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HPV Vaccine Could Reduce Throat Cancer Risk

HPV Throat Cancer Vaccine

The HPV vaccine could also help lower the risk of throat cancer, according to a recent study from Costa Rica. While the study doesn’t prove the theory, it does show that those who were vaccinated against two strains of the HPV virus had 93 percent less throat infections four years later. The HPV is strongly… Read more »

Hypersexuality, Sex Addiction, Could Just Be High Libido

Hypersexuality, or sex addiction, could just be the result of a high libido and not because of a mental or neurological disorder, scientists theorize.

Hypersexuality (sex addiction) could just be the result of a high libido and not because of a mental disorder, scientists theorize. Hypersexuality, more commonly known as sex addiction, is the abnormally frequent or sudden increase in sexual urges. While alcohol and drugs can affect sexual inhibitions in people, those allegedly suffering from a sex addiction… Read more »

Quit Smoking, Make More Money, Says Study

quitting smoking study

Quitting smoking will help your money situation in more ways than one. Not only will you obviously save by not buying cigarettes (in my state, they are nearing $10 a pack), but something about having been a smoker and choosing to quit just increases your employment and advancement appeal. According to a new study highlighted… Read more »

Sugar Filled Diet Causes Bowel Cancer, Study Claims

Sugar Foods and Bowel Cancer

Drinking too much soda, eating too much cake, and engaging in a sugar filled diet in general can cause bowel cancer, according to a new study. Researchers studied data from the Scottish Colorectal Cancer Study to determine that snacks high in sugar play a part in developing the very deadly disease. Scientists examined various factors… Read more »

Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea, Treatments May Be Available

Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea, Treatments May Be Available

Treatments may be available to combat drug-resistant gonorrhea, an asymptomatic sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium that has grown in prevalence. Gonorrhea has also become increasingly difficult to treat. Gonorrhea, also referred to as “the clap,” germinates in the warm, moist areas of the reproductive tract. This includes the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes… Read more »

Anti-Smoking Warnings Sour Cigarettes’ Taste, Study Says

Cigarettes Lead to Depression

Anti-smoking warning labels, featuring graphic images, have been found to make cigarettes taste bad. At least, that’s what a new study has found after discovering a growing trend in Australia. Last year Australia became the latest nation to implement laws requiring graphic disclaimers be on all cigarettes sold. The images depict the unpleasant results of… Read more »

New Tool Used To Detect Drug-Seekers In ER

Study evaluates new tool used to detect drug-seekers who venture into the ER in order to obtain prescription medications.

A new study evaluates a new tool used to detect drug-seekers who venture into the ER in order to obtain prescription medications. Emergency room department staff and physicians do encounter the occasional so-called patient complaining of pain who is actually a prescription painkiller addict seeking a fix. Therefore, clinicians have been trying to establish an… Read more »

Interspecies Transplant Of Insulin-Producing Cells Succeeds

interspecies transplant

An interspecies transplant of islets, the cells that produce insulin, has been reportedly achieved for the first time — and without the use of immunosuppressive drugs. It’s the first step on the long road to the ultimate goal of being able to transplant the insulin-producing cells from pigs into people with type 1 diabetes. The… Read more »

Arsenic In Apple Juice Guidelines Revised By FDA

arsenic in apple juice 2013

Two years after arsenic in apple juice prompted an FDA reassurance that the seemingly alarming levels found my Dr. Oz posed no harm, the agency appears to have revisited its stance. In 2011, arsenic in apple juice was addressed by the popular TV doctor, who alleged that troubling levels posed risk to consumers — many… Read more »

Toddler Personality Traits May Predict Teen Drinking Habits, Study Says

New Study Says Toddler Personality Traits May Predict Teen Drinking Habbits

The personality traits of children in the first five years of their life may help predict alcohol use during teenage years, according to Fox News. The study was published on July 10 in the journal Clinical and Experimental Research. The study revealed that certain temperaments of kids are correlated with teen drinking. Danielle Dick, a… Read more »

Drinking Habits Reveal Difference Between Men And Women

Differences in the description of drunk men and women due to stereotypes

Drinking habits have recently been the subject of a study to reveal even more differences between men and women. The results show that intoxicated men tend to be described by others in exaggerated drunk terms, while generally the descriptions regarding women are downplayed. These findings come out of a recent study published in Alcoholism: Clinical… Read more »

Heavy Smartphone Use Could Lead To Poor Fitness, Study Says

Heavy Smartphone Use Could Lead To Poor Fitness

A new smartphone study shows that excessive use could lead to poor fitness. Kent State University researchers found that university students who spent large amounts of time on their phone were less fit than those who spent less time on their phone. We’ve all been told that too much of a good thing isn’t really… Read more »

Lynsie Conradi Leukemia Free After Groundbreaking Therapy

Lynsie Conradi Cancer Free

Lynsie Conradi is now leukemia free following a groundbreaking new therapy. The news was announced seven days after the new treatment began. The 23-year-old woman has suffered through three bouts of leukemia. During the second recurrence, doctors discovered the leukemia was resistant to chemotherapy. Without a new treatment plan, Conradi only had a 20 percent… Read more »

Fish Oil Prostate Cancer Risk Confirmed By Study

Fish Oil Prostate Risk

Fish oil may raise prostate cancer risk, according to a study reported by the National Cancer Institute. The research also points to an increased risk for men who consume large amounts of fish. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are plentiful in fish oil, have been touted as a medical wonder. Fish oil has been recommended for… Read more »

Medical Marijuana For Children: Parents Say It Works

Medical Marijuana

Doctors are prescribing medical marijuana to children, and some parents say it has changed their lives. Currently, 18 states in the US allow for the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. In 17 states, it is prescribed to children. States that allow children to be prescribed marijuana usually require approval by a pediatrician and a… Read more »

Bladder Cancer Detected In Urine Odor

According to medical researchers, bladder cancer can be detected in urine odor.

According to medical researchers, bladder cancer can be detected in urine odor. The concept of a cancer being found by its smell has been addressed in previous research where canines have been trained to sniff out the disease. In this case, neither doctors nor patients – or even dogs – are expected to take a… Read more »

Cat Parasites In Poop Pose A Growing Health Risk, Researchers Find

Cat Parasites In Poop Pose A Growing Health Risk, Researchers Find

Cat parasites, the kind found on the poop buried in litter boxes, poses a serious and widespread public health hazard, officials are saying this week. Scientists studying an infectious parasite called Toxoplasma gondii say they were surprised to find just how widespread the bug’s eggs are. Two researchers at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Dr. E. Fuller Torrey… Read more »

Air Pollution Cuts Lifespan Of Chinese, Study Finds

Air Quality Study Reveals Massive Heath Costs

Extreme air pollution has been found to drastically reduce the lifespan of Chinese citizens who live in the northern region of the nation, according to a new study. Of the 500 million people living in northern China, most will see an average of 5.5 years cut from their life. This new study comes from a… Read more »