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Giant Alligator Makes Its Presence Known At Florida Golf Course

Giant Alligator Golf Course

Last week, golfers at a popular golf course in Florida spotted an enormous alligator headed for the pond not far from the putting surf near the 7th hole. Many of the golfers took photos with their cell phones because they knew no one would believe a creature this massive existed. When the photos of the… Read more »

Leatherback Sea Turtle Rescued From Lonely Beach, Christened Yawkey

Yawkey the leatherback sea turtle rescued

A 500-pound leatherback sea turtle has been rescued in South Carolina, which may not seem like a big deal. But only five of these massive reptiles have ever been found alive in the entire U.S., making Saturday’s rescue a true rarity. The juvenile turtle was found on a remote beach at the Yawkey-South Island Reserve… Read more »

Australia: Man Finds Python Inside Box Of Corn Flakes [Video]

Python inside box of corn flakes

An Australian man named Jarred Smith got the shock of his life after he found a 2-meter long python hiding inside a box of corn flakes. According to the Daily Telegraph Australia, Jarred encountered the slithery guest last Tuesday after he decided to have some corn flakes for lunch. According to the report, Jarred found… Read more »

Drunk Squirrel Has One Too Many Fermented Crab Apples, Goes Viral [Video]

Drunk Squirrel Goes Viral

There are few things cuter than a drunk squirrel, except perhaps a viral video featuring a drunk squirrel. The little guy reportedly feasted on crabapples. Unfortunately for the squirrel, the crab apples had fermented. The result was a hilariously cute incident that was captured on camera. When the man who recorded the video first noticed… Read more »

Homemade Wheelchair Saves Lives Of Pets In The Balkans

Home-made pet wheelchairs are helping pets in the Balkans

Obtaining a pet wheelchair is difficult in the Balkans – an impoverished region with a bad record for caring for the disabled – both humans and pets. There are no local producers of the devices, and getting one from a European producer is practically impossible for most people due to the expense. Worse yet, due… Read more »

Cougar Found In California Mall Parking Lot

cougar replace

A full-grown cougar was found wandering the busy parking lot of Temecula – California’s Promenade Mall. According to Press-Enterprise, the Department of Fish and Wildlife were called approximately around 6 a.m. Someone from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department contacted the Fish and Wildlife wardens, who arrived at the scene around 7 a.m. Once at the… Read more »

Cat Music: A Study Find That Cat’s Do Like Music, Just Not Yours

Cat Music: A Study Find That Cat's Do Like Music, Just Not Yours

Cats and cat ladies rejoice! Cat music is finally here. It is not merely music by Cat Stevens, Stray Cats, Cat Power, or that popular Tom Jones song “What’s New Pussycat?,” it is music for cats by cats. Unfortunately, the sounds are recorded by humans. So, who spent the time on this study that have… Read more »