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Lana Del Rey Is Planning a Comeback Bigger Than Ever

Lana Del Rey plans for a busy spring.

Lana Del Rey is planning quite a busy Spring. The “Born to Die” singer had a quiet first few months of 2014, slowly crawling back into the music scene with her cover of “Once Upon A Dream” for Disney’s Malificent. Seems Lana’s haunting cover was enough to garner some media buzz; on the heels of… Read more »

Spice Girls & Backstreet Boys Contemplate Reunion Tour Together


The Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys are reportedly in talks to do a joint world tour together. According to The Sun, the US boy-band have now entered discussions to play dozens of concert with the girl group. Brian Littrell, a member of the Backstreet Boys, told the newspaper, “We are actually in early talks… Read more »

Shakira Ripped As ‘Stupid,’ ‘Disgusting’ For Catalan Song On New Album


Shakira, the Colombian pop singer who cracked the U.S. market in 2001 with her Latin-flavored dance single “Wherever, Whenever,” is now under attack from Spanish nationalists for including a song on her new album in the regional Catalan language. The Catalonia region has long sought independence from Spain. The region has been recognized as autonomous… Read more »

Imagine Dragons Are Heroes Behind The Music

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons. Remember that name. Amongst the twerking Miley and the vomit-ridden Lady Gaga, we have a class-act rock band in Imagine Dragons. Having been a band for five years, the first four of these years they spent playing in small venues. Then in their fifth year, 2012, they released their full-length major label debut… Read more »

Billy Joel Channel To Celebrate 50-Year Career

The Billy Joel Channel on SiriusXM

SiriusXm will add a Billy Joel channel on Wed, March 26 to celebrate the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer’s 50 year career. The channel will run for three months and feature 40 years worth of interviews, previously unavailable recordings, and excerpts from his “Masters Class” sessions that he conducts periodically to music students around… Read more »

Roy Orbison: New Song Created By His Sons Using Modern Technology

roy orbison

Roy Orbison’s three sons all inherited their father’s talent, and love for everything musical but, until now, never got to make music with their father. Using modern technology Wesley, Roy Jr. and Alex Orbison have created a brand new song, using samples from their father, when he was alive. The song is intended to coincide… Read more »

50 Cent On His Relationship With Eminem: ‘He’s My Dre’

50 Cent

50 Cent doesn’t want you to worry too much about his relationship with Eminem. More than a few fans were a little shellshocked by the news that 50 Cent was bidding farewell to Interscope records and Shady Records. Although some feared that the rapper-turned-actor had a falling out with Eminem, he recently assured folks that… Read more »

Kylie Minogue Sexercise Video Launches Kiss Me Once In Paris Album

Kylie Minogue Sexercise Video Launches Kis Me Once In Paris Album

Kylie Minogue’s Sexercise video is definitely one way to get your blood pumping. She’s been promoting her album Kiss Me Once in Paris, and apparently wearing a sexy leotard and stiletto heels was the best advertisement should come up with. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Kylie Minogue has been suffering from breast cancer… Read more »

ScHoolboy Q Loved Working With Kurupt, Raekwon On ‘Oxymoron’

schoolboy-q (1)

ScHoolboy Q received some help from some of his heroes when putting together his latest release Oxymoron. The West Coast rapper found his first major label record shooting up the Billboard 200 albums chart earlier this year. With some assistance from the likes of Raekwon and Kurupt, ScHoolboy Q put together a collection of tunes… Read more »

Calvin Harris Releases New Hit Single ‘Summer’


Scottish singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ, Calvin Harris, has a new single with the title “Summer”, released online on March 14. The song features Harris on vocals for the first time since “Feel So Close”, which was included in his 2012 album 18 Months. The 30-year-old musician was born Adam Richard Wiles in Dumfries, Scotland. He… Read more »