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Sarge The Pit Bull: Animal Cruelty Suspect Named And Formally Charged

Sarge The Pit bull- Suspect Named

The Inquisitr has been following the Sarge the pit bull saga that began in early August. Sarge the pit bull, previously known under three different names, was left for dead with an arrow piercing his belly. “Twenty minutes from Ivin, Utah, a sergeant with the Washington Country Sheriff’s office found the injured pit bull on… Read more »

Giant Great White Shark Spotted Stalking Surfers Off Australian Coast

A giant great whtie shark was spotted off australia's coast.

A massive shark was filmed swimming near surfers off Australia’s Central Coast as a drone pilot captured harrowing images of the great white. The photos reveal a giant shark, 50 meters off the shore at Killcare Beach, chasing a school of fish. Disturbingly close to nearby surfers, the great white stalked its prey unbeknownst to… Read more »

Black Bear Attacks And Kills New Jersey Hiker

Black Bear New Jersey

A black bear has attacked and killed a New Jersey hiker. On Sunday afternoon, five friends were hiking through the Apshawa Preserve in West Milford. According to reports, the hikers encountered the bear unexpectedly. Although they attempted to escape, the bear managed to attack and kill 22-year-old Darsh Patel. Although the cause of death was… Read more »

Dogs Try Snow Boots For The First Time: Cuteness Ensues [Video]

Cute dogs learning to walk in snow boots

Fall is here! Time to put away the summer things and break out the cold weather wardrobe. These adorable dogs are no different, they are getting prepared for winter weather also. Snow boots for dogs have come into to vogue over the past few years. Unfortunately, as well-intentioned as owners are in putting them on… Read more »

Japan To Resume Whaling Program Despite Continued Controversy

Whale Culls

Japan has vowed to resume their whaling program – despite continued controversy. Earlier this year, the International Whaling Commission voted to implement restrictions on Japan’s whaling program. However, Japanese officials are unwilling to comply. On Thursday, Japanese diplomats announced plans to resume their whaling program next year. Although commercial whaling was banned in 1986, whaling… Read more »

Service Dogs Lend A Helping Paw To Veterans With PTSD [Video]

Service dogs are trained to help veterans with PTSD.

With their unconditional love and goofy acts, dogs make a difference in millions of lives every day. But for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and related conditions, trained service dogs can provide life-saving help. Several organizations are making a difference by placing service dogs with veterans, including K9s for Warriors, reported USA Today on… Read more »