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Punching Pastor Apologizes, Saying ‘I Do Not Condone Abuse’

Punching Pastor has apologized.

Eric Dammann, the ‘punching pastor’ who is the subject of a video that’s gone wildly viral, in which he describes punching a teenager in the chest for ‘not taking the Lord seriously,’ is responding. He says that the story was a bad example to use in a sermon, that he’s not okay with abuse, and… Read more »

Detroit Muslims’ Charity Largely Unnoticed As Anti-Islam Sentiment Rages

Detroit Muslims' charity evokes further verbal attacks.

While anti-Islam sentiment grows with the terror attacks in Paris, leading to the bombing of mosques and an influx of anti-Muslim cartoons in Detroit, Muslims’ charity and generosity has gone virtually without mention, except, perhaps, by those residents thanking their neighbors for keeping their water running. Two Muslim groups in Detroit have combined efforts to… Read more »

Twitter God: ‘Insult The Hell Out Of Me.’

Twitter God: go ahead and insult me, I can take it.

“Twitter God” – a social media account that tweets messages as though they come from the Christian God (or at least, from one depiction of him, as a sarcastic guy who doesn’t seem to be a fan of discrimination or, actually, religion) has been controversial more than once. In the light of the Charlie Hebdo… Read more »

25 Great Life Lessons From Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was fervently curious about the mysteries of science — and developed the special and general theories of relativity. Considered the most influential physicist of the 20th century, Einstein was also a great philosopher and moral leader. Here are 25 life lessons from the great mind of Einstein that can be applied to our… Read more »

Flat White Coffee Prices Are Rising, Here’s How To Save Money [Video]

Starbucks' Flat White Coffee

Flat white coffee orders are a growing trend in the U.S., due to Starbucks adding it to their menu this year. Flat white coffee, a not-too-milky espresso drink, is thought to have originated in Australia in the 80s. However, Starbucks reports the following about where flat white coffee originated. “The Flat White was reportedly created… Read more »

Guess Jeans Ad Gets Gigi Hadid’s Bare Breasts

Guess Jeans Ad

Guess Jeans has a long history of getting models to go topless for their advertisements, and now they can add Gigi Hadid — recently named one of Sports Illustrated’s 12 Rookies of the year in their annual swimsuit issue — to that list. Gigi is in good company. Other models to have gone topless in… Read more »

Flight Passengers Stranded For Over 12 Hours On Middle Eastern Tarmac


Hundreds of flight passengers landed safely in San Francisco after what many are calling the “flight from hell.” Once at SFO and after their 28-hour flight, passengers complained that they’d had to sit for 12 hours on a Middle Eastern tarmac with no food or accurate flight information. Etihad Airlines Flight 183 had to sit… Read more »

Man Suspected Of Vandalizing Islamic Cultural Center: Hate Crime?

Hate Crime Involving Vandalism?

The family of a man suspected of vandalizing an Islamic cultural center are claiming that the alleged actions were taken as a result of a medical condition, and was not an actual hate crime. Asif Mohammad Khan, a 28-year-old California man, has been accused of committing vandalism on the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno. The… Read more »