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Atheists May Not Exist, According To Science

Atheists Not Real, Science Claims

Atheists may not exist. This rather shocking statement may seem like a bit of click-bait, but it’s actually the conclusion many scientists — some of them avowed atheists themselves — are starting to buy in to. According to Science 2.0 writer Nury Vittachi, an examination of several scholarly findings puts forth the theory that even… Read more »

‘Star Trek’ Fan Boards Starship Enterprise After 3 Years And $500,000

Star Trek Starship Enterprise

Star Trek fans are willing to spend loads of cash to purchase memorabilia and collector’s items, and this New Yorker has gone beyond just spending for his obsession. Anthony Sforza, 48, has been amassing memorabilia from Star Trek since the 1980s. He has collected more than 300 items including costumes, props, and figures. He has… Read more »

Pope Francis Orders The Vatican To Create Art Exhibit Promoting Chrislam


Back in the 1970s, Tela Tella founded a sect that recognized both the Bible and Qu’ran as holy texts, in which it combined both Christianity and Islam. Thus Chrislam was created. Forty years later, the sect has gained a lot of popularity among progressive-thinking Christians and Muslims. The religion’s girth spread exponentially when Rick Warren,… Read more »

Birth Control Is About To Go Remote Control

Sperm Motherboard: Microchip Birth Control

Human sperm is about to meet its most formidable hurdle to conception: microchip birth control that can be turned on or off via remote control. And wouldn’t you know we have Bill Gates to thank, yet again. As if it wasn’t good enough that Gate’s foundation just threw $100,000 at developing a condom made of… Read more »

Bhagavad Gita Translated Into Urdu By Noted Poet Anwar Jalalpuri

Bhagavad Gita Translated

The legendary “Bhagavad Gita” has been translated by renowned poet Anwar Jalalpuri from 700 classical Sanskrit shlokas (verses) into 1700 Urdu shers (couplets), reports Business Standard. The translated rendition, “Urdu Shayari mein Gita,” found its way to the people on May 23 during the Ruhani Sangham program in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. What Is The… Read more »

Chirps: Tasty New Chips Make Eating Crickets Palatable For Americans

Chrips cricket chips and cookies use ground up cricket flour.

While most Americans go through great lengths at summer picnics to keep ants and crickets away from the snack table, Chirps, a new product from Six Foods, puts the bugs directly into the snacks. Laura D’Asaro, Merly Natow, and Rose Wang are three former roommates who are giving the term “crunchy” a whole new meaning…. Read more »

Christian Church Divorce Rate Statistics In America Are Not 50 Percent

Christian Church Divorce Rate Statistics In America Is Not 50 Percent

Based upon conventional wisdom, Christian church divorce rate statistics in America have essentially achieved parity with those outside of the church, and the divorce rate hovers around 50 percent, which essentially reduces successful marriage down to a coin toss. But one researcher believes these commonly cited numbers are not true at all. In a related… Read more »

Kate Upton’s Bikini Body Diet Tips Focus On A Low Carb Diet

kate upton may be the next bond girl

Kate Upton’s bikini body may be out of this world but her diet tips are actually pretty down to Earth. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the paleo diet requires a rich caveman (or a cavewoman in this case) since replacing those cheap carbs with lot and lots of protein is starting to get… Read more »

Sailor Moon: The Best Five Moments

sailor moon

Sailor Moon – which, let’s face it, was the best thing about everyone’s childhood – marked two decades since premiering last summer. The anime cartoon, which has inspired at least 30 stage musicals, follows middle schooler Usagi Tsukino (or Serena, depending on translation) who learns from a magical black cat that she is Sailor Moon,… Read more »

Soaring Beef Prices Have Restaurants And Consumers Making Painful Choices

Rising Beef Prices

Skyrocketing beef prices are battering restaurants and customers. With drought conditions continuing to hit the Midwest and California and cattle herds at 60-year lows, finding reasonably priced beef is becoming a thing of the past. According to USDA statistics, the average price of retail fresh beef rose 12 percent since last May, wholesale prices for… Read more »

Righteous Young Lady Busts Her Very Unrighteous, Pot-Smoking Parents

Pot-Smoking Parents Busted 2

The notion of pot-smoking parents bothers a lot of people, including a 9-year-old lass from Minnesota who expected much better from Mama and Papa! This unidentified young lady bravely waltzed into the Barnesville Police Department and informed the officers that her very naughty pot-smoking parents were growing, selling and smoking pot, reports the Star Tribune…. Read more »

Bride And Bridesmaids’ Butts The Latest Wedding Photo Craze

Bride And Bridesmaids' Butts The Latest Wedding Photo Craze

Brides and bridesmaids are baring their butts to the camera in the latest wedding photo craze that some people may believe is a little bit crazy. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the top 10 redneck wedding photos will probably make you think the butt photos are almost mild in comparison. But if you’re… Read more »