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Mike Spencer Bown Completes His Travels After 23 Year Journey

Mike Spencer Bown Traveling The World

The year was 1990, a time of acid-wash jeans, a startup band called Nirvana, and a soon-to-be lifetime traveler by the name of Mike Spencer Bown. It was in that year that Bown decided to travel. No he wasn’t just taking a quick one or two week vacation, instead he would make his way to… Read more »

Pope Francis: ‘I Believe in God, Not In A Catholic God’


Pope Francis has once again had a sly dig at the Roman Catholic Church, condemning its narcissistic “Vatican-centric view” of religion. The new Pope, who was elected earlier this year after Pope Benedict’s resignation, has been praised for his comments since taking the position. During a discussion with the atheist editor of La Repubblica, an… Read more »

McDonald’s Will Add Fruits And Vegetables To Value Menu Next Year

McDonald's Value Menu

McDonald’s is giving you an opportunity to eat a little healthier at its restaurants. The fast food chain will soon add salads, fruits, and vegetables to its value menu. Beginning early next year, McDonald’s fans can control the amount of calories they plan to ingest during a trip to the restaurant. If you want to… Read more »

Real Lightsaber For Sale? History Of Replica Star Wars Weapon

real lightsaber for sale

A Real lightsaber for sale? The possibility of a real lightsaber has captured the popular imagination since the release of the Star Wars movies in 1977 and now, apparently, that possibility has moved that little bit closer to reality. As recently reported by The Inquisitr, news of a real lightsaber has taken an even more… Read more »

Pope Francis Eases Catholic Doctrine

Pope Francis eases Catholic Doctrine

Pope Francis is easing Catholic doctrine, saying it’s too strict. The Catholic church’s harsh doctrine involving divorce, gay marriage, contraception, and abortion are about to be eased up as Pope Francis is taking the route of separation between the sin and the sinner. In short, he believes that what you have done does not define… Read more »

Hello Kitty Jets Take To The Air, This Is Actually Real

Hello Kitty Jet

EVA Air’s first long range Hello Kitty jets are now in the air after a maiden flight landed in Los Angeles last week. Each of the Hello Kitty planes carry their own theme and fly from Taipei to LAX. The jets includes various characters including My Melody, Little Twin Stars’ Kiki and Lala, and rival… Read more »

Atheist Church Of London Set To Tour The World

Atheist church of London set to go global

The Atheist church in London is about to take their message to the world. While the idea of Atheism turning into a structured religion seems a contradiction all by itself, the Sunday Assembly of London is ready to tell the world about the advantages of not believing in a higher power. This confuses people in… Read more »

US Muslim Holidays Might Close Schools To Honor Islam’s Eid Celebrations

US Muslim Holidays Might Close Schools To Honor Islam's Eid Celebrations

US Muslim holidays called “eid” might close some schools in Maryland and other states in order to honor Islamic traditions. The Muslims argue that schools in the area already close on Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Passover. Muslims have two eid celebrations this time of year. The word “eid” can… Read more »

Joey Prusak: Dairy Queen Manager’s Good Deed Goes Viral

joey prusak dairy queen manager good deed

Joey Prusak is a Dairy Queen manager whose good deed went viral after he saw a woman swipe a $20 bill that a blind man had dropped. Joey Prusak refused to serve the thieving customer when she refused to do the right thing and return the money to the blind customer. Prusak says of the… Read more »

Airport Luggage Belt Kills Five-Month-Old Baby

Airport Luggage Belt Kills Newborn

An airport luggage belt has killed a five-month-old baby in Spain after the mother allegedly rested her child on the belt and became distracted, unaware the child’s weight had activated the device, according to a report from Yahoo! 7 News. Efforts at resuscitation proved unsuccessful. The child was believed to have died when it became… Read more »

Pope Perfume: Pope Francis Inspires Fragrance With His Humble Personality


Pope Francis has had a new perfume named after him, and his “humble personality” has been labeled as the reason for its creation. Excelsis Fine Fragrances designed and created the fragrance, and the company’s CEO, Frederick Hass, has a long history of creating perfume’s that are influenced by previous popes. Hass, who founded the company… Read more »

‘The Dark Knight Legacy’ Fan Film Hits YouTube [Video]

'The Dark Knight Legacy' fan film hits YouTube

“The Dark Knight Legacy” is one of the latest fan films to hit YouTube, and apparently picks up where The Dark Knight Rises left off. At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, we were left with the question of how the movie could tie in with the upcoming Justice League film, or if it… Read more »