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100 Years Of Women’s Fashion Displayed In Just Two Minutes [Video]

100 Years of Fashion

Fashion has changed drastically over the years, and Mode Glam decided to create a short video to honor each decade’s most memorable looks. The video is just two minutes long but showcases 100 years of fashion. The video was uploaded to the Mode Glam YouTube channel and highlights some of the most popular trends of… Read more »

Pepsi Craft Sodas Answer To Your Health Concerns [Video]

pepsi craft sodas

Love soda but don’t like how unhealthy it is? Pepsi will soon introduce craft sodas, such as agave vanilla cream, geared specifically towards customers who love sodas but want to steer clear of processed sugars. The company plans to start selling the drinks as early as this summer in soft drink dispensers and restaurants, and… Read more »

Taco Booze? Taco Bell To Serve Alcohol At New Chicago Location [Video]

Will You Soon Get Booze At Taco Bell

Would you like to order booze with your tacos? Taco Bell is testing the waters with a new location in Chicago, Illinois. According to the Daily News, the booze-friendly restaurant will be opening this summer with alcoholic versions of existing Taco Bell beverages. Taco Bell restaurants in Spain, Japan, and South Korea already offer the… Read more »