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Nicolas Cage To Star In Larry Charles’ Osama Bin Laden Comedy

Nicolas Cage Larry Charles

Nicolas Cage certainly isn’t afraid to stretch his legs, that’s for sure. Proving that he’s willing to star in just about anything that lands on his desk, Cage has reportedly signed on to play a guy who decides to track down Osama Bin Laden. Larry Charles, the director behind Borat, is joining forces with the… Read more »

‘The Interview’ Is Now On Netflix Instant

'The Interview' Now On Netflix: Glad You Didn't Pay?

The Interview Netflix Instant release is here! Subscribers got a surprise on Saturday when the company sent out an email showing that the controversial Seth Rogen comedy is now available for streaming. The film’s embattled history made world headlines after a group of hackers going by the name Guardians of Peace (GoP) demanded that Sony… Read more »

‘Mortdecai’ Is Johnny Depp’s Fifth Box Office Flop In A Row

Johnny Depp Has Another Flop With Mortdecai

It appears that Oscar nominee Johnny Depp will have another flop to add to his resume with Mortdecai. According to a report from Deadline, Depp’s latest only brought in $1.6 million on Friday in 2,648 theaters. Analysts are predicting that Mortdecai will pull in just $4.6 million once the weekend is over. This is lower… Read more »

‘Star Wars’ Spinoff To Have Both Boba Fett And Han Solo?

Boba Fett and Han Solo in same film

As of this writing, most fans aren’t even thinking about the Star Wars spinoff films we’ll be getting in the coming years. The film that’s likely on everyone’s minds is J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But if Disney plans to release the films yearly as originally scheduled, then there’s bound to be… Read more »

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Video Features NSFW Bondage Scenes


Fifty Shades Of Grey was a massive success once it hit bookshelves, with Twilight fans eager to read all the steamy scenes that began as fan fiction. Once word got around about just how juicy and boundary-pushing the story was, it seemed everyone and their mother could be seen with their noses buried in a… Read more »

Martin Scorsese And Bill Clinton Fight Over Control Of Documentary

Bill Clinton and Martin Scorsese butt heads over control of film.

In a conflict reminiscent of the Frost/Nixon interviews of the late 70s, Martin Scorsese and Bill Clinton have reached an impasse regarding control of the former president’s documentary. The documentary, which Scorsese had originally planned to release in time to coincide with Hillary Clinton’s upcoming presidential campaign, has been shelved indefinitely but has not been… Read more »

Should George Lucas Be Involved In Future ‘Star Wars’ Films?

Should George Lucas be involved in future 'Star Wars' films?

George Lucas was apparently snubbed by Disney after he sold the Star Wars franchise to the studio a couple of years ago, but should he be involved in future films? Many reply with a resounding no, not even thinking twice, after the disaster of the prequels, which left fans of the original trilogy with a… Read more »

Seth Rogen Backtracks On ‘American Sniper,’ Twitter Isn’t Fooled

Seth Rogen Backtracks On American Sniper

Seth Rogen has followed Michael Moore’s lead in backtracking comments on American Sniper. The Interview writer-director-star took to Twitter over the weekend to say the film reminded him of Nazi propaganda. This caused hundreds of commenters to inundate Rogen’s Twitter feed with angry rants against him. On Monday evening, Seth attempted to dial back those… Read more »