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World’s Fastest And Tallest Roller Coaster Debuts At Six Flags [Video]

The world’s tallest, fastest looping roller coaster in the world recently debuted at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The Full Throttle roller coaster, which is being billed as the tallest and fastest in the world, includes a 160-foot loop and a 0 to 70 mph launch.

Six Flags describes the roller coaster, writing: “Your record-breaking adventure will take place through the park’s distinctive mountainous terrain onboard sleek trains that suddenly accelerate from zero to 70 miles-per-hour in the first of three launches, sending you blasting through the first inversion, the inside of the world-record 160-foot tall loop.”

The Full Throttle roller coaster is located at Six Flags Magic Mountain, dubbed the Thrill Capital of the World, which includes 17 other roller coasters.

Bonnie Rabjohn, Six Flags Magic Mountain park president, said: “Six Flags is known world-wide as the industry leader in next generation thrills. And, bar none, Six Flags Magic Mountain leads the pack, offering the biggest and the best … always… As we mark our 42nd anniversary of operation, we’re ready to take Southern California by storm, yet again, with the most comprehensive collection of thrilling roller coasters anywhere in the world.”

Here’s a video of the fastest and tallest looping roller coaster in the world.

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