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Charlie Sheen Changes Name Back To Estevez For New Movie

charlie sheen

Before Carlos Irwin Estévez started his movie career he decided to change his name to something more American, like Charlie Sheen. Well, now that actor has landed a role in Robert Rodriguez’ new movie Machete Kills, Sheen has reportedly decided to change his name back to Estevez.

A few years ago Sheen gave an interview saying that he decided to change his name (much like his father Ramon Estevez, AKA Martin Sheen did) because he was having a hard time landing a job. Sheen never actually legally changed his name but he’s never used “Carlos Irwin Estevez” for his profession.

Well, until now.

The actor has landed a role in Machete Kills and apparently uses his birth name for the credits. TMZ obtained a screen shot from the movie which shows a picture of the former Two And A Half Men actor next to the words Carlos Estevez.

Sheen’s brother, Emilio Estevez, has managed to have a relatively successful career in the movie business with the Estevez name and Sheen said that he’s always regretted ditching the family name for a more American sounding title.

Sheen said: “I started using Sheen, I thought I’d give it a try, and before I knew it, I started making a living with it and then it was too late. In fact, one of my great regrets is that I didn’t keep my name as it was given to me. I knew it bothered my dad.”

It’s unclear if the actor will continue to use his real name for future roles.

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32 Responses to “Charlie Sheen Changes Name Back To Estevez For New Movie”

  1. Spencer Bolster

    Kudos to the guy for taking a chance and using his real name. Maybe if it works out, this could be a new leaf for him?

  2. Spencer Bolster

    Kudos to the guy for taking a chance and using his real name. Maybe if it works out, this could be a new leaf for him?

  3. Fred Slater

    Don't you smell "opportunism" here.
    Especially not that a more Latino oriented movie will be his first "new name" appearance.

  4. Fred Slater

    Back in the day, Hollywood did not allow one to change their registered name.
    It was a big deal when Barbara Seagull became Barbara Hershey and Ricky Schroeder became Rick.

  5. Giusseppe Sahagun

    50% of change, Carlos (Spanish) equals to Charles therefore Carlitos to Charlie so it's the same First name, don't know how to explain ditching the Estevez for Sheen to Estevez, who fucking cares anyway..

  6. Elizabeth Wiley MA JD

    Maybe it is a good statement about America itself that our stars can be themselves, not made up people. Maybe they can start being real shapes, not computer fixed, and just plain folks. Gay Scouts and stars who use their own names, its turning out to be a pretty nice weekend.

  7. Tim Davidson

    No. What are you talking about!? People have always used stage names in Hollywood. Always, back to the silent era. Even before films, in Vaudeville where a lot of the entertainers who would start Hollywood began, everybody used stage names.

  8. Sam Spencer

    Still, a leopard can't change its' spots, his still Charlie and being in a Rodriguez film isn't going make that big a difference.

  9. Steve Romero

    For all those 'Jimmy Neutron' fans, Jimmy's friend is named "Sheen Estevez", don't know the significance but I thought it was funny).

  10. Anonymous

    If I'm not mistaken Sheen is Irish and his father's roots are Spanish, so he doesn't have any Latin roots; at least not the way Latin is normally interpreted in this country.

  11. Anonymous

    I'm sure he means his actor's name. Only one person can use a name in order to avoid confusion. Stewart Granger had to change his given name Jimmy Stewart since there already was one.

  12. Oscar Gomez-Montes

    So after he screwed up the Sheen name now he is going after the Estevez name.When will this guy stop being a stupid douchebag.Ridiculous.Well his father Martin Sheen is also a douchebag.I remember when he covered himself with fake blood and march thru DC with some nuns to protest against abortion.He hated gays for many, many years and said awful things about them like they will go to Hell and live in sin and now because is chic he's all for same-same marriage and all kind of equalities.Ridiculous fake.Like father, like son.Disgusting.

  13. Anonymous

    If Lenny Bruce were still alive do you think he would change his name back to Leonard Schneider?

  14. Pat Cross

    A jackass, by any other name, is still a jackass. Sheen, Estevez, or whatever he wants to call himself, is the biggest Hollywood jerk seen in a long while. May he crash and burn in all projects.

  15. Edward J Goenner

    He followed his father who changed his name to Martin Sheen

  16. Anonymous

    Now that charlie sheen's gone crazy and everyone has seen or heard this, he changes his name…the time to change his name would have been before he went crazy or said anything dumb for the whole world to see…

  17. Floyd Martin

    Ironic Charlie can not even speak 1 word of Spanish?
    What's next the Church of Scientology or coming out as Gay?
    Come on Charlie get back to booze, drugs and the Ho's!
    Go get a Tattoo like everyone else to make you life complete!
    I guess now that he has changed his name everyone will love.
    him and accept him with open arms as they have never hear of.
    Bob Rodriguez?

  18. Brooke Douglas

    Oh my god I used to watch that show when I was younger, I just now made that connection. That's amazing haha.

  19. Anonymous

    He should have used Charles Estevez. That sounds good.

  20. Benny Blanco

    I'm glad that people can finally see what it feels like for us Spanish people who can not land a job because of our last name even though we either have the same or more credentials.

  21. Ramera Since

    LOL, that explains his personality now xD
    I always thought he was eccentric when I was younger

  22. Ramera Since

    He went from drug addict to someone with their own successful show that's doing pretty well, and managing to stay out of the media with the woes celebrities usually have. He's managed to turn it around whereas, amanda bynes seems to be imitating britney spears

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