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CBS, Time Warner Negotiations Stall As Blackout Continues

Time Warner Cable

Negotiations between CBS and Time Warner Cable have reportedly stalled as the blackout in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas heads into the second week. Although the companies are apparently speaking to one another again, very little progress has been made. CBS executive vice president Martin Franks told a New York City council committee that… Read more »

‘Wizard Of Oz’ Medical Drama Coming To CBS

Wizard Of Oz CBS

As strange as it may sound, apparently the folks at CBS are keen on developing medical drama based on The Wizard of Oz. If this were April 1, then everyone would have good reason to be skeptical. However, it would appear that the network is extremely interested in putting together a hospital-based series that brings… Read more »

Megyn Kelly Gets Sean Hannity Time Slot [Report]

Megyn Kelly taking over Sean Hannity's time slot

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is on the move apparently at the expense of Sean Hannity. Megyn Kelly’s switch to the primetime schedule means she’s taking over Sean Hannity’s 9 pm Eastern platform on the Fox News Channel according to a report. This is said to be the first change in the network’s evening lineup… Read more »

‘The Exorcist’ Could Be Coming To Television

The Exorcist Television Series On Horizon

The Exorcist may be the next big television series for rabid viewers, who will soon be reeling from the finales of both Dexter and Breaking Bad. According to a Wednesday report from Deadline, the classic William Peter Blatty novel, which would become the 1973 big screen shocker, is being eyed by multiple networks. All this… Read more »

Reality Steve ‘Bachelorette 2013’ Fake Spoilers Peeve Off Internet

reality steve bachelorette 2013

What’s worse than Reality Steve’s Bachelorette 2013 spoilers? According to social media, it’s reality TV spoilers that aren’t even true. There was no last-minute return from Brooks on Monday night during the Bachelorette 2013 finale. It just didn’t happen, despite Reality Steve’s well-publicized claim that it would. Check out this audio from The Bachelor to… Read more »