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Lil Snupe Murder Suspect Surrenders To Police

The Lil Snupe murder case has a new development, and the man sought in connection with the death of Meek Mill’s 18-year-old protege has turned himself in to police following the death of the young rapper.

Before Lil Snupe’s murder, the rapper was an up and comer on the hip-hop scene, having just signed with Meek Mill’s label and seemingly destined for rap stardom.

Earlier this month, those dreams were dashed when Snupe (whose real name was Addarren Ross) was killed, and those close to him posted vague Twitter messages indicating the young rapper had died — but little else about how or under which circumstances he’d passed.

Now ABC reports that a man is in custody, though few details have been confirmed by local police.

Reporting from Louisiana, GMA says:

“Tony Holden, 36, was booked into the Winnfield city jail on charges of first-degree murder, armed robbery and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon yesterday, according to a news release from the Winnfield Police Department.”

Police said Holden is a convicted felon, and indicated that the murder is believed to have stemmed from a video game session that escalated to an altercation.

The day of the killing, the following picture circulated on Twitter, purporting to show Snupe and his killer. In the image, the pair play a video game — but it isn’t clear whether the pic is of Holden or not, or whether Twitter helped ID the suspect:

When it was over, Lil Snupe had been shot twice in the chest, but nothing further was confirmed about Ross’ death.

Winnfield Police Lt. Charles Curry later indicated that betting may have sparked the deadly altercation, saying:

“We are told they were betting on a video game… Supposedly he (Holden) robbed him (Ross) of money.”

Yesterday, after the arrest of Lil Snupe‘s suspected killer, a service was held in at Jonesboro-Hodge High School in Jonesboro, Louisiana to celebrate the life of the talented young artist.

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