Media Industry Timeline

Newspaper Reporters On 2014 Endangered Jobs List


The days of newspaper reporters outnumbering other types of journalists — i.e. television, radio, and online — could soon be a thing of the past if industry trends hold true, according to one study. A report posted to, listing the 10 most endangered jobs in the United States, included newspaper reporter as one of… Read more »

George Stephanopoulos Nabs Obama Interview, ‘Chief Anchor’ Spot

George Stephanopoulos Obama Interview

We reported yesterday that George Stephanopoulos will become ABC’s Chief Anchor following Diane Sawyer’s departure from the flagship evening news program, “World News Tonight,” later this year. David Muir, currently the weekend host, will be manning the desk on “World News,” but Stephanopoulos will be the network’s go-to anchor for breaking news and major events,… Read more »

Diane Sawyer To Leave ‘World News’, David Muir To Take Over


In an announcement just posted to ABC News’ website, the network news division said “World News” anchor Diane Sawyer will step down from her position later this summer. The announcement comes about a year and a half after the network denied reports of Sawyer’s impending retirement, according to a previous Inquisitr report. Sawyer, who has… Read more »

Fox News Is America’s Most Trusted News Source [Poll]

Fox News, Honest As They Come

For years, Fox News has claimed to be “fair and balanced,” much to the disagreement of other news sources like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. They’ve even taken a great deal of targeted criticism from the Obama administration and the President himself. A frequent target of mockery in what… Read more »

WWE Network: Is It Worth Subscribing To WWE’s Streaming Service?

WWE Network causing cable companies to question carrying WWE PPVs

WWE Network is everything a fan of wrestling would desire. Unfortunately, what the WWE Network promises it has, is also what it lacks. When the concept for the WWE Network was first introduced back in January 8, 2014, many seasoned wrestling fans were excited. Not only would they be able to watch past pay-per-views along… Read more »

Robin Roberts Talks About Her Health On The ‘Late Show’


Robin Roberts is feeling great! The Good Morning America co-host visited the Late Show with David Letterman last Tuesday, just to tell Letterman that she is feeling “healthier and happier” than ever before. “I can look at you right now and say I am healthier and happier than I’ve ever been” The 53-year-old Roberts confirmed… Read more »

Artists Provide ‘The Solution’ To Orlando’s Art ‘Problem’

The Solution

Orlando, Florida is a city associated with tourism. It’s a place dedicated to providing a grand vacation to tourists, either it be riding the movies or having your dreams come true. Despite it’s prominence, Orlando is not known for art, even though there is easily a prominent art presence within the city. It is a… Read more »

Mark Twain And His Time In California Are Explored In ‘The Bohemians’


Mark Twain is perhaps best known for Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, his semi-autobiographical works about growing up in the Missouri River Valley and the adventures that his protagonists would encounter. Because of this, many casual fans of Twain have thought of the legendary writer as the white suited, mustachioed elder that was once a… Read more »

Government Deletes Mark Dice’s Youtube Channel, Orwellian Censorship?

Mark Dice

Mark Dice has never cowered when it comes to exposing the powers and propaganda of the New World Order. Unfortunately for Mark, the government doesn’t share in his crusade recently deleting Mark’s Youtube channel. According to Mark Dice’s Facebook Page, Mark’s primary Youtube channel, consisting of 265,000 subscribers, over 800 videos, and 55 million views,… Read more »