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Adam Lambert And Queen ‘Kill’ In Front Of New York Fans

Adam Lambert and Queen

Adam Lambert and Queen continue their magical tour, and the latest stop was at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, where Lambert proved once again that he was born for this gig. According to The New York Daily News, the band’s show, the first at MSG since 1982, was warmly received by the New York… Read more »

Weird Al ‘Foils’ Lorde With Latest Video Parody

way foil

It seems like the YouTube age of digital media was made for someone like Weird Al Yankovic. The king of parody turned his ever sarcastic eye toward Lorde’s infectious song “Royals” for his latest video off the newly-released Mandatory Fun album. Weird Al, who teamed up with CollegeHumor for the spoof, goes to great length… Read more »

Liam Payne Apparently Wrote A Pretty Killer Dance Track


Liam Payne recently flexed his songwriting skills, a feat that ultimately resulted in what some folks claim is a pretty amazing dance track. In case you haven’t heard, One Direction is putting together new material for their next album. As such, Payne and his buddies are venturing into various studios to assemble a fresh batch… Read more »

Lil Wayne Admits That He Doesn’t Know How To Battle Rap [Video]


Lil Wayne certainly knows his way around a recording studio, but the musician admits that he doesn’t really know how to battle rap. Although a lot of rappers test their mettle by spitting freestyle lyrics against their adversaries, chances are fans won’t catch Wayne squaring off with his foes anytime soon. According to All Hip… Read more »

Blues Legend Johnny Winter Dies, Aged 70

Johnny Winter

Legendary Texas blues guitarist, singer, and producer Johnny Winter has passed away at the age of 70. News of Winter’s death was first reported by American Blues Scene and the guitarist’s representative, Carla Parisi confirmed Thursday that Winter passed away Wednesday in a hotel room in Zurich. Johnny, who was the elder brother of fellow… Read more »

Lana Del Rey Prepping ‘Ultraviolence’ As Next Single

Lana Del Rey Domestic Violence

Lana Del Rey is reportedly releasing the title track from her album Ultraviolence as her next single. Controversy will likely ensue. The singer’s latest record has certainly enjoyed a healthy run at retail. As of this writing, the collection of tunes is hanging out at number eight on the Billboard 200 albums chart. To keep… Read more »

Blink 182: New Album Confirmed On Instagram!

Blink 182

For Blink 182 fans, it was an Instragram message celebrated ’round the world: Yesterday on his Instagram account, Blink 182 guitar player and singer, Tom DeLonge posted the above retro picture of Blink 182′s members, DeLonge, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus, along with the caption: Rehearsals start today… and yes, there will be a new… Read more »

Lil Wayne Vs Drake: Rappers To Battle It Out On Tour


Lil Wayne and Drake will square off on-stage during their upcoming tour. The rappers are preparing to embark on a series of extremely epic shows next month, performances that will find Lil Wayne and his tourmate engaging in a pseudo “rap battles” for their legion of adoring fans. After bouncing back and forth between their… Read more »

Britney Spears’ Off-Key Track Doesn’t Matter

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is under fire. The pop star reportedly had an un-autotuned version of her song “Alien” leak online, which revealed Spears singing in a weak, off-pitch voice, untouched by computer tuning. Whether it’s a real track or not, ultimately the reveal of Britney’s lack of singing ability won’t hurt her career one bit. Especially… Read more »

Radiohead To Work On New Album This September

Radiohead To Work On New Album

Radiohead will finally head back to the studio this September to work on new music after three years since King of Limbs. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood spoke on Mary Anne Hobbe’s BBC 6Music Show on July 12 and divulged the news. “We’re going to start up in September, playing, rehearsing, and recording and see how it’s… Read more »

8th Grade Metal Band Unlocking The Truth Signs With Sony

8th Grade Metal Band Kills It, Lands Two-Record Deal At Sony

The 8th grade metal band Unlocking the Truth are getting a two-record deal at Sony, Consequence of Sound reported on Saturday. The trio includes guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse (best name ever), bass player Alec Atkins, and drummer Jarad Dawkins. Brickhouse and Atkins are both 13, while Dawkins is just 12. But as Consequence of Sound points… Read more »

Ariana Grande Has ‘Problem’ With Miley Cyrus Comparisons

Ariana Grande Has Problem With Miley Cyrus Comparisons

Ariana Grande is making the successful transition from former child star to adult chart topper with her hit song “Problem.” But the constant comparison to Miley Cyrus — another former tweener turned pop superstar — has her a feeling bit annoyed. According to The Daily Star, Ariana Grande has been shedding her clothes in an… Read more »

Tommy Ramone Dead at 65

Tommy Ramone dies at 65

Tommy Ramone, the last living original member of the legendary New York punk rock band The Ramones, has passed away at 65. Tommy, the band’s original drummer and one time manager, lost his battle with cancer of his bile duct. According to Billboard, Tommy was born Erdelyi Tamas in Budapest, Hungary in 1949, and emigrated… Read more »