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Jason Bateman’s New Project Has Different Take On ‘Bad Words’

Jason Bateman directs new project

Jason Bateman might be best known for his role in the cult classic television Arrested Development. That doesn’t mean that show is anywhere near his only accomplishment in the entertainment industry. A new trailer for Bateman’s latest project and, Bad Words has surfaced. The new movie takes a very different spin on spelling bees, as… Read more »

‘Grace Unplugged’ Makes Movie History!

Grace Unplugged Sweeps Awards

There are three major faith and family film awards, but never before has one movie achieved top honors for all three. Until now. The 2013 film Grace Unplugged has just made movie history with an incredible sweep of the “Triple Crown” of awards for the genre. This is not the first time that Grace Unplugged… Read more »

Kristen Bell Goes Back To Neptune Through ‘Mars’

Kristen Bell's Veronica Mars movie releasing on Friday

Kristen Bell’s most popular recurring character will finally get some closure when the Veronica Mars movie opens this Friday. Bell plays the titular character on a show that developed a cult following despite three seasons on the air. Kristen and her fans would probably actually claim the series actually only really got two and a… Read more »

The Flash: Grant Gustin’s Full Costume As Hero Revealed

Grant Gustin wearing the mask of "The Flash".

About two weeks ago, here on The Inquisitr, a sneak peak of Grant Gustin donning the mask of the fastest superhero in DC Comics, The Flash was reported. Now today, CW has released a photo of Gustin wearing the full costume. As seen in the photo above, the rest of the costume reflects the mask…. Read more »

Scarlett Johansson Stars In Racy New ‘Under The Skin’ Clip


Scarlett Johansson’s provocative turn in Under The Skin is set to show off a side of the actress that she has seldom exhibited in previous roles. Johansson stars as an alien who hitchhikes across Scotland seducing citizens, before then murdering them. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Michel Faber… Read more »

The Hunger Games Deleted Scene Revealed

The Hunger Games Deleted Scene

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was already jam-packed with wall-to-wall action and emotion, but the release of the Blu-Ray and DVD this week revealed that theater audiences may not have gotten the whole story thanks to some deleted scene that add another layer of richness to the story. In the deleted Hunger Games scene we… Read more »

Paul Walker Would Want Us To ‘Keep Going,’ Says Tyrese Gibson

Paul Walker with Tyrese Gibson.

Paul Walker wouldn’t want his fellow actors to abandon the Fast and Furious franchise after his untimely death, says Tyrese. The fate of the franchise briefly hung in the balance as Universal Pictures tried to figure out how to approach the upcoming sequel without Walker. Although many thought the studio might scrap the project altogether,… Read more »

Ashley Greene To Play Priscilla Presley In ‘Shangri-La Suite’


Ashley Greene, the 27 year-old actress best known for her role in the Twilight movie franchise has just been announced to play Priscilla Presley in the upcoming Elvis biopic Shangri-La Suite according to Deadline Hollywood. Shangri-La Suite, directed by Eddie O’Keefe, stars Boardwalk Empire‘s Ron Livingston as Elvis Presley. But according to Deadline Hollywood, the… Read more »

Sarah Jessica Parker Shoots Down ‘Sex And The City 3’ Rumors

Sarah Jessica Parker Ellen DeGeneres

Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t want you to get your hopes up about another Sex and the City movie. According to the actress, nobody seems keen on making the flick anytime soon. Although the motion pictures based on the popular HBO series made some serious cash during their respective jaunts through theaters, apparently Warner Bros. hasn’t… Read more »

Jennifer Connelly Talks Being Directed By Husband Paul Bettany

Jennifer Connelly on husband

Jennifer Connelly has been in the film industry for decades, and has gone through her fair share of acting challenges from emoting in various roles. That said, her last challenge could probably top what she’s done in the past as an actress. For the film Shelter, she had to learn how to balance her work… Read more »

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill Set To Team Up Again

Leonardo DiCaprio set to do it again with Wolf partner, Jonah Hill

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are going to let the “good times roll.” Fresh from their Oscar nominated performances in The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio and Hill are teaming up again in a bio pic about Richard Jewell. The story was written by Hunger Games screenwriter, Billy Ray. The film will be based on… Read more »

Harry Styles Considered For ‘Wicked’

Harry Styles

Harry Styles, of the hit boy-band One Direction, is considered for a role in upcoming film, Wicked. Sugarscape reports that the higher-ups at Universal have their eyes on Styles for the part of Fiyero. On Broadway, Fiyero, originally played by Norbert Leo Butz, is the primary romantic lead for Elphaba (originally played by Idinza Menzel),… Read more »

Annette Bening Talks Her New Film ‘Face Of Love’

Annette Bening Face of Love

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Annette Bening on the big screen in a prominent role, but that’s about to change very soon. Her next film is called Face of Love, and last night the actress, along with her co-star Ed Harris, hit the red carpet for the IFC film premiere. Bening was enthused… Read more »

‘American Hustle’ Shockingly Shutout At Oscars

American Hustle shut out at Oscars

American Hustle has been one of the most talked about movies of the year. There was many a critic who expected the flick to be taking home some serious hardware on Sunday night. Those expectations make the news the movie got shut out even more surprising. There are always going to be some surprising losers… Read more »

Frozen Hits $1 Billion At Box Office

frozen-kristoff-sven (1)

As of this weekend, the latest Disney Animated Classic, Frozen, crossed the $1 billion mark threshold at the box office. As reported on IGN, the movie’s box office totals at $388.7 million in the US and a further $611.5 million in international receipts, for a combined haul of just over $1 billion. This is a… Read more »

Lady Gaga’s Acting In ‘Machete Kills’ Wasn’t Bad Enough To Win A Razzie

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga apparently doesn’t qualify for a worst supporting actress award. Although the “Applause” singer was up for dubious honor at the 34th annual Razzie Awards, she ultimately lost out to Kim Kardashian. The so-called “winners” were officially announced on March 1, though it’s doubtful many of the actors and actresses are exactly thrilled with… Read more »

Vincent D’Onofrio Cast As Villain In Jurassic World

Vincent D'Onofrio cast as a villain in "Jurassic World".

Vincent D’Onofrio has been cast as the villain in Jurassic World. This is a very inspired casting choice since Vincent is best known in the acting world as a “human chameleon” for being known as the actor’s actor. Originally reported by Deadline Hollywood, D’Onofrio joins an already-amazing cast whom includes Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation)… Read more »

New ‘Godzilla’ Trailer Hits The Internet [Video]

godzilla 2014 new poster

The Godzilla official main trailer has been released to the internet. The reboot of the science fiction/monster franchise premieres on May 14 in a movie theater near you. It stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olson, and Ken Watanabe among others. Directed by Gareth Edwards from a screenplay by Max Borenstein, the 2014 version of… Read more »

New ‘Matrix’ Trilogy Being Developed By Wachowskis


A new Matrix trilogy is currently being developed by the Wachowski siblings at Warner Bros. According to Latino Review, the duo have already started the writing process for a new trio of films. The Wachowskis are believed to have written early treatments and outlines, which they have even handed into the studio. It’s not yet… Read more »