012: Kohl’s To Hire More Than 50,000 Seasonal Workers


President Obama has been trying to bring more jobs to the United States economy. Mitt Romney says that he’ll be able to restore order if elected in November. But honestly, if there’s one man that can instantly fix the unemployment problem in America, it’s Santa Claus. Retailers are expected to hire thousands of people during… Read more »

Kodak Patent Auction Ends, No Winning Bids Accepted

Kodak Falling Apart no Patent Sale

The Eastman Kodak patent auction has ended without a deal being reached. Appearing in front of bankruptcy court Judge Allan Gropper on Friday, officials for Kodak admitted that its auction had failed to draw anywhere near the $2.5 billion being sought by the company. Kodak revealed that it has decided to delay the sale of… Read more »

New York Fertilizer Baron Alex Rovt Buys $303 Million Building With Cash

Alex Rovt old bankers trust building

New York City, NY – Billionaire Alex Rovt may not have been well known outside of his Russian-speaking community in NYC, but his recent $303 million cash purchase has thrust him into the spotlight. The successful businessman made his fortune in the fertilizer trade in Eastern Europe. Seeking a new fiscal endeavor with long-term stability,… Read more »

Judge Orders Oracle To Pay Google $1 Million In Legal Fees

Oracle Google Lawsuit

Suing Google over intellectual property and patent rights has cost Oracle $1 million in legal fees. US District Court Judge William Alsup denied Google’s request for $4 million before awarded the company a cool seven figures. In his payment settlement, Judge Alsup said he also plans to take “no further action regarding the subject of… Read more »