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Woman Thrown Off Cliff After Wife Catches Husband Cheating [Video]

woman thrown off cliff

A woman was thrown off a cliff by her romantic rival in Peru and it was all caught on video.

But don’t worry, you’re not about to watch someone falling to their death. According to CBS, the woman who was thrown off the cliff only fell about 20 feet. She survived the fall but did suffer some cuts and bruises.

DNA India reports that a surveillance camera captured a lovers squabble in Arequipa, Peru. The website reports that Lissette Lupo Mamani caught her husband, Renzo Zanabria Huanca,on a date with another woman, Sandra Bruna Morales.

Lissette confronts her husband about his affair and when she finishes yelling at him she starts to fight Sandra. Renzo, the chivalrous fellow that he is, walks away from the confrontation as his wife drags Sandra across the ground.

Lissette than throws the other woman off of the cliff.

Renzo admitted to cheating on his wife to America TV but Sandra denies that she was involved with the man. Sandra said that Renzo was harassing her and that she was not romantically involved with him.

Here’s the video of the woman getting thrown off the cliff.

What do you think the most shocking part of this video is? Is it that Rezno was allegedly having an affair? That Lissette pushed his lover off a cliff? Or is that Rezno just walks away and lets his wife attempt to murder someone?

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44 Responses to “Woman Thrown Off Cliff After Wife Catches Husband Cheating [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Women, when are you going to learn that it is NOT the fault of the other woman but your spouse?

  2. Odin Rossin

    And these the kind of people obama want to let into america….lol america would definitely go to hell for sure.

  3. Anonymous

    Why does the wife ALWAYS get angry with the other woman? It's not her, it's her lying cheating husband! Throw his ass off the cliff!

  4. Jan Hunsinger

    Nothing is shocking….this drama is eternal. The most DISGUSTING part is the man who obviously doesn't give a damn about either one of them…and the wife should realize her real problem ain't Sandra…it's her no-good husband!

  5. Jan Hunsinger

    Odin, do you think there aren't triangles in the US? What does ethnicity have to do with it? This happens world wide.

  6. Brian Gard

    So he just walks away and leaves the woman to be assaulted by his crazy wife? What a total shmuck! I hope they both left him.

  7. Bejeweled Blitzer

    @Janelle-Obviously, "you" can't spell or understand sarcasm. John's joke was for the smarter people and way too confusing for the witless, literal dumbasses like Janelle and Linda…and that star next to your name must mean you are not a loser. (You can take that literal, instead of sarcastically, if it makes you feel better)

  8. Anonymous

    The REAL PROBLEM here is the husband. The wife is crazy, to do such a thing.

  9. Ann Smith

    Reminds me of what Lionel Rtichie did (more like didn't do) when his then wife confronted his mistress (temporarily wife #2)

  10. Debby Cross Hyman

    the husband is to blame…throw him off the cliff! Who knows what he told the other woman….I am single or not married, yada yada…the other woman always get blamed!

  11. Elaine Reed Bowen

    What *I* find amazing is the people who comment that "she should have thrown the husband off the cliff". REALLY? You'd endorse attempted murder for ANYone? Good Gawd, divorce his ass, let the mistress have him and move on! I can't tell which one of the married couple are more screwed up…..I think HER!

  12. Kym Sheree Stephens

    If "he was "harassing" her(other woman) as she says he was..why would she be out with him in such an intimate setting or ANYwhere for that matter? She obviously was the least bit curious or flattered by his interest in her unless she was just flat out lying! No pushing someone off a clif isn't something you should resort to but keeping it real..unless you're just plain nutty as a fruitcake..noone knows what they'll do until they're actually in a situation so don't judge this woman noone knows what she's put up with and obviously was at the end of her rope with him! You honestly think he would let her through him off a cliff? She not even physically strong enough to challenge that..let's be realistic! The real prick in this situation is her no good sorry excuse of a husband and Man..that not only got caught disregarding his vows..he did just like a dog would do after making a mess..he dust his feet and walk away! smh

  13. Diana Taylor

    She threw the wrong person off the cliff. Both then should have beat his sorry aas then threw him over the cliff. Never understand why people get mad at the other person, its the spouse that is betraying the marriage vows.

  14. Charlene Robbie Williams

    I agree with most of the posts here..she should have thrown his sorry, cowardly ass off the cliff.. If he was lying to his can bet he was lying to his mistress. LOOOZER!

  15. Christine Genthe

    Wifey got it wrong, should have tossed him over. His reaction shows what a loser he is, probably always walks away at first sign of work or trouble. Oh well they'll still be married 40 years from now, lol.

  16. Rhonda ONeal

    Oooowwwww. Weeeee. (In my Madea voice) I want to comment so bad but since this is a public form…..Lets just say God is still working on me …….ooooowww weeeee. In my Madea MOVEMENT where is my purse child

  17. Gerry Thompson

    Is it me? Or is the best part is after she tossed her "overboard", she starts to walk away stops and goes back to trash talk!

  18. Betsy King

    I've spent my entire life staying away from these kind of people. It's worked so far.

  19. Louise White Pledge

    So the video taker just continued to tape the whole thing, instead of running to help the victim? Something seems wrong about the whole incident!

  20. Tina Thomas

    Because the operating assumption among the wives is that if the other woman didn't know, she should have known. I mean if the man goes out with a woman for 2 weeks and doesn't talk about his family something is up with that.

  21. David Parker

    You must ask yourself; if she allows herself to get angry enough to toss a another person off a cliff, what other violent tantrums she has displayed? It could be an abusive marriage from the get go, and everyone is like poor woman. How do we know she isn't abusing him, which lead to him finding affection and attention from another woman?

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