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Watch More Cat Videos, Apparently They’re Good For Your Health

Want Good Health Watch Cat Videos

Good news, cat fans! Those viral videos you enjoy watching featuring feline antics may be good for your health. So suggests a study published in Computers in Human Behavior. The study examined the internet habits and emotional well-being of 7,000 participants. What researchers reportedly found was a possible correlation between time spent watching cat videos… Read more »

Flapjack Octopus: Newly Discovered Pink Octopus Deemed ‘Adorable’

pink octopus

A pink octopus with “puppy dog eyes” has not yet been classified and is currently known simply as the “flapjack” octopus. The octopus has garnered international headlines, prompting many to conclude that the tiny sea creature should be given the scientific name, Opisthotheusis Adorabilis — because the octopus is so adorable. The flapjack octopus has… Read more »

Sixteen-Foot Cannibal Crocodile Makes Meal Of Six-Foot Rival [Photos]


A photo shows the moment that a monster 16-foot (5m) saltwater crocodile, known to tour guides at Australia’s Kakadu National Park as “Maxi,” devoured a 6-foot (2m) rival while tourists looked on in shock and awe. The shocking photo of crocodile cannibalism, taken during a Yellow Water Cruise at the Kakadu National Park in Australia,… Read more »