Media Industry Timeline

CNN’s Hormones And Women Voters Article Taken Down After Backlash

CNN's Hormonal Voting Women Article Pulled

CNN has removed a story titled “Do hormones drive women’s votes?” earlier after they received widespread complaints about the study involved. While the article about hormonal women voters has since been removed, at least the first two paragraphs have been enshrined in commentary on other websites. The Washington Post notes that the article began: “While… Read more »

Newsweek To Cease In Print, Title Will Go All Digital

newsweek goes all digital

Decades-old magazine Newsweek is undergoing an historic shift to all-digital publication after serving as a major source of news and opinion in the US for the better part of a century. Newsweek‘s all-digital shift has been a long time coming, with nearly eight full decades in print behind the mag and a storied history. In… Read more »

Microsoft To Launch Own News Network In Late October

Microsoft News Coming in October

Now that MSNBC has become NBCNews the team at Microsoft is planning to role out its own news operation. According to a Reutersreport Microsoft’s Product Management Group general manager Bob Visse confirmed the software giants move. According to Visse Microsoft is making a “big, multi-million dollar investment” in order to develop a “decent-sized media operation.”… Read more »

Pink Slime Manufacturer Suing ABC News For $1.2 Billion

Pink Slime Lawsuit against ABC

ABC News is being sued by Beef Products, Inc. for $1.2 billion. The lawsuit claims that ABC News made consumers believe that pink slime product is somehow unsafe and unhealthy for consumers. In the lawsuit Beef Products, Inc. claims that ABC News made nearly 200 “false and misleading and defamatory” statements about the product. Industry… Read more »

Hulu CEO To Depart, Traditional Broadcasters Likely To Ruin Service

Hulu CEO Departing

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar will likely soon exit the company with a $100 million payday, according to a company memo recently obtained by Variety. After his departure, it is strongly believed that the network’s owners will move to take away some of Hulu’s exclusivity while shifting how the online video streaming service does business. The… Read more »

‘Text From Dog’ Tumblr Scores Book Deal

text from dog book tumblr

‘Text From Dog’ is a Tumblr with a simple premise — vocalizing a dog’s presumed thoughts via his human and an iPhone text messaging screen — and the site went viral earlier this year due to its hilarious posts and easy-to-get humor. Texts From Dog features interactions between a dog and his human (October Jones),… Read more »