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Is The ‘No-Wash Shirt’ Gross Even If It Smells Okay?

no-wash shirt

A no-wash shirt is being held up as the most cutting edge convergence of science, fashion and laziness — and it’s hard to imagine a situation in which this is not totally gross no matter how much it smells okay. While a no-wash shirt means less laundry, the squick factor here is immense — and… Read more »

Trash To Trend Introduces First Mass Produced ‘Upcycled’ Clothing Line

Trash to Trend Reet Aus

Trash to Trend is introducing the world’s first mass produced “upcycled” clothing line, a substantial milestone for eco-conscious fashion connoisseurs. Trash to Trend’s Upcycled Collection is the world’s first mass production of upcycled clothing. Trash to Trend advertises that this collection features products that are made with less water, less energy, and less production waste…. Read more »

Duct Tape Prom Dress, Tux May Win $5K Scholarship

duct tape prom dress 2013

Every year, a duct tape prom dress and matching tux win a $5,000 scholarship in an annual contest, and this year’s contenders are beginning to impress America with their sticky style. If you think a duct tape prom dress is a cheap alternative to traditional prom wear, however, think again. In addition to countless hours… Read more »

Ancient Greek Hairdos Rediscovered By Baltimore Hairdresser

Ancient Greek Hairdos Rediscovered By Baltimore Hairdresser

Baltimore, MD – Ancient Greek hairdos were said to be wigs, according to modern scholars. But a Baltimore hairdresser named Janet Stephens has rediscovered how our ancestors managed to pull off those amazing fashions like those worn by Cleopatra, Faustina the Younger, and Empress Plotina. According to The News Tribune, Janet Stephens, 54, works as… Read more »

Top Beauty Trends for 2012

Top Beauty Trends for 2012-Ciate Caviar Manicure

2012 was a year of some truly unique beauty trends, with everything from caviar manicures to natural beauty products being this year’s biggest craze. Read about the beauty world’s top picks for 2012 and see if you agree with what made the list. Trend #1-Textured Manicures 2012 was all about textured manicure, with Refinery 29… Read more »

‘Upsetting Rape Culture’: Baltimore Feminists Prank Victoria’s Secret

VS secret demanded that the website featuring the knock off items be removed.

Last week, Victoria’s Secret allegedly launched a new line of underwear called “The Consent Line.” Whereas recent Victoria’s Secret underwear offered thongs reading “Sure Thing,” this new line of panties have slogans such as “No Means No” and “Ask First.” Even more exciting, the new line was modeled by a “beaming woman of color.” In… Read more »

Transgender Models Make A Big Splash In Brazil

transfender models

Transgender models in Brazil are reportedly a big hit with fashion fans. The South American nation has long been known for producing beautiful models that walk down runways around the globe. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Amrbrioso, and Adriana Lima are some of the most well-known Brazilian models of recent years. A new type of model… Read more »