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Bradley Cooper Will Produce Movie Based On True Story

Bradley Cooper set to produce new crime/action film based on a true story.

Two-time Oscar nominee, Bradley Cooper is best known for his acting abilities. Most recently, Cooper voiced the strangely heroic Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. Although acting is what he’s best known for, it can be argued that Bradley Cooper makes a better producer than anything else in the business. Many of the movies… Read more »

‘Expendables 4’ With Jackie Chan? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Expendables 4 Could Star Jackie Chan?

The Expendables 4 will probably happen once the international gate comes in. While The Expendables 3 is off to a horrible start in North America — it’s not expected to gross $20 million in its opening weekend, Variety reports — the films do quite well overseas. (Then again, so did A Good Day to Die… Read more »

Darth Vader: Will He Return In The New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy?

Darth Vader Could Be Making A Comeback

Darth Vader has been turning up more and more in search results after news broke of a half-human, half-cyborg villain, possibly played by Adam Driver, in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. But just how possible is it that we’ll see a return? Given director J.J. Abrams’ track record with Star Trek, we’d say it’s… Read more »

Ben Affleck Injured On ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Set?

Ben Affleck injured on Batman v Superman set

Reports that Ben Affleck was injured on the set of Batman v Superman were floating around the net on Thursday. A video that shows Batman nursing his shoulder had some folks worried that something was wrong with one of the main characters in director Zack Snyder’s blockbuster. According to Batman-News, the actor hurt his shoulder… Read more »

Joe Viskocil, ‘Star Wars’ Visual Effects Legend, Dead At 63

FX Legend Joe Viskocil Dies

Joe Viskocil liked blowing stuff up for movies, and he did it well. So well, in fact, that Joe Viskocil actually received awards from detonating miniatures for film. Looking at Joe’s Facebook page, his picture section isn’t filled with shots of famous friends or actors or the like, Joe Viskocil’s pictures are of fire. And… Read more »

The Internet Is Stoked Over Mark Hamill’s Beard

Hamill posed outside of Pinewood Studios, seemingly confirming that Star Wars: Episode VII is set to resume filming

Mark Hamill has revealed a new image of himself outside the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, and the bushy beard he is sporting for the film has fans excited that one of their favorite Jedis may have entered Obi-Wan Kenobi territory. Hamill posted a photo of himself outside of Pinewood Studios to Instagram, captioning… Read more »

Brittany Murphy’s Lifetime Biopic Slated With Actress Amanda Fuller

Brittany Murphy biopic

It’s the biopic that no one asked for, and yet Lifetime is bringing us Brittany Murphy’s story. Lifetime has been on a roll with giving us an over dramatization of our favorite Hollywood icons. Right now they have Angela Bassett helming Whitney Houston’s biopic, and a biopic on the late singer Aaliyah, which has garnered… Read more »

‘Star Wars Episode VII’ News: Filming Resumes Later This Month

Star Wars Episode VII news

News that Star Wars Episode VII filming will resume later this month is welcome information for concerned fans who were impatiently waiting for the production to move forward. On Tuesday, reports indicating that J.J. Abrams was ready to get back to work were received favorably by many. Following original cast member Harrison Ford’s injury and… Read more »

‘Star Wars Episode VII': Millennium Falcon Inside Photos Leaked

Star Wars Episode VII Millennium Falcon.

Despite J.J. Abrams’ efforts in guarding his Star Wars Episode VII production, it appears images from inside the Millennium Falcon have been leaked by the French website Mint In box. On Tuesday, a few very cool photos of what we presume is the legendary interstellar aircraft sent the internet abuzz. It is no secret that… Read more »