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Dressing Sexy Can Have Negative Effect On Girls, Studies Claims

Dressing Sexy Bad For Grades

Dressing sexy is something that many teenage and young adult girls feel tempted to do, especially during holidays like Halloween. With another October 31 behind us, the Christian Science Monitor has pulled together a number of studies that show these societal pressures placed on young women can have a detrimental effect on academic achievement. Halloween… Read more »

Moms Are 10 Times More Likely To Skip Work For Sick Child, Study Claims

sick child with mom

Parents skip work for their sick kiddos all the time, especially while those antibodies are developing, but a new study claims that when that happens, it’s usually Mom who sacrifices her workday. In fact, Moms are 10 times more likely to skip work for their sick children than Dads, reinforcing old theories about the woman… Read more »

Offensive Costumes: Is Dressing As Jesus Christ Inappropriate?

dinosaur jesus christ 2

Can a person dress as Jesus Christ without being offensive? There have been a number of costumes decried as inappropriate this year (such as the Ray Rice costumes that include blackface and domestic violence references, and the various costumes inspired by the Ebola outbreak), but dressing as the central figure from one of the most… Read more »

Tears Under A Microscope Show They Too Imprint Our Emotions [Gallery]

Yaritza Oliva Tears

Though many people may not consider it, one of the best example people express their emotions is through tears. Most tears are usually associated with sadness, like Selena Gomez when Justin Bieber left her. However, sadness is not exclusive to producing an excess amount of water in one’s eyes. For example, the Inquisitr reported on… Read more »

Top 5 Halloween Candies To Avoid At All Costs

Halloween candy pile

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone from kids to adults will be dying to sink their teeth into that tasty Halloween candy. But, as expected, Halloween candy is anything but good for you. Some of it is much worse than the rest, so take a look at this list of the top five… Read more »

What Does It Mean To Be Asexual In A Sexual World?


Over the past decade or so, the United States has been in conflict with its people over the concept of sexuality. For traditionalists and conservatives, heterosexual relationships are both normal and just. For others, they are striving for homosexuality (and other relationships considered to be taboo) to be accepted. The Inquisitr has actually kept up… Read more »

Scientifically Proven Guide Will Help You Order The Perfect Salad Every Time

Cyclospora Salad Mix

It is scientifically proven that eating more greens is essential for optimal health, especially if someone wants to reverse the effects of lifestyle diseases. The Inquisitr has kept up with reporting on health, specifically diets and food. For awhile now, McDonald’s has been accused of serving their customers fake foods, but their recent campaign shows… Read more »