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CNN Airs Split-Screen Interview Between Two Anchors In The Same Parking Lot

Nancy Grace Ashleigh Banfield

File this in your undoubtedly thick “What the hell are you doing, CNN?” file. This morning, the struggling cable news giant aired a strange split-screen interview between two anchors standing in the same parking lot. Seriously, the same vehicles go by in the background and everything. The Atlantic Wire (and others) noticed the odd report… Read more »

MSNBC Most ‘Opinionated’ Cable News Channel [Pew]

MSNBC opinion

Accusations of left-leaning bias for cable news giant MSNBC abound, and, while a recent media study doesn’t exactly address that issue directly, it did find the channel to be the most “opinionated” of the three biggies (with Fox, CNN). Pew’s State of the News Media 2013 report is a very interesting read for media watchdogs,… Read more »

Sky News Reporter Arrested Live On Air In China [Video]

Man arrested during live broadcast

Here’s a weird one for you: A reporter for Sky News was in the midst of a live report from Tiananmen Square when he was abruptly arrested by Chinese police. Sky News correspondent Mark Stone was speaking to viewers live from China when he was arrested by police, and brought to a room with his… Read more »