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Nathan is a veteran of the newspaper industry, having worked at both daily and weekly papers and as a trade magazine editor. He has covered New York state and national politics, government, education and the business sector and was nominated for the National Newspaper Association's 2012 Better Newspaper Contest. Aside from his work in journalism, Nathan is also a contributor to several financial and business-related blogs. Email:

Noah Ritter: ‘Apparently’ Kid Has A Hilarious Take On His Viral Fame

Noah Ritter: 'Apparently' Kid Has A Hilarious Take On His Viral Fame

Noah Ritter is apparently having second thoughts about his viral television interview. The five-year-old from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, became a viral sensation when he was handed a television microphone at a county fair and gave a hilarious description that sounded like something a drunk old man would say. “Apparently I’ve never been on live television before,… Read more »

Chris Brown Dumped: Singer Caught Making Out With Karrueche Tran’s Friend


Chris Brown and ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran likely won’t be exchanging Christmas cards anytime soon after the singer was caught getting very close with one of her girlfriends, leading to him being dumped. Brown and Tran broke up this week, with reports indicating that his ongoing with ex-girlfriend Rihanna was the cause. But new pictures indicate… Read more »

Hadar Goldin: Israeli Soldier Kidnapped As Hamas Breaks Cease Fire


An Israeli soldier named Hadar Goldin was kidnapped Friday when Hamas broke a cease-fire and launched an attack against soldiers in the war-torn region. Israel and Hamas had agreed to a humanitarian cease fire brokered by the United States and United Nations. It was set take effect on Friday at 8 am, but within two… Read more »