Amy Winehouse’s Goddaughter: ‘Amy Came To Me As A Butterfly’

Niki Cruz

For the first time Dionne Bromfield, goddaughter of the late Amy Winehouse, has spoke out about the passing of the musical icon. While most of Amy Winehouse‘s family has expressed how much they miss the singer that passed in 2011, Bromfield has a different perspective on Winehouse’s tragic death.

According to Winehouse’s goddaughter, the 17-year-old insists that Amy was present at her own funeral and came to Dionne in the form of a butterfly. Bromfield, who’s written the song “Black Butterfly” about the Black to Back singer, opened up to BANG Showbiz about the experience:

“The butterfly was at Amy’s funeral service. The butterfly came at the beginning of the service and sat on one of the guests shoulders for the whole service and when they rolled up the coffin the butterfly flew out with it. Everyone knows that a butterfly would not sit on a shoulder for nearly 30 or 40 minutes and I’ve never seen a black butterfly in my life – so I thought it was pretty crazy. It was almost like she was the butterfly and she was there with everyone even though she wasn’t.”

Dionna has also contributed the singer as an influence of her own career as a singer. In 2009, the singer was signed to Amy’s label Lioness Records, and said the after life experience she had with Amy is all out there in her new song, which she said is, “probably one of the best songs” she has ever written.

In fact it is Bromfield that Amy was last seen with in public. Before her death, Winehouse was last seen publicly when she joined Dionne on stage at The Roundhouse venue in Camden, London.

As for the rest of Amy Winehouse’s family it seems as though the pain of the singer’s death is still raw, even though she’s still a presence in their life. Winehouse’s longtime advocate and father, Mitch Winehouse, said back in March that he’s living in Amy’s apartment. Mitch told DailyMail: “One thing we can’t let go of is Amy’s apartment in Camden. She loved that flat, and we live there now. The thing that has helped us through the last 18 months or so is knowing that she’s always here – she’s always, always here with us.”

Hear Dionne Bromfield’s “Black Butterfly” below: