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Julianne Moore Movies To Release In 2015, Three New Films To Rock Your Year

Julianne Moore at the 2015 Oscars

Julianne Moore’s movies haven’t stopped because of the Oscars. While for 2014-2015 she’s won 18 awards so far, Julianne is keeping the snowball moving. Actors and actresses live extremely busy lives. For Moore, this is no exception, and is evidently proven on the Internet Movie Database(IMDb). Throughout Julianne’s movie career, she’s won 100 awards and… Read more »

‘Boyhood’ Star Ellar Coltrane: Oscars ‘A Celebration Of Art’

'Boyhood' Star Ellar Coltrane

Boyhood, which is nominated for several Academy Awards Sunday including Best Picture, gives viewers a unique experience. Filmed a few days a year for more than a decade with the same cast, the characters gradually get older over time. While the changes in the faces of acting nominees Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette are subtle,… Read more »

Aquaman Is Coming… And He’s Steaming Hot


The time has come: a solo Aquaman movie is to be a reality. The superhero flick was confirmed by director Zack Snyder on Twitter on Friday February 20 with a very tempting image of Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa in full Aquaman costume and make-up, tweeted along with the words, “Unite The Seven.” As… Read more »

Aquaman Reveal Includes Possible Spoiler

Aquaman reveal includes spoiler

The Aquaman reveal has brought about enough of a buzz all on its own. Jason Momoa staring angrily into the camera wearing his Aquaman garb was enough to get internet tongues wagging when Zack Snyder took to Twitter for the big unveiling of Aquaman. While showing off Aquaman in all his glory should have been… Read more »

Disney ‘Frozen’ Lawsuit Laughed Out Of Court By Judge

Disney's Frozen lawsuit tossed

Disney’s Frozen did not, it turns out, rip off a New Jersey author’s story about her life in Peru. Isabella Tanikumi filed suit in October against Disney regarding Frozen, saying that the film was a takeoff from her memoirs, particularly one titled Yearnings of the Heart. This particular version depicted her family’s struggles in the… Read more »

Aquaman Unveiled: Get A Look At Jason Momoa As DC Hero

Aquaman Unveiled By Zack Snyder

One thing is for certain after seeing Jason Mamoa unveiled as Aquaman: No one in their right mind will ever refer to the DC hero as the wimpy, useless Justice League member with the ugly orange and green outfit. Of course, there have been quite a few changes to the Aquaman character since those sad… Read more »

Ridley Scott Moves Forward With New ‘Alien’ Film

Ridley Scott & Neill Blomkamp will work together on new 'Alien' film.

Ridley Scott is set to bring his Alien franchise back to the big screen with the help of director Neill Blomkamp, reports Variety. Additionally, Scott is still involved with the Prometheus sequel, which 20th Century Fox is also making. Originally, the plan was for a reboot that would star Alien veteran Sigourney Weaver and, while… Read more »