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‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Lena Headey Discusses What’s Next For Cersei

Lena Headey Cersei Lannister

Game of Thrones star Lena Headey recently opened up about what’s in store for her character next season. Before we get the proverbial ball rolling, let’s address the spoilers dwelling within this article. Since these little slivers of information are just waiting to ruin your GoT experience, it’s probably a good idea to avoid this… Read more »

Mary Steenburgen Joins The Cast Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Mary Steenburgen: I Love Playing Horrible, Mean Characters

It looks like Mary Steenburgen is going to prison… well, that is just one scenario ahead of her now that she’s been added to the cast of the hit show, Orange is the New Black. Seriously, Mary Steenburgen playing a role centered around crime just sounds a little off for those who followed her career…. Read more »

‘Teen Wolf’ Star JR Bourne Talks About Life After Allison Argent

Teen Wolf Season 4

Teen Wolf star JR Bourne recently discussed his character’s reaction to the shocking demise of Allison Argent. Fans of MTV’s werewolf-oriented drama were more than a little shocked when Argent bit the dust in last season’s finale. Since Crystal Reed was reportedly eager to venture off in search of different projects, the writers decided it… Read more »

‘The Magic School Bus’ Will Fly Again, Netflix And Scholastic Confirm

Magic School Bus 360

Scholastic Media announced today, via press release, that they will be re-launching the beloved 1990’s children’s cartoon, The Magic School Bus. The original series ran for 18 consecutive years and was seen in more than 39 countries. With those impressive statistics, The Magic School Bus holds the record for the longest-running kids’ science series in… Read more »