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Nipple Injections To Treat Breast Cancer Developed

Nipple injections to treat breast cancer

Doctors in Boston, Massachusetts have announced the investigation of nipple injections to treat breast cancer by injecting cancer-fighting drugs directly into the milk ducts through the nipple. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. Survival rates range from 100 percent for early stage breast… Read more »

Metabolically Healthy Obesity Discovered In Twin Study

Metabolically Healthy Obesity Discovered In Twins

Healthy obesity may exist in some individuals, according to a new twin study published in the journal Diabetologia. Obesity in general increases the risk for significant health problems including gallstones, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, coronary artery disease, stroke, sleep apnea, cancer, and premature death. Obesity is defined as a… Read more »

Heart Disease Study: Exercise Might Be Just As Effective As Drugs

exercise might be just as good as drugs for heart patients

Exercise could potentially be just as effective as pharmaceutical drugs for some heart conditions according to a new study. Researchers from the London School of Economics and Harvard and Stanford medical schools analyzed 305 randomized controlled trials involving about 340,000 participants in connection with four disorders: Type 2 diabetes, repeat heart attacks, repeat strokes, and… Read more »

New Tuberculosis Vaccine Developed At McMaster University

New Tuberculosis Vaccine Created

A new tuberculosis vaccine that will aid in the global fight against the contagious disease has been developed by researchers at McMaster University. Tuberculosis, or TB, is a common and highly infectious disease usually caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Symptoms of the disease include fever, chills, night sweats, loss of appetite, weight loss, and… Read more »

High Fat Diet May Aid Weight Loss

Diet High In A Certain Fat May Help Weight Loss

A high fat diet full of fatty foods that contain the SCD1 enzyme may increase metabolism and aid in weight loss, says a new study published in The Journal of Lipid Research. Researchers from the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Texas Tech University recently looked at the role that a high fat diet plays in… Read more »

Direct Link Between Obesity And Pancreatic Cancer Discovered

Direct Link Between Obesity And Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers for the first time have discovered a direct link between obesity and pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is cancer of the pancreas. The pancreas is a glandular organ in the digestive system and endocrine system that produces several important hormones including insulin, glucagon, somatostatin, and pancreatic polypeptide and that secretes pancreatic juice containing digestive enzymes…. Read more »

Cats Possibly Key To Successful Human HIV Vaccine

Cats Hold the Key to a Human HIV Vaccine

Cats may hold the key to a successful human HIV vaccine, according to a news release from the University of Florida. HIV, or the human immunodeficiency virus, is the retrovirus) that causes AIDS, or the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. AIDS causes a progressive failure of the immune system, ultimately leading to death. Neither HIV nor AIDS… Read more »

Blizzident Toothbrush Claims To Clean Teeth And Floss In 6 Seconds

blizzident toothbrush

According to its creators, the Blizzident toothbrush not only cleans your teeth, it also cleans your tongue, gums, and flosses in just 6 seconds. There is nothing better than fresh minty breath, and of course, clean, flossed teeth. And if you can do all that in just a fraction of a minute, all the better…. Read more »

Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy Increases Risk Of Child Obesity

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Women who experience excessive weight gain during pregnancy increase their risk of having overweight or obese children, according to a commonsense study published in the journal PLOS Medicine. In the United States alone, child obesity has reached epidemic proportions. The number of American children who are considered obese has more than doubled in the past… Read more »

Insulin Pathway Map Could Pave Way For Better Diabetes Drugs

New Research On Insulin Production Helps Battle Diabetes

Scientists have created the first comprehensive roadmap of the interactions that enable cells in the pancreas to produce, store and secrete the insulin, reports say. The findings allow for a better understanding of the insulin secretion process—and how it fails in insulin disorders such as type 2 diabetes. Boosting or repairing insulin production and secretion… Read more »

First Breast Cancer Drug Perjeta Gets FDA Approval

Breast Cancer Cases Soar Among Those Under 50

A new breast cancer drug has been approved by the Food Drug Administration, the first of its kind on the market for treatment ahead of surgery for breast cancer. The new breast cancer drug approved for use before surgery is Perjeta (pertuzumab), and the FDA detailed the drug’s release and approval in a press announcement… Read more »

President Obama Admits ‘Glitches’ Will Occur With Healthcare.Gov

President Obama HealthCare Gov Website

President Barack Obama has acknowledged that there will be “glitches and problems” as Americans attempt to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. The Obama led health initiative goes live today at Speaking to NPR President Obama says the health care exchanges are still in their infancy and likely to suffer from a few… Read more »

Vegetarian Starts Eating Meat, Gives Birth To Triplets

Vegetarian gives birth to triplets with the heat of a meat diet

A lifelong vegetarian who tried for 10 years to get pregnant began eating meat and wound up having triplets. Her daily diet apparently included Sausage McMuffins. UK resident Laura Dixon, 34, was unsuccessful for a decade trying to get pregnant naturally, so she and her husband turned to in vitro fertilization. She suffered a miscarriage… Read more »

Universal Flu Vaccine Could Be Only A Few Years Away

Universal Flu Vaccines Are Right Around The Corner

Could a universal flu vaccine be created to cover all strains of the virus? British scientists believe such a thing could now be possible. Researchers say that people who were able to beat the 2009 flu pandemic without becoming sick is the key. How far off is something like this? Scientists are hopeful that a… Read more »

Stroke Risk Reduced With Vitamin B Supplements?

vitamin b

Taking vitamin B supplements may help reduce your risk of stroke according to the findings of a new survey. In the past there have been conflicting claims about the benefits, or otherwise, of taking vitamin B supplements to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Some studies actually concluded that taking vitamin B supplements… Read more »

A Dyslexia Treatment? Study Says Digital Screens Make Reading Easier

Dyslexia Treatment: Digital Screens Make Reading Easier

A dyslexia treatment is possible with digital screens, a new study says. Researchers at Harvard say their recent trials show that dyslexic high school students could comprehend better and read faster with an e-reader than they could from a paper page. An estimated five to 17 percent of all readers are dyslexic and may now… Read more »

Arthritis: Magnets And Copper Bracelets Do Not Work

Arthritis Magnets & Copper Bracelets

Arthritis affects close to 50 million Americans. The pain can range from mild to crippling. Patients and doctors have explored numerous methods to ease the pain. Unfortunately, a miracle cure simply does not exist. Many patients purchase copper bracelets or magnets to help manage arthritis pain. They often report that the bracelets and straps actually… Read more »

Asthma Drug Relva Approved In Europe, Japan, But Not The United States

Asthma patients not using inhaler correctly

An Asthma drug called Relva has been approved for Europe and Japan. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a new flu vaccine is more effective yet still more profitable. The new Asthma drug Relvar is a combination of the “inhaled corticosteroid (ICS), fluticasone furoate, and the long-acting beta2 agonist (LABA).” Combined, these Asthma drugs reduce… Read more »

Deadly Brain Eating Amoeba Confirmed In Water Supply

Deadly Brain Eating Amoeba Found In US Water System

A deadly brain eating amoeba that has killed several people, including a boy in Florida, has been confirmed to be present in a Louisiana water supply — understandably alarming locals. The brain eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri has been linked to deaths from freshwater swims as well as use of neti pots, devices primarily employed to… Read more »

New Flu Vaccines Cover More Strains, Yield More Profits

Flu Vaccine Four Strains

In 2013, new flu vaccines will offer protection against an additional strain of influenza — at a cost. The new flu vaccines for the coming flu season are available, with many lining up ahead of the peak flu months to get vaccinated. But this flu season, the new vaccine protects not only against the standard… Read more »

Obese Toddler Youngest Ever For Weight Loss Surgery

2-1/2-year-old has gastric bypass surgery

A morbidly obese two-year-old who received gastric bypass surgery is apparently the youngest ever in the world to undergo the weight-loss procedure. The toddler weighed about 72 pounds and had a body mass index of 41 when doctors at a Saudi Arabian obesity clinic decided that surgery was necessary. Previous attempts at controlling weight through… Read more »

Alzheimer’s: Brain Scan May Help Early Detection

Alzheimer's Research

Alzheimer’s disease is difficult to detect at an early stage. Most patients are diagnosed when they display profound physical and mental symptoms. Research suggests new imagining techniques may assist in early detection. Autopsies of Alzheimer’s patients reveal the presence of brain plaques and strands composed of built up proteins. The plaques build up and form… Read more »