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Box Office: ‘Cinderella’ Wins The Weekend With $70 Million Open

Disney Cinderella

Disney struck gold again this weekend with Cinderella, the new modern twist on a classic tale. The film, starring Lily James and Cate Blanchett, won the weekend with a whopping $70 million dollar opening at the box office. Not only did it soar to number 1, but it held strong against films like Liam Neeson’s… Read more »

Mexico Pays $20 Million For Changes In James Bond Movie Script

Mexico pays $20 million for changes in Bond movie script

The country of Mexico offered the makers of the next James Bond film $20 million in incentives to make important changes to their upcoming movie, Spectre. The country asked for a number of changes to the Bond movie including the addition of a Mexican Bond girl and replacing the Mexican police with a special force…. Read more »

The ‘Frozen Fever’ Snowgies Might Be The New Minions

Disney's Frozen Fever Introduces The Snowgies

Disney’s Frozen Fever will introduce some adorable new friends for lovable snowman Olaf, but their origin story is kind of gross. According to a recent report, these mini-snowmen will magically appear whenever Elsa sneezes. In other words, they’re frozen, living snot bubbles. According to Yahoo! Movies, the new poster for Disney’s Frozen Fever short features… Read more »

Amy Schumer Uses Humor To Respond To Hollywood Sexism

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment

Stand-up comedian Amy Schumer, most widely known for the sketch comedy show she created and which she writes herself, Inside Amy Schumer, drafted the script for the upcoming romantic comedy, Trainwreck, with the intention that another actress, possibly a Hollywood A-lister, would play in the film’s starring role. As it turned out, studio execs want… Read more »

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost Corp? ‘Ghostbusters’ Goes Global

Photo courtesy of   Erika Goldring/Getty Images Entertainment

The Ghostbusters reboot, which incidentally has already received mixed reviews, has yet to hit theaters. However, Sony is already in full ghost mode, relying on a fever-pitched frenzy high enough to justify their creation of a Ghost Corp division within their walls. The studio has already managed to bring two Ghostbusters alum, director Ivan Reitman… Read more »

‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Director Tweets Important Details

Mission: Impossible 5

There is less than five months remaining until the scheduled release date of the highly-anticipated spy film, Mission: Impossible 5. However, there has not been very much information released online about the new adventures of Ethan Hunt and the gang. No trailer has been leaked online yet for Mission: Impossible 5(not even a teaser.) No… Read more »

The ‘Resident Evil’ Franchise Comes To An End

The next 'Resident Evil' film will bring an end to the franchise.

Yes, it’s true, or it would appear to be true, as far as the Resident Evil film franchise goes. The sixth chapter in the Resident Evil series has been tentatively titled Resident Evil: Final Chapter, so it seems likely that the Umbrella Corporation may be closing its doors forever, according to Crossmap. It’s not that… Read more »

James Gunn Puts ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’ Rumors To Rest

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt was visiting a Seattle children’s hospital with Chris Evans (dressed as Captain America), while the man who directed him as Star-Lord in the film laid to rest some rumors that had popped up on the internet over the past several weeks. Fans are more than a little interested… Read more »

‘Chappie’ A Flop? What Critics Could Not Compute About Sci-Fi Thriller

Why Didn't Critics Like Chappie

Chappie looked promising enough. It came to audiences by way of Neill Blomkamp, the director behind Elysium and District 9. And yet the sci-fi thriller limped into box offices this weekend, expected to make about $13.5 million. Compared to his previous efforts, Chappie has fallen far behind expectations. What went wrong for Chappie? It seems… Read more »