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Amy Purdy Rushed To Hospital Following DWTS Performance

amy purdy double amputee

Amy Purdy gave a stunning performance on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars along with her partner Derek Hough. The pair pulled off a fantastic 36/40 point rumba which slotted nicely into the show’s Latin theme. After dancing their feet off to a curiously slowed down rendition of The Doors’ “Light My Fire”, head judge… Read more »

‘Grease’ Live Musical Is Coming To Fox In 2015

Grease Featured

Looks like people “better shape up” because the new generation “needs a revival” of a classic cherished among many fans! Fox will be bringing Grease Live in 2015. This should give plenty of people enough time to practice their hand jives! According to E!, Fox is jumping on the live special bandwagon after the success… Read more »

First Glimpse At ‘Supernatural’ Spin-Off Series ‘Bloodlines’

The next episode of Supernatural, airing this Tuesday, will act as a backdoor pilot for a spin-off series, titled Supernatural: Bloodlines.

This coming Tuesday, fans of The CW’s crazy successful paranormal-meets-brotherly-love TV show Supernatural will be treated to the first onscreen adventure into the highly anticipated spin-off series Supernatural: Bloodlines. The backdoor pilot for Supernatural:Bloodlines comes disguised as episode 20 of Supernatural‘s ninth season, an episode cleverly titled “Bloodlines”. In the episode, the two heroes of… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’ Cancelled Soon? Season 6 Ratings Need Success

Phil Robertson GQ Interview Used By A&E To Manipulate 'Ducky Dynasty' Family

Could we see Duck Dynasty cancelled by the A&E Network? It’s said that the Duck Dynasty Season 6 ratings numbers could definitely improve since the Duck Dynasty Season 5 finale failed to meet the high marks set by previous seasons. In a related report by The Inquisitr, first a Michigan utility Duck Dynasty contest was… Read more »

Robert Kirkman: ‘The Walking Dead’ Without Zombies? It Almost Happened


Robert Kirkman joined Oscar winning writer Jim Rash to discuss The Walking Dead on The Writer’s Room Friday night on Sundance TV. In addition to revealing Norman Reedus’ character Daryl Dixon as his “favorite element of the show,” Kirkman also described a dramatically different scenario for The Walking Dead had it aired on the network… Read more »

Heather Graham Briefly Opens Up About ‘Californication’ Role

Heather Graham Showtime

Heather Graham recently shared a few details about her role on Showtime’s Californication. Unfortunately for those who are looking for large and juicy tidbits of info about her role on the long-running series, Graham didn’t offer up too many specifics during her appearance on Today. However, she did provide enough details for viewers to determine… Read more »

‘Friday The 13th’ Television Show Officially In Works

Friday the 13th

For those who can’t seem to get enough of Jason Voorhees and his killing sprees, they will now have their fix. The television show version of Friday the 13th is now officially in development. Originally reported by Deadline, the new Friday the 13th will be an hour-long dramatic series based upon the characters and settings… Read more »

‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Reveals Freak Collector

denis ohare

It seems like every season on American Horror Story has its one character that rules the roost. While Jessica Lange has conquered that role year in and year out, season four American Horror Story: Freak Show will see a very familiar cast member step up to the plate to take a leader position that’s just… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’ Live Show Cancelled Due To Poor Ticket Sales

Duck Dynasty live show

Looks like it’s not going so well for the Duck Dynasty gang. Amid the controversy earlier in the year with the LGBTQ community, the Robertson family has taken yet another hit as the backlash has extended over to poor ticket sales. The live Duck Dynasty show in Missouri, which was said to heavily feature Phil… Read more »

Orphan Black: Exclusive Streaming Rights Go To Amazon

Exclusive rights to stream Orphan Black secured by Amazon.

Orphan Black has become one of the most talked about shows airing on BBC America; a network that brings audiences such series gold as Doctor Who and Sherlock. In 2013, Orphan Black was one of the best reviewed shows. Jeff Jensen of Entertainment Weekly said, “Slowly, a smartly constructed epic is taking shape.” While Tim… Read more »

‘Game of Thrones’ Porn Stars’ Juicy Roles Revealed

porn stars on Game-of-thrones

Game of Thrones has a reputation for being a salacious show, with extremely graphic sex scenes juxtaposed against brutal battles that have kept fans fully engaged. And the producers of the hit HBO show have added two more reasons to keep your eyes glued on Westeros this season. Following up on a recent report by… Read more »