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Nutella Shuts Down Popular Fan Site, Cancels World Nutella Day

World Nutella Day

The makers of Nutella and their lawyers have effectively shut down a very popular fan site. Since the company apparently doesn’t like fans to sing the foodstuff’s praises too loudly, Nutella fanatic Sara Rosso has been ordered to remove any and all items from her website containing the product’s name or logo. As a result… Read more »

Beardvertising: Earn Money With Your Face Foliage


Do you have an amazing beard that people stop and stare at? Are you a member of the Duck Dynasty? If you answered yes to either one of those questions, you might be a great addition to the Beardvertising team. Designed by a Kentucky-based advertising firm, Beardvertising is exactly what it sounds like, advertising that… Read more »

Softbank CEO Hypes His 4G Experience Ahead Of Sprint Buyout

SoftBank CEO Touts Sprint Tech Experience

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son hyped up his 4G LTE experience ahead of his company’s final closing on its buyout of Sprint. As Sprint shareholders prepared for a final vote of confidence for Son, he touted his company’s own advances in single frequency network technology, which has reduced signal interference. The $20.1 billion offer to buy… Read more »

City Sues Monster Energy Drinks For Marketing To Kids

City Sues Monster Energy Drinks For Marketing To Kids

As a city sues Monster energy drinks for marketing to kids, some parents might be wonder whether the Monster lawsuit by San Francisco means the energy drinks are dangerous to your health. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the last Monster beverage lawsuit was by the parents of Anais Fournier, who claimed the consumption of… Read more »

Hotmail Is Officially Dead


Hotmail is officially dead. Microsoft announced today that they have finished transferring all Hotmail accounts to its newer email system Outlook. The SF Gate reports that Hotmail accounts will still be active, but the look and feel of the old system is officially dead. Microsoft wrote in a blog post: “Today, we’re excited to announce… Read more »

Gold Coins Attract New Buyers With Falling Prices

gold coins

Gold coins are getting a new look from hobbyists and collectors as professional investors continue to abandon gold exchange-traded funds (ETF). In April, the price of gold went into freefall, while the stock market continued to soar — a situation that caused both institutional and individual investors to abandon ETFs in droves. In April, the… Read more »

J.C. Penney Apologizes To Customers In New Ad [Video]

J.C. Penney Sales Back After Year Of 'Everyday Low Price'

J.C. Penney is sorry. The company put out an ad today apologizing to its customers for the recent changes at the store. J.C. Penney’s sales have plummeted recently, and the company wants its customers back. The store fired its CEO, Ron Johnson, after 17 months in the job. Johnson implemented several changes to rejuvenate the… Read more »

99 Cents Only Stores Founder Dave Gold Dies

Entrepreneur Dave Gold Dies

Dave Gold, the founder of the 99 Cents Only Stores empire, died on Monday at his home in Mid-Wilshire. The thrifty entrepreneur launched his business at age 50 after considering the idea for more than 10 years. He took the dollar store concept and introduced it to middle and upper-class neighborhoods. In the process, Gold… Read more »

Dollar Menu Fails To Boost McDonald’s Sales

Dollar Menu Fails McDonald's Sales

The Dollar Menu failed to lift sales for fast food giant McDonald’s, though the company still managed to eke out a higher profit for its first quarter. The company announced on Friday that an important sales measure lost one percent during the first quarter. The world’s largest hamburger joint added that the number is expected… Read more »