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Bill Gates Buys Jenny Craig’s 200 Acre Horse Farm For $18 Million!

Bill Gates Horse farm

Microsoft founder, and one of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates has added yet another property to his expanding list of assets. The 58-year-old recently closed a deal which gave him the ownership rights to a 229 acre horse farm in San Diego hitherto owned by weight-loss icon Jenny Craig. The deal cost Bill Gates… Read more »

5 State Governors Tweet Reactions To Supreme Court On Same-Sex Marriage

After Supreme Court leaves same sex marriage rulings in place, Governors respond.

As the news that the Supreme Court would not hear arguments on same-sex marriage, thus opening the doors to marriage equality in five more states and starting the path for more spread, politicians on many levels responded publicly. Five in particular headed to Twitter to make their positions on the same-sex marriage decision clear, public,… Read more »

Zombie Apocalypse: What Kind Of Survivor Are You?

Who Would Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

From Night of the Living Dead to The Walking Dead and many movies and shows in between, it must be said that the possibility of a zombie apocalypse isn’t too far from the minds of citizens. Oh sure, the idea of a half living corpse bumbling down the street is readily laughed off. In the… Read more »

Nasty Little Secrets Your Supermarket Doesn’t Want You To Know


Shopping at the local supermarket is a task everyone does, and many shop carefully, looking for the best deals and focusing on providing their families with nutritious, healthy meals. And most everyone is aware of the supermarket’s more obvious “tricks” — like the candy and other items kept at the check-out lines, just begging consumers… Read more »

Roush And Saleen-Modified 2015 Mustangs Revealed

2015 Mustang

The 2015 Mustang is having a coming out party, and fans could be impressed. According to Auto Blog, the 2015 Mustang will be available in three stages – based on the V6 (RS), EcoBoost (RS1) and V8 (RS2) models – the 2015 Roush Mustangs all feature the venerable Ford tuner’s latest R7 aero kit complete… Read more »

Pizza Hut’s BOOKIT! Is Now For Adults Too?

Pizza Hut's BOOKIT! Is Now For Adults Too

Pizza Hut has been up to a great many things lately. Between shoving bacon into cheesy crusts, delivering dinner and flix in the Middle East, and giving away free pizza to fantasy football leagues, the company has been busy, busy, busy. So, what else could they possibly be doing? Well, it will take a certain… Read more »

Beauty Tips To Try And Beauty Tips To Avoid

Makeup pile

As the summer comes to an end and winter draws closer, many people will be looking for the best beauty tips available to look their best during the chilly season. Here is a short list of beauty tips to try out and a few beauty tips to avoid. Yahoo News’s own Bobbi Brown is both… Read more »

Want Teens To Behave? Researchers Say They Have The Answer

Research says that teens who misbehave may just need more sleep.

Newer research indicates that in puberty, teens internal clocks shift the time for optimal sleep later into night. This shift in teens’ internal clocks makes it so that it’s hard for teens to fall asleep before 11 o’clock, according to Science Daily. Teens generally start school earlier in the morning than their younger counterparts, and… Read more »

Jaime King On Breastfeeding: ‘Every Woman Has A Right’ — And Here Is Why

Jaime King

Jaime King has no regrets about her infamous breastfeeding pic posted earlier this year. The breastfeeding picture, which sparked a lot of controversy and negative press while turning Jaime King into a trending topic, is actually still posted on her official Instagram profile. It has generated over 20,600 likes. According to her recent interview published… Read more »