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Wall Street Commodity Trade Inquiry: Are Big Banks Driving Up Prices?

Inquiry On Commodity Trading On Wall Street Begins

A Senate inquiry is looking at commodity trading on Wall Street to see if it includes practices that drive up prices. Lawmakers are wondering if allowing big banks to control big industries like oil and metals leads to unnecessary price inflation. One example of this is some banks, including Goldman Sachs, who have been accused… Read more »

Unemployment Benefits Applications Drop To 334k: Economy Improving?

Unemployment Benefits Applications Drop To 334k: Economy Improving?

With unemployment benefits applications dropping to 334,000, is the US economy’s unemployment rate and economy improving? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, unemployment benefits were slashed in two states recently. The unemployment rate is largely being bolstered by temp work. Any improvements to the US economy as measured by unemployment benefits applications are slow in… Read more »

Huawei Spied For China, Says Ex-CIA Director

Huawei Spied For China, Ex-CIA Director Hayden Claims

Huawei has been accused of spying for the Chinese government by former Central Intelligence Agency chief Michael Hayden. Huawei is one of the largest communications technology companies out of Asia that builds and maintains networks. Huawei has also begun to expand to consumer products, earlier this year announcing plans to enter the mobile phone market…. Read more »

Coke Likley to Face Vitaminwater Class Action, But Not For Money

Coke to face class action against Vitamin Water

The United States judge is recommending that the Coca-Cola Company face a class action lawsuit. The company is being accused of misleading their consumers by overstating the health benefits of their popular drink, Vitaminwater. The judge even suggested that the class action should not be for money. In a decision made public on Thursday, US… Read more »

Mcdonald’s Offers Employee Budget Tips But Forgets Food, Clothes, Etc.

McDonalds Budget Tips Are Awful

McDonald’s is offering employee budget tips for its minimum wage workers. The fast food giant claims with its help low-wage employees can live off the company’s low pay. Unfortunately, the company’s budget workbook really stretches an employees earnings. The handbooks website reads: “Helping you succeed financially is one of the many ways McDonald’s is creating… Read more »

The Chesapeake Bay’s New Project To Bring Oysters Back

Federal and state agencies are trying to restore Chesapeake Bay's oysters, and two billion pinpoint-sized baby oysters are at the heart of the effort.

The Chesapeake Bay has a new project to bring oysters back. Federal and state agencies are trying to restore Chesapeake Bay’s oysters, and two billion pinpoint-sized baby oysters are at the heart of the effort. The Chesapeake was once so full of oysters that Native Americans called it “great shellfish bay.” A combination of overfishing,… Read more »

Apple Porn Lawsuit Compares iPhone Sex To Human Trafficking

Apple Porn Lawsuit Compares iPhone Sex To Human Trafficking

An Apple porn lawsuit is claiming “unfair competition” between iPhone porn and sex with the lawyer’s own wife. No, really. Since Apple has been known for its lawsuits against competitors, maybe this Apple porn lawsuit is karma’s “revenge porn” that will balance things a little. Chris Sevier is an attorney in Nashville is suing Apple… Read more »

Twinkies Make Early Return At Wal-Mart

Twinkies make early comeback at Wal-Mart

Twinkies made an early return to Wal-Mart stores Friday, a day before Hostess said the snack cakes would return to stores nationwide. Wal-Mart said it is selling Twinkies at about 1,600 stores, and that 3,000 of its 4,000 stores US stores should have them in stock by Sunday morning. Other Hostess snacks, such as Mini… Read more »

Apple Appealing E-Book Price-Fixing Guilty Verict

Apple iBook Price Fixing

Tech giant Apple says it will appeal today’s judgement that found the company guilty of e-book price-fixing. Following the court’s decision, which could cost Apple hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, spokesman Tom Neumayr quickly remarked: “Apple did not conspire to fix e-book pricing and we will continue to fight against these false accusations…… Read more »

Apple Guilty In E-Book Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Apple e-Book Price Fixing

A New York district judge has found Apple guilty of conspiring to price-fix the cost of e-books sold on behalf of various book publishers. The courts ruling finds Apple guilty of antitrust and state laws. The court will soon award damages in a date that has yet to be determined. The trial was brought forth… Read more »

Target Multi-Cultural Tips Spark Lawsuit [Video]

Target multi-cultural tips

A Target multi-cultural tips list sparked a discrimination lawsuit from three employees who say that they were harassed and ultimately fired from their jobs at Target in Yolo County, California. On Tuesday, Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder admitted to The Huffington Post that the controversial document was indeed used at one company distribution center. However, she… Read more »

Hershey Price-Fixing Fine Costs $4 Million

Hershey's Price-Fixing Fine of $4mill

Hersey’s price-fixing fine was settled at $4 million (Canadian) after admitting to participating in a price-fixing scheme. Fox News reports that the company received lenient treatment for it cooperation in an investigation of all antitrust accounts by allowing a plea to be entered into at the Ontario Superior Court. Hershey is not the only company to recently… Read more »

‘Lazy’ Telecommuters Are More Productive Than Office Workers, Study Says

Telecommuters and Productivity

If you think telecommuters are “lazy” work from home employees who have it easy, you’re wrong. A new study finds that telecommuters on average complete 24 more days of work per year when compared to their office-based colleagues. The research conducted by videoconferencing service provider UCi2i polled 1,000 office employees in the UK to determine the benefits of… Read more »

YouTube Criticized For Profiting From Illegal Content

Google Ads

YouTube is under fire for running ads during videos that contain illegal content. Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt recently sent a letter to the folks at Google after discovering the company is making money from ads displayed during some of the questionable clips uploaded to the video site. Bruning… Read more »

Apple iWatch Wearable Tech War With Samsung, Sony May Be Heating Up

Apple iWatch

The Apple iWatch is coming. In recent months, the rumors have swirled about the highly anticipated wearable devices like the proposed iWatch you can see in the fantasy advertisement in the video above. For that matter, Samsung and Sony, as well as Apple, are the subject of the multiple rumors about upcoming wearable smart devices…. Read more »

Time Warner Cable Eyes Several Acquisition Possibilities

Time Warner Acquisition

John Malone’s Liberty Media recently approached Time Warner Cable about a possible merger with Charter Communications, and now the company is reportedly holding exploratory deals with its peers. According to a Reuters report, executives at Time Warner have been discussing strategic options for a possible acquisition of either Cablevision Systems and Cox Communications, the country’s third-largest cable… Read more »