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Hostile Takeover Of Safeway May Be Thwarted By ‘Poison Pill’

hostile takeover safeway

A hostile takeover of Safeway, the chain of supermarkets, may be impeded by the use of a “poison pill” tactic. Business can get dramatic sometimes, and Safeway’s hostile takeover involved the accumulation of a significant portion of stock by a group called Jana Partners. Earlier this week, Jana Partners disclosed in a Securities and Exchange… Read more »

Walgreens Drops Employee Health Insurance Coverage

Walgreens drops employee health insurance coverage

[Update: See the Walgreens response below] Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain, reportedly will no longer offer health insurance coverage to about 180,000 employees at its approximately 8,000 US stores. Going forward, workers will need to buy coverage on so-called healthcare exchanges with an employer-provided subsidy. The company apparently attributed the major change to its… Read more »

Forbes Richest 400: Bill Gates Is Still The Wealthiest American

Bill Gates Richest Man In America

Bill Gates is still by far the richest man in America, according to the Forbes Richest 400 list. Microsoft’s founder is worth an estimated $72 billion, while his next closest contemporary, Warren Buffett, holds onto a $58.5 billion fortune. Gates still operates a controlling interest in Microsoft and while his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation… Read more »

O’Hare New Runway Expansion Noisy, Goats Might Bother Neighborhoods

O'Hare New Runway Expansion Noisy, Goats Might Bother Neighborhoods

O’Hare’s new runway expansion is expected to bring noise to local neighborhoods, which is something they want stopped in its tracks. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, recently O’Hare saw a 1979 murder suspect arrested. The Chicago O’Hare new runway expansion is set to open on October 17 of this year. Chicago was hit hard… Read more »

Squatty Potty Helps Users Drop The Ultimate Deuce

Proper Posture

The Squatty Potty has won our admiration for weirdest of 2013’s various business startups, and, by weirdest, we mean it’s destined to be the butt of many a joke to those first hearing about it. That doesn’t make it a bad thing, however. Anyone, who has ever tried to run their own business — present… Read more »

Walmart Extends Health Coverage To Same Sex Partners

walmart gay insurance

Megaretailer Walmart is known for its restrictive policies regarding health insurance coverage, but the chain will be covering one often overlooked segment of the population — the same-sex partners of qualifying employees. Walmart’s same-sex partner benefit plans were considered a big game changer when they were revealed today. Numerous aspects of the decision made it… Read more »

Starbucks Not Cutting Workers’ Benefits As Obamacare Nears

Starbucks Benefits Obamacare

Unlike many other companies, Starbucks announced on Monday that it won’t cut workers’ benefits ahead of the US Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. The healthcare reform bill has seen criticism from several businesses. In response, they have announced that they will either cut hours or health insurance benefits to offset the cost… Read more »

Donald Trump Sued By NY Attorney General For Alleged Fraud

New York Donald Trump Sued

Donald Trump is being sued for $40 million over his for-profit investment tool called Trump University. The lawsuit was filed by the New York state attorney general for alleged fraud. The lawsuit alleges that Trump ran the phony university that promised to make its students rich. Instead, it enrolled them in expensive and mostly useless… Read more »