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Diggerland USA: Construction-Based Theme Park Opens For Your Amusement Next Month

diggerland usa

When it comes to vacations to a theme park, Orlando probably has everyone beat. They have Disneyworld (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), Universal Orlando (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure), Sea World of Orlando (Sea World, Discovery Cove), along with a theme park of your preference (Holy Land Experience, Wet n’ Wild, etc.)…. Read more »

eBay Hacked, Asks Users To Change Passwords

eBay corporate sign

Online auction site eBay confirmed Wednesday morning that its corporate network was hacked, and that a database containing consumer’s personal information was “compromised”, CNET reports. In a bizarre series of events that transpired Wednesday morning, eBay owned PayPal posted a blog entry entitled “eBay, Inc. to Ask All eBay users to Change Passwords.” Much to… Read more »

Why Is Taco Bell Testing $1 Menu Items?

Taco Bell

Taco Bell has always displayed a flair for going big. It has successfully enhanced its burritos and nachos, offering them in XXL sizes. However, lately the fast food chain appears to be going in the reverse direction offering XXS (EXtra EXtra Small) size menu items that cost only about a dollar each. Taco Bell has… Read more »

New Boeing 777X Is Biggest, Cheapest Jet Ever

Boeing 777X Launches Soon

Boeing’s expected 2020 launch of its 777X superjumbo jet is putting other jet manufacturers on red alert: Grow to meet the 777X’s impressive specs or fall behind the times and fail. The Boeing 777X was unveiled in November at the Dubai Airshow and immediately landed four airline customers. The company just officially put the new… Read more »

Red Lobster Sells For $2.1B, Future Unclear

red lobster sold by darden

Fans of popular seafood chain Red Lobster have been buzzing this morning, with news that the now-struggling brand has been sold, and speculating over the fate of the seafood purveyor. Red Lobster was offloaded by Darden Restaurants, parent company of fellow mid-range chain Olive Garden. The sale totaled $2.1 billion, and investment firm Golden Gate… Read more »

Colorado Could Have A First–Of–Its–Kind Bank For Marijuana Businesses

pot and profits

Marijuana, which has traditionally been viewed as an illegal drug, has recently been allowed for recreational usage. But the drug’s primary trade executed in all–cash deals has always been a cause for trouble. Now Colorado has thought of an interesting and legalized system that might significantly curb the cash–only deals for procuring and selling of… Read more »

Small SUVs Are The New Big Cars Prove April Sales Figures

Small SUVs Have Registered Exceptional Sales In America

Americans have suddenly rediscovered their passion for cars. But this time, they have new favorites. As per the latest sales records, America registered a substantial upswing in purchase of Small SUVs and Pickups. The sales have been really encouraging and consistent and analysts are confident the pace will continue for the rest of the year,… Read more »

Why Walmart’s ‘Everyday Low Prices’ Could Work Wonders For Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance To be Offered By Walmart

Walmart, the franchise that aggressively advertises its ‘Everyday Low Prices’ had recently extended its scope to include Auto Insurance. Beginning this month, Walmart announced its tie-in with to offer car insurance to its customers at its customary ‘Everyday Low Prices’. Interestingly, the retail giant won’t directly sell auto insurance, but offer auto insurance comparison… Read more »

Burger King’s Fortunes Turn-Around At The Expense Of McDonald’s?

Burger_King VS mickey d

The breakfast wars may be bravely fought by McDonald’s and Taco Bell, however, another fast–food joint; Burger King has been quietly consolidating its position. Burger King managed to turn–around its fortunes in the first quarter of 2014. The same–store sales have grown marginally for the franchisee. Though the sale has increased by just 0.1%, considering… Read more »

Here’s How Pizza Hut CEO Will Attempt To Turn The Company Around

Pizza Hut Business

Pizza Hut had just announced that it had great run in China, but The Inquisitr had also reported it had a less than stellar performance back at home. The chain of restaurants witnessed its revenues decline a concern–worthy 5 Percent points, which prompted Yum! Brands CEO David Novak, to openly confirm that his primary goal… Read more »

‘Drowning Game’ Uses Horrific Scenario To Promote Life Jackets


Life jacket company, Sortie En Mer, has gone beyond the call of terror just to show the importance of wearing a life jacket. They do this by presenting a horrific scenario through a game. It’s initiative: make sure you don’t drown. The initiation of the movie is quite optimistic. Through a first-person view of a… Read more »