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Flag Day 2013 Reminds Us To Respect The Flag

Flag Day 2013 is today if you haven’t noticed, and timing coincides with a high-profile flag code kerfuffle earlier this week.

Flag Day falls on June 14, always preceding the more widely observed Fourth Of July three weeks later. But as Flag Day is upon us, it seems we are reminded that many today are unaware of the holiday’s basics or how to observe basic flag handling guidelines.

This week, major network HGTV was forced to issue a sheepish apology after a flag controversy enveloped one of their July 4th tips posted on the web.

Facebook users were outraged by the HGTV American flag tablecloth tip, suggesting July 4th party hosts use an actual American flag to serve as a “table runner” in a tip about “unconventional table linens.”

The HGTV pre-Flag Day controversy was offensive to many Americans and military families in particular due to closely held respect protocols for American flags.

And while the American flag’s print graces everything from shirts to bikinis to hats and even underwear, most Americans are aware that an American flag and something printed with an American flag design are two different things.

Flag code is a common topic in primary education, and young Americans are advised of guidelines to handle the US flag, with direction that “no disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing.”

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