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MSNBC Boss Demands Investigation Into Fox’s ‘Impossible’ Ratings

Megyn kelly

MSNBC President Phil Griffin thinks something is rotten in Denmark… or at least Studio B. He’s demanding a full investigation into the mystery behind right-leaning rival Fox News’ consistently high ratings, and has implied that there might be something fishy going on. Maybe he’s just having a hard time accepting that no one watches his… Read more »

Putin Letter Tricks Conservative Media

Putin Letter Is Another Fake Thing Conservatives Are Sharing

The Putin letter making the rounds on (mostly) conservative media outlets is a phony, according to On Friday, the alternative news website Before It’s News ran the letter as if it was from the Russian president himself. “Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent an open letter to Americans and what it says might make… Read more »

Rush Limbaugh Wrote Kids Book, You’ll Die When You See The Cover [Photo]

Rush Limbaugh book

Rush Limbaugh (yes, that one) has written a children’s book. Given his fiery and controversial persona, a book written by RushBo himself and intended for our sweet, impressionable and innocent children might sound pretty horrifying to some. Like “Oh God, what did they ever do to deserve it” horrifying. Like, hard-line evil conservative indoctrination, troll-level… Read more »

Big Layoffs At Hearst, Top Digital Teams Wiped Out


By now it’s not a surprise that the internet has either helped or hurt the journalism industry. Which way that pendulum swings depends on who you ask in the industry. If you’re asking an employee from Hearst corp, it will probably be the latter. Huge news came out today as it was revealed to Mashable… Read more »

AOL CEO Apologizes For Public Firing

AOL CEO Fires Head Of Patch, Apologizes Later

As detailed last week on The Inquisitr, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong fired a lead designer in a conference call in front of 1,000 employees last week. Patch Creative Director Abel Lenz was let go in a very public showing by Armstrong last Friday, in a clip that has since gone viral. TechCrunch posted Armstrong’s full… Read more »

NBC’s Brian Williams To Take Medical Leave

NBC's Brain Williams To Take Medical Leave

Brain Williams of NBC Nightly News has announced that he will be taking a medical leave of absence to have surgery on his right knee. The Los AngelesTimes reported that Williams announced his leave of absence late last week, and is expected to begin his absence beginning this week. The report continued on to say… Read more »