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Slut Shaming Study Claims Sex Fight Is Really About Class Warfare

Slut Shaming Study Claims Sex Fight Is Really About Class Warfare

A slut shaming study is claiming that these insulting “sex fights” are really about class warfare, with the poor and rich girls both using the term “slut” in order to protect their turf. In a related report by The Inquisitr, one girl protested being shamed for wearing shorts by putting up posters proclaiming that girls… Read more »

Is Pope Francis Mulling Retirement?

pope-francis will he retire

Is Pope Francis going to retire like his predecessor, Pope Benedict? In an interview with Vatican Insider, the Pontiff didn’t completely rule it out. A Pope deciding to retire is by no mean an everyday occurrence, to say the least. Pope Francis, 77, previously the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, began his papacy in March… Read more »

Texas Restaurant To Gay Couple: ‘We Don’t Serve F*gs Here’

A Gay Couple Has Been Told Not To Return To A North Texas Restaurant That Asserts To Not Serve Homosexual Individuals

Collin Dewberry and Kelley Williams are a gay couple who were expecting to have a normal breakfast at a North Texas restaurant on Tuesday, but instead, they allegedly encountered hatred from the waitstaff. The gay couple visited Big Earl’s Bait House and Galley Café in Pittsburgh, Texas, and nothing seemed to be amiss until it… Read more »

Starbucks Fiend Orders Most Expensive Drink Ever

andrew goes nuts at starbucks

Behold, a regular Starbucks consumer has unleashed what’s known as the most expensive drink in Starbucks history. A man identified as “Andrew” ordered a huge Starbucks drink, and from the looks of it, it’s enough to give someone a heart attack in one sitting. A 60-espresso shot in a 128-ounce milkshake serving wound up costing… Read more »

Molly Schuyler Devours 72-Ounce Steak In Record 5 Minutes

Molly Schuyler steak

If you’re like just about everyone, you probably have a food you enjoy the most; even people who don’t care about eating in general probably have that one food that they highly favor. And then there are people who take their indulgence to an extreme that most people wouldn’t even fathom: making eating a lot… Read more »

Chains Are Using Scent To Target More Customers

Scent advertising

Different restaurant chains and boutiques are now using the sense of smell to lure customers into successful business transactions. That hint of jasmine one smells at a restaurant, or any other pleasing smell lingering in a boutique, is not a coincidence. According to the Wall Street Journal, the minds behind different restaurants and stores are… Read more »

Levi Strauss CEO On Washing Denim Jeans: Don’t Do It

Levi CEO Chip Bergh Denim Jeans

Levi Strauss CEO recently shared his thoughts about washing denim jeans. In short: He doesn’t think it’s a good idea. While most of us are probably deeply concerned about the odor, nastiness, and potential health hazards that generally accompany an unwashed pair of denim jeans, Levi CEO Chip Bergh doesn’t seem too concerned about the… Read more »

McScary: The Internet Is Frightened By New McDonald’s Mascot

McScary: The Internet Is Frightened By New McDonald's Mascot

McScary didn’t exactly go over the way McDonald’s had hoped. The fast food chain this week unveiled a new Happy Meal mascot, one executives hoped would bring a new twist on the popular children’s meals, but instead turned out like something out of a campy horror film. The mascot is a Happy Meal box come… Read more »

The Rage About Engagement Rings

engagement rings

An engagement ring is a lifetime investment, so you want to be sure you are making the best possible purchase. The top two questions a man has in his mind when searching for the perfect engagement ring for his lady is how much should he spend and what style of ring should he buy? It… Read more »

$35 Million ‘Star Trek’ Themed Mansion For Sale

star trek mansion bridge room

A one-of-a-kind mansion has hit the market in Boca Raton, Florida, and for Star Trek fans, its a dream come true. The $35 million, 34,458 -square-foot home in Boca’s Princeton Estates is being sold by internet mogul Marc Bell, the former CEO of FriendFinder Networks, Inc. The luxury estate, which has an impressive 8 bedrooms… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Making Long Beards A Fashion Statement?

Duck Dynasty Long Beards

Has the Duck Dynasty family managed to make wearing long beards a fashion statement? In a related report by The Inquisitr, if you visit the hometown of the Duck Commander it is said the quickest way to find the Robertson family is to “follow the beards.” Even a bunch of smooth-skinned business types are willing… Read more »

Flappy Bird Returns With Awesome New Feature

flappy bird august comeback multiplayer

Remember Flappy Bird, the frustratingly impossibly hard iPhone game that had all of the mobile gaming world swearing, throwing handsets, and bragging about insanely low level achievements? When Flappy Bird was yoinked from the app stores in which it was doing brisk sales a few months back, speculation abounded… and a small black market popped… Read more »

1949 Rolex Wristwatch Fetches $1.2 Million In Auction

A 1949 Rolex watch was sold for $1.2 million in an auction

A rare Rolex wristwatch model made in 1949 is perhaps the most expensive Rolex-made wristwatch ever after it sold for an amazing $1.2 million at a Christie’s auction. The watch in question happens to be a rare 1949 Oyster Perpetual model with a cloisonné enamel dial. The Rolex was initially expected to sell for something… Read more »