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Hello Kitty Tea House Opens In Japan


Hello Kitty has been an iconic bit of pop culture since the ’70s, when the doll was all the rage with little girls everywhere. With the familiar white, oval face emblazoned on everything from stickers to cookware, Hello Kitty has become a name everyone and their grandmother recognizes. Now, a tea house in Japan is… Read more »

Restroom Ban: Boys Over 6 Not Welcome In Women’s Restroom

Restroom Ban For Boys Over 6 From Women's Restroom

A restroom ban for boys six-and-up has social media abuzz with anger. The sign, initially posted to the Oklahoma City Moms blog, according to Huffington Post, reads plainly that boys over six should use the men’s restroom, making some Moms feel guilty if they’re out with their male children and aren’t comfortable about leaving them… Read more »