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‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel: Writer Plans To Bring Back Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton

Seth Grahame-Smith confirmed that he hopes to bring back Michael Keaton for the Beetlejuice sequel. In a recent interview, the screenwriter confirmed he will not replace the lead character with another actor. However, he plans to use “less is more” approach with Keaton’s role. During an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Grahame-Smith explained that “Beetlejuice does… Read more »

‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Returning As Netflix Series

Virtually the entire original cast is set to return for the series, according to reports.

Nearly 15 years after the release of cult classic Wet Hot American Summer, filming has begun on a follow-up series, set to be released through Netflix. Virtually the entire original cast of Wet Hot American Summer is returning for the new production, according to Deadline. Though plot details were not immediately available, it was revealed… Read more »

Could Reboot Of ‘Ghostbusters’ Star Melissa McCarthy?

Melissa McCarthy Ghostbusters star

A comeback for the 1980s classic Ghostbusters franchise is in the works, with the third installment of the film being headed by Paul Feig, who plans to assemble an all-female cast for the film. Now, rumors are that the next Ghostbusters star could be Melissa McCarthy, of Mike & Molly fame. In an interview with… Read more »

‘Wicked’ Movie Adaptation Could Be In Theaters As Early As 2016

Wicked Movie in 2016

The hit musical Wicked may hit theaters in 2016. Producer Marc Platt revealed in an interview that a screenplay for Wicked is currently in works with hopes that the movie version will premiere in 2016. In an interview with Film Divider, Platt said that producers are inspired to move forward with Wicked due to its… Read more »

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Terrified J.J. Abrams

Star Wars Abrams

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a massive undertaking, one that many directors probably wouldn’t want to tackle. And while J.J. Abrams decided to take the reins on this highly-anticipated sequel, that doesn’t mean he possesses nerves of unbreakable steel. The latest addition to the Star Wars franchise – the first live-action cinematic endeavor since… Read more »

‘Suicide Squad': Viola Davis Will Play Amanda Waller, Actress Confirms

Viola Davis

It’s official! Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis will play Amanda Waller in the highly-anticipated film, Suicide Squad. Back in December, Batman News reported the possibility of Viola Davis playing the coveted role of Amanda Waller, the head-woman-in-charge of the Suicide Squad within the world of DC superheroes and villains. On Wednesday, the same source was able… Read more »

‘Gambit’ X-Men Movie Charged For 2016 Release

Gambit X-Men Cover

Gambit, a spinoff of the X-Men film franchise, will debut on silver screens in 2016 according to multiple news sources. The Hollywood Reporter said that Twentieth Century Fox scheduled a date for the movie starring the X-Men mutant. “Gambit, starring Channing Tatum, is set for release Oct. 7, 2016. Joshua Zetumer wrote the screenplay.” Variety… Read more »

‘Ghost In The Shell’ Live-Action Film To Star Scarlett Johansson


Actress Scarlett Johansson has already played an action hero in Iron Man, The Avengers, and Captain America. Now Variety reports she’s signed on to become a cyborg superhero of sorts in DreamWork’s adaptation of the popular and influential Japanese anime, Ghost in the Shell. Johansson was reportedly offered the role in October 2014 to the… Read more »