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The Voice Of God Meets Ted: Morgan Freeman Joins ‘Ted’ Sequel

The voice of god meets Ted

When the voice of God speaks, people tend to listen. Even stuffed bears, apparently. Morgan Freeman has reportedly signed on to star in Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2, the sequel to the hit 2012 film about a vulgar talking teddy bear and his human, played by Mark Wahlberg. As reported by Variety, Freeman could play a… Read more »

‘Doctor Strange': Could Al Pacino Benefit From Joaquin’s Hesitance?

Doctor Strange

When casting ideas first started floating around for the Doctor Strange film, names like Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jared Leto and Jack Huston were all brought up. Then, at the end of August, Collider reported that Joaquin Phoenix was pretty much a lock. In fact, they claimed that Marvel Studios had been in talks with… Read more »

‘Top Gun’ Sequel Takes Flight – But Will Cruise Return?

Tom Cruise

The Top Gun sequel is finally taking off as writer Justin Marks has been chosen to write the script, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke with The Huffington Post last March and said that he’d wanted to shoot a sequel to Top Gun, the film that cemented Tom Cruise’s Hollywood Icon… Read more »

Michael Douglas, Orlando Bloom Join Cast Of ‘Unlocked’

Michael Douglas in Unlocked

Number 43 on Yahoo Movies’ 50 Greatest Actors Alive list, Michael Douglas, will join the cast of the new thriller Unlocked. Also on board is Orlando Bloom, reports UPI. Michael Apted will direct the film about a CIA interrogator who mistakenly provides information to terrorists and then must race the clock in order to stop… Read more »

Kevin Smith Offers Up Clip From New Film ‘Tusk’


Kevin Smith‘s upcoming horror film Tusk may have one of the most interesting and hilarious origin stories of any film in recent memory. Derived from a prank posting on a website called Gumtree, Smith was quick to jump on the idea of an old man turning another man into a walrus, and within a year… Read more »

‘St. Vincent': Bill Murray Shines As A Loud-Mouthed Drunk

Bill Murray

Bill Murray’s latest film, St. Vincent, recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to rave reviews. In the film, Bill Murray plays a ornery, loud-mouthed drunk named Vincent. His neighbor, a 12 year-old boy named Oliver – played exquisitely by Jaeden Lieberher – whose parents have just gone through a divorce falls under Vincent’s… Read more »

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Breaks ‘Avengers’ Record

Box Office Records

Guardians of the Galaxy has been the hit of the summer, there’s no question about it, but everyone still seems to consider it as the red-headed stepchild of The Avengers. The Avengers is still one of the biggest grossing films of all time, but Guardians of the Galaxy has finally broken one of The Avengers… Read more »

Joaquin Phoenix As Doctor Strange: What’s The Hold Up?

Doctor Strange

As previously reported by The Inquisitr and everyone else who has any interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Joaquin Phoenix is about one signature away from being named Doctor Strange in Marvel’s standalone film of the character. But nothing has been announced yet. For a week and a half, ever since the confirmation had been… Read more »