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Gas Prices Crash: Down 46 Cents On Average

Gas Prices Crash: Down 46 Cents On Average

A gas prices crash has caused overall gasoline fuel costs to plummet 46 cents a gallon average over the past two months. The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.38, down nearly a dime over the past three weeks. Unfortunately, the national average is still about eight cents higher than the average… Read more »

Netflix CEO Reed Hasting Faces Possible SEC Charges Over Facebook Post

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission because of a Facebook post the CEO made in July. On his personal Facebook page, Hastings announced that Netflix had surpassed one billion hours of streaming video in a single month, the first time Netflix has reached that milestone in its short… Read more »

Google Didn’t Buy ICOA Wireless, PRWeb Press Release Pulled From Circulation

Google Didn't Buy ICOA

Google has not acquired ICOA Wireless as an early Monday morning press release originally claimed. Trading volumes at both companies increased on Monday upon news that Google had forked over $400 million to purchase the large-scale nationwide braodband Wi-Fi network. Following a press release by PR Web, which has since been pulled, both companies openly… Read more »

Hostess Fires 15,000 Employees To Start Liquidation Process

Hostess Fires Majority Of Workers

Hostess has fired 15,000 employees on Thursday to start the liquidation process after the Twinkies maker won interim court approval to shut down and sell its assets. The popular baking company was given permission to close during a hearing in White Plains, New York, on Wednesday, reports Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The request was approved by US… Read more »

Hostess, Twinkies In Trouble Again As Negotiations Break Down

Hostess, Twinkies In Trouble Again As Negotiations Break Down

Hostess and Twinkies appeared to be out the door when the company announced it was going out of business, but it appeared saved when potential buyers stepped forward. Now the company is on the brink again as bankruptcy mediation broke down between Hostess and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union. As… Read more »