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Wolf Blitzer Asks Atheist If She ‘Thanked God’ After Surviving Tornado In Oklahoma [Video]

Oklahoma Tornado Lost And Found

Wolf Blitzer had an awkward moment with an atheist on Tuesday afternoon.

The CNN anchor was surveying the damage in Oklahoma and interviewed a woman who had survived the tornadoes. The woman, named Rebecca, managed to escape her home with her 19-month-old son Anders shortly before it was destroyed by the tornado.

To Blitzer, this was obviously a work of God.

The interview is actually kind of cute for the first few minutes as the CNN veteran tries to get the little boy to play reporter. But during his closing comments, Blitzer goes on a blessing bing and asks the woman if she “thanked the lord” after escaping the house unharmed.

Blitzer said: “You’re blessed. Brian your husband is blessed. Anders is blessed… I guess you got to thank the lord, right? … Do you thank the lord for that split-second decision?”

Rebecca told Blitzer that she was an atheist but then added: “I don’t blame anybody for thanking the lord.”

Are you surprised that Blitzer asked the tornado survivor about God? Do you think Rebecca handled the situation well?

Here’s the video from Mediate?

Wolf Blitzer wasn’t the only one to have an interesting on screen experience in the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornadoes. Veteran Oklahoma reporter Lance West was so overcome with emotion while covering the devastation that he broke down on air in tears.

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110 Responses to “Wolf Blitzer Asks Atheist If She ‘Thanked God’ After Surviving Tornado In Oklahoma [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    So odd that people would thank the lord for the few strokes of good fortune in all tragedies, yet, never thank, or give credit to the multitudes of pain and suffering he/she must also have slapped upon so many time and again. We are an odd, unthinking, irrational group of critters.

  2. Johnathan Williams

    I'm actually very surprised that WOLF who is jewish , isn't an atheist himself. MANY atheists are jewish like Sarah Silverman, Mark Zuckerberg, William Shatner,, Sigmund Freud, Kathy Griffin, etc etc.

  3. Anonymous

    what a jackass. Assuming everyone believes in god and then assuming everyone in Oklahoma believes in god.Yeh Wolf, everyone west of the Mississippi is just a dum ole hickl to fit into your east coast stereotypes. Why don't you go talk to the parents of some of those kids who died. See how they are feeling about god right now.

  4. Anonymous

    probably because these are people who actually thought about it.

  5. Johnathan Williams

    When are atheists going to start building hospitals !?!?!? I can see it now : THE SARA SILVERMAN COMMUNICABLE DISEASES WARD" :)

  6. Anonymous

    Shouldn't friends and families of those killed by the tornado damn god for killing them? (I'm an atheist.)

  7. Pat Winters-Osborne

    There will always be pain, hurt and loses in our lives. That does not mean there isn't a God. He never promised us life would be easy. We must continue to pray for those who are suffering and those who do not believe in you God. Thankful for all my blessing ( and yes I have experience my share of pain, hurt and terrible things in my life; But I would never turn my back on my Savior!

  8. Johnathan Williams

    Gavin Riegel You look like the lead singer from those commercials… Haaaa, :) Get a job weirdo !!

  9. Anonymous

    Not a big deal. My take is that Wolf Blitzer was merely being human being trying to be kind to someone who just went through a traumatic experience. At the same time, the young Mom seemed to appreciate his kindness and didn't seem put off by the comment. God Bless both of them.

  10. Jeffrey M. Green

    I think anyone would agree that she came off as a very genuinely good person and as an atheist myself that makes me feel good. I do think it was quite presumptuous of Wolf to assume that any one person believes in god. I also think that it is good that so many people feel very much more comfortable saying in public that they are atheists instead of feeling like a miniscule minority.

  11. Robin Brackman

    If you build cities in tornado alley bad things are bound to happen. Tornadoes were ripping up the plains long before humans stumbled up on North America.

  12. Sharon Spicer

    Well Whether you believe in go or you don't, is not the issue, people have thier own opinions on that subject, but though I believe we are all on this planet drom some kind of entity, be it god, or some othernatural accurance. Something but us on this planet, after he/she or it, relized they screwed the pooch when the Dinosaurs were put here first.and regardless on what the scientist say, some one or some thing started the BIG BANG!, it just did not show up from nothing, I don't buy that Theory at all, and for the record this is not sharon this is her son Bobby so if you want to give some one grief, and disagree, then disagree with me. Thank you.

  13. Shawn Rodriguez

    If that doesn't make her believe, nothing will… until that awkward moment when she's actually standing before the Lord, of course.

  14. Burt Chamberlain

    Robin gotta say That is by far THE BEST THING I've Read/ Heard All Day !!!! Like Surfing When ya Know Yes There are Sharks out there & Sorry Guess Wasn't Your Day!!! They been round alot Longer!!!

  15. Micki Picklow

    last I looked GOD IS ALL GOOD.. this world is NOT good it is the domain of the devil.and bad stuff will always happpen here.. God is not in the business of doing damage. He always gets a bad wrap,oh God caused this or God did not save him..PEOPLE read the bible, he said this stuff would happen, its a fallen world, and as for this Rebecca woman.. clearly she holds herself in high esteme,she has been " tapped on the shoulder" by God to say"look what can happen in the blink of an eye??"and she totally missed the message. I guess some epople are just too stuborn and arrogant to think there is anything higher than themselves.. my prayers go out for you… there will come a tme, maybe sooner than we think, when" in the blink of an eye" you are standing before the Almighty, THEN it is too late.. Hey Rebecca what if that had been today…

  16. Anonymous

    Why would god not let us know he exists until it's too late?

  17. Anonymous

    Micki Picklow yeah, people should read the bible, we'd have more atheists. The bible says people who work on Saturdays should be put to death, it indicates the earth is flat, and that plants were growing before there was a sun.

  18. Lisa Skii

    well you cant blame God, you have to blame, "Mother Nature"..

  19. Rico Carty

    You, Mr. Williams, are a moron. There are many intelligent replies to your inane statements, but they would all be wasted on you. So, just Shut The F@#$ Up.

  20. Lauren Siegel

    No one brought the tornado. It is a natural occurrence and prevalent in that part of the world. That is the whole point of the article. That this women doesn't believe anything caused the tornado nor no one saved her from it.

  21. Matt Yep

    i dont see how living through a tornado makes someone believe that there's a god, the world is 6000 yrs old, and all people came from a magic trick by someone we can see.

  22. Lauren Siegel

    You clearly need to learn about what the big bang theory really is and what scientists mean when they say nothing. Because it is not what you think.

    What do you mean you don't buy it? There is nothing to buy. Do you buy the theory of gravity? You can refuse to accept facts, but that does not make the facts false.

    And there was life long before the dinosaurs. They weren't just put here and they weren't the first.

    You need to research more and learn about what the scientists are actually saying before taking an incorrect summation of what others told you they are saying.

  23. Lauren Siegel

    If the fact that your god let an atheist live and let a bunch of Christians die, maybe that should be your wake up call that maybe there is no god. And BTW, which god? Maybe when you are on your death bed and you will come to the realization that you wasted your life being afraid of nothing.

  24. Matt Yep

    Actually someone didn't have to be around to start the big bang. I'm sorry but are you a scientist cuz u seem like you know so many facts. One science theory states that the universe was expanding until it couldnt strech anymore ( we know 100% the universe is expanding today) then it collapesd on itself. When it collapsed it became extremely small and dense. When this happens ( we see this with stars) things are very unstable. In this case it blew up and expanded into the universe we live in today. Matter coming from nothing can be explained by the higgs bossan particle. Look it up. You religious people are very wrong. One more thing Sharon, how did Noah collect every plant, animal, and bacteria we have today when we are still finding many new species today. ( meaning there are millions of species of plants, animals, and bacteria) Your religion is based on what people thought over 2000 yrs ago. How can we progress as a people if idiots like you still believe 2000 yr old science. If I told you god spoke to me and told me to do something you would think im crazy, but yet ur religion is based on people saying "I talked to god in my dreams".

  25. Lauren Siegel

    And many hereditary Christians are atheists too. Like Strauss, Dawkins, Hitchenson, Lance Armstrong, Kevin Bacon, James Cameron, Marlon Brando, Hugh Hefner, Ernest Hemingway, Bruce Lee, Freda Khalo, John Lennon, Seth McFarlane, Jack Nicholson, George Orwell, Brad Piit, Daniel Radcliff, Ted Turner, Keanu Reeves, Warren Buffet, Katherine Hepburn, Thomas Edison, Ayn Rand, Patton Oswald, Ray Ramono, Arthur Miller, Joe Rogan, Ricahrd Branson, Edgar Allen Poe, Marie Curie, Diane Keaton, Hellen Keller, and Larry Flynt. So what is your point?

  26. Daryl Wade

    If god is to thank for the lives saved, then he is also to blame for the lives taken…

  27. Daniel Martin

    Wow! It is pretty sad to see the people's response on here. Bobby you are one of the few that understand. Science is constantly changing there "view" of how the earth started. Funny, 30-40 years ago they all said "globe cooling" will kill everyone. Well now it is global warming" or excuse me "climate change" , there climate change.. now no matter what happens science will declare themselves right (The climate is always changing) Only a fool believes in that garbage. The Bible, the one Book that NEVER changes, says in the end times, men will declare themselves to be wise, but will be fools. Bobby, the one thing in life you can 100% alway always depend on is the Cross! Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. People that are atheist, well it is sad. You have NO Hope. I won't continue as a person who is an atheist has already set in their mind that "they" are god. Well one day you will meet Jesus. I hope one day that all atheist would come to know the Lord! Just ask Jesus to save you. And He will.

  28. Daniel Martin

    They should read the Bible. Please reference you facts on what the Bible says. Flat? Plants growing? Seriously, you welcome to your opinion, but I am calling you out on it. Simply because you are wrong.

  29. Daniel Martin

    Bobby, I wrote in your defense, sorry I should have posted under this. Don'y worry about all the atheist… God is in control. Remember Jesus did nothing wrong and He was crucified on a Cross. However He rose again for us. You can't expect atheist to be understanding as they have no Hope and can't even understand real "Love". Just pray for al of them, and many will turn to the Lord. I had a friend of 20 years who constantly declared herself an atheist, however a few years ago I got a call. She accepted Jesus and her life was changed! Never give up, Jesus never gives up on us. :)-

  30. Daniel Creech

    jet.silverman the bible also says we are as trees to. But that does not really mean we are trees. You clearly don't understand the bible! Just because some scripture says the corner of the earth does not imply the world is flat. The bible also say it is a circle! Isa 40:21 Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth?
    Isa 40:22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: You need to ask God for understanding in his word before you go spouting out words about something you don't clearly understand!

  31. Rick Royster

    The bible actually has the order of creation right…which is like a 1 and 500 million chance of happening. The bible also clearly states the world is round. Isaiah 40:22- Job 26:10

  32. Anonymous

    jet.silverman Your ignorance of the Bible and what is says is amusing. First of all, we don't live by the Old Testament anymore. The fact that you are using OT scripture, and using it out of context is laughable. You have to read all of Exodus 31, not just one verse. Also, nowhere does the Bible indicate the earth in flat. In fact, the Bible gives clear descriptions of the earth being round. In Genesis, we can clearly read that God created the light before He created the earth and any plants or animals, so you are also wrong there.

  33. Anonymous

    No. They should come together and mourn the loss of their loved ones and trust their spirits into God's hands. (I'm a Christian)

  34. Anonymous

    Life isn't fair. Nowhere does the Bible say that life is fair, but that we should give thanks to God in all things, even in times of suffering. We also know that Satan is the master of this world. Bad things happen all the time. God understands our pain, sorrow, and suffering, and while He lets it happen, He also comforts us if we trust in Him. If more people would turn to God and trust Him, then maybe they would find comfort in times like these.

  35. Stephen Sims

    Shawn, that made no sense whatsoever. Maybe you are the one going to Hell for not praying five times a day towards Mecca. Ever thought of that?

  36. Anonymous

    vincentalfred54, a lot of people turn to God in times of tragedy and suffering. We don't know why these things happen, but we do know that God is with us when they do, and He comforts us while we mourn and grieve. Instead of hating or questioning God, maybe you should try a little sympathy and, God willing, maybe even a little faith.

  37. Anonymous

    Lauren Siegel The problem with Lawrence Krauss's book is that it's based on the hypothesis (not theory) that something can and will come from nothing. Scientists have tried valiantly, yet in vain, to create something from nothing. With all their microscopes and telescopes, they've never seen life or matter just pop into existence from nothing. Even if scientists could observe and entire solar system forming, that doesn't mean there isn't a divine, intelligent creator behind it. It's a pointless argument that has been shot down time and time again.

  38. Anonymous

    jet.silverman God has let us know about His existence time and time again. In fact, you know of God's existence. If you didn't, then you wouldn't be mentioning Him in your comment.

  39. James Gabriel

    For some people it is hard to admit when " They are wrong " and say I'm sorry or it's my fault. In life you will need some 1 help at some time. Ex Teachers Firemen Police Doctors the person at the supermarket or clothing reatail store.. This atheist person is just like a politicians diverting attention from herself and the question and passing on to another.She can't say " THANK GOD! " I've meet people like that..They just can't say thank you. Does she thank her parents for raising her. Now she has a family.You have to thank some.1 at some time in life. THAT's B.S. Thank you GOD : ) Atheist starts with the letter A for A*s of a person.

  40. Teresa Thompson

    jet.silverman You have apparently read a different Bible then me. Where in the Bible does it say that the earth is flat? Just because the Sun wasn't made yet, doesn't mean things couldn't grow. God is light and when He moved on the face of the earth, there was light. He formed the Sun later. As far as the people being put to death for working on Saturday, that was a law in the Old Testament. Exodus 35:2 to be exact. And it was directed at "Israelites, not Christians. Sabbath day is not Sunday. You will never understand the Bible if you don't differentiate between Israel and the Church, between Law and Grace, between the OT and the NT." The Old Testament is for an example not law. The old law was done away with when Jesus came and died on the cross.

  41. Harrison Cook

    Bruce Reynolds- False. Atheist are 13% of the population in the U.S. and much higher elsewhere in the world. Atheists outnumber most faiths (besides Christianity) in the States. Nice try though.

  42. Harrison Cook

    arcanespellweaver That is the most ridiculous logic I have ever heard. By using that logic, bigfoot also exists because I mentioned him in this comment. Maybe use your brain a little rather than depending on others to fill it with obvious bull!#%@

  43. Anonymous

    Since when is it nice to thank an imaginary person who has no evidence of being real?

  44. Anonymous

    That awkward moment when " The lord " has no evidence of ever existing.

  45. Anonymous

    @Reynolds – Maybe in your little social circle, but I think the actual world is a little bigger than that. You figure it out. In the meantime, don’t forget to count the 1 billion + Buddhist that also inhabit the planet.

  46. Anonymous

    arcanespellweaver "We also know that Satan is the master of this world." We do not know anything. There is not one bit of evidence including that this imaginary person called " Satan " was ever real. "If more people would turn to God and trust Him" Tell that to the starving Africans in Africa suffering everyday and dying at young ages.

  47. Anonymous

    This is not matter of "opinion " but a matter of no evidence. There is not one bit of evidence including ANY God has ever existed.

  48. Anonymous

    Blitzer was unprofessional and presumptuous. But for some news channels, this is expected, fostered, or in some cases, like fox newz – it's their job. The woman had much more integrity – and respect for others.

  49. Anonymous

    Lisa Skii Blaming God is as silly as believing in him.

  50. Bill Hanckel

    Were I to predict an earthquake in Philadelphia next year, the chance would be 1 in 2 that it would occur. Add a second prediction that it would be on the Fourth of July, the chance is reduced to 1 in 4. If I add a third detail and say it will the daytime, the chance then becomes 1 in 8. Add a fourth detail, the chance becomes 1 in 32. If there were ten details, the chance would be 1 in 1024.
    Now consider a string of 25 such details. The chances of the predictions actually happening are 1 in 33,554,432. Has such a prediction ever been made successfully? YES, and by a composite of many different people over a period of 500 years. Meaning? Meaning, there is no chance of collusion among those doing the predicting. What was this miracle group of predictions?
    The Old Testament prophets made 25 specific predictions bearing on the betrayal, trial, death and burial of Jesus Christ, and all of them were literally fulfilled in the span of 24 hours in that one person. Remember, according to the Law of Compound Probabilities, there was one chance in 33,554,432.
    Something more amazing? It is a fact that there were 109 predictions literally fulfilled at Christ’s First Coming in the flesh. Apply the Law of Compound probabilities to this number, and the chance was only ONE in BILLIONS that they would be fulfilled in one person. Guess what. The same prophets also said that Jesus is going to return for His people and to rule all the earth forever. And I’ll tell you one more amazing prediction. All this is to occur within the lifetime of the generation which is born on/after May 15, 1948—the date of Israel’s rebirth as a nation. Times getting short. Don’t be left behind.

  51. Zeno Rodney Chedu

    As an atheist, I've never known anyone who can prove that there is a god, except of course Bill O'reilly whose proof is the tide comes in, the tide goes out.

  52. David Baxter

    From what you god freaks say,, god tried to kill them with a tornado, than they should thank them for not killing them… amazing,

  53. Jose Nino

    yeah but what god , your god? I mean so if I don't believe in your god , I'm doomed , I'm a sinner , I don't feel love for others.. stop..and take a look @ your self , stop judging others , just beacuse I don't agree with u.

  54. Derrol Olson

    I'm kind of interested in finding out how many prominent scientists, physicists, biologists, etc. are theists as compared to atheists. Specifically how many of them believe in intelligent design and how many don't.

  55. Anonymous

    "The Bible, the one Book that NEVER changes, says in the end times, men will declare themselves to be wise, but will be fools. Bobby, the one thing in life you can 100% always always depend on is the Cross!"

    Wise men eh? Didn't Paul say the world was going to end a few decade's after Jesus's death, and also said that God was going to come and smite the Romans? And that was from the supposed wise man…. You pretty much defeat the purpose your point by typing that second part down.

    Lets face it…. Those words predicated at those times were directed at the empire for their persecution to early Christians or any religion that spoke ill of them. Plus, humans have always declared themselves wise. To believing that Earth was the center of the Universe; to believing in witchcraft; to recently where Scientist can somehow determine Climate change during the Billions of years of existence. Its ridiculous… As Humans, we'll never know as much as we claim to know.

  56. Scott Armstrong

    Blitzer was just playing the odds with his question. There are churches on virtually every corner in Moore. It was a safe assumption to make, it just happened to be wrong. The Oklahoma City area has the 7th largest population of Buddhists in the country. Buddhism is atheist.

    The bottom is: everyone is entitled to believe whatever they chose. And by the same token, it's not up to anyone to tell anyone else what they have to believe. Militant atheists are no better in that respect than evangelistic Christians.

  57. Joe Hohnson

    You can do that atheist guy, but when you croak and youl get hades for all eternity, you cannot fathom the horror forever and ever.

  58. Anonymous

    arcanespellweaver your ignorance astounds me. you say that we don't live by the Old testament. well for those people that don't understand, jesus all he did was die on a cross. he said himself matthew 5:17 that he didn't come to abolish the law and the prophets, but to fulfill them. by that one line the old testament still applies, meaning that if you still don't live by certain laws you still have the chance of going to hell.

  59. Zmar Kojani

    I wonder what Lord Blitzer was refering to, he is not a christian.

  60. Anonymous

    CNN's Wolf Blitzer thinks that everybody should thank his god for the deadly and destructive tornadoe.

  61. Anonymous

    If Wolf Blitzer's god exists, should we thank him for allowing tornadoes to kill and destroy?

  62. Jack Madison

    Atheism is the fastest growing demographic in America and already the mainstay in all other advanced nations. Reality is much fresher when surrounded by intelligent persons.

  63. Anonymous

    The young & still ignorant & foolish ,,, this is the way they are & talk ,,, with no upbringing from parents that have religious background ,,, U will get this sort of reaction from the younger generation ,,, SAD!

  64. Anonymous

    SAD!! Its very sad indeed indeed that U can speak in this manner ,,,,& U call yourself a "CHRISTIAN???"

  65. Anonymous

    Micki Picklow my thoughts exactly, but think about this.. whoever the message was for..How many times do you get to see a reporter like Blitzer 'coincidentally' ask an atheist such question? The ' odds ' are slim but then again its one of those signs that you have to open your eyes.

  66. Patricia Argento

    for all those who are against the Lord or choose to denounce- all I can say is that one day EVERY knee will bow down and confess that JESUS is LORD! and then for all those who do not believe….your CHOICE will take you somewhere horrific……

  67. Dick Smith

    One can find justification in the bible for whatever they believe. Wasn't the bible written by a group of men? Belief is the key; just an opinion, not fact. We need to stick to the facts. One canb believe anything. When beliefs are presented as facts, the wold is in trouble!

  68. Anonymous

    Teresa Thompson

    The Bible says the Earth is flat in the verse many Christians take to mean the Bible claims the Earth is a sphere. Much like English, the Hebrew language has two different words to refer to disc shaped objects (circles) and ball shaped objects (spheres).

    The word used in Isaiah (chuwg) refers to disc shaped objects and things related to them, such drawing the compass of a circle or making a circuit of its perimeter. Those who try to justify that the Bible says the Earth is a sphere using that verse must take the word grossly out of context and ignore its usage in the Hebrew language in order to make a haphazard claim that the Bible says the Earth is "round."

    It does not. It says the Bible is a circle, of the kind you can draw or trace with a compass or make a circuit around the perimeter of.

    The translators simply don't go to the trouble of specifying that it is a flat circle because there is no other kind of circle. It's like saying "he ran across a dead corpse," or "she owns an equine horse." There's no need to qualify that a corpse is dead or a horse is equine because those things are part of the definition.

    As for the Bible having the order of creation right… not even close. Water did not exist before light, the Universe far predates light and especially things like evening and morning, the Earth did not appear before the Sun, mankind does not predate plants (read Genesis 2), plants do not predate the Sun, land dwelling plants do not predate ocean life, and birds do not predate reptiles and mammals.

  69. Ayden Sadari

    Wolf Blitzer may believe believe in God – but he's a dumbass-reporter. To bring God up in an interview is just typical of him.

  70. Steve Janowski

    As Jesus himself taught us, God "causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust". Which can apply to any kind of weather. So regardless if you believe in God or not, as the saying goes "into each life, a little rain must fall". I feel sorry for those that don't have the comfort that God and Jesus can bring to their lives when tragedy happens.

  71. Chuck Heiam

    Supposedly God is all powerful so shouldn't he be able to stop this from happening? God gets the glory but Satan gets the blame and who created Satan to begin with? Must be nice to be absolved of all the blame when you created the problem to begin with.

  72. Jet Eller

    Sorry, he is NOT wrong. YOU need to read your bible, Daniel.

  73. Chris Alexander

    jet.silverman: The Bible DOES NOT say the earth is flat. It calls the earth a circle in Isaiah 40:22. It sounds to mean like you are speaking athiest lies and propaganda, and you do not know what the Bible actually says!!

  74. Chris Alexander

    The Bible says, "The fool says in his heart There is no God." ATHIEST = FOOL
    God didn't send the tornado. These are natural acts of nature. Read 1 Kings 19:11-12

  75. Chris Alexander

    jrTRUTHguy- Funny name! I don't think you would recognize the trut if it slapped you in the head! Which might do you some good! Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. -John 14:6 You want the truth? Jesus is the truth. Can you handle the truth???

  76. Chris Alexander

    jrTRUTHguy- Funny name! I don't think you would recognize the trut if it slapped you in the head! Which might do you some good! Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. -John 14:6 You want the truth? Jesus is the truth. Can you handle the truth???

  77. Chris Alexander

    Athiests are a miniscule insignificant minority. Do you know why? Because they are idiots! Only a fool could look at a sunset, or see the mountains and not understand that all this didn't happen by accident, or a big bang. It had a Designer. We call Him God. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. -Genesis 1:1. Even an athiest should be able to comprehend this simple truth that most 5 year olds understand.

  78. Chris Alexander

    Harrison Cook- Did you do this research? That number seem a little bumped up to me! Whether it's the percentage of gays in the US, the percentage of athiesta, or data supporting global warming, they always seem to stretch the numbers a bit!

  79. Mike Kruger

    hey thummper lady ?the "book" didn't mention dino's/ you pull that one outa yr ass like most thummpers!

  80. Anonymous

    Blitzer is a Jew so we know hes an atheist himself!

  81. Manuel Navarro

    people should ask if this is an act of God, why kill innocent kids. The ignorant stupid Christians will say , he works in mysterious ways. LOL

  82. Robert Taylor

    Good for her! I'm an atheist as well. There is no magic-man-in-the-sky who orders some people to be safe and others to die. Childish!

  83. Chris Alexander

    vincentalfred54- Who is the REAL jackass here? Most people believe in God. That's doesn't make them ignorant. Athiests are a miniscule minority on this planet. That's because most 7 years old children understand that God created them. It's university professors that are unable to accept the truth. They would rather grasp some ridiculous theory about a monkey. "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.' Psalm 14:1

  84. Manuel Navarro

    Micki Picklow Wow ! how childish and ignorant people like you are. face the truth god has always been dead. now you can worship lighting like your ancestors.

  85. Manuel Navarro

    reading the bible taught me Jews and Arabs are the same. Fanatical killers. blind ignorant people who believe in the supernatural. the bible is a gossip column like the enquirer. its full of human's ugly behavior.And the obsession with money.

  86. Kishmir Intuches

    No. Wolf Blitzer is an idiot. Conversely, the question could be asked: "why has God punished your town?" Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, the acts of nature are theistically neutral. Faith can give you internal strength at times of stress. Whether your faith is in yourself or a supernatural entity is your private concern.

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