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McDonald’s Plans To Remove Antibiotics From Their Chicken

McDonald's Does Away With Human Antibiotics In Chicken

McDonald’s Corp. is placing demands on their chicken suppliers to stop using human antibiotics in raising poultry. The world’s largest fast food chain will also offer customers cow milk void of rBGH, the artificial growth hormone. According to experts, this is a huge public health move by McDonald’s. Today, McDonald’s made an announcement that the… Read more »

Spring Break 2015: Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down

Spring Break 2015 Is Near - Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down

Spring Break 2015 is near. In the midst of having your fun, don’t forget that you have a life after the fun is over. So, here’s a simple word of caution. With a currently-proposed dharma of “Y.O.L.O.,” during this break, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Yet, ironically, it’s these very moments… Read more »

IHOP Free Pancakes On National Pancake Day, March 3

IHOP Free Pancakes

For those folks who love pancakes and aren’t training for an upcoming NPC fitness competition in the bikini category, the announcement by IHOP saying they are giving away free pancakes on “National Pancake Day” on Tuesday probably sounds like a yummy deal. The IHOP eatery announced its plans to give away free pancakes on its… Read more »

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Is Chief Justice Roy Moore’s Newest Supporter — Coming Weeks Behind The KKK, AFA, And Rush Limbaugh

Phil Robertson echoes KKK, telling Roy Moore not to back down.

Chief Justice Roy Moore has a new supporter to add to the list (along with current supporters: the KKK, the American Family Association, and Rush Limbaugh): Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. Robertson, who has, of course, been involved with his own controversies about same-sex marriage, recently spoke in support of Moore’s stance. According to WFSA, Robertson… Read more »

A Batman Hotel Can Give You Access To The Batcave For Only $50 A Night


For those who shamelessly love us some Batman, Taiwan has answered our (secret) request and opened a Batman hotel where guests can escape into the cape crusader’s Batcave. Here, you can seduce your Selena Kyle amongst the batcave style walls, soak away your problems in the bat-tub, or just chillax on your Batman double bed… Read more »

Texas State Representative Claims Judge Calling Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional ‘Deliberately Violated Statutory Law’

Vigil Held For Marriage Equality Rights On Day Supreme Court Hears Prop 8

Tony Tinderholt, a Texas State Representative, has filed a complaint, saying that Judge David Wahlberg violated laws when he called the state’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. According to Tinderholt, the law requires that, before ruling on constitutionality, a judge must contact the State Attorney General’s office. In February, Wahlberg issued an order, telling county officials… Read more »

‘Spider-Gwen’ Is To Be Marvel’s Latest Web-Slinger

Photo courtesy of Marvel Comics/artist Robbi Rodriguez.

As the gender equality movement gains steam, the effects can be seen in media from film to television, and now Marvel is bringing it to the comic shelves with the revival of Gwen Stacy and her alter ego, Spider-Gwen. The character of Gwen Stacy has been dead since 1973, according to the Huffington Post, when… Read more »