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Ovulating Women Wear Red Or Pink To Improve Chances Of Conception [Study]

Ovulating Women Prefer Pink And Red Clothing [Study]

Ovulating women often wear pink or red clothing to improve their chances of conception, scientists reported in a recent study published in Psychological Science and reported online by Dr. Justin Lehmiller. The basis for the findings evolved from a series of studies that indicated heterosexual men found women in red to be more attractive than… Read more »

Thai Push-Up Bra Commercial Has A Twist [Video]

Thai push-up bra commercial

A Thai push-up bra commercial comes with an unexpected twist. Hit that button to check out the footage if you’ve got an open mind and a sense of humor. Wacoal Mood is selling a push-up bra, folks. So you’re going to see somebody wearing a bra. It isn’t technically dirty. I mean, it’s a Thai… Read more »

Kate Upton Sheer Top Pics Taken During Maksim Chmerkovskiy Date

Kate Upton Sheer Top Pics Taken During Maksim Chmerkovskiy Date

Kate Upton’s sheer top became the latest fashion obsession, with people seeming undecided on whether it’s hot or not. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kate Upton bared all on a horse and uncensored photos were leaked, causing the internet to go wild. Kate Upton’s bikini photos also lit up Twitter for a season. Kate… Read more »

One Direction Makeup Launched So I Guess We Can All Look Like Zayn

One Direction

One Direction’s makeup line from discount cosmetics brand MUA (Makeup Artists) has been launched. According to a statement from MUA, by the end of the month, you’ll find the One Direction Little Things Collection exclusively in UK Superdrug stores, the Superdrug website, and the MUA website. You might think five boys would know little or… Read more »

Kanye West T-Shirt Is Plain White, Costs $120 And Has Already Sold Out

Kanye West Plain White T-Shirt

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to be amazed, maybe even in awe. Rapper Kanye West has designed a t-shirt that may very well revolutionize the clothing industry. That’s right: It’s the Kanye West t-shirt with a plain white design. Yeezus posted the “new” design online, and his masterful creation of nothingness quickly sold out. What’s… Read more »

Diane Kruger Opens Up About Modeling And Fashion ‘Clichés’

Kruger has also starred in major films.

Diane Kruger will be featured on the cover of the August issue of Marie Claire in the UK. She’s regularly been viewed as a top model, but she’s not accepting the idea that the fashion industry is full of egos. “Those are clichés,” Kruger said in the upcoming UK edition of Marie Claire. “You can… Read more »

Rihanna Shows Skin, Style, Tattoo At Chanel Show In Paris

Rihanna at Chanel show in Paris Tuesday

Rihanna’s bold look at the Chanel Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-14 collection in Paris on Tuesday can only add to her legend. The woman’s got a sense of style, and she posted a series of Instagram photos in order to share it. As she informed her followers: “Went straight to the Chanel Couture show early this… Read more »

Kendall Jenner Reveals Modeling Goals In Recent Interview

Jenner has already walked the runway before.

Kendall Jenner is an aspiring model that rose to fame through her family’s TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The show was a great way to give Jenner some spotlight, but it seems that she’s looking to move on past TV and into a modeling career. The 17-year-old has already ventured into fashion before, but… Read more »

Charlize Theron’s Stylist Talks Star’s Powerful Look

Charlize Theron has always been known for her outfits.

Charlize Theron has always been known for her powerful style, but a lot of her look can be credited to her stylist Leslie Fremar. Theron has stunned in one outfit after another over the year, but it takes a lot to put together the perfect look. Fremar is the stylist for many popular celebrities, including… Read more »

Vittorio Missoni’s Wrecked Plane Found

Vittorio Missoni Missing Plane Discovered

The plane of missing Italian fashion magnate Vittorio Missoni has been found. The plane was carrying Virrotio and his wife from the Los Roques airport to Caracas when it vanished on January 4. The plane was carrying six people in all when it vanished and it is believed that no one survived the crash. The… Read more »

Chest Hair Coat Promotes Manly Milk, Costs $3,849

Chest Hair Coat Promotes Manly Milk, Costs $3,849

The chest hair coat is made of 100 percent manly male chest hair. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, it’s becoming fashionable for fashion designers to keep things organic. For example, Adrienne Bailon’s new line of nail polish is supposedly popular with vegans. But the chest hair coat takes fashion to an almost flinch-worthy level. How… Read more »

Adrienne Bailon’s Fingertip Fetish Is All The Rage For Vegans

Adrienne Bailon Fingertip Fetish

Adrienne Bailon has created a new nail polish line called Fingertip Fetish, and she promises its lack of DBP and formaldehyde will attract a new demographic. According to the fingernail polish line, which comes in various colors: “As animal lovers, we are proud to announce that all of our products are 100 percent vegan, and you can… Read more »

Cabbage Patch Wigs For Kids Go Viral

Cabbage Patch Wigs

Cabbage Patch wigs are the newest fashion trend to take the web by storm. As the name suggests, the wigs are fashioned after the once popular Cabbage Patch Kids dolls that ruled the 1980s. The wigs are the brainchild of Georgia mom-to-be Amanda Lillie. Speaking to TODAY Moms, she says of her new creation: “I was a… Read more »

Met Gala 2013: Kim Kardashian Appears Dressed As A Sofa

Met Gala 2013

The Met Gala 2013 fashion soirée Monday night — fashion’s unofficial party of the year — was billed as a celebration of punk at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although the theme was Punk: From Chaos to Culture, mostly it was a shameless celebration of pop culture with very little understanding of the political… Read more »

Is The ‘No-Wash Shirt’ Gross Even If It Smells Okay?

no-wash shirt

A no-wash shirt is being held up as the most cutting edge convergence of science, fashion and laziness — and it’s hard to imagine a situation in which this is not totally gross no matter how much it smells okay. While a no-wash shirt means less laundry, the squick factor here is immense — and… Read more »

Trash To Trend Introduces First Mass Produced ‘Upcycled’ Clothing Line

Trash to Trend Reet Aus

Trash to Trend is introducing the world’s first mass produced “upcycled” clothing line, a substantial milestone for eco-conscious fashion connoisseurs. Trash to Trend’s Upcycled Collection is the world’s first mass production of upcycled clothing. Trash to Trend advertises that this collection features products that are made with less water, less energy, and less production waste…. Read more »

Duct Tape Prom Dress, Tux May Win $5K Scholarship

duct tape prom dress 2013

Every year, a duct tape prom dress and matching tux win a $5,000 scholarship in an annual contest, and this year’s contenders are beginning to impress America with their sticky style. If you think a duct tape prom dress is a cheap alternative to traditional prom wear, however, think again. In addition to countless hours… Read more »