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The UN Wanted You To Eat Bugs For Thanksgiving Dinner, According To RYOT

Eating Bugs

The issues on food shortages is a problem many countries are trying to solve. Because the production and maintenance of food products also relinquishes resources, they are also trying to find other means to reduce resource consumption (which may also be one of the major reasons why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are being pushed in… Read more »

Teenager Opens Up About Being ‘Demisexual,’ What Does That Mean?

Girl In Nature

For most people, sexual preference is that of a heterosexual nature: being attracted to the opposite gender. Other preferences are now being understood, and in some cases, being accepted as norms in society despite opposition. The Inquisitr reported on differing forms of sexual preferences and/or the outcomes of its acceptance. One such example is the… Read more »

Secret To Not Spoiling Your Kids? Deprive Them, Says Columnist

Trouble Spoiling Kids? This Tip Will Keep You From It

Spoiling kids may seem like a fun idea when they’re little and cuddly and can’t move around without your help. But eventually, your youngsters are going to grow into independent children and then adults, and if they’re still spoiled at that point, then congratulations — you’ve just ruined society. That’s at least what research shows…. Read more »

Westboro Baptists Laud Turkey Prank: An Opportunity To Witness

Westboro Baptists unfazed by turkey prank

The Westboro Baptists’ turkey prank victimization hasn’t fazed them a bit — the anti-gay, anti-soldier, anti-…well, anti almost everything church is laughing it off, and calling it an opportunity to “witness” their unusual brand of Christianity to the world. The story has spread across the internet, giving the world a laugh at the Westboro Baptists’… Read more »

No Turkey At First Thanksgiving? Here’s What Was On The Menu


Even though turkey seems to be a required feature of the average Thanksgiving meal today, this particular bird was definitely not on the menu for the very first Thanksgiving celebration. Keep in mind that the first Thanksgiving meal did not necessarily happen when the Pilgrims and the Native Americans first met each other and shared… Read more »

Dark Horse Comics Bringing Black Friday Megadeal Bundles

Dark Horse comics getting Black Friday megadeals

Dark Horse comics announced it will be jumping into the Black Friday frenzy this year. Digital comics fans of series such as Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Hellboy are in for a real treat if they want to spend a little cash. Dark Horse has announced it will be releasing a number of… Read more »