Animal News Timeline

Bald Eagle Assessment – National Symbol Is Thriving In The Wild

bald eagle

Wildlife researchers in the United States are now saying that the bald eagle – the national symbol – has flown back from the brink of extinction and is now thriving in the wild. Sightings of bald eagles have increased greatly by members of the general public and conservationists are excited about new bald eagle nesting… Read more »

Where In The World Is Katharine The Great White Shark?

Katharine The Great White Shark

Katharine the great white shark recently made headlines with her brief trip to Florida’s east coast, yet the famous predator has since gone silent, leaving fans to wonder just where her fin will next break the surface of the sea. Arriving off Fernandina Beach late last month, Katharine embarked on a tour of the Space… Read more »

Beloved Grand Canyon Wolf Shot And Killed By Utah Hunter


Officials have confirmed that a beloved Grand Canyon wolf was shot and killed by a Utah hunter. Echo the wolf was an icon, as she was the first wolf observed in the region since the 1940s. In December 2014, a coyote hunter contacted the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to report he had mistakenly shot… Read more »

Pit Bull Quarantined After Heroic Deed

Tank, the heroic pit bull, saved his young owner from a rabid raccoon.

Even though the pit bull breeds are erroneously thought of as dangerous by certain groups, a great many of them are loyal to their owners and quick to protect their families. Such is the case with the 21-month-old pit bull puppy, Tank. Tank is being held in quarantine at the Norwich Animal Shelter in Connecticut…. Read more »

Australia Extinction Rates Linked To Feral Cats And Foxes

Invasive Species

Australia’s extinction rate has been linked to feral cats and foxes, which were introduced to the continent by early settlers. In the last 200 years, more than 10 percent of Australia’s land mammals have gone extinct. A recent study, which was published by the National Academy of Sciences, suggests non-native species are to blame for… Read more »

Fatal Shark Attack Streamed Live Online, Hunt For Great White Begins

Authorities are now scouring the area for any sign of the large white shark thought to be responsible

Australian authorities are on the hunt for a great white shark, after the animal killed a surfer in an attack that was streamed live online by cameras facing the surf. The death of surfer Tadashi Nakahara at Ballina yesterday was the second fatal shark attack on the north coast in five months, according to News.Com.Au…. Read more »

Meet Pet, The Lamb That Thinks She’s A Dog

Pet, the lamb dog

Meet Pet, the orphaned lamb who was raised in the Scottish Highlands by four collies, and now thinks she’s a dog. The collies adopted Pet when the lamb was taken in after she struggled to survive following her birth in April last year. And from a young age, the adorable sheep would follow the oldest… Read more »

Group Of 116 Rescued Puppies Frolic In Ireland Shelter

Ireland Pups

The dramatic intervention of animal protection services in Ireland has led to 116 rescued puppies. The group of puppies are of varying breeds and are estimated to be between the ages of 5 to 8-weeks-old. Two vans that were trying to get aboard a ferry from Dublin, Ireland, to the UK were carrying the puppies,… Read more »

Looking For The Nearest Tiger Shark? There’s An App For That

Scientists hope the tracking app can be used in the future to warn beachgoers automatically when a shark is near.

Beachgoers in Australia are now able to track some of the tiger sharks swimming along their coast in real time using a phone app, and scientists hope the efforts may change the face of the country’s controversial shark policies. Working with Ocearch, researchers have tagged three large tiger sharks off the coast of Fraser Island,… Read more »

‘PETA Kidnapped And Killed My Dog,’ Says Distraught Pet Owner

PETA Kills Family Pet, Acquitted Of Criminal Charges

PETA kidnapped and euthanized a family pet, according to various reports and a seemingly damning home surveillance video. In the four-and-a-half minutes of footage, a 3-year-old chihuahua named Maya is coaxed off her owner’s property with treats, but after accepting the treats, she returns to the porch. At this point, a woman from People for… Read more »