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Rapper Rick Ross Arrested In Atlanta [Video]

rick ross arrested

Rapper Rick Ross has been arrested in Fayetteville, Georgia, for illegal marijuana possession. The 39-year-old artist, along with his passenger, was initially pulled over in his Bentley for a tinted window violation, but the officer soon smelled marijuana. Sheriff Barry H. Babb told reporters that Ross consented to a search of the vehicle, and the… Read more »

Rapper Pumpkinhead Dead: Cause Linked To Surgery? [Video]

pumpkinhead dead

The rap world is mourning the loss of artist Pumpkinhead, aka Robert Diaz who died Tuesday morning in a Somerville, New Jersey, hospital. The news the rapper was dead was confirmed to Rolling Stone magazine by Graeme “GMS” Sibirsky, the co-founder of Pumpkinhead’s label, MCMI Records, on June 9th. Although the cause of Pumpkinhead’s death… Read more »

Guitarist Les Paul Remembered On His 100th Birthday

Les Paul helped develop not only the solidbody electric guitar, but also multitrack recording.

Musicians the world over paused on Tuesday (June 9) to remember inventor and guitarist Les Paul, on the day that would have marked his 100th birthday. Born Lester William Polsfuss in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Les Paul is legendary for his contributions not only to recorded music, but also to the early innovations behind the electric guitar…. Read more »

Ellie Goulding’s Earlier Acoustic Music Is Mesmerizing

Ellie Goulding British Electronic Music Singer

Before Ellie Goulding burst onto the American pop scene with sizzling dance grooves, she was a rising British singer. That early work by Ellie Goulding, some of it expressed through the videos you find here, would eventually lead into her more recent chart-topping hits as an electronic dance diva in America, most notably “Lights” and… Read more »

How Sam Smith Trashed His Vocal Cords And Almost Ended His Career

Sam Smith Vocal Cord Damage

Sam Smith was on tour in Australia the day his vocal cords couldn’t take any more punishment. Months of crooning on an intense performance schedule took their toll on the 23-year-old English singer. Sam Smith wore away at his singing capability until an April show in Sydney forced him to put the rest of the… Read more »

Taylor Swift Rocks Heinz Field Fans With Surprises Galore

Taylor Swift

Country crossover singer Taylor Swift was back in home territory at Heinz Field Pittsburgh last night. In keeping with her reputation for keeping fans on their toes, Taylor rocked 55,000 adoring fans with surprise after surprise. According to the Daily Mail Swift has recently surprised fans by being joined onstage by Gigi Hadid and Martha… Read more »

Metallica Boxed Set ’25 Nights Down Under’ Largest Ever

Metallica Boxed Set

The new boxed set from Metallica, 25 Nights Down Under, began shipping this week, and it’s certainly one of the largest and most extensive boxed sets ever released. Metallica: 25 Nights Down Under includes full-length recordings of 25 different concerts on 50 CDs. The Metallica boxed set started shipping last week to fans who pre-ordered… Read more »

The Music Industry Is Full Of Surprising, But True Facts

Music Industry Facts

The music industry is full of unbelievable, but true facts. In the last twenty years, a few notable recording artists have statistically outperformed past music legends. In fact, some of the figures are astonishing when you consider previous monumental music icons and their mark on history. Take the Beatles, for example. The Beatles, including members… Read more »

Tidal Petition Only Gets 14 Signatures: Should Rihanna And Kanye West Quit?

Jay-Z And The Rest Of TIDAL's Artists

Last week, Jay-Z’s Tidal supporters put a petition together blaming the service’s failure on racism. The petition, aimed towards the DOJ, appeared on and made some bold accusations. “Tidal is a service created by an African-American Jay-Z and supported by mostly African American artists. The white racist media made sure the service was a… Read more »

Metal Megaliths Motorhead Announce New Album ‘Bad Magic’

Motorhead Bad Magic

Heavy metal megaliths Motorhead have announced that they are celebrating their 40th anniversary in style by releasing a new album this summer. The album is to be titled Bad Magic and will hit record stores in August. Bad Magic will be the 22nd studio album release in the band’s 40-year career. A press release on… Read more »