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Kanye West Gets Booed During Bonnaroo Performance

Kanye West Gets Booed

Kanye West was reportedly booed during his set at Bonnaroo on Friday (June 13). Although the rapper managed to kick off his show on time this year, apparently that didn’t matter much to some folks in attendance. According to people who attended the event, Kanye received plenty of boos at various points during the performance…. Read more »

Miranda Lambert Credited With Leading Country Music Comeback

miranda lambert brings back the country

Miranda Lambert is bringing country music back. The singer has been tearing up the charts lately and just scored a big album debut, but music critics see her as doing something even bigger. In her album Platinum, Miranda Lambert not only steps outside the traditional boxes drawn for female country singers, she destroys them. Instead… Read more »

Ariana Grande Is Planning A Change Of Epic Proportions

ariana-grande-double image new look

Ariana Grande recently teased that she’s about to make a serious change in her life. Before we get to the “big reveal,” let’s discuss the things Grande probably won’t change in the near future. It’s highly unlikely that the singer will ditch her music for a career in the fast food industry, and she probably… Read more »

Lana Del Rey’s ‘Brooklyn Baby’ Is An Ode To Hipsters

Lana Del Rey "Brooklyn Baby"

Lana Del Rey is certainly excited to release her follow-up album to Born To Die next week. The sultry singer has been teasing tracks off her sophomore record all month, and her latest, “Brooklyn Baby,” can only be refered to as “a devotional to hipsters”. In typical Lana fashion, a few of the memorable lyrics… Read more »

Ed Sheeran Secures Top Chart Spot, Reveals Secrets About Himself


The Inquisitr recently reported that Ed Sheeran was headed for his first number one spot on the UK charts. He reached the spot this past weekend with his hit single “Sing.” According to The Telegraph, Sheeran’s track beat out Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” and Secondcity’s “I Wanna Feel,” which fell to second and third… Read more »

Linkin Park Releases New Song And Game To Promote Album


Linkin Park is taking promotion to the next level for their upcoming album. In order to promote their next album, Linkin Park decided to develop and release a game called Linkin Park Recharged – Wastelands. Realizing that games have a huge impact on the younger demographic, Linkin Park’s game will be “a third-person action shooter… Read more »

Ed Sheeran Says New Album Is Filled With Ups And Downs


Ed Sheeran’s new album isn’t stacked from top to bottom with just one kind of song. In fact, the acclaimed singer said fans should expect some highs and a few lows. Instead of manufacturing songs out of thin air, Sheeran reportedly used the experiences from the last three years of his life as inspiration for… Read more »

Bruno Mars Oakland ‘Controversy’ Is Much Ado About Nothing [Video]

Bruno Mars Controversy

Bruno Mars recently performed a show in Oakland, California, a performance that reportedly included an expletive-laden rant. Although the Hawaiian singer is known as a nice guy, that image received a bit of tarnish after video surfaced of Mars swearing at a female fan. Reports about the whole situation are a little sketchy, but NBC… Read more »

Randy Travis Makes Rare Appearance At Dolly Parton Concert In Oklahoma

randy travis and dolly parton

Randy Travis has been out of the public eye since his life-threatening stroke a year ago, as reported by the Inquisitr on July 9, 2013: “According to a statement issued by his spokesman, Kirt Webster, Travis, 54, was suffering complications from his ‘recently acquired viral cardiomyopathy.’ Only 10 days previously, country singer Travis had given… Read more »

Taylor Swift Made It Cool To Trash Ex-Boyfriends, Says Lucy Hale

Taylor Swift Music

Taylor Swift has made a career out of trashing her ex-boyfriends. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of other recording artists who are more than willing to follow in her footsteps. One of the many musicians Swift has inspired is singer and Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale. Since Taylor has absolutely no problem shredding ex-boyfriends… Read more »

Led Zeppelin Sued In Amazingly Entertaining Way

A lawsuit alleges Led Zeppelin stole the opening of Stairway To Heaven

After threats issued last month, the estate of former spirit guitarist Randy “California” Wolfe has filed suit against Led Zeppelin, claiming that the British rockers lifted part of their biggest hit, Stairway To Heaven, from one of California’s songs. The suit, filed in the US District Court of Eastern Pennsylvania on May 31st, alleges that… Read more »

Ed Sheeran Working With Demi Lovato, Rising To The Top

Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato

Ed Sheeran is quickly climbing to the top of the pop music ladder. He’s sold millions of records internationally, he’s got a full length album coming out on June 23, he appeared in a commercial for Beats by Dre, and even got one of his songs on the soundtrack to The Fault In Our Stars… Read more »

Backstreet Boys Still Rocking The Stage

Backstreet Boys "In A World Like This" Tour 2014

The Backstreet Boys are back, and they are rocking the stage. Following a successful year of touring abroad for their “In A World Like This” tour, the boys are back and are performing to sold out concerts all over the US for the remainder of the summer. Reviews are quickly pouring in from outlets all… Read more »

Iggy Azalea Hands Out Some Advice To Internet Trolls

Iggy Azalea Twitter Trolls

Iggy Azalea is the latest celebrity to personally deal with haters online. Sometimes trying to find the good in social media is difficult. While some people use it to spread breaking news or raise awareness for important causes, others are content to pick on their fellow human beings. Even celebrities aren’t immune to the trolls… Read more »

Trent Reznor Won’t Leave Beats Music Despite Reports


Despite reports that have said otherwise, Trent Reznor isn’t leaving Beats music. Despite the $3 billion buyout by Apple, Reznor is still on board, along with co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, News hit the web that Reznor was leaving the company, but that was quickly squashed when Rolling Stone asked Reznor’s rep the reason… Read more »