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After earning a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Northwest University, Megan and her husband moved from Seattle to Texas, and currently reside in Northern California. Megan spends most of her time chasing after her two little boys, but when a spare moment presents itself she finds herself in the kitchen, baking delicious and healthy alternatives to common comfort foods. She and her family also enjoy hiking, camping and reading. Email:

Family Of Four Lives On $14,000 A Year — And Loves It

The Wagasky's were able to pay off their cars and buy a house with cash.

Danielle Wagasky gets $14,000 a year to spend however she likes. And $14,000 seems like a lot of money if you consider spending it on shoes, or clothes, or a small car. It would pay for a really nice vacation or even that motorcycle you’ve been dreaming about. But could $14,000 feed, clothe, and house… Read more »

Sex-Ed For Five-Year-Olds: Chicago Passes Sex Education For Kindergartners

Sex-ed for 5-year-olds?

A new policy will mandate that Chicago schools begin sex education in kindergarten. While most public schools being their sex-ed classes in fifth grade, the Chicago Board of Educators passed their new policy on Wednesday. The new policy mandates that every class spend a certain amount of time on sex education — beginning in kindergarten…. Read more »

Does Doing Less Housework Make Women Fat?

Women are doing less housework now, and it may be contributing to weight problems.

Cleaning is apparently good for you. A recent study shows that women are cleaning less than they were 50 years ago. And less cleaning could be contributing to weight problems as household activities are being weeded out of our daily routines. Dr. Edward Archer, a research fellow with the Arnold School of Public Health at… Read more »

Colorado School Bans Transgendered First Grader From Using Girls’ Bathroom

6-year-old Coy Mathis has been barred from using the girls' bathrooms at her elementary school.

Six-year-old Coy Mathis wears dresses to school. Her passport states that she’s female, and her state-issued identification confirms that she is a girl. Like most girls, she wants to use the girls’ restroom at her elementary school. School officials, however, won’t let her. Coy Mathis is transgendered. While she identifies herself as female, she has… Read more »

Woman Dies Saving Husband From Alleged Drunk Driver

Woman saves husband from drunk driver.

Teresa and Albert Marquard were out for their regular Sunday morning walk when their lives changed forever. The couple, who had been together for over 40 years, were walking in their hometown of Wissinoming, Pennsylvania when a drunk driver swerved off the road and headed straight toward them. With just enough time to push her… Read more »

The Naked Chefs: Vegan Food Bloggers Launch Naked Cooking Revolution

Three roommates started a food blog called Naked Vegan Cooking -- and a naked revolution.

Three British roommates have caused quite a stir — and gained quite a fan base — with their food blog “Naked Vegan Cooking.” The trio allegedly thought of the idea of a naked cooking site when they moved in together two years ago. The idea has gone viral, with thousands of self-proclaimed “naked chefs” sending… Read more »

Geico Accused Of Promoting Bestiality In New Commercial

One Million Moms accused Geico of making light of bestiality in their new ad.

Geico is being accused of promoting bestiality in their new commercial. One Million Moms — a conservative group that monitors children’s television programming — issued a statement calling the commercial “repulsive.” According to a statement issued by One Million Moms, the Geico commercial featuring Maxwell the Pig promotes bestiality. The group has called for the… Read more »

Trouble Sleeping? Your Diet May Be To Blame

A new study suggests that diet affects sleep.

You are what you eat. And you may sleep how you eat too. A new study suggests that diet affects sleep patterns. The study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, shows an association between what we eat and how we sleep. To make this connection, researchers examined the daily caloric intake… Read more »