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Is A Real-Life Batman Suit Possible? One Fan Answers The Geeky Call

Is A Real-Life Batman Suit Possible? One Fan Answers The Geeky Call

Batman, quite possibly the most popular comic book character, is admired in part because of all the cool gadgets he has. Not to mention the car and, of course, the Batman suit. Unlike Back to the Future fans, who have definitive hopes and dreams that their film will potentially reap realistic rewards in seeing devices… Read more »

Sally Kohn: ‘I’m Gay, And Want My Kid To Be A Lesbian’

Sally Kohn Wants A Gay Child, She Says

Sally Kohn is no stranger to controversy. In a 2014 piece, she once said that referring to an undocumented person as an “illegal immigrant” was tantamount to calling a black person the N-word. So it came as no surprise on Friday when Kohn declared in an op-ed for the Washington Post that she was gay… Read more »

‘Barbaric, Sick’ Oral Suction Circumcision Has NYC, Orthodox Jews At Odds

Oral Suction Circumcision: Barbaric?

Oral suction circumcision is a practice many non-Jewish readers may be unfamiliar with, but if you’re located in New York City, then you’ve probably heard about the fight brewing between city officials and practicing rabbis. In the procedure, the rabbi uses a scalpel to perform traditional circumcision to the child’s genitalia, then leans down and… Read more »

Beauty Tips To Help Shake The Winter Blues


If you are one of the millions of people who have been experiencing a more harsh winter than normal and are sick and tired of the snow and ice, you certainly aren’t alone. This winter weather interferes with the commute to and from work and makes getting around a lot more difficult, but the cold… Read more »

Your Child Doesn’t Need Naps After Age 2 [Study]

Child Naps

Child naps are no longer necessary after the age of 2. This is the key finding of a new study from the University of Technology in Australia. The study’s lead author, Karen Thorpe, also a professor in development science at the university, explained to SFGate that “evidence suggests that beyond the age of 2 years,… Read more »

Yummy Hot Chocolate Recipes With No Sugar!

Yummy Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

It has been brutally cold throughout much of the United States recently, and a nice cup of hot chocolate has served as one of the few reprieves available. But if you happen to be someone who can’t eat sugar for health reasons or because you’re dieting, you no doubt feel you’re missing out. If you… Read more »

Eye-Opening Video Shows 100 Years Of Iranian Beauty In One Minute

100 years of Iranian beauty

The Cut team is at it again. Known for their awesome time-lapse beauty trend videos, the crew has added a third instalment to their “100 Years of Beauty” series – with this current focus being on beauty trends in Iran. In just over a minute, we see Iranian-American model Sabrina Sarajy transform throughout the decades… Read more »