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‘The Big Bang Theory': Will Leonard And Penny Split Up?

Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory’s latest season is only three episodes old but there is already growing speculation that Penny and Leonard might be on the verge of splitting up. The duo finally got engaged after seven season’s worth of flirting, falling out, getting together, splitting up, and then getting back together again in the penultimate… Read more »

[Video] Leaked Walking Dead Season 5 Premier Clip Surfaces [Spoilers]

Walking Dead leaked clip from season premiere

The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere is coming soon and a leaked clip has surfaced online. The clip, shared below, doesn’t give a lot of information that wasn’t in previously released Walking Dead trailers. In the most recent trailer, for instance, Rick and the rest of his little group appear to already be outside the… Read more »

Jessica Lange May Not Leave ‘American Horror Story’ After All

Jessica Lange American Horror Story

Jessica Lange may not be done with American Horror Story after this season of Freak Show wraps up. Although The Inquisitr has covered Lange’s exit from the show, including quotes from the actress, series co-creator, and head writer, Ryan Murphy is still trying to get her into the next season, and trying to avoid the… Read more »