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Mike Huckabee to Join Radio Fray Today, Lure Moderate Republicans From Rush

mike huckabee radio show premieres

There’s more bad news for right-wing radio star Rush Limbaugh today, as the talk-show pundit is getting a formidable foe in Mike Huckabee as competition for rightie radio listeners in several national markets. Limbaugh was struck a massive blow earlier this year after controversial remarks he made during congressional hearings about birth control coverage. During… Read more »

CBS News Anchor Mike Wallace Dead At 93

Mike Wallace Dead At 93

Mike Wallace, one of CBS’ best known news anchor for more than 50 years has passed away at 93-years-old. During his time at the network Wallace was known for taking on hard hitting issues from embezzling businessman to bumbling politicians and violent work leaders, going so far as to lecture Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding… Read more »

YouTube To Start Renting Paramount Pictures Movies

YouTube Movie Rentals coming from Paramount Pictures

YouTube on Wednesday announced a deal that will allow the video streaming company to rent movies from Paramount Pictures, the fifth studio now lined up to partner with the world’s largest video sharing platform. The new partnership will start with Paramount offering nearly 500 movie titles to YouTube and Google Play users, the latter of… Read more »

UNC Journalism Department Drops Spelling Test, Discovers Spell Check

Spell Check Gets Real As UNC drops Spelling test

The University of North Carolina school of journalism has finally discovered spell check. The University has announced that it will drop the spelling portion of the spelling and grammar test that all students must take and pass before they can graduate with a degree in journalism. The announcement marks the first time since 1970 that… Read more »