Business Timeline

Lexmark Exits Printer Business, Fires 1,700 Workers

Lexmark Inkjet Printers Discontinued

Lexmark is no longer participating in the consumer inkjet printer business, and its exit has resulted in the loss of 1,700 jobs. The company decided to exit the business in order to refocus its efforts in an attempt to improve profitability at the hardware manufacturer. Lexmark announcing its plans to exit the consumer hardware business… Read more »

Red Vines Recall: Black Licorice Reportedly Laced With Lead

Red Vines Black Licorice Recall

Fans of Red Vines black licorice, beware! According to California health officials, a recent batch of the delicious candy has tested positive for high levels of lead, which makes them unsuitable for human consumption. As such, the American Licorice Company issued a voluntary recall of the product on Wednesday, NBC News reports. This, of course,… Read more »

Two Airlines Decrease Legroom On Coach Seats

Airlines Shrink Legroom

Two airlines have decided to shrink the amount of legroom available to those who opt for coach seats, according to CNN. However, those who decide to splurge for the expensive packages will discover they now have more room to move around. Such is the business of comfort in the airline industry. JetBlue, who claims to… Read more »

Heinz Ketchup Being Sued Over ‘Dip & Squeeze’ Package

Heinz Dip and Squeeze

Ingeniously, Heinz Ketchup solved a major problem people had with ketchup packets. Heinz, responding to consumer demand for a small packet of ketchup that could be easily spread on a sandwich but at the same time be accessible to dip french fries or onion rings into, created their patented “Dip & Squeeze” packet. Well, Scott… Read more »

Krispy Kreme To Unleash Fairground Inspired Treats

Krispy Kreme Fairground Flavors

For a lot of people, Krispy Kreme doughnuts are the ultimate breakfast food. Stuff one into your mouth while you’re working and the day suddenly becomes a little sweeter. In an effort to keep you and your wallet coming back for more, the company is unleashing two new flavors to entice those who are a… Read more »

Nook Prices Slashed After Pressure From Competitive Tablet Market

Nook Prices Slashed By Barnes & Noble

Barnes Noble has announced that they are slashing Nook prices by $20 for their less-expensive Nook tablet computer, allowing the struggling book retailer to undercut their main competitor, Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Barnes Noble, who is the biggest US traditional book seller, announced the price changes on Sunday, noting that they will be cutting the price… Read more »

William Shatner Returns As The Priceline Negotiator

William Shatner Priceline Negotiator

I don’t watch television as much as I used to, but I was keen enough to notice that William Shatner had disappeared completely from Priceline’s television ad campaign. After performing a bit of amateur sleuthing, I discovered that Shatner’s Priceline negotiator character had been killed off by the company in an advertisement seven months ago…. Read more »

Australia High Court Bans Brand Designs On Cigarette Packaging

Australia Bans Brand Designs on Cigarettes

The Australian High Court has decided that the inclusion of colorful logos, images, and brand designs on cigarette packaging is no longer allowed, according to The Associated Press. Instead, the court has ruled that cigarette manufacturers must use olive-colored packaging for their products, boxes which will also feature extremely graphic images of sick children, blind… Read more »

Canon Rebel T4i Recall

Canon Rebel T4i Recall

Canon’s popular Rebel T4i digital camera is being recalled after a report from a consumer led the company to believe that the rubber grips can cause a skin rash. The defect in the rubber grips of the Rebel T4i, according to, is in approximately 68,200 of the manufactured cameras. The good news is that… Read more »

Google Acquires Travel Guide Company Frommer’s

Frommers Bought By Google

Google has purchased travel guide company Frommer’s at a cost of $25 million. The acquisition has not yet completed but is all but signed and delivered according to sources close to the deal. In September 2011, Google acquired social restaurant reviews website Zagat after years of claiming it had no interest in entering the content… Read more »

Retailers Cutting iPhone Prices Ahead Of iPhone 5 Debut

iPhone Prices Drop

Retailers are cutting iPhone prices and the Apple Store is allowing price matching ahead of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 release, which is expected early next month. Target and Best Buy have both slashed their iPhone prices, with Target offering 16GB versions of AT&T and Verizon’s iPhone 4S for $179.99 with a contract. Best Buy,… Read more »

Etsy Bans The Sale Of Human Remains, Smokeable Products

Human Teeth On Etsy

Hoping to buy some human body parts on Etsy? Unfortunately, you’re out of luck. In an effort to protect itself from the people who sell such questionable content on the popular e-commerce site, the company will not longer allow the sale of human remains and body parts. Those looking for a new pinkie toe will… Read more »

Google Firing 4,000 Motorola Mobility Workers Following Acquisition

Motorola and Google Job Layoffs

Google is axing one-fifth of the Motorola Mobility workforce following the search giants recent $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola’s mobile arm. According to CNET two-thirds of the 4,000 fired workers will be from outside the United States, while Google will actively work to shut down one-third of Motorola Mobility’s offices around the world. In an… Read more »