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Stanley Kubrick Trilogy To Illustrate A ‘Crucial Moment In History’

American film director Stanley Kubrick looking through a movie camera. Original Publication: People Disc

Thanks to Stanley Kubrick, Marc Forster is heading back in time in more ways than one with his current project. Forster is currently working on a project based on a Stanley Kubrick screenplay about the Civil War. Mr. Kubrick wrote The Downslope with Shelby Foote in 1956, shortly before Stanley made Paths of Glory. “It’s… Read more »

Rob Liefeld, Deadpool Creator, On Movie: ‘My Daughter’s Not Seeing It’


Rob Liefeld, co-creator of the Marvel Comics antihero Deadpool, found a different way to confirm that the highly-anticipated movie is not approved for children. When speaking about Deadpool, Liefeld also shared his strong opinion (and review) of the 2016 Tim Miller-directed film at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con. According to Liefeld, the movie adaptation will… Read more »

Margot Robbie Masters More Daring ‘Suicide Squad’ Stunts [Gallery]

Margot Robbie performs her own stunt on the set of the 'Suicide Squad' film.

As filming on the Suicide Squad live action film advances, attention is focused primarily on Margot Robbie with Ms. Robbie’s Harley Quinn character proving to be an early favorite among Suicide Squad fans. Earlier this week, Margot was captured on film, as she performed some tricky stunts with the aid of her stunt double. Witnesses… Read more »

Bruce Willis Enlists Famke Janssen To Help Rescue His Dog

Bruce Willis attends The Jazz Foundation Of America's 13th Annual 'A Great Night In Harlem' Gala Concert - Arrivals at The Apollo Theater on October 24, 2014 in New York City; Famke Janssen attends the 'Netflix' Launch Party at Le Faust on September 15, 2014 in Paris, France.

While Bruce Willis is primarily known for his action films and a smattering of thrillers, fans often forget that Mr. Willis has also done a fair amount of comedies with an ability to deliver laughs that first showed itself when Bruce Willis starred as David Addison, Jr. in ABC’s Moonlighting. Bruce is returning to comedy… Read more »

Groucho Marx Biopic In Development, Rob Zombie To Direct


A Groucho Marx biopic has been announced, and it will be overseen by horror director Rob Zombie. Zombie will produce and direct the film, which will be written by Oren Moverman, whose previous biopics have included this summer’s Love & Mercy, which revolves around The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, and I’m Not There, the unconventional… Read more »

Eli Roth To Direct Megalodon Shark Thriller For Warner Bros

The film, which focuses on the potential existence of a megalodon shark, has been mired in development for nearly two decades.

Warner Brothers are set to bring a long awaited adaptation of Steve Alten’s thriller Meg to the screen, and a new report has revealed that Eli Roth is in talks to helm the project, which has spent nearly two decades in varying stages of development. Roth’s potential involvement in the project was divulged by sources… Read more »