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McDonald’s To Test All-Day Breakfast


McDonald’s will reportedly test an all-day breakfast menu in the coming months. Analyst Mark Kalinowski, with Janney Capital Markets, said it simply “makes sense” to include breakfast items on the regular menu. Although McDonald’s was founded in 1948, breakfast options were not available until 20 years later. As reported by McDonald’s, the concept of fast-food… Read more »

UK’s ‘Loaded’ Magazine Closing Its Doors After 21 Years


After 21 years of publication and being one of the leading magazines during the “lad mag” boom of the 1990s, Loaded is finally closing down. In a report from the Guardian, the magazine’s publisher made the announcement that this month’s issue will be the final one. “As of the current April issue, published on March… Read more »

TSA Yawns: Yawning And Other Little Behaviors At Airport Make TSA Suspicious


TSA notices yawns, fidgeting, and whistling at airports now. This is new information released on what the Transportation Security Administration is required to observe in airports. The Intercept obtained some confidential information on what TSA agents are looking for in travelers. Any small, seemingly trivial, human behaviors put on the TSA list typically reveal when… Read more »