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Comic Con Geekdom Takes Over Detroit At The Motor City Comic Con

Comic Con Geekdom Takes Over Detroit At The Motor City Comic Con With Cosplayers

The Motor City Comic Con kicked off yesterday. CBS Detroit noted how fans looking to register overwhelmed website servers in the lead up to Friday’s start time. This further proves that an event once relegated to the outcasts, nerds, and geeks of society has gone mainstream and continues to grow. At this comic con, along… Read more »

Women’s Swimsuits Through The Decades [Video]


The swimsuit as we know it, specifically the bikini, had an explosive beginning. One-piece swimsuits reigned until the 1940s when the U.S. government ordered manufacturers to reduce the amount of fabric they used. The rationing of fabric resulted in the navel-exposing midriff. The inspiration for the name “bikini” came from the Marshall Islands located on… Read more »

Dairy Queen Removes Soda From Kids’ Menu

Sugary Drinks

Dairy Queen will remove soda from their kids’ menu in an effort to promote healthier options. The decision was made in April, during Dairy Queen’s Franchise Advisory Council’s quarterly meeting. Company officials said the change will take place on or before Sept. 1. The decision was sparked by an inquiry from the Center for Science… Read more »

Mini Frapp? Starbucks Deal A ‘Healthy’ Diet Frappucino

Mini Frapp? Starbucks Deal A 'Healthy' Diet Frappucino

Want a mini frapp? Starbucks is offering a limited time deal that is testing out a relatively healthy, smaller-sized frappucino. But just how “healthy” is this mini frapp for your diet? In a related report by the Inquisitr, a police officer sued Starbucks over free coffee he spilled on himself, and now he is demanding… Read more »