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Soft Drinks Linked To Aggression, Attention Problems In Kids

soft drinks aggression

A new study has linked soft drinks to aggression and other behavior problems in young children. Just when you thought there was already too much bad news out there about sugary sodas, here comes a little more from a team that will soon publish their findings in The Journal Of Pediatrics. The researchers headed up… Read more »

Bigorexia Claimed To Affect Almost Half Of Men


Bigorexia, also known as muscle dysmorphia or exercise bulimia, is getting some buzz this week after sports psychologist Dr. Michele Kerulis claimed that as many as 45 percent of men are unhappy with their bodies. Bigorexia is a disorder that causes the mostly male victims to become obsessed with working out to build up their… Read more »

NJ, PA Report First Cases Of West Nile Virus

NJ, PA See First West Nile Virus Reports of the year.

West Nile virus has shown up in various counties around Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A Burlington County, NJ man was the first person in the state to be diagnosed this year, according to CBS. The 55-year old man was gardening when he was bitten by an infected mosquito. Mosquitoes captured and tested from Hanover Township,… Read more »

Obesity May Cause One In Five Deaths, Says New Study

obesity deaths

Has the number of obesity deaths been grossly underestimated? Could it be that almost one in five deaths in the United States are caused by being obese? According to WebMD, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have previously said that about five percent of US deaths are caused by obesity. That means that… Read more »

Coffee Mortality? Don’t Put Down Your Latte Just Yet

coffee mortality criticism

The coffee mortality study linking delicious, tasty lattes to early death has dampened spirits this week — and it seems that everyone who read the report this morning over a cup of espresso had the same sad reaction. As most people noticed, the coffee mortality study is one of several delving into the risks and… Read more »

New Tool Can Measure Consciousness

measure consciousness tool

A new experimental tool is showing promise in the realm of measuring someone’s consciousness to see if they are more or less “awake.” This tool could end up being very useful for doctors attempting to treat someone with a brain injury that cannot respond in a normal fashion. The device literally shakes the brain with… Read more »

Cancer Breakthrough: Researchers A Lot Closer To Learning What Causes It

Cancer Breakthrough: Research Team Closer To Finding Origin

A cancer breakthrough has been discovered by a team of international researchers, according to a Wednesday report from the BBC. The findings brought scientists much closer to determining the causes for nearly all types of cancer, thus paving the way for more effective forms of treatment and prevention. The team, led by the Wellcome Trust… Read more »

Sugar Levels Now Thought Safe May Be Harmful, New Study Suggests

sugar levels harmful

Currently recommended sugar levels are harmful and could shorten your life. That’s the grim news from a new study published Tuesday in Nature Communications. If you’re already struggling to cut back on added sugar in your diet, then maybe the new study from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City researchers will give you… Read more »

Inducing Labor Autism Link Met With Skepticism, Questions

Autism Linked To Inducing Labor

An inducing labor and autism link found in a recent study has, predictably, caused significant debate as well as questions regarding the potential impact of the research. The alleged link between inducing labor and autism is one to which many would immediately object, in part given to the lengthy embrace of discredited research linking vaccines… Read more »

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Romanticizes Sexual Abuse, Study

Fifty Shades new study shows the book romanticizes sexual abuse.

Fifty Shades Of Grey, E.L.. James’ raunchy novel is not good for abused women, a study finds. In fact, it romanticizes what can be traumatic experiences. In one such case, Natalie Collins married early, at 17. At first, the man was charming, but she soon discovered a darker side to his personality, he became manipulative… Read more »

Bee Sting Acupuncture Has China Abuzz [Videos]

bee sting acupuncture

Bee sting acupuncture is getting some buzz this week. According to Fox News, up to 27,000 people have undergone the painful form of acupuncture in just one specialist’s clinic in Beijing, China. Wang Menglin told reporters that he underwent two years of training in order to learn how to hold and manipulate the bee to… Read more »

Inducing Labor Linked With Higher Autism Risk In Latest Study

Autism Linked To Inducing Labor

Inducing and speeding up labor can lead to a higher risk of autism, according to a new study. The study involved data from the North Carolina Detailed Birth Record and Education Research databases, including 625,042 live births. Of those, 5,500 were diagnosed with autism. Induced labor happens when a doctor or nurse intervenes in a… Read more »

Car Crashes Aren’t Caused By Using Cellphones, New Study Says

car crashes cellphones

Your risk of being in a car crash doesn’t rise when you use a cellphone while driving. That’s the startling claim made in a new study published Thursday in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. And, yes, the Carnegie Mellon University and London School of Economics and Political Science researchers do know very well that… Read more »

New Malaria Vaccine Offers Full Protection

Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough

A new malaria vaccine has proven successful in protecting 100 percent of people who were given five doses of the vaccination. The study only involved a very small trial of people but is already being deemed as a breakthrough. Malaria, a product of Plasmodium parasites, affects more than 200 million people each year and killed… Read more »

Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough Announced

Malaria Breakthrough

A malaria vaccine breakthrough has been announced in the journal Science. Twenty volunteers took part in testing the PfSPZ vaccine. Malaria is a tropical disease that is spread by mosquitoes. An estimated 200 million people are infected with malaria every year. As reported by CNN, nearly one million people die from malaria each year. There… Read more »

Sanjay Gupta: ‘I Was Wrong On Pot, Sorry America’ [Video]

marijuana legalization

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta has issued a marijuana mea culpa, changing position on the medical benefits and possible harmful effects of pot. Gupta announced his new medical marijuana stance in an article and will be premiering a new documentary called “Weed.” Dr. Sanjay admits the title sounds cavalier, but the stakes for medical marijuana are… Read more »

Hot Cocoa May Improve Thinking, Then Again Maybe It Doesn’t [Study]

hot cocoa thinking

Will hot cocoa help preserve thinking skills and keep your brain sharp as you age? That’s the findings from a study published Wednesday in Neurology by lead author Farzaneh Sorond and colleagues. The good news is that Dr. Sorond concluded that hot cocoa did indeed sharpen thinking in patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes,… Read more »

Normal Pregnancy Length Varies By Up To Five Weeks [Study]

Pregnancy Length Varies Often

The length of a completely normal pregnancy can actually vary by up to five weeks, according to a study of 125 women. The study is the first to calculate gestation using the exact time of conception. The study found that age, time to implantation, and the mother’s own weight when she was born can also… Read more »

Childhood Obesity Rate Declines Among Preschoolers

Decline Child Obesity

The childhood obesity rate is declining for the first time in decades. The obesity rate among young children did raise in some states. However, it declined significantly in others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted a decline in childhood obesity from 2008 to 2011. The decline was notable in 19 states. As reported… Read more »