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Great White Shark Attack Throws Surfer ’3m Into The Air’

The surfer suffered a breach attack, in which the great white shark struck him from below

A young man who was bitten by a great white shark off Cape Town’s Muizenberg beach on Friday was tossed nearly ten feet into the air by the intensity of the predator’s attack, according to witnesses. “There was only the board between him and the shark’s mouth. His board saved him,” said Julian Pringle, a… Read more »

Calico Lobster Set To Debut At Explore The Ocean World Oceanarium

Unique Crustacean

A rare calico lobster is set to debut at Hampton’s Explore the Ocean World Oceanarium. The orange and blue crustacean was donated to the oceanarium by a local fisherman. Josiah Beringer said he and his nephew found the unusual lobster in a trap, which was set near the mouth of New Hampshire’s Hampton Harbor Marine… Read more »

‘Cape Cod Shark Hunters’ Are After Great Whites

Great White Sharks Massachusetts

Great white sharks have become a major draw for tourists in Cape Cod this year, but thanks to the efforts of Captain Bill Chaprales and his son Nick, also known as the Cape Cod Shark Hunters, scientists have a unique opportunity to study one of the ocean’s most feared predators. Chaprales and his son have… Read more »

Pit Bull Baby Meets Human Baby, Cuddling Ensues [Video]


Pit bull pups and human pups. The inseparable friendship that, in this case, started at birth. A pit bull, or known known by its proper name “Staffordshire Terrier,” are often referred to as “nanny dog.” Though the exact origin of this title does not seem concrete, there are many old pit bull photos and history… Read more »

Original Owners Take Missing Dog Away From New Family After Seven Years

Family Finds Dog

A Texas family was reunited with their missing dog after seven years. Although the Millers were thrilled to find their lost pet, another family is now heartbroken. Kelli Davis said “Harley” was an important part of her family for more than six years. The dog was eventually returned to his original owners. However, Davis said… Read more »

‘Summer Of The Shark’? Cape Cod Booms As Great Whites Invade

Increasing numbers of white shark sightings are fueling a tourism boom on Cape Cod

Tourism is booming in Cape Cod as the number of great white shark sightings are on the rise, while local fisherman have already observed amazing behavior in one of the ocean’s fiercest predators. Cape Cod businesses are embracing the great white shark influx, Mashable reports. Tourists can catch a showing of Jaws at local theaters,… Read more »

Firefighter Saves Dog By Giving CPR, Brings Chihuahua Back To Life

Firefighter Saves Dog By CPR

After a harrowing blaze engulfed a woman’s RV, a Texas firefighter saves a dog by giving her CPR. The Addison firefighter, Capt. Scott Ledet, is lauded a K-9 hero for bringing a nearly dead chihuahua back to life. Yvette Childers noticed while driving her RV earlier this month, that the the engine caught on fire… Read more »

Dog Owners Over 65 Are Healthier Than Peers [Study]

Dog Owners Healthier Past Age 65?

Dog owners are healthier than their peers past the age of 65, according to a new study released by St. Andrews University and published in Preventative Medicine. The Telegraph reports that dog owners over the age of 65 have fitness levels a decade younger than their biological age. The study’s authors said public health officials… Read more »