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Guillermo Del Toro To Judge ‘YouTube Spaces’ House Of Horrors Initiative

YouTube Spaces Legendary Contest

Guillermo del Toro is arguably the most prolifically creative mind working in film today, and yet he still has the time to help out young filmmakers. This morning, YouTube announced their upcoming House of Horrors: A Legendary Halloween, and none other than Guillermo del Toro will be judging the performances, according to The Nerdist. Legendary… Read more »

‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ Cut Hawkeye, Steve Rogers Fight Scene


Captain America: The Winter Soldier originally concluded with a fight scene between Steve Rogers and Hawkeye, but it was eventually cut out of the blockbuster. Joe Russo, who directed the Marvel hit alongside his brother, Anthony, has now been discussing what would have been involved in the ending, while he’s also revealed which Avenger would… Read more »

Ben Kingsley: The Mandarin Is Not The Man We Thought

The Mandarin Isn't who we thought we was

Iron Man 3 had its share of surprises when it was released back in May of 2013, nearly a year and a half ago. The biggest shock no doubt came from Ben Kingsley’s portrayal of Mandarin, perhaps Iron Man’s biggest foe in the comics world. But is the Mandarin in that film really the man… Read more »

Wesley Snipes Is Set To Reprise His Role In ‘Blade 4’


Wesley Snipes is reportedly looking forward to reclaiming an old role as a vampire hunter in a fourth installment of Blade. Daily News reported that Snipes would make $3 million and a cut of the profits for starring in the fourth movie in the Blade series. A source close to Snipes let the beans spill… Read more »

Joaquin Phoenix As Doctor Strange: Five Reasons Why It Will Work

Joaquin Phoenix

The news broke on Collider last night that Joaquin Phoenix is in final negotiations to play Doctor Strange in the upcoming super hero flick from Marvel. As reported by the Inquisitr, late indications that Jack Huston – the deformed assassin from Boardwalk Empire – was up for the role ended up being completely false. So… Read more »

Joaquin Phoenix Back In The Lead For Marvel’s Doctor Strange?

Marvel's Doctor Strange

Here we go again! If you’ve had a hard time keeping up with Marvel’s Doctor Strange casting rumors we don’t blame you. Keeping up with every attached name has been dizzying to say the least, and now it looks like if rumors are believed Joaquin Phoenix is still circling the film and close to finalizing… Read more »

‘Fast And Furious 7’ Plot Details Revealed [Spoilers]

Fast and Furious 7 Movie

It’s been weeks since we’ve heard any new information in regards to Fast and Furious 7. During the spring and most of the summer, we gathered details about the production, and how it would continue without actor Paul Walker. Now, we have rumors that may be major spoilers via Cinema Blend about what the new… Read more »

‘Captain America 3’ Cast To Expand, Secret Wars And Hawkeye Teased


Captain America 3 could include numerous casting additions after it was teased Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye could be featured in a film adapted from the Secret Wars comic-book series. Renner has so far appeared in Thor and The Avengers as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, and he’s set to return as the character in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The… Read more »

Google Acquires ‘Zync': Is Google Entering The Movie Business?

Google Acquires Zync: Is Google Entering The Movie Business?

Is Google entering the movie business by purchasing Zync? That aspect is unclear, but Google Inc. is acquiring a company called Zync. In a day and age when companies are constantly buying up smaller companies to keep the competitive edge, Google and Apple are in the news most often.In a bid to have a leg… Read more »

Arnold Schwarzenegger Versus Zombies! What More Do You Want?


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new zombie flick, MAGGIE, has been picked up by Lions Gate for release early in 2015, according to Aint It Cool News. Since finishing up his governor duties, Arnold Schwarzenegger has, thus far, been mainly focused on sequels and reboots, including The Expendables, the new Terminator film and Legend of Conan, a sequel… Read more »

Angela Bassett Says Whitney Houston Biopic Controversy Is ‘Good’

angela bassett directs whiney houston biopic

Since Lifetime announced that they were putting together a biopic on Whitney Houston controversy has circulated the production. From the casting to the Bobby Brown storyline, people have been criticizing the biopic, which is currently being helmed by actress Angela Bassett. Surprisingly so, Bassett seems to be welcoming of the controversy. Bassett attended the Emmys… Read more »

Is Hasbro Studios The Next Marvel Studios?


Hasbro isn’t exactly the first company that comes to mind when you think of movies. However, only a few years ago, Marvel wasn’t the first name that came to mind when you thought of movies, either. Now that’s all changing. The success of Marvel Studios over the last few years has been nothing short of… Read more »