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Fall Beauty Tips For The Warm, Natural Look

Fall beauty tips

As the days get cooler, and we trade in our sundresses and sandals for sweaters and boots, don’t forget to update your beauty routine in order to reflect the changing weather. Here are some of the best fall beauty tips and trends from around the web. 1. Stay natural. Using a light and naturally-colored foundation,… Read more »

Burger King: The Good, The Bad, And The Healthy

There are ways to eat healthily at Burger King

“Have it your way.” So goes the well-known slogan for chain restaurant Burger King, but it’s fairly common knowledge that, like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, or any other fast-food business, Burger King’s menu is not exactly the friendliest when one’s “way” is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. How can diners expect to… Read more »

Pizza Hut Giving Away Free Pizza To Fantasy Football Leagues?

Pizza Hut Giving Away Free Pizza Fantasy Football Leagues

Pizza Hut has been doing some interesting things as of late. The most recent being the viral hit ” Pizza Cats“. Tencho, Hime, Dora, Detch, are the employees of the Japanese Pizza hut, and as far as we know, they are still employed to this day. Rocket News24 reported on the new cat employed pizza… Read more »

Pizza Study Reveals The Best Possible Cheese: And The Winner Is…

Pizza Study: Mozzarella Is Best Cheese

A pizza study recently published in the Journal of Food Science and spotted by NPR has revealed the best cheese on a pizza. And while we could try to manufacture a little more suspense than what our headline has already accomplished, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Mozzarella. That’s right, the cheese that you always assumed… Read more »

Charlotte McKinney May Be The New “It” Girl


Not much is known about model Charlotte McKinney, other than that fact that she is a drop dead gorgeous model with unattainable curves who may give Kate Upton a run for her money. The 5’7 blond, blue-eyed bombshell has all the looks of an up and coming supermodel. Her Instagram page states that she works… Read more »

The Bible Burned, Urinated On By Prescott Man

The Bible Has Been Desecrated

The Bible has long been a source of inspiration for Christians, and is looked at as one of literary value by scholars and English teachers across the continent. However, for one Prescott, Arizona, man, it is meant for insults and degradation. Eric Minerault, a 22-year-old man calling himself “Dark Lord,” was arrested after Prescott Police… Read more »

Knee Defender: The American Way?

Knee defender, aspect of American psyche.

The Knee Defender is a little slice of America–like a stone-wall General Patton with a scoundrel-ed Bernie Madoff bent. Or maybe the other way around? The Knee Defender is that crafty plastic armament you wedge into someone’s airplane seat to keep them from reclining onto your knees. After all, the best defense is a good… Read more »