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‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: How Does Beth’s Death Affect Daryl?

The group at the end of the Walking Dead midseason finale, "Coda"

The Walking Dead midseason finale ended with Rick’s group and Dawn’s group exchanging their hostages — two officers for Beth and Carol — only for it to not go as planned when Dawn decided that she wanted Noah back as the others were turning to leave. Beth stepped forward and stabbed Dawn with the pair… Read more »

Tricia Helfer Back Where She Belongs, On SyFy

Tricia Helfer on SyFy

Tricia Helfer has made a career out of looking like a dangerously beautiful woman. The beautiful part, she was born with. She has the SyFy network to thank for making Helfer someone people consider dangerous. Tricia, a supermodel who transitioned to television acting is best known for the role as an android assassin on Battlestar… Read more »

‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Is Outlaw Queen Over For Good?

Robin Hood And Regina Might Meet Again On Once Upon A Time

The Once Upon a Time midseason finale probably left a few Outlaw Queen fans teary-eyed and rooting even harder for Regina to get her happy ending. But will that happy ending include Robin Hood? In last week’s “Heroes and Villains,” Robin Hood had to leave Storybrooke with Maid Marian in order to save his poor… Read more »

The Voice Finale: We Have A Winner, But Do You Agree? [Spoilers]


Congratulations to Craig Wayne Boyd, who was just crowned the Season 7 winner of The Voice. It was a night so filled with amazing performances and wonderful guest stars that one was easily distracted from the suspense surrounding answering the question of who would win the Voice. One of the standout moments of the night… Read more »

Christina Hendricks Joins Cast Of Showtime’s ‘Roadies’

Christina Hendricks has a new show

Christina Hendricks is the newest addition for the pilot for a brand new Showtime series called Roadies. With the addition of the Mad Men veteran actress, it appears Roadies is going to have some heavy hitters lending it their support. Christina Hendricks joins director Cameron Crowe as two of the most well known names attached… Read more »

‘The Walking Dead’ California? Rumors Flying About Spinoff Series

The Walking Dead

Just because the original Walking Dead is on a mid-season hiatus doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of news about everyone’s favorite zombie apocalypse series. It was announced quite a while ago that The Walking Dead was going to be getting a spinoff series, but news about that spinoff has started to come fast and furious… Read more »

The Voice Finale: Which Finalist Has The Best Original Song?

The Voice Finale Spot The Winning Performance

The seventh season finale of The Voice gave us three performances by each of the final remaining contestants. However, there was only ONE performance by each Voice hopeful that mattered; the original song. These songs represent what will likely be their first REAL stab at a post-Voice career and depending on which song and artist… Read more »