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Suicide Jumper Kills 5-Year-Old Girl After Landing On Top Of Her


The most depressing news story of the week comes out of South Korea where a suicide jumper killed a 5-year-old girl after he fell on top of her outside of his apartment building.

According to Kare11, a 39-year-old man jumped to his death from the top of an 11 story building in the southeastern port city of Busan.

In addition to killing himself, the suicide jumper landed on a little girl who was standing outside of the apartment building with her parents.

The man died immediately from the fall. The little girl suffered broken bones and brain damage and died shortly after the incident at the hospital. The little girl’s parents were not harmed in the fall.

Officials did not know the exact reason why the 39-year-old man decided to jump off of the South Korean building but they did say that he was being treated for depression.

The Huffington Post notes that South Korea, which has a population of 49 million, has an extremely high suicide rate. In fact, suicide is the leading cause of death for South Koreans between the age of 15-24.

South Korea has taken steps to curb suicides but the Sydney Morning Herald reports that the country still sees about 50 suicides a day. In 2010, 33 people for every 100,000people committed suicide.

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17 Responses to “Suicide Jumper Kills 5-Year-Old Girl After Landing On Top Of Her”

  1. Ricardo Cardoza

    The suicide's face needs to go in the Webster's picture for the definition of the word: "ASSHOLE".

    Seriously, I couldn't think of a more asshole thing to do than take out an innocent person's life why trying to end your own worthless one.

  2. Paul Gaasenbeek

    South Korea has been number one is suicide among all OECD member countries for a long time now. The statistics for sad facts like this in South Korea are staggering. NUmber one in divorces, car accidents while near the bottom in social spending; again, among all OECD member countries. The gap between rich and poor is also staggering. I lived there for 10 years having just returned last year and the number of social issues there is staggering. Some areas look amazing but many still live in shacks on the sides of hills. Gagnam style is not alive and well in most parts of South Korea.

  3. Pattie Nickels

    Sad he took out the little 5 year old when he landed, I am sure he didn't plan it that way. Poor baby..very sad.

  4. John Patete

    In the USA, they would have passes a law making it illegal to jump from a building during a suicide attempt. It would carry a 90 day sentence if you did…..the authorities would then say "we are doing it for the children"!

  5. David Guhin

    Had an old Chinese man jump from the 22nd floor of a building I managed. Just missed an 8 year old girl. This was 30 years ago.

  6. Chin Ankh

    the SK want their country unified…..they are killing themselves because of depression..most haven't seen their relatives for years..i know you people don't care, but they do.

  7. Anonymous

    holy krype! 50 suicides a day… people… if you don't like your lives or something about it… move to a new country or new area…. change your life, don't wait for God to change it for you he he don't play like that.

  8. Anonymous

    thank you for the info Paul… as people get rich, they become more self serving it appears.

  9. Anonymous

    a 90 day sentence? you forgot about the $1000 fine.

  10. Jésus Fvk Tørres

    It's bad for these people, I can only imagine what they go through on a daily basis, but do not be cowards and kill yourselves, that's pathetic, do not even think about suicide.

  11. Jimmy Johnny

    I'm sure he was kind of pissed off when he found out he killed that little girl.

  12. Jimmy Johnny

    Is hell real? If so, who do you know that went there and came back to let you know about it?

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