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Star Wars Comic Based On Lucas’ Original Draft Launches September 4

Dark Horse is publishing a Star Wars comic based on George Lucas’ original vision for his classic sci-fi space epic in early September.

Star Wars fans already know a few things about Lucas’ rough draft for Star Wars. Luke Skywalker was originally Annikkin Starkiller, older, sometimes a woman, etc. Jedi were called Jedi-Bendu, and Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu was more-or-less Obi Wan Kenobi or Yoda, but named Mace Windy.

It’s hard to imagine Lucas’ original vision, and indeed, he simplified later drafts after finding the initial story too complicated. But guess what? You don’t have to. Writers at Dark Horse Comics already did it for you and are pushing out an 8-issue run based on the Star Wars that could have been.

The basic changes: Luke Skywalker will become a 60-ish grizzled war vet, responsible for the training of young farmboy Annikin Starkiller. There’s still an Emperor, but he’s more of a politician instead of an evil Sith lord. Darth Vader will just be some general.

Lightsabers are gone. Instead, there are lazer swords, and everyone from C-3PO to Boba Fett could carry one, it’s just that the Jedi and Sith are a lot better at using them.

Han Solo is getting the most dramatic makeover. He’ll become a lizard guy (as originally intended) and is described as a “worldly” gunslinger, rebel agent, and “a very mysterious pirate that lurks in the shadows,” according to series artist Mike Mayhew.

Mayhew adds that this new/old version of Star Wars “would hold its own against The Avengers and Avatar” if made into a film today, adding ”this is the greatest ‘what if?’ story ever in comics.”

Are you interested in reading the Star Wars comic based on George Lucas’ first draft of the franchise?

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