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Tornado Looters Coming From Hundreds Of Miles Away To Prey On Devastated Families

Tornado Looters Prey On Devastated Families

Tornado looters have descended on Moore, Oklahoma, from as far away as New York to steal valuables from victims of last month’s devastating tornado.

Authorities say they have reports of tornado looters stealing copper wire, scrap metal, and valuables from homes destroyed in the May 20 tornado. These looters have been found along the path of the tornado where 24 people lost their lives as they attempt to steal from what is left of the homes.

Police arrested one tornado looter from Elmhurst, New York, and others from Virginia on misdemeanor counts of stealing. Several Moore residents have been arrested as well.

One woman, Norma resident Maria Lopez, even got her children in on the act, police said. She was arrested May 29 after members of the National Guard and local residents told police they saw a woman instructing her children to sort through the debris for valuables.

Police arrested three men from Virginia with a truck full of scrap metal and other items stolen from homes. The men told police they they drove hundreds of miles for the sole purpose of looting in the wake of the tornado.

“(The suspect) advised he drove from Virginia to Moore … with two other subjects for the purpose of removing steel and copper utility wire from the disaster area,” an affidavit filed in Cleveland County District Court shows.

While the tornado looters may represent the dark side of the tragedy, several others have come together to help the victims. Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant pledged $1 million to tornado relief, as did Carrie Underwood. Crews have also come from hundreds of miles away to help clear debris and aide families left homeless by the tornado, which was considered one of the most powerful of all time.

The tornado looters have stretched police thin in the Oklahoma City suburb as they investigate several incidents. Residents have filed theft reports for a number of items, including a $50,000 watch, a $13,000 watch, and a $1,300 hunting camera.

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26 Responses to “Tornado Looters Coming From Hundreds Of Miles Away To Prey On Devastated Families”

  1. Anonymous

    How naïve am I? I would never had dreamed people would resort to this behavior.

  2. Jim Anderson

    all looters should be shot dead! bet the unnamed Virginians are illegal aliens or blacks..msm not telling race is a dead giveaway…note Lopez is the name of the Oklahoma resident…

  3. Linda Powell

    This happens because there are no consequences.

    You have sharpshooters out there picking them off as they run and leave their dead bodies to rot in the sun with a sign that says " I got caught looting"….and it would not happen any more… ever!

  4. Jeff Becker

    There's a new movie out called The Purge. I believe the premise is that all laws are suspended and therefore those prone to crime come out of the woodwork and have a free for all. The purpose is that the human debris of society will end up killing each other in an effort to steal and rob from others. Violence and murder takes place, thus The Purge of the human scum from society. It's the thinning of the herd mentality. I say let's go for it.

  5. Vicki Perizzolo

    looters & poachers – fair game at any time. Shoot 'em sight.

  6. Anonymous

    I have to agree. Hang them up on a post as a warning! Dredges of humanity.

  7. Tom Bloomer

    this is a perfect of example of what is to come….but on a grander scale….it is the motivation for preppers and gun enthusiasts.

  8. Anonymous

    WTF what is wrong with some people today when we started catering to criminals this type of shi# happens looters thiefs rustlers were either dhot or hung they only steal until they r caught once they are caught its the last thing they ever stole or like the middle east steal and we cut off a hand off if thiefs looters murderers had these types of punishments we would have much less crimes at least the repeat crimes would stop.

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