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‘Avengers 2’ Sneak Peek


Fans of Marvel Studios’ The Avengers will have some surprises coming their way when the second movie (subtitled Age of Ultron) hits theaters this May. Christian Today’s entertainment section reported that Captain Marvel would not be appearing in the second Avengers movie, but did receive hints from Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige about a secret… Read more »

Jennifer Lopez Signs On For ‘Mothers I’d Like To …’

Jennifer Lopez's New Movie Sign-On As A MILF - 'Mothers I'd Like To...' IV

Since Jennifer Lopez had such great success with The Boy Next Door, she has decided to partner with Universal Pictures to create a new movie called Mothers I’d Like To… It’s definitely no secret that Jennifer, 45, is still very hot and attractive, despite her age. In today’s time, she would be known as a… Read more »

Furious 7: What’s Next For The Mega-Selling Franchise?

Fast and Furious

Producer Neil Moritz, who was tasked to finish Furious 7 after the death of Paul Walker, declared it to be the most challenging movie of his career. Despite its box office success, the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise may be the last. The latest movie opened with a weekend total of $143.6… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto’ Biopic Could Star Daniel Radcliffe

Grand Theft Auto biopic

The Grand Theft Auto movie that will be a biopic of the creator of Rockstar games apparently has its lead. Reports are circulating that none other than Daniel Radcliffe has been selected to play Sam Houser. Houser is the man who helped bring the original Grand Theft Auto video game to life. The film is… Read more »

‘Spider-Man’ Won’t Be A Third Retelling Of The Origin Story

A younger version of Spider-Man is being planned for the new reboot.

Spider-Man fans have heard it enough that many know the entire story by heart and it doesn’t help that both big screen treatments of the Spider-Man story began with an updated (though essentially the same) version of the same origin tale. Now, with news that there will be a third incarnation of Spider-Man, fears have… Read more »