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Cory Booker: Let’s Label GMOs

Cory Booker expresses support for labeling GMO foods.

Cory Booker has a lot of fans among progressives — not just in New Jersey, but across the country. His commentaries on topics from food stamps to prison reform to solar energy are quoted, memed, and placed on internet pedestals. However, one tweet from Sunday will likely not be proudly repeated by many of Booker’s… Read more »

Trekkies Will Soon Be Able To Learn Klingon Using Duolingo

Klingon Language

Even among hardcore Trekkies, those who speak Klingon fluently are rare. Created by Marc Okrand, the language is heard in many Star Trek films and shows, and dedicated fans have even translated many works by Shakespeare into Klingon, but learning the language can be challenging. There aren’t exactly many courses on the subject. Not until… Read more »

‘Death To Gays': Georgia Pastor Defends Church Sign

'Death To Gays' Pastor Defends Sign

“Death to gays” was the message of a church sign that Georgia Pastor Robert Lee shared with his community, and after being confronted by complaints and media attention, he’s standing by it. Lee is a pastor at the Ten Commandments Church in Milledgeville, Georgia, and he didn’t think there was anything so controversial about the… Read more »

Maka Brown: Transgender Prom Queen Crowned At Utah High School

Transgender Prom Queen

Maka Brown was elected prom queen by her classmates at Salt Lake City’s School for the Performing Arts. Although the honor is a common part of high school culture, Maka is the first transgender prom queen crowned in the state of Utah. As reported by People, Maka was looking forward to attending the gala with… Read more »

Free Biscuit Taco At Taco Bell On Cinco De Mayo, May 5

Free Biscuit at Taco Bell on Cinco De Mayo Day

Taco Bell is giving away free biscuit tacos during breakfast time on May 5. Taco Bell is calling the free event “Breakfast Defector Day,” which just so happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo, according to Taco Bell’s website. Taco Bell unveiled both the biscuit taco and the Breakfast Defector Day ad campaign earlier this… Read more »

Diet Pepsi Without Aspartame? Fans React To Replacement

Diet Pepsi

It’s official — Diet Pepsi will no longer have aspartame. The Chicago Tribune reports that PepsiCo made the decision to replace the controversial ingredient after receiving a lot of negative feedback and responses from customers. Reports confirm that aspartame will be replaced in Diet Pepsi with a different type of artificial sweetener — sucralose. Commonly… Read more »

‘Straight Man’ Jacob Lescenski Asks Gay Best Friend To Prom

Jacob Lescenski Asks Gay Friend To Prom

Jacob Lescenski and Anthony Martinez have an unusual friendship, especially for high school boys. While gay teens often have to fight against prejudice and the feeling of being an outcast, Lescenski doesn’t think twice about the differences between himself and his gay best friend. In fact, when it came time to find a date for… Read more »