Business Timeline

Starbucks Begins US Products Push Made Domestically to Stimulate Economy

starbucks US jobs 2012

Starbucks is starting to make US-made products in a bid to begin stimulating the economy from within the States, and has launched a campaign to promote its “Create Jobs for USA” (which is somewhat Yakov Smirnoff-sounding) initiative in its 7,000 domestic locations. Wait, Starbucks has 7,000 US locations? I was certain it had 7,000 locations… Read more »

Burger King Summer Menu Includes Bacon Sundae, Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich

bacon sundae

It’s Summer time and that can only mean one thing: Bacon sundaes. Burger King revealed its Summer menu today which includes items like the aforementioned sundae, a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries, and frozen lemonade. This is the second time this year that Burger King has revamped its menu. In April, the restaurant… Read more »

Credit Scores Stabilizing, Auto Lenders Lending Again

credit scores auto loan 2012

Credit scores are one large casualty of the “great recession,” as many who had previously been able to honor payments on larger purchases such as cars and homes received hit after hit to their financial situation as businesses tanked and family lives crumbled in the wake of the financial meltdown. Credit scores have traditionally been… Read more »

Gas Prices Fall Below $3 a Gallon in Two States!

gas prices june 2012

Gas prices are a constant worry for Americans no matter where you are, and relative to local costs, they’ve remained painfully high for several quarters. However, predictions for $5 a gallon gas in many parts of the US have yet to become a reality, thankfully- and further, though gas prices haven’t fallen a whole lot… Read more »

McDonald’s To Pork Producers: No More Gestation Stalls By 2022

Gestation Stalls going away at McDonalds

McDonald’s USA on Thursday announced that starting in 2022 the company will no longer buy pork from producers who use gestation stalls to raise pregnant sows. To ensure its new guidelines are followed the fast food leader said it would work with producers and suppliers to prove that pork products purchased by the company are… Read more »